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EM Velho Koh along about Nintendo's game-changer PMTs Cola Kee Uicedea Vole xe tiem Olean ee LelMst ary Welcome to iper NES ook [Nintendo hadits work cutout with he release ofits Super NES. While ithad deminated the Bit generation wth its NES, Sega already hada Ié-month head start with ts ovr Té-bitconsole and ahost of arcade exclusives from Sega and many third-party publishers, Nintendo fought tackinfine style and while he fght as far ser than the revius generation the Supe NES evertually pled ahead as both consoles reached the end oftheircommercallives, Assisted by ts fabled use of Mode 7 and hits such as ‘Super Maria Worl, Secret OF Mana, Sret Fighter 2and Axelay, Nitenda's machine won ‘over the public andit remains an essential console for any collector, delivering adverse range of games that few other systemsaf the ime couldhope to match With hatin ‘mind weve taken this opportunity to celebrate some ofthe consoles nest games. So take acomfy seat, cat your mind back and bask the brilance ofthe Super NES Super NES 114. RETROINSPECTION: SUPER NINTENDO “The SuperNES was Nntes's answer tits word-cerqueting NES Decoverho tcrealeda lo tmasierpiece 118. PERFECTTEN: SUPER NINTENDO Tre afantastic ara ofgameson Nets -bitmachie xtyeuwortgofar wrong yupickthese bea es 120. AND THE REST: SUPER NINTENDO Bxushottose rose-ntedspectacesaswvelookat same cfthe bestandworstoundon rien sass console 122. MRVIDEOGAME: THE STORY OF MARIO. DsenerhowMarehestarlheSuperNrsends best salle hascarsanlypusedthe genrsteurdaes 132_RETRO REVIVAL: SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO Flexyouringesandgetrattoplayoect hebestone-n- onc hightsferNntssconcle 134 THEMAKING OF SUPER METROID ‘Yesho Sakamoto explans habe ured Samus Aras bt _shentreriothebea Mevorigamedtalime 140_ CLASSIC GAME: CONTRA I THE ALIEN WARS, \WeerplanwtyKonamishecicrun‘n-qunremainsoneothe bestexarglesolthegerrescme2] years 142. MODE7 HEAVEN \WereveathegeatestgamesthatbeefitedomtheSwper Noten graundbreskn graphics made How marycf hese dlasschaveyeubeen reressedty? 148. IMPORT ONLY: RENDERING RANGER Discavertheexllont ings bouthisxtremelyarTurican ‘lone thathasmade kamu own for series alee Just make sureyouhaveadeep walt 150 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE: AXELAY Everything ouncedtoknawabaut Konami xhlaraing shoot femapanduby tremansinaleaguedtsonn 156. RPGHEAVEN: THE BEST SUPER NINTENDO RPGS Netend'sconsole was famed fantasic RPGs andeany other arestl reeredastmeess asses Jonus as weurval theessonia akeraesyeudentwantiomiss 162. CLASSIC GAME: THE LEGEND OF THE MYSTICAL NINJA Feviouthe werd andwackyreasons hathapedmake KoramisGoemon gare sounmssable 164. THE MAKING OF: SUPER MARIO RPG: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS \Werevel he story behind Mari last ever SNES gare and ast lastreeasefortheW-btsySEm 168. RETRO REVIVAL: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: ALINK TO THE PAST Whyyounsed iretumtotherealmaf Hyrule erdreplayLin’s greatest 2 adverre 170 WHY YOU MUST PLAY: ACTRAISER Parthack-an-iash partes allriiang, uinet’sSNES gave remarsanincedéle gamingexperiercethatycuverit 174 IMPORT ONLY: UMIHARA KAWASE Gals, fogsandishsoundthe an odcombnaon butts erdearng phys based platrmerremansamazrgfin corny 176 THE MAKING OF HARVEST MOON Discover how Yasuo Waa reatehsitguing faring sido foe Nitendo le-tconsole 180. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE: U.N. SQUADRON Theclassc Capcomarcade shone that wastuneditoone of theSuper Nendo retest shoat rms 186 RETRO REVIVAL: SUPER MARIO KART Hew Mario gave uptheday ef pba rescuing princeseestokickstarlabrand-nen gers 188. THEMAKING OF: SUPER STAR WARS TRILOGY Hew Lucas comin s-space pera arena seresofmrustonn SNES games 194 TOP25SUPER NINTENDO GAMES. eto Garr readers reves favre gamestor NewendoTeiconsole Howmaryhaveyouplayed? 200. COLLECTOR'S GUIDE: SUPER NINTENDO Wart collet forthe SNES? Thenthis fantasti guide wl reveathe bes games andparpherastokeep aneye otf 4: 1990 USA: 1907 UK: 182 000 Yen USA i99 UK: £1409 INCLUDING SUPER MARIO WORLD) [high arch rq entero RETROINSPECTION: SNES SNE BY RELEASING THE SUPER NES A YEAR LATER THAN ITS NEAREST RIVALS, NINTENDO FACED THE DAUNTING TASK OF CONVERTING AGENERATION OF GAMERS TO ITS NEW CONSOLE. IT COULD HAVE. GONE HORRIBLY WRONG BUT, AS RETRO GAMER REVEALS, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE THE BEST GAMES tha NES in they per cont of ‘American homes andthe word ‘Famicom’ synonymous with videogames in Japan. Nintondo "was understandably reluctant ‘oroloase a successor tote best seling console and chose ‘osupport the ageing 8 console for as long ast coul It was, however only a matter ‘oftime before the advance of technology alowed Nntondo's competion to tke the lead and by 1985 both NEC's PC Engine and Soga's Moga Driv offered afar more powertl entertainment experience. Nintendo could no longer rest on its laurls and soerety began werk on ts next Family Computer’ the Super Famicom. “ho T6sitaytom hx been dewsopad ae dosinaty Mason emia, wha had spent ih aati to make be Super Fameom tka corps wr Farseorcartenes bt hd our att massive ap intercede Nese ‘machin so fr mathe of predecessor tht ding Famicom compatbty weushave bee tbo cost. What tala om paty to brdge he vanstenbotomn consis nda woud eed an ness aun ne up fo tempt ing Famicom aeerstuegrade, Krowin hs Nrtencs es, Hoss Yarauch dedi bast man onthe ands ocr se doormen of Super Mio Bis 3 wa cme he coed Shgotu Nijameso ards Bvty-man eam with tak exper ‘now hana gare pga capstes, ‘One cf hatte hare ha up its sow was ‘henow famous Mose 7:a gehicd hardvere mode tat sloned rin a oom mand oxen eae na oy sted & 2D ‘pmo etect Neer he Mog Dye or PC Engr vine Tod ornot co. Siegen wntrncog rye — cepsto of pie scing anu alewso Nrsendo decided hat _game fal ime sucoass as acon. Das bg telaat ‘ho fret te Super Famoam games wouk ake aariago othe tectrcaly deren of be Super Famicom aun les twas Inmeatve eae ter 1S sed months o RAD, Mamet andCo Super Mio Bos Spr Mave Worth ste he machine. ‘noud beg workon Zea Fowengsand Soper Mao Bes wich Super Maro Vir erpendad on ts renee by ofng fal westalice is? vmyeg dens Hone toy eterna gon Seal ese gp rottouilbd da totemmmsadraisoarceetoc! Theis hose seuemontea Wires on tebe Pogmaronstesn!Asmnpitencancrcayamanangst pain geradalgrosotersepee bands aden ‘eto seposby arn ‘purse er ono. by D0Nironke 000 press erandtxNiisnew —" Whentametne uae te eran Sip Nt couastotecteilearpenenisyeensstettersone Eaanret Spurn bol otped mats se vcieupauthancane wadielDonceengrenncwasveevefucaay — lpnecr ae Nadie tat en de Spe Rieennamneiettt Dovants tecrmae conta earam terergy Meo Wetfatheny NES ensoe Mara trom beet won GeuvmarstchOmelstacpelngpemies otyeces tesesctalome Naohebottomae mays StES Bah curtnysues nromyes Yareexw to Supt ancon,, Wears Yasar bag won or feuikiGeopdcatiacdstnedecyradnaclmeh Drees cn Sos dad oy es pucmly Shady oy Ohamrbespeotesnttmednocs grade nese tartsbe ocak ote satre rd {rien yeonyS00000 cnr sped Footy Walseetl” odscanersrs are ers crpeen att © YhungonsninredehekteSoatencomsimertto” Gxotc! Szabo wou omen Dum has OGnans 6 Sonate fundies tnerdocrnmmead Orson Stat Pvar Thor acai a sav nr ont Stoond math women S000 retires,” sume hited nator eons yet Retin weetied sas imine nyse be Soh Tacks Sn Sela od wes tne rae ete oer Sten detarsota teuninstmaryaionsty "” fsinod/terfon canine evict Savon tare Rachirmetwa™ — Sputancanssteanomin wervenenyivctses _ raraalteany Cant onal aren San === Sen eiwharowdtasinwerteomea tebe say andedesscet are Kiana pce Aen henties ‘teinanern tener be eae We na ei Cn eaten See was staring fom: although Sess suoass as assure ‘hese comers andes ostercho wih Et os Nodes ‘SNES thet tuned he most hen by cornu roving the css most srt games It arn vith Maro an Stet Pht and conned troogh Zia Soc OF Mara, Ay, Super Maro Kat tnd hunted of cher up daner games ht wed 99.2 ta ‘ahaa c hades and aol gore ite As th yas erty and ere power competi fe he 300 sagt fb he nays te SNES! eal rage of owe ninued to mrss wh the af Nnend's ua cela, ent boca apart at he corecle vas Bogen 0 show itso, Nrtond ultras wih the party deve 0 fnew wy of mar tha gars lock ret genraon ven if ‘te ongnalhrdvare wasnt. Tho fst of thee parneshins ee seat hon the Us Agora Scare ireressed Nero Oy ogming the manoseme Gare By to Sly 2D saris. Chie stergecf the Game Boy te, two ct Argonaut’ rps, ies Gade ard Dyn Cutibt.achioved what ew Btsh odes Ine and seated poste t Nrtends' athena Thee thoy coved th "Mar Chip” ae rarod Super FX a catge enbexted coprocessor tat wodd alow th SNES 0 ‘depiay te 3D poor veut orto fst re host Super FX ime fey cesta with he apancay des rts of Shoes Mama, was Sar Fo an asec 3D space cob are tat ‘woed SNES nme of 180, ho cud bev he cana tees cpa of sion apie. The loving ear anther eee ‘aloe UK software hao funda wy 0 pus the SNES beyond its proconcoved ims. Fare, wo Px preva pushed ho 2x Spoarum much Keer han anyone gt possible had boon using ‘Seon Grghics wrkstaton oest coop fot Netond's nest. cereale: Usa dag 30 hoy dena way of sg high ‘talty preven gages one habe SNES, we thy sod ‘Dente the beat Dany Kong Court eran sd corversion of he grevoxey Urn 6 bound Kinane ith te PyStnton free Satan ont horton the tng ks of a nd ‘grout gras must max SNES avery omg reeson ret opr rtrd nt ena xo hoh an espa pushing ha haar it, es othe SMES sowed ta elon the UK vin no sal par te ghbeconsuming sures fhe PeySain, Nevertoless, ho al goo consols, the SNES was cuoa lst hurch ar gat inthe erm of Super Maro Wd 2: Yosh’ and Tho gorgoa.s perm gare usa coriatn of Mede 7a the Supar PX chip pune ot some cf thbest cs he SNES aa ‘er soon nd th bo ease Noro gamepy tocar ore fhe corel’ most ened tes. The gro. bat aor ‘ime prom that the Suber Newondo vas fr fom dea ut as dy losin ecm the newer of 2 games anda hype ‘smeunng Super Mar Though kanes cian crea seckim, Yosh i was a carmercl fap the UK and was one of to st syicare SNES tes 002 Eucpoan aso dongs antey arg Couray Sand Stet Fater Agha 2p Davart 106. ‘Ass ype Japanese consis ho rahe Super Fico ned cnmuchlongs thant Weston SNES tars tocar Prive Sgprt anda get demand or sftwae, The Saas se pout cadets new Super Famcom games ec) to players ees fom 1865 2000 arn ding sa hpt th igo use base ‘cive Ana hardware model was zedicd n 108th Sper Famicom Jr vas a sl, deka un tt was aoe prend a an stmt tothe NBt a alegedy sal enough be sald set \erding machines. Tep ait games cortnund bo eases rt 2000 wih Fie Emblem Trace /76and ware of os tes beng tomostrotsworty. Proatan of he Supr Famicom fly cease 2003, hich ‘may seem ie 2 good mrngs unl you conser at prodcon ot {he ergnal aman wor decomuadn te sae yes: Regards ‘trugrout es thnoen yer Hespan be SNESSupe Faricom achoved widespread sucess and drt ants tNrtroswingnes 6p the mathe ave trough gourdresirg haves tecnica ny Ines stg ot Supe eos ‘A Room witha Satellaview Pi yau dort own am ye ‘SUPER MARIO KART Ol eigenen rt oan tune gpa $3 yar en soma ie ha aa as Popped at tw ow, ey onanciomas 2 Gana srt arse me (Nao kas ase Sha SUPER METROID Super Mattias game that wor ona vant of levis Whe some mara [Smother thoes sly ‘emanation to det, ‘thers wor simply pressed ‘rte sheor amount of ‘Sap you could tow up ini Fnsces etm ou te at Ssrusony toons Suityeas waa vowina THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: A LINK TO THE PAST 3 Rersre desea ne superotyof Orne ‘Ofna but Link Yo The Pastremais a wonder complished overs that ‘SNES onmerseoecton £7 ‘esgned puzee, The many born een ete