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Introduction to ISWP
I Serve With Pride (ISWP) is a
newly established Civil Service Examination Review provider in Metro Manila. The founders of ISWP saw the
need of providing assistance to aspiring Career Service Professionals and
Sub-professionals in preparing them
to the difficult Civil Service Examination of the country.
ISWP review program is a five
(5)-day review and lecture on the following subjects:

The reviewees are also entitled to

free handouts and snacks. Aside from
that ISWP has friendly coordinators and
top rated lecturers.

How to Enroll?
1. Simply accomplish the ISWP Enrolment Form; and
2. Pay the Php.1500.00 registration fee
on or before the review classes . Payment may be in installment basis.

A. English and Filipino;

B. Vocabulary, Grammar and correct
C. Paragraph organization, Reading
D. Analogy, Logic, Numerical reasoning, Clerical Operations; and
E. General Information about Philip-

pine Constitution; Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for

Public Officials and Employees (R.
A. 6713); peace and human rights
issues and concepts; and environment management and protec-


Do you know that on October
2013 Civil Service Examination, only
13,958 passed the Professional
level out of the 118,896 who took
the exam translating to an
11.74% passing rate. On the other hand, 11.64% hurdled the Sub
Professional level or with 2,361
passing out of the 20,278 takers.
-PH Access

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