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Weekly Newsletter June 7 th -11 th , 2015

This week in KG1…

Dear Parents,

Last week was quite eventful! Students loved showcasing their swimming skills for you in GISfirst Swimming Gala!

This week will continue to explore life cycles in our Unit of Inquiry! Students seem enthusiastic about learning about all the living things we share the planet with!

This Thursday we will have a Free Dress Day. The student council has taken the initiative to plan this out. Students are asked to donate 5AED in order to come to school dressed in non-school clothes! All money raised will go towards buying an appreciation gift for the housekeeping and support staff at our school!

Thank you, KG1 Staff

Math: In Math, the students will be learning about subtraction. We will also be reviewing our counting skills and number identification skills!

Language: We will be reviewing the letter sounds taught to date! We will be reviewing isolating the initial and final sounds of short CVC words.


تاكرحلا عم ءاهلاو ميملا يفرح نع ةيبرعلا ةغللاب عوبسلأا اذه ملعتنس يتلا تاملكلا ضعب ىلع بلاطلا فرعتيسو ةرسكلاو ةمضلاو ةحتفلا ةثلاثلا :فرحلا اذهب أدبت

) ةيده – فتاه – مره (

) زوم – صقم – عبرم (

This week we will learn the New letters:meem & haa and vocabulary that begins with these letters. Here is a list of the new vocabulary:

Rectangle Mourabaa

Pyramid Haram

Scissors Maqas

Telephone Hatef

Banana- Mawz Gift Hadeyaa

Telephone – Hatef Banana- Mawz Gift – Hadeyaa Upcoming Events June 11 t h Free Dress
Telephone – Hatef Banana- Mawz Gift – Hadeyaa Upcoming Events June 11 t h Free Dress

Upcoming Events

June 11 th Free Dress Day (student council initiative) June 14 th End of year class parties

Our Unit of Inquiry

Sharing the Planet

This week we will dive into our third line of inquiry looking at factors that influence life cycles.

We explore how habitats (environment), food and adult care can affect the development of a life cycle.

Please keep letting us know about any student action in relation to our unit at home!

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