at mrtg an es sania ae trenteger Gute eng ore ote CONTRA I THE ‘ALIEN WARS Syosiy owt bec ate GSSuuasnees meyuee probate hocranivah pe ens agt Jor san AXELAY Thar ahost of rat shoots oda ort ‘SHES brow con compare to ‘he bilan that Kanne stunning Alay Fem sa SDiew neste saan ruse ry more ty Siscing eer froth Hn ‘rele ces ooo ‘obs 2-209syed recess ‘omc cs eat ft ikereysyuhave a wh Wings shower bao reason be GBA walnner oon {tre Mar NES gue th” {lnm ecace i atta sntvoty spn ep ‘Sr wpe ware Sper Mir 2a made eet agg Fave pom Adin Ser ‘Te Lat Covet wh ety tiger vont he hada aruargy ompreresie petoon Fat tna Worden tte cade Sagan! CHRONO TRIGGER: aa Soe omceetae eee aoe Eopeaann Seecree, oe aed ee. ecretas on ALPHAI scence ‘nthe Sue odors ‘ah wee soay eon’ Seeman sme mttany sutotettmien Gatee unoee ara cesoeleraen anion ottoman ose Atal Sear oor te teame cart par ante Sef tartar noe in tmatpte teehee Spa ncacg it Man pwn nd ‘apeaance mor nonce Many credcamoaigne ts Shyra Reda Cot Forester te Wesae i ening Serta be ay Dott beaten Joutetaten ey wet arise las Me ‘atts be aren alse yo eerste ing ace Say gabe erg UMIHARA KAWASE laa 2a rare "gc erty ‘atelier eam otench age ‘Sela heme ty ‘ramen ooh be ‘rout Of care si ‘hen eat ech MR LIDEOGAME: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MARIO | fully appreciate wy Mario ssi the videogame industry's most recognised, popular and enduring charactor, you have to lookback tothe early days of videogames Mario remains the postr thi for atime where everything about them fettresh, Innovative and new, ond these newfangled virtual words sought ony to belinked to ours through the computers ‘and consoles that projected them and the talented visionaries who imagined ‘them. With realism and trends now ‘iting wherefun and ereativity once ruled today’s industry i looking ‘much diferent place to one thet "Nintendo was helping rebuild back Inthe Eights. ith very fale sano PGi shooter tat fds one, the games f oy mean that noe ony esmalhanat oF dae and puichers hve the naa cewatcal oe aot o and dope naw borg abl vileo lion of elurs, games king 8 sands a8 he tarmhant consol oh generation and Sipe Man Gay 2has scooped urea ache, shou be oe Bye vito ened playing vdsopames throughout the Eig and Rnetes. Nnerdo has proven ence di, that un and ces ring recall fist tne thay ever aw Mate action ou For many of you easing ths we hat yur Test expen came frm laying Maro son by here er uring 4: See Pee ns 1981, the dsthctook of th character us etd nals radiata by his eestor, Sheers Miyamoto, and has ony rab ever been ene, ein the early ys of gam Miyamoto the reach of aneratng ha, a0 od js dark bckgounds, nd a moustache ite of a mot fr simi resco 8 Maro’ weston als care aout rough an Professions ae) Oy lemon of ick nd good fortune thous Ipobay dd seem that way to tend ‘TMU save yer, lady!” Sram ero Poe Banoo ers Feuer hog wey ctr an he Ores mone Stour surren ee herr tomeators Soe Se ns st ed (Grass rho none elas Ms Sep scan nario MR LIDEOGAME: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MARIO Netendo pushed Donkey Kango onto the US market were iebecame a huge succes, And ith the mio of dor ord, he company wae ab ond cevekemant fs Butts Danka Keng, ot Mari who sa gang the most cette Nirtondo. Despite hoa that he ig dum ape was ‘acsigned the robo big cht anogenit Bank Rog cornea peor character nthe gama, Ard ts partons for Season ‘ey Mar ws then mage taylan the game TBE se Dorky Korg it character exo an our and-outbade, id give Maro inthe sade of her end ging hm a green coer ‘wong betes ele ag mothe borg Th ge Inquest, Maro es as asingeaceenacton, pintcrmer tat cked ana played sr tothe ei Vom atease game oust tsaw Maro ands tote: atte roo phases of enemy attacks do {NewYork sone and wea he fat game to evr epic the thers a plumbers betved that is ‘was dene simpy o expan the games culvert setng prevent en nestaton of ect and epton pests escaping tothe cy, tbe bother re dea acing rmoreike extarminators inthe game Nowerhaess as wo as parayg the bothers phe, Maro Ss aleo inode fe common Sholeeepers = procusor i Koopa Tepas and he sonora spe soled foes he Sines It aso establshed the fea hing he bonus rounds, = wo a the ae concep of becpunching eet ey Jamie Woodhouse KE) {restorof ult Intarysre mrt Sttpeones Garcronen aang Inga inure Mar game eb Sp oo arden ae Bo sen gen extn compat gota ante Spur aa ar pea oun reayavsrrdatoae et Andheri ‘hoe nie faigaetncncehes ying taser Siete ge tenes rene™ Seches tre ogo eas paler Into As, tear eds, ‘ark earner ro Cee puri, llof which would become staples of he Mano sores aro Bos recived a kaw acade reception, erty nating nthe same league a8 Dorey Kona, bat ate prove to be apap rlease for to NES also devlped by Huson Sof, unde cence Farm Nintendo Reteaeedesclasly on Jcanece heme amp. he gorasfestured abrow orignal stages and emepiay mocha, The es. Maro Bes Sac ‘se srg peo eres pare at fon or way tes tite, Anh Ba Mo Bios was aqurty Aodgtnl nspeed ‘thes. Hudson Soft co oor rnasod ts ‘on verston of Super Maro Bes ited Sipe Maro Bos Speci ths unary panishng feared anaes, arsine deson and agen caen ing at cy thon ercortant facia scaling actualy eyed n Super Maro Bes imate sucess But were umging ahead of cusshes eb hare, ‘Seat gung Maro enhanced powers n Maro Brot by fey gung hi the aly to ures fab —he neta of beng his aes n Denke Kong ena reay ute lease of Supa’ Mano ‘is n 1985 that tho lgenday gare designe hs reaton rel superpowers. Bete reaching is ‘tested mament thou, the carer coud be Seon busy ing up his Wr Vio’ utes. The utoupase bute ould be sen paping usin ous stagein the NES game Prba at same yea, Tennis 964), andinuencing he ook Go's 11968] moustached gle Osan, a haar ro afenthe thas gown apy John Romero Co-Founder of dSotware Sroccade twsraietand ‘ue reamed