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Dates and Expectations for Chicago Dance Rehearsals

Over the summer, Ms. Vamosi will post either daily/weekly posts describing the workouts that need to be
completed through a Facebook page and Celly text. The workouts/stretches will be a variety of
ballet/yoga/strength/flexibility/endurance workouts and will last between at least 20 to 60 minutes long on any
given day. On the first few rehearsals back, Ms. Vamosi will begin with a physical test to establish if you can
meet the physical requirements of the pre-audition dance rehearsals. If you cannot complete the test to the level
needed, you will be asked not to attend the following rehearsals during the school year.
You must attend AT LEAST 1 rehearsal per week. Rehearsals will run from 3:30pm until 5:00pm sharp.
Tardiness will not be tolerated. You must sign up on Mrs. Koziks door at least one day prior to the practice. If
the numbers are too low for the rehearsal, there will be a sign on Mrs. Koziks door indicating a cancellation,
space change, or alteration from the original schedule.
Tuesday, September 1st
Wednesday, September 2nd
Friday, September 4th
Wednesday, September 9th
Friday, September 11th
Tuesday, September 15th
Wednesday, September 16th
Tuesday, September 22nd
Wednesday, September 23rd
Tuesday, September 29th
Wednesday, September 30th
Friday, October 2nd Tentative
Tuesday, October 6th
Wednesday, October 7th
Friday, October 9th
Wednesday, October 14th
Tuesday, October 20th
Wednesday, October 21st
Tuesday, October 27th
Wednesday, October 28th
Friday, October 30th

Wednesday, November 4th

Friday, November 6th
Tuesday, November 10th
Thursday, November 12th (Tentative)
Friday, November 13th
Monday, November 16th
Tuesday, November 17th
Wednesday, November 18th
Thursday, November 19th
Friday, November 20th
Monday, November 23rd
Tuesday, December 1st
Wednesday, December 2nd
Friday, December 4th
Monday, December 8th
Wednesday, December 9th
Thursday, December 10th
Friday, December 11th MANDITORY DANCE DAY
Monday, December 14th - MONOLOGUE AUDITIONS
Wednesday, December 16th VOCAL AUDITIONS
Thursday, December 17th - DANCE AUDITIONS

Dance Etiquette:
Be on time. If you are late, please enter the room and wait for your teacher to invite you into the rehearsal. We
will ALWAYS promptly start at EXACTLY 3:30 pm. We begin on time because I require a warm-up, therefore,
cutting into your learning time. Because of the important role every member plays in the program all other
activities and appointments should be scheduled around rehearsal dates and times. Please plan social
events, dental/doctor/optometry appointments, job schedules, and other appointments of this nature, so
they do not interfere with rehearsals and performances.
Always be polite and courteous to other members. Let your teacher do the correcting, unless you have been
asked specifically to provide constructive criticism.
Have a positive attitude. This choreography will not always be easy to start; however, I am well aware of your
capabilities. Therefore, I plan on challenging you.

Please come to rehearsal prepared. You should not be stuffing your face with fast food as you come in. You
should have eaten before practice or eat during breaks. You should also make sure to bring the necessary water
and nutrition to be able to perform your best.
Cell phones will be confiscated if used during instructional time.
Wear appropriate clothing to rehearsals. If you are seen wearing inappropriate clothing you will be either asked
to leave rehearsal to change, or you will be marked as an unexcused absence for that days rehearsal. Ladies and
gentlemen must have their hair pulled away from their face, and they should remove any dangling
jewelry/clothing. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, hoop or dangling earrings should not be worn at practice. Items
that are not suitable for dance rehearsal include jeans, khakis, revealing clothing, skirts, etc. I reserve the right
to add on to this list as necessary. If able, women should wear 3 black character shoes for rehearsal, as dancers
will be required to wear them for the actual performance.
Due to the fact that our dances with require physical effort, you should be practicing regular hygienic routines.
Respect yourself and others during rehearsal. At no time should I see inappropriate hand gestures, dance
movements, clothing styles, etc. I reserve the right to remove you from rehearsal and contact parents.
Finally, please alert Ms. Vamosi or Mrs. Kozik of any injuries sustained before, during, or after practice AS
We aim to provide a positive and fun learning environment where teamwork is encouraged and hard work is
rewarded. We cannot perform in a cohesive manner if unacceptable behavior is not addressed. Therefore, in
the event of tardiness, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior, the director/choreographer reserves the right
to request that a member run laps or do push-ups. These exercises will not only make us strive to maintain
optimistic attitudes, but will also increase our ability to perform well.
***We reserve the right to cancel the show if there is not enough effort and dedication shown during the
summer and fall seasons.***
Please e-mail Mrs. Kozik or Ms. Vamosi with any questions.
Please return the form below to Mrs. Kozik or Ms. Vamosi by June 1st.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By signing this form, I, ____________________________________ (student print name), understand the
expectations of both the summer and fall conditioning in order to participate in the spring show Chicago. I also
realize that if I do not follow through with these expectations, it is unlikely that I will receive a role in said
Student Signature
By signing this form, I, ____________________________________ (parent/guardian print name), understand
the expectations of both the summer and fall conditioning in order for my child to participate in the spring show
Chicago. I also realize that if he/she does not follow through with these expectations, it is unlikely that he/she
will receive a role in said show.
Parent Signature
Please note any questions or concerns: