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Career Ki Hawa Badal Do MARKETING Lessons _ HANDBOOK Contents aT tenon | Fist mprestions Mater sion? Lesson2 | Know your Consumer Mission 3,4,5 tesson3 | | Know your Product, Mission 6,7,8,9 Lesson 4 | The Power of Word of Mouth Mission 10 < Lessons | Try the Real Thing Mission 11, 12 eee ited eiane tesson7 | The Science of Persuasion Mission 14 Created as course material for the ‘Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do’ virtual marketing internship 2015 Career Ki Hawa Badal Do sont First Impressions matter Applies to Mission 2 In this mission, you will need to introduce yourself as creatively as possible. This is your chance to make a First Impression. First impressions are more than just that - they are the most powerful moments of truth; valid in work or personal life, and even for brands. Marketing Lesson ®) wy) @ FMOT © First Moment of Truth Sime Few Moma go Manel Th or nat According to Procter & Gamble, shoppers make up their mind about a product in three to seven seconds, just the time it takes to note a product on a store shelf. P&G. calls this time lapse "First Moment Of Truth” or FMOT (eff-mot) and it's considered the most important marketing opportunity for a brand. To give you an idea of how it's relevant, just consider that P&G created a position, Papel of First Moment of Truth” to produce sharper, more impactful in-store isplays. Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015 ZMOT Zero Moment of Truth Whether we're shopping for mobile phones, movie tickets or a holiday in Goa, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. Google calls this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth — or simply ZMOT. Today, the first impression is made even before you experience the product in-store. You do it online. This is why it just as important to make a great impression online as it is in- store. 7 a For yu career/dream job, FMOT is the interview. Hiring decisions are often made in the first 5 minutes of the interview. So it is critical to make a great first impression - dress well, be modest yet confident and answer their questions as naturally as possible. In short, be yourself. For your career/dream job, ZMOT is your digital presence. Companies are researching candidates even before the interview or even for finding candidates. To have a great ZMOT, you can create an interesting CV, start blogging and ensure you do not make casual posts on social media which can leave a negative impression. Here is some reading on managing your reputation online: |https://brandyourse'f.comyonline-reputation-management http://www Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do’ virtual marketing internship 2015 FMOT and ZMOT for you Beg Career Ki Hawa Badal Do Know your consumer Applies to Missions 3, 4, & 5 In these missions, you have to think about great aromas and also the bad odours that you encounter and how you solve them, just like a real consumer would. The more you can understand and relate to your consumers and their issues, the better equipped you will be to solve their problems with your product. Knowing your consumer and finding more about their attitudes and behaviour is one of the most fundamental traits of a good marketer. Know your consumer Every good marketer needs to know the consumer they are targeting inside out. Key things to know: - Who is your target audience? - Whats the exact nature of their problem? - How do they currently solve this problem? - Gap between what they want and what is on offer - Their perception of your product v/s competition cealA Stay in touch with the market, competition and consumers via online articles, blogs and research studies. Or run quick online surveys with tools like to understand more about your consumer. Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015 Know your prospective employers fae When it comes to your career, you are the product, your focus industry or specialization is the market and potential employers are your consumers. Which means that you need to know them inside out. What should you focus on: - Which industries interest you? Are they growing and hiring? - Top companies in these industries? Companies with good employer reputation? - What kind of job profiles are in demand? How do you fit within that profile? - How do they hire - interview, tests, group discussion - What qualities are they looking for? - How can you make your profile more attractive to them? e.g do an internship Remember to always keep reading, researching and staying in touch with potential industries, career streams and companies that you are interested in. Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015. Career Ki Hawa Badal Do son 3 Know your product CQ. Applies to Missions 6,7,8 &9 The video watch, fragrance pedigree missions and brand videos provide in-depth information and insight on the Ambipur product, brand and company. They educate you about how Ambi Pur actually works to eliminate bad odours and how the brand owner P&G has great expertise in creating superb fragrances. Your product and brand are your most important weapons. Only by knowing them inside out can you find interesting and impactful ways of deploying these weapons to convince people to spend their hard earned money on your brand. The same applies to convincing companies to hire you Know your Product inside out : aes The best marketing is always driven by an innate and in-depth understanding of the product and brand. ‘As a marketer, figure out how your product works, how it's made, what ingredients does it have, what is the best way to use it, what heritage value it carries, how many variants does it have, what is the recommended way to use it and a dozen other details that are often missed. ‘Sometimes the supposedly insignificant things make the biggest Remember that no fact, ingredient or process story is too small or irrelevant. A good marketer will turn any such information into hugely successful marketing campaigns. See the link below for 10 facts about Coca-Cola: The # 1 brand in the world hhttp//wnww Know yourself inside out In the job market, you are the product, so it is essential that you know your own self better - the more you know about your own strengths and weaknesses, the more likely you are to make effective career choices. Evaluate yourself objectively - your strengths, weaknesses, values, interests, abilities, skills and personal priorities. The more you know about yourself, the clearer you will be in choosing which industry is a good fit with your profile. There are many tools available to help you know yourself better. Probably the most popular is MBT, which helps identify your personality and behavior type. Building an TI profile is’ a good first step to understanding your own self better and also exploring potential careers. Here isa link to an MBTI assessment. Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do’ virtual marketing internship 2015 Career Ki Hawa Badal Do Lesson 4 The Power of Word of Mouth ENOTES OSS LU In this mission, you get to refer your friends to join the internship by sharing your experience and inspiring them to signup too! For a marketer, it is very important to get consumers to talk to their friends about their experience because nothing is more trusted than a friend's recommendation Word of Mouth - Most powerful marketing force Meine How often have you tried a brand that your friends have used and recommended? Be it a product, anew me or an app. That's the power of Word of Mouth /OM), the world's most powerful marketing tool. 92% of people trust recommendations of friends and family completely, according to Nielsen Global trust study. That is why smart marketers create real users as their brand's unpaid ambassadors v/s spending crores of rupees on a paid celebrity. ‘As amarketer you trigger WOM by giving people something to talk about. It can be an interesting fact, about your brand/product,, fabulous product experience or design or a unique feature. Read more about Word of Mouth Marketing: http /oit1y/powerofWOM Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do’ virtual marketing internship 2015 | ia References and Reccos = WOM for you ae References and Reccos are two Word of Mouth tools that can help your career. Nobody believes just an advertisement. Your CV is an "advertisement" for yourself- about you, created by you; only highlighting the positives. It is a good start but for ‘companies to hire you, they also need good references and recommendations from people you have worked with. What your boss and co-workers say about you will matter a lot when it comes to getting a new job or even a promotion. To create good WOM for yourself be mindful of how you interact with and manage people at work. Having a good reputation (as a student, subordinate, boss or peer) is. Critical as companies take negative reputation very seriously, especially if it comes from multiple sources. Also, do get reference letters from companies/people for whom you have done projects. Read more about creating WOM for yourself: /i(“/bi\y/personalWOlM Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015 Career Ki Hawa Badal Do Lesson 5 Try the real thing Applies to Mission 11 & 12 In these missions, you get to buy and use Ambi Pur. Good marketers do not just sit in their office developingads and promotions. They are often out there in the real world meeting consumers, visiting shops. They put themselves in the shoes of the consumer and buy and try the product them self. Unless you try the real thing- the shops, the product you cannot be a good marketer. So, go to the store, buy the product and experience it yourself. Good Marketers spend time in the real world | Mii Even as you attempt to convince a consumer to use your product, shouldn't you be using it yourself first? Only then will you really understand two key things: how consumers buy and how the product actually works. Every thing else is only theory! Actually buying a product in-store gives you a great insight into the environment that consumers face when they buy- surrounded by 2 ‘many packs, promotions and crowds. Having bought it, the second step is to use it yourself - open the » packaging, read and follow the instructions on the pack and use it as directed. What was the experience like? Was it easy to use? How did the product work? What difference did it make to you? Now, armed with your own experience, you can plan to win the consumer's attention and get them to buy and try your product! Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015. ae Smart grads spend time doing Internships in companies ‘An internship slike a product trial, the product being the company. You go through a selection process, get picked and get, to try the company Sways doing real trials .e internships can help in your career: ~ Get exposure to what tis really like working ina company/on a project. - Doing multiple internships gives you insight on which industry/company fits you - Understand your strengths and improvement areas via feedback from professionals: - Improve your communication and planning/organising skills - Get vital experience in handling Interviews and other parts of the selection process. You can winareal Internship i ‘Malaysia with one of the top social ‘one of top Hawa badal do Intern Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015, Career Ki Hawa Badal Do Lesson 6 The Power of Creativity PCs rg SSD In this mission, you create your own message for Ambi Pur in the form of a Bitstrip. The recipe for creating a great message is to mix what is true about the product with a fun and catchy visual or a slogan. For example, HAWA BADAL DO is a catchy way to describe the Ambi Pur effect of removing bad odors and refreshing the air. Good Creative = Hook & Truth Matis What do the ZooZoos, Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola, and the Bingo Mad Angles ads have in common? They are ideas that have stayed with us. Because, not only are they catchy but they also make us think about and relate to the product or brand. Every good piece of communication, be it a TV commercial, Facebook post or even a Bitstrip has to be keep 2 things in mind- HOOK & TRUTH (not crook) THE HOOK : Be memorable/catchy. Use powerful emotions, human stories, big visuals, punchy words to grip people's attention. Don't lecture, bore or preach. THE TRUTH : Put your product/brand at the core of the story/visual. No point having a cool ad with great music if people just remember the jingle but not the name of the product/brand, Check out this powerful ad by P&G called ‘Proud Sponsor of Moms"? What do you think makes this ad tick? http://bitIy/weloveMOMS Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015 ae Present your truth witha hook — (ipsssll Ina country where over 10 million people join the workforce every year, you need to. stand out to get the course admission or the job you want. Presenting your strengths, skills and achievements creatively is not so difficult nowadays with so many creative tools available. Some simple ideas to get you started : ~ Make a visual CV to go with the normal text CV. - Record a video about yourself and get others to talk about you on camera - Get a visiting card, Who said students cannot have one? Maybe you were the SOTY inyour college. Does one black & white line on the CV do justice to that fact. And if you are thinking, " | am not creative". Keep in mind- everyone can be creative. Like everything else, it just takes a little practice. Like Albert Einstein said ‘Creativity is what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought’. Here's a video that can help build your creative confidence to develop the hook for your truth, http//bit ly/creativeHOOK Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015 Career Ki Hawa Badal Do Son 7 The Science of Persuasion VNC SSCS In this biggest of missions, you persuade your family, neighbours, relatives and friends to buy and use Ambi Pur. Persuading others to buy their products the ultimate test for any marketer. To succeed in this mission, you need toleverage ALL the major lessons you've learnt over your journey - Knowing the consumer and product, trying the real thing, being creative and using word of mouth, Add some of the principles of persuasion from this lesson and you'll be surprised at what you can achieve. Go forth and persuade! The Science of Persuasion Men Sales is the ultimate goal of marketing and there is nothing more satisfying for a marketer than closing a big sale. Selling is not just about providing the right information about your product, but about gently persuading someone that they're currently missing what you have to offer. Here are 6 proven principles of Persuasion from Robert Cialdini’s famous book ~ YES ! 50 Scientifically LIKING cope buy from those they like Proven Ways to RECIPROCITY : People tend to return favours, Be Persuasive a AUTHORITY SCARCITY CONSISTENCY: People like consistency; if they make a commitment they want to live upto it SOCIAL PROOF : People do what others around them are doing Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015 Become a good Persuader 2 Persuasion is important in any aspect of life that involves other people. For instance, persuading your parent to raise your allowance, or convincing your friend to try your favourite restaurant. Even at work, to get your point of view across, you need to be persuasive. Whether it's convincing your boss that you deserve a promotion, getting your team excited about a new projec, or getting a store owner to stock your product - you are in the business of persuasion. The best leaders are always good at persuasion - they get what they want by using their skill and pulling people with them, to follow their vision and ideas! Here are a few interesting links related to persuasion: htip:// Created as course material for the Ambi Pur ‘Career Ki Hawa Badal Do' virtual marketing internship 2015