yest theta Shalt Wee be icdaaneseei rc Finace aspen hate pus Samiti IB iertimctitoces MARIO MEMORIES Founder of AgogeeSftware enol nan ink Garena eet and mos 9 dey polihdgane Romie ge oltren tase star ota ‘Super Mario... Finally theo premise of Dorey ‘5 scrling patton gar werd of tha Mushoorn Ke tho foc that dong so enarced tho player Selng over 40 mito copes, Snr Mar opus can bela atibuod oth sucoss of the Famoom/NES, nc ths fr wc ook the fam of power-ups Maro Mane Payor’ Guido £1985, The ite known NES gare MR LIDEOGAME: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MARIO flit cbscuity nthe shadow of Super Maa Bos. Sequel Sequel Panic emeting aout Matojenterng a dear word called Shean tases an ev fog ovat to re sme ove oy i “Mario played a key role in aingond resurrecting the emis rea Annet industry” noc. Aakeredintne USin 1998, therein 0 brothers an ventory tht aoe you to ery omer inane stage to anata, and mere ieee, aes Seay Trimet dimornt, cn ce eeene, Pe enki teeter talon eamer te ‘os 3 was mama fet MARIO MEMORIES Gary Bracey soivoreMonageOceanSotware spe gsr ple pre eo Sndog ait saree a lirentees'y erent tances chrcertahwsae sana Euerpigngn SiperMeraGorniheNEslwes weendo seeker st> ‘hewn nd compeyonnavayndspen Dane. yale mercer cmjetscasl many manywestepayngite Ovrtuyensthey tavern ineessionto Compion. awewepljegitanan’ dewlophepesraiy okey MstowssDovkey enol tetewtanciesthas wore docs ners hang rece” teverssteecromcarerense ology. stem erialien wasthteshumadorccrihad Nenarecoqnsesticangzagbo puesbwe snes Phase Seniamenasalobwswere = befstorsengies sass rac wih persona and Groot shinche pce eds Cele ures theysed tren ram) ommperpectie, Qi eSecurity kl Mast eas ran) Stewnpreeponstetarcace — neulenocns aicanik ieroatweudprnsyempact Smagrtrcomamert op Maro, gong on sail axe than 1 milon unt, al Spawned te semis: Super Mar Land 26 Golson Cars oto friteduing Marts onpelgngar Wario tobe ares, and Wo Lan Super ‘Mar Land which te \dmeriaa-coking vai ook tant sage as 2 conolabie ‘hrs anche fst for “he erat the fourth ‘generation f games conales ves an exting te Bath te cade and corse market ware ving, ‘tho NES ha sucosstly brought gang bck home InN Ameri and Sage nas oficial fst off ‘ha mark to make evade no theme Te-Dteaot ging with tbe Moga Dive With Maton bal ousahaid name, gamers were eager artiating he reeaoe of Niniendos nat ntl, eapecaly 2 ‘na tbe launchd lori ts neva TO. (nas consol Fokasedin 1980, Siper Maro Word stuck cose tothe Super Maro Bros Staple Miyamoto and his tam sot about using the ex acne power of ‘he Super Nintendo to eres an enhanced, buna, necessary more inmate, versen of the NES Casse Gane were enjyabie minigames and inventory ans Mavi recover makover a5 wal {8 an ara of new powrerups, nung 8 Yellow cape tat ated im the power of {mgoray ght ara leat green dnosour ‘companion tho form of Yosh (erate whose gadbng engue ‘wae pees rsp by Nntondos op Ulva Hae rabing toy a ‘ove name could ave derived ‘portmanteau of Nintendo's hen reste, Hiroshi Yara Ths a ute Reto Gamer spacultio of couse Folonng the relace of Super Mao Sas was Miyata marion to gue Mar a dsaur ‘Stood anidea sid to hve been nsred ty his rmotecess acng game, Excel nansveteg a ‘questen about ho be ais ea approached Maro secuos inthe Maro Mana Payers Gute, ‘Maret explained th delay in Yosh det ‘Once the game i rasse wo sta hiking may not be sca baddest a another te othe ‘Sees, We usualy have os fess that we havent boon abl tomplorent yt. good ramp Ysh ‘We wanted hve Marie cncsur ever sce wo frished he orignal Sqpr Maro Bes, bai was Impossible technealy, Wa were aly ele ogo Yooh Of he dawg boards with he Supot NES." Nita then flowedup Super Mario Wer wih ‘Super aro Kart. tbocame the bestzaling ach {3me on the system, and Mario's mos succes Spinoff game Sees Maro was now’ showg hmsl fea eutural eon, andthe versal ac of Nerd, In act his pop had seed so much htt was ast agen that he characte woud que the mers offi stars waning cash non Cele, Ae 90 Maro we Ligh th nee, heading tothe ig scoen fr» heaton reting 2 tai videogame anes f be 1903 movie ‘Super Maro Bs, onking actors Bob Host, John Lagazama and Denis Hoppa in th ls of ‘Maro, Ligand Bowser respects Howe for ails promise aehype, the move, which decides tottrow out the cokurtal Maro Bo universe onthe brothers inde ome kn of bis version 2 Tata cal tanked at the bx fc ae vas branded an urmitigatd big budge fare, and Maro te never mado aren to Talon sce, Maro’ nar ag Sper Nendo lease cama the fom of Super Maro Wor 2: Yosh isn the game, Maro ara Lug were depcod as babies, the pve so uly assuring th rl of Yesh land stea win comping a cout eoy ace {ot Mar sally is pants, Of couse, gen the ‘fan apes of ta tres in the game, SMM2 8 doomed a prequs othe entre Mare sre. ts story 's thus pure eton as tho game's ending shows tho. ‘voters deiveredto ther pret, who ae seen veg ‘aie aha tha Mushoorn Kngdor, Tet sid ‘hen yu remember tat bolts pit we were ‘at acteping ofthe act thet Maria ve tha 2) of agaiiatveng carne tuned pumberpest ‘xterm who gets I MR LIDEOGAME: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MARIO (Mario MEMoRIES El e ie as pee “egret MARIO MEMORIES Martyn Brown Tear? Founder Ouse many peal tn Man Dry a, Scie pga Hearing the Super tr wonaste nrenrms hrs beter wat siper sre wha ome cree orogane nese ors herbaria trisiatemaetrstion, 2) Tusa me oye Drag seey nde sey pote Le David Braben Co.resiora te omencet aro Sige ie yuan ky fue aro gave ben Spr a6 30 stn tecaantnn corrects ene he estes le ca Par apt rent tis geton sed onsets earth, amnesic eae rmustroom and thcuah gare pine and must hen rescue the pices fom a gant ute king, we gues suc changes can be fen, else in 006, Mar’ ina Sper Netando ths Une the RPG wah tho Square-devlopod Super ‘Maro RPG: Legend OF The Seven