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Jennille A. Love-Allen

916 Englewood Drive, Englewood, Ohio 45322 Cell: (937)510-5463

Ohio 45322 Cell: (937)510-5463 INTERVENTION SPECIALIST ▪ Empathetic ▪ Supportive ▪
Ohio 45322 Cell: (937)510-5463 INTERVENTION SPECIALIST ▪ Empathetic ▪ Supportive ▪


▪ Empathetic ▪ Supportive ▪ Innovative ▪ Accommodating

Passionate and goal-oriented educator with diverse experiences in non-profit, public, and educational fields, seeking to utilize skills, knowledge, and experience to help improve the lives of students identified as exceptional learners. Nurturing professional that is flexible and accommodating in the design and implementation of creative, hands-on lessons that employ a wide-range of interventions and accommodations to ensure proper implementation of each student’s Individual Education Program. Consistent and firm classroom manager, with proven techniques, that have been used to ensure a safe learning environment. Possessing excellent interpersonal and communication skills, used to develop a strong rapport with all members of the school community.

Areas of proficiency include:

Understand Response to Intervention (RtI)

▪ Multidisciplinary lesson plans

▪ Team Teaching Approach

▪ Special Education Law

Integration of Technology

Individualized Education Programs

Intervention Assistance Team Parent/Teacher Conferences


Master of Education Major: Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist Antioch University Midwest, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Bachelor of Arts Major: English Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia

Ohio 4 Year Resident Educator License- Intervention Specialist (K-12) Mild to Moderate

Highly Qualified Teacher: English and Reading content areas


Dayton Public Schools, Dayton, Ohio

Intervention Specialist

Provide specially designed instruction in cross-categorical, self-contained classroom for students in grades 5-8 at Fairview PK-8 School @ Fairview Commons

Review, revise, and write Individual Education Programs for students on caseload

Manage and partner with classroom paraprofessional

Lead and facilitate Intervention Assistance Team meetings as the chairperson; charged with providing intervention strategies and techniques to general education teachers referring students for intervention services Collaborate with school psychologist, related service personnel, and general education teachers to develop or revise Evaluation Team Reports for students on caseload as well as students being referred for an evaluation.

Support and mentor the building’s Office for Exceptional Children’s Coordinator to learn the methodology and IEP process within Dayton Public Schools.

▪ Selected to be a member of Miami Valley’s A-List Autism and Low Incidence Support Team. Only teacher selected within Dayton Public School district.

July 2013- Present

Jennille A. Love-Allen

916 Englewood Drive, Englewood, Ohio 45322 Cell: (937)510-5463

City Day Community School, Dayton, Ohio Intervention Specialist

Partner with administrators, teachers, related service providers, and caregivers to create an Individualized

August 2011-June 2013

Education Programs (IEP) for all identified exceptional learners

Support general education teachers by providing intervention strategies and techniques

Lead Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) meetings with general education teachers and administrators

Provide small group instruction with selected students in all content areas in resource room

Perform “pull-outs” and one- on-one intervention for exceptional learners in all content areas with special attention in reading and math in a resource room setting Maintain student confidential records to ensure all IEPs meet Ohio Department of Education and federal special education laws for compliance.

▪ Instrumental in City Day Community School receiving Certificate of Recognition for continuous commitment to ensuring academic & social success for special education students.

Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Pre-College Program Instructor

Educated students in various subject areas in a summer academic enrichment program on the campus of Wright State University.

Modified lessons to ensure comprehension by all students from typical to exceptional.

Developed course curriculum and learning outcomes, reflecting differentiated instruction strategies,

June, 2012- August, 2012

to meet the objectives outlined for the selected course of study.

Built and utilize relationships with community members and organizations to provide supplemental learning opportunities such as field trips and visits from guest speakers in the specific field or area related to the course topic.

Instructed diverse groups of students from various countries and cultural backgrounds in grades 4-9

The Ohio State University Extension at Adventure Central, Dayton, Ohio Youth Development Program Assistant

Provided daily leadership and management of the core programs (After school, Activity Night, and Day

camp). Developed curriculum based program plans to serve as a resource for experiential lesson plan development. Collected and evaluated weekly lesson plans to ensure monthly theme, objectives, and tactics are evident and

aligned with the mission of Adventure Central. Assessed and coached teaching staff on lesson plan development and classroom management techniques and strategies.

▪ Instrumental in after school program earning the title of “2010 4-H Program of Distinction” by the National 4-H Foundation.

September, 2008-August, 2011

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTS PD20 School Improvement Plan, February, 2015-May, 2015 Leveled Literacy Intervention Training, October, 2014 & January, 2015 Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training & Certification, April, 2014 Alternate Assessment for Students with Cognitive Disabilities Training, January, 2015 Ohio Department of Education IEP Compliance Training, January, 2013 Strengthening Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers and Supervisors, January, 2011


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