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Cldirea Elena i Tache Anastasiu

Frumoasa cldire n stil neoclasic s-a construit n jur de 1910, ea ndeplinid iniial rolul de
locuin social.
Dup 1 septembrie 1918, vreme de aproape cinci decenii, ea a adpostit Gimnaziul i,
respectiv, Liceul de fete "Elena i Tache Anastasiu".
Construcia are o arhitectur deosebit. n partea de miaz-zi a faadei, se distinge un
portal monumental, care este ncadrat de dou coloane.
Faada de la strad i etaleaz bosajele, frontoanele triunghiulare ale ferestrelor i cornia
n interior se remarc ua mare din lemn sculptat, ce permite accesul din vestibul n holul
central, iluminat prin intermediul decupajului din plafon.

The beautiful building in neoclassic style was build around year 1910, its initial role
being a social housing.
After 1 september 1918, for almost five decades, it housed the Gymnasium and the Girls
High School Elena i Tache Anastasiu respectively.
The construction has a special architecture. In the south part of its facade, it is
distinguished by a monumental portal, which is framed by two columns.
The street facade displays its bossages, its triungiular gables of the windows and its
clean-cut cornice.
In interior it is remarked the big door from sculpted wood, which allows the acces from
anteroom in the main hallway, illuminated through the ceiling snip.