Stars The gare ‘wa mito omat tom RPG and tu tice tates andthe game's sued the Ssnazy ACM apis tecrniqus soon ns Donkoy Kong aunty Butcoming ite nthe Sune Nendo Ho, fd ony eles tbe US ae lapan alargey mssedty many onts eae, Mario reaches 64 mein the fm ye whehonened ieee {star ue real ened, reformer an 2 of Super Mano for the N64, Alay inonatng, ator gone andin dang so proved undoubted that the rete fr, engaging an abut ‘erly of revue Maro adverts cou ‘apt 9 tue 3D pelgon word unseated The NG's analogue convas aso worked Wah a wealth fnew ocrebete moves et Maro’ spor, Maro ture hm rm pry jumpy plureer ims a garang Sasha. Fay trough» sons of open ended loves a conned revisit ofeed ayers the chance to rely meso thames n te enous and enchanting warts ‘ofthe Mushroom Kingdom ae uy the gemini ‘quale’ of craig he ab own Yo onda, ‘ary White Rabi. the nton wa lary not to Miyamoto end is ERD team Faloing the lease of Maro, Maro hse ‘han broka mo even more gama gates wth test lent inthe Hudson deloped Man Pry sve, nd ‘he NG re alo sav Mano tum to NES sparing roots Mare GaY and Mano Tens bok apeasing Inthe fst Super Smash Bros and making hs a0 Teng er the canal wth Paper Mano ‘Qweg the ety raase of Maro onthe Nos, toomes asa srprise fo many that ecu ss nave laasedion he stom, Wel acu {act fora ime a Maro 6 sequel was development, area resurgent guerre, fe aftegame yng especie {SA ie harbecom bacon ‘pee endearing Hes apr ah albet forthe 6400. In 1907 Miyamoto revealed Edatondess that wok hod stared on the game. ener olwvng the destouslaunch of he ed nin Japan, ands sucequent por domestic ale, Nimandopemoty stopped suppor fr tha hanare andthe game vs capped Dre Nirnce's Space Wald ever 2000, the company showeaeed the power ofits brandnew aR alle) ey ened peer ore er Pee ead peer ey et Peers am ener niants (uot ee nal HIGHUGHTS Pena Poaceae pear Pee epee ea Sey -Motroit's tem locations, uses, bose peaneicine nore) ee eae Peoreeeeere) een eae Pete eee meres Seana peer non Pomerrernaey ee eer nd re eee ee Coenen any een Ter poner einen Cereals Butitwes incredibly afc certo eaten esigring ovis oi oar Pace pene Perens) cry peer reas er ee eee eed ene rome) Dceeenicnce Pore to surmount. “One problem with coe ted se Seen perience eet See ed aed making some putin those areas. But Seger a ree a Peete rere Pee tee ee ee ad Porieer in eek oR ea er oe era tc ee Rn Peeper et mmr oe eca pet nce en coheed eee meee ta a ers oteosone kien eee eit oe ee eT ts oe ere) ee etre eer eect ey eit cere renee like 9 boarding house forthe Super Pcs rn tee era err eerie eed Derr enricy ea tee reg cd pee eran entry erence) Peter oreeees eee neta Sr eee eee enero carn eee ad et aoe errr rey pee hee Brace cent BOA kate dona) Seek wee RT RC) Cee OR aed CT ere en wanted slag but couldn, Poe ener eet meee) ee ent Eee ener ea eerie ar) paneer peers etme cio er ree ed Seg Pert ens Peereceeent ted ieee rns See aco ce etree eee ey ee ert ed Percents eee Peery eit entre perenne nine pear eee ed Perera Nintendo, he alvays compare thom Perea een ae eerste Rarec erect eens eee eee praioenrinies ees palpate eee ener Peamecraenniee) oe reese feared een ce it co eeieteeton eo een Peers ey Eeearaserie ener eee err Peeeeeaaienr este Cetin eet ensure tat we ida good job” Which, en Peer eae) tte) PTT Titty aT) a Ls ToS-St 3-9 Tritiiiiiesrt 9 B FI Ps 4 E Bons “The rina ane rtd the run and gun gare tad rary sloments at caunoss ges opto. Teall ps ble Coors tetered a econ bing faction butey dit Iessire vp othe ris Conta are mark» gare ‘ora tas evrybig you wuld expect om Corb gane, tt iar eons ae ents lgpr bess,’ post apocayistig anda mtaeyelelev Set poce tr et pics th game wa oar dere oman, def eve sgn td special etetstathartagde singe Many fan wiv hfe wetpon. Some ve thea Ota witha th weno blo spread gn amas ling fos an obsolte breee. There raters who wie the Ametrovar, af grt for aon yu getup cen Tarr, ping atest weapon ait tans rcevouranore we thickens out vit of us cra ithe sar bo. mat look ie a metlturg, bt ease the gan's enospare ands te sereon trary lng grams hea and nosing» Lge curio herr he gas bose. Given tthe ra 0 many great acon se iecesin Conta webaitogve a menton bother fs ats vl The motreye stge desire noi, eis basal stone giant fetn st pose The stage bogs with te player atie 2538 tre Dust tasting hing an bore rit appears. Udercariage pms th haw réance, Suet vious ‘huet nth ip tse tthe yu easing after, Thad ‘tothe mastineane nthe ere are baring fe spe slowing see whe hoping betwen isis bog red E-oraey ‘With somany menaale monentsn Come Il icing soe was impossibAsthe opering stapes rat xan of owt 9b ‘teenager's artensn ard mak th pr wh tay mane, we ato mention Witinthe fist mnie oe ning own ns and mutant ds, hoping iota ate foes, apg real fh weapons inte sms, dosing sae a bomb ‘het jumping tough he Nang is we aig ot a ae ‘fig alas and nay acing of against agit bullet paing siento. Ison athe best opening eves of an vegan There rely wast one boss we caudhighght ere. nya remorateI-tboses, is someting thst erat atone Siotcstion for escopots ceo The ar trot ne Fist you sees clas pce he wal pllag apart as fives mado! no, bre seg isbesnng ed fe owing inthe dainess The beastthen emerges, toglasertromis ys, losing bombs inthe pia fd an branthg fre to The ary ‘ing does dose amotoeyle ad shat up pale staan \ From the map in A Unk To The Pst ste ks Zn and longs tha ream fey Supt Neen games use he tonsa’ Made acne to stow oth par ft cosa, nd Goa wes itera, proving srt roncas ofthe vray ofthe sft. wes rata rete darting loss, oop dom Teal and io several bosses. Th fat Mode 7 oes large ‘abate pr tht eto slang thelr bef jpiginta ea, Sealing bgp ad ing te scren belo dsappeaing anthan raking auc scorn abit rsh Sly a Jeb. Peele ages ago sao Gi) Ot) al re a On oe MeO Cn kel Mode 7, the famous graphics mode that became a hallmark for TANS moar OM Core Marcel MN eo} Cora ale Me Ogu mam noi (od Chrono Trigger Best Mode 7 moment: The cazy eect Cio eer Saran tees piletoseaataeaaeeee rr een eee Seen) Epiebecteniaresareoonrtetieg coor oper steerer eee Cd eet! peer oman) atte eee Demon's Crest Best Mode 7 moment: Gating our _ Super Mario Kart Best Mode 7 moment: enrol ne eae 7 eee eer eS eee ers eer Poe eate ae ene loons pegs enone aon Pet ee - Bea eid [esrratat Bet ereeeces pester) eed Peer a a nec benea yay) eS ; SSS Beech | rp —_ . rg 7 E An “i . EMule sea a o Exhaust Heat ActRaiser Be 77 moment a red Best Mode 7 moment: Fst soe coe ee Poe pice sae Oe eee ree as Pay ener at ee eee ty peer nee a ener fete teentceeeee ra pelictonenetie cing semeerenreter ero ate ebro: emi ante eee ate teen) eee eee ira tee ere een erent a NT cay Super Star rae - Super Soccer ut Pa ieesi ues eet eee 7 mecrans K enna aero teenie eee tat meteors ins spe The Lise eceeneeets ston othe epesnaw Sgr. Winsome sureog AR a Pees : EUR ft otc you sro err up o pith you cout octal ss yg a es ete a pr Sacer nthe ital a,b Wings 2: Aces High Beat Mode 7 moment The map Super Mario RPG: —*EECOC Keats cy ee eet) eee Pee rea eer ents esa ree Nara ad ch aa ornartan ee i Peet reer ee eee poreieret routs eer erdscde nda sates anette eet aa a eras eer ees eee ee a eugwuon oF THE GENRE A Retro YY Modern scammed GREAT GAMES THAT NEVER REACHED UH SOIL RENDERING RANGER: Re Goree cone ER AU me Ene eee OMe OO and Contra, is regarded as the Hol Cris oa cae Pe ee Pree eT Mee ee ee ost impor tts wil set you back a pretty penny, butts the rar les that wil almost ways command the tall asking prices. ‘nd this sbaeause ether it wasnt actual al that good, ‘or was actually quits bilan butts publisher saw it ‘ik and did a lacklustre ob In selng ts fall domestic “appeal s0 only afew copes exist in the world. Rendering ‘anger: R2 (which weil ust dub R2ror this point on is {an example ofthe former =i’ a glorious looking SNES ‘shooter that was only snapped up by Virgin interactve's “Japanese arm and, asa rest tragically only saw inte "eleose in Japan, with as few a several thousand copies ‘manufactured according to some sources - which is ‘why complete copies a the game can command aking ‘rcos a high as €200 (8350), Designed by Manfred Ter, A2is one ofthe Super Nintendo's most obscre ties, but is also one ofthe ‘machine's Ite known import gema,showreasing some of ‘the bost 20 visuals you se from a Super Nintnd. "AS such anyone wih argues that he Super Nintendo ienot capable of doing frenetic shooters and fee that ‘hey need more evidence than our Axely feature nase £80, should taketh time to diecover th game. Set gaint the backdrop of beak futuristic word under attack rom a palanx of mechanised monaces, R2 notable for ‘ning sde-scroling run-and-gun game sections with ‘utp scoling space shooter bits, which both work to ‘make it on ep unique and varied shoot “Th fit section =the run-and.qun component plays {and looks very simorto Konami's Super Nitendo Clasi, Contra. Assuring the role of lone soir ‘a reaembles one ofthe helmeted cops for NARC, ‘you bate trough a warravaged aonrobot world hat IMPORT ONLY: What to look out for when playing Rendering Ranger: R2 opaass0 GO) DEEPER) ren R2 is widely known for being istoeming with ll manner of biomechanical menscos The graphics and sounds toughout 2a super, with “Tron concorting a seemingly endless roster of enomios to fight and detaled scenery to ensure theres plenty of stuf to catch your ey, even in the backgrounds ‘Along with the great visual, memorable bosses and heavy rock sountrack,R2 alo featured some awesome frepower. You cn collet up to four eferent, upgradable re typos over the course ofthe ‘ame, each with tei own unique special tac that sltrplenishes, and those canbe switched ‘onthe fly sult your stuaon, Each ofthe nine stgos inthe games wonderfully designed as wll. The tard ‘age, which ete fet of the game's Spaceship section, ifs on Thunderforce Is memorable lava stage, while Stage 6 pays fanastichomage to Typds Bylo gate bossistago~but with players forced to weave in ‘and out ofthe ship's insides to survive ts attack. thre is one cit lovel at tho (game, though it's the ifculty. The game Is textrmely challenging, wth wave afer wave fof enemies to vanguish, lengthy boss ights a to survive and no cannes to fal back on, one of the Super Nintendo's most obscure ti “This hattychatlenge culminates inthe games hsictesring penultimate stage; clausvophobic descent ito a waren tf underground tunnel, shies requires superhuman Traction times and a dogs of luck to get through lve ‘When you consider how wel the gare mars together the two shootrsub-gents, comes as @ pris to lar that R2 was orginally rumoured to be Suaight space shaote. However, due to the populaty ofthe rurand. gun gonre coupled with the huge suocoss that Tene hod seen with Tucan ewes decided ‘mde dovelopment thatthe oft sactions be ded, endthat the art syle also be changed tohand drown pre-rendored sprites, ae toy were proving popular thanks tothe ies of twibgh 1b tos sch a8 Killer stint and Donkey Kong County. ‘While these changes were to blame for he games lengthy development, which caused ts release to fallin that chaneyT885interim etod between two console generation, “ron sil 2 designrcotainy shines through, masterful binding together the two parts to ereateone ofthe most Insane, challenging and sought fter ‘shmups on Super Nintndo. and one of Tucencad tron Instant Expert Tooter amon eso resent eoees ete ‘ihe sere oe ‘ea Sts ape Bayes quo stv lenient seve essed tuntestprere! hay stg Cretan Damien McFerran hops into his custom- made cardboard star fighter and charts a course for the lllis System in order to bring you as much information on Konami's seminal SNES shooter as possible. You better have an itchy trigger finger... conamis Axelayie 8 Jock when SNES tiles landmark shooter vere sil werage thar many ways, but the most | 8 ‘tiki i the fact 3 a manages to bring llen-blasting ction toatormat | sho ‘that supposedly struggles withthe | forgot ho power specaco of te memratie we commtod ‘genre, Much ha osan made nue ollng pers Rateshngy, ak Yoors of Nntere's decom to opi tb 2 distant horizon | * ‘other gore io features ro sirkng and mars 30 even ody 5 trough he gm rm the ust of te game itn you encounter dg the hat unstuck hen youtake | gameplay. Arthar consta isthe ‘athe ungue fest she Bret n gris maton oats Stand of resent way which you Axo eat ] Hier eéaee | iets = Bewley ee Akptitts : 7 ee iP crattorp Round Valean Wind Laser Needle Cracker ‘powerful burst ‘Aswif-fringhoming | The fnal laser upgrade 60 degrees of cofplasma energy, | weapon, which seeks | has awiderange offire | high-velocity death: crmnAwe which is one of your ‘outenemy units ‘vital weapon es weapons ‘Twin Galaxies ¥ ¢ SG High Score EN _») Morning Star_ =e 2G N ‘Another weapon handy Macro Missile. ‘Air-to-ground missiles ‘Quite similar to the Shue foriakeg serra’ | Rpowerbtrecietwah | uehdforisrgoat | Exlason Bob, bt Pack oes cnemesatonce | slargedlat rats anturete res beckwards im POINTS. 1724780 Sit back and enjoy Konami's Memorable Moments _} Coders it oose on 16-bit hardware soph TC ee) —— ul arvana ac nate eet SULMINIENDD, fr During the infamous 16-bit console wars, both the Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo had their strengths that attracted gamers. One such strength of the Super Nintendo was the sheer amount of high-quality role-playing games available for it Here we take a look at some of the best and most celebrated titles on Nintendo's machine RPG HEAVEN: THE GREATEST SNES RPGS OF ALL TIME Terranigma Soon asthe fist part of an urology hat fates boty usin of Te and yecton AG based around ta thar ofesurecten, -oom-crawier, he payers asad wth ean tho sous of ost Cofesing the ev Dest. The gare tals spo but pogrant sary that ceraety a works hoa croar bocaso fast paced, with panty of enemies and some ‘excolnt boss bates. A fogsion gem you raed e experience Mystic Quest Legend unui Beveoeen Yea EeachsT aes Breath of Fire II ruousien evsoeet Yea Felssed ony in Japan n 1995, Fae Mission il menaged to gin a cu folowing inte West and was finaly released nan offerors form in North Aenea ‘ng 2007 on Nerds DS. The game i an APG a tactic rate wh neat same prsression anda deep, entetarang pot. Set n 2090 and evling around the colneaton of fete slndin tha Pate Osean, Foe Missa alate that's ar tequing a tis resh, The bat systam = most nthe usa tcl ‘mod, however when tas ae peered the game cuts oa cose of the targatin question for some spectacular vous fc: Depth comes om the custemeaton on afr. The maorty of uns re Wrens, gant waking tans ht have fou unque heath bars: ane each forthe lags, ht am ar bay. Eochisupaatie as tho game propose. I's eer. but highly ecommonde, (One ofthe most important tings about Ope Bate that tun ae a tha 2 grep polealy mated pot and boasting some lovey vrais, Oo Bato omas nghiy recommended ta hose thet ka a good chalga, fy Secret of Evermore Pissier 1 penne = Ye ‘We pease os his fest ting you note tout the the very Dagon Bal Zt at Rs svingearpando te ante re roedom to cate very hers ad imrestng or beeen ether pep eso games ‘On te suse, Oona Tager seems enemies, ganna he ie ay aber depanese APG, noweve! anda gat varsatan ‘hat sett apart tom them. The fst Oven Taggers amastarioce ot nese the compet lmntion of sy andithan't aged al Sime.sceon ater thencutngtoaitnonthe pay ad UBL NINTENDO DEVELOPER SOUARESOFT YEA: 86 NTSC = ‘Sper Maro RPG's a naar tile in many diferent ys, On the ane hand was 2 Sturvingealiboratonbetwean Nesondo and Square, but on the oar a one 1 the st Squire developed tes ona Nintendo tor for some te, “Theft thing new players shou do wien stareng te gare ao etch the tatlant tract modo. This ges players a eat oa of ho shoo areunt of supe ideas hat have boon arerad mo astute ami of actn plating a tunbeons combs, Super Mano APGie a fasteacee, abeerng adventure whch incre acennbi to even th mast novice of FPG fas, Vey to game looks 4220, fetes sin rendering ectiqes o Donkey Kong Canty a9 ‘dstncive 20 semetre vewpoit. The muse aaa te Bt eve onan es rom now inca logon, Yoko Shimomura Haris oe hing that Supa’ Maro RPG does so wal its ta thighs SSaursotin ts mand how big a deal twas when Nong Fal fost the ‘alerted developer 0 Sor evo year Sooet of Manas hugely pope {con APG and for good teson. Sausrosoft's gare fates sutucus (pooies, needle musi nd uring treo payer mode that italy made stand epart fem other PGs of he tme, Fist reoased 1905 and flow wp tot Gave Boy cass Mystic uns, ‘Seow of Mans capsid audiences from the goto. eels 9 spe story ofa young boy ufo dscovers 2 rystonous ero that hep, Ath We, fom sod stone. ot tat. Mana the bio ofthe and being the wor aang the hero wo energie the fing Mana Sve and hope ‘ually, Sec of Mara is toning. S00n on 3 16-bit systom at tho me. Leeatons ae der, angng or desert ptoas bustieg wlages od fveeen fore, wth Upper tenga sande eaten as you tray ‘walktrough the frst as the seasons hangs rom one the net. Soncaby the game does dsapport othr The msc inthe penng sequence 3 sil (ofthe most suring in gain, ‘even tae) Using sample pes, bass nd varus sythessod sounds arena ‘hers, Secret of Mange sandvock ‘Sve oflon bea, yt dark and ‘score, tan acon RPG feaurng character evel, weapon ves and magi lvls. ight wenpons ae ‘elbow the layer, cn can be fora lowest bud ona hast, thegmeaste acta gmepiyardits _anynenty morse Wl your sects impossie wo miko Mig one witeut conus poser you wih equa, most x = LOCATION, LOCATION ) ee FILLMORE BLOODPOOL Teeegcniwaiyaiea Roce 2 [sce eee cores of rong pastes tov awa far fon vee tt rk ln oe aot Ack oat son Sones he priar ebm hah moregonct tos esr a Kans ine requis alt of ato eb {ur olonos he the. Use gusts of ind agp wna ing nd thoy wi ronerdyeu wth ho wos hey ater fom te regan soon, tom adiont oon and pan tom tat cna see yng sta so Ours’ ner ‘rae tat yu can uc oe eugh ‘ho wanbuting socersandetun Df Quret nce {Pte Mode” ta tule rte and snp alors out ply 1D ofActPase’s gree eel ‘en ate 23,00 ease ears araestirg uniqueness tht enaies Sars pod aganst ren of Be torn vas, Ta oct at mano ua ray ohne jd of {imo round sod nep mates doa.ey alte set lke You decover tho tr eens ‘haters bg poisoned by mons buthow rey garg sep ton ard reste he eo aera ny? Ahan nego tharos pot of hating Denso estoy eres ‘many tees, You aborted 0 (ese anesthe eer n he gama sore suo youdort ul toomary ees rer the ric a, WHY YOU MUST PLAY: ACTRAISER KASANDORA Lisngin Kazan acpearsirpostio se fed wihahugeoxparce of! Inhapabie decert Foray, ys can surmonup lage qaies ofan ‘sh este tanoy msanng tat your ‘cwers ean oon bu a homes NORTHWALL ‘Thebans pcbiem jut ne at Nera at 0 cel fr any ot earings a verk Suey ne ck You cer courte esa way each Stomwam._ hao fener one se hares toes the game BEASTLY BOSSES afew of Acer bosses dee nat ta here CENTAUR KNIGHT Wrentenestalgmrg ain Teer eed WIZARD Suyatedsarcem ani re Senet mon cerca tenant ao ICE WYVERN ‘Sindh gtinaewsas GOLDEN PHARAOH aera a eugwuon oF THE GENRE A Retro RLEASED ¥ Modern beat Exess lene. GREAT GAMES THAT NEVER REACHED UH SOIL Sd ake ee Ui cree aac) platformer that tastes like Bionic Ginecol c ced Mares ‘veloped by a itl-known studio and {eleased soley (thats forthe sh puns, ‘promise in Japan, Umifara Kawase has Become something ofa cult Super Famicom til, thanks tothe interno: Indoed, you platformer with the fishing rod-brandtshing schoolgit ‘nd glant fish patoling its stages. "The premise of Uminara Kawase isl hat lar Infact f we had ta come up wth one ta ‘explanation tits zany gameplay, we'd say ‘bout etenage gi with the worl's most fishing rod, experiencing a rather nasty nil ster stuffing @ pangy prawn sandwich down her thot. ‘The consequontcreamirightmarebiare hallucination ‘episode that she experiences finds her having to work ‘trough a series of whimsical stages to reach xt doors posltoned in annoying o-each areas. ‘With eves featuring plenty of long gaps and death pits between platforms, you use the fishing rod as @ ‘rapaling hook to got around. By airing the rod withthe Dipad, you can swing and manoauvre yourself around ‘he level. You canals pl youre up by reeling inthe bit of practice to got the hang of so prepare fra bit of wreeting withthe contro intly a8 you Battle 1 get yours in he precise postion needed to help ‘you continuo with your journey. And to make mattor ‘worse the lve re occupied by large ich els end ‘rustacoans that ust soom to appear and disappear at Fandom. You can bit these enemies with yout fishing hook to temporary stun thom, and inthis stasis thy ‘became safe to veel in and stick in your pink rucksack, Despite its stoop learning curve, those moments wien youd perform an impressive feat of fihing line swinging to mat itto the section ofthe stage you Eetaguuimameromerminre FOG-brandishing schoolg wantis when the britlance of Uminara Kawase comes {othe surface, There's areal sang of achievement ft whenever you fish level. Also, because ofthe way In hich the stages ee designed, andthe fact your bine wil fasten itso prety much any surface, theroare ‘ulple ways to finish them too. Moreover, there ore also a nice variety of clever ite ne-castng techniques ‘to mastr to, and as you make progress you eam that later lvelshave boon designed i sucha way that you wil nae to lyon them al “Though the sprites look nice and detailed, Umihar -Kewase certainly isn'the pretest game o grace the ‘Super Famicom I we're hones, ts word actualy fle on the bland side. Backgrounds are made up. ‘of badly digitised back and white photographs of Geserted beaches and rocky cif bottoms, while love are constructed from simple blocks that ‘would Wok more at home in ant purse. Wit hat sai, not ke you've realy got time to tae inthe sights anyway, athe ‘envionment is just too dangerous to avert your ‘eyes ftom yout characte for even a second, Despite nover migrating rom shores, Uminara Kawase was popular ‘snough to receive sequel. Uminara IMPORT ONLY: It's the Super Famicom platformer with the fishin ‘Kawase Shun, which appeared on PlayStation gave the serie at of makeover white gameplay w lovoraged more towards tho puzle fol ofthe original alo festured fometriciah 2D levels a change that ‘many fans argued made navigating the enironmont ‘more dificult and a shorter and thus sprngir fishing Tine oo. second ection ofthe game was also lator released that made a fw gameplay improvements and = 105 to the visuals and presotation, than went portable with the rlease of LUmiara Kawase Portable on PSP in Japan. Based predominantly on Shun it was developed by Rocket Stucb and with n involvement from erie creator Kiyosh Sokal. However, Sata did vetur to oversee ‘the release of Umiaa Kawase DS, an thology forthe DS of both the ‘tginl Umihara Kawase and its sequel Uminara Kawase Shun, you erioy your games with sido ‘exder of physis based mechanics, we ‘urge you te souk out Umiara Kawase. “Though copies aren't chap to buy those days, tis corinly one of the most ‘hllenging and quirky platforms found on Nintendo's 16-bit conse ‘stl lta wre Reception hat the gaming press thought superlative gameplay anda jel, challenge, U.N. Squadron (orArea 3 in Japan) is one of the best blasters available on any system” ‘8 NAME: DWAYNE REHARD = POINTS: 1960400, ONT SET SS NAME: RUDY CHAVEZ = POWNTS: 1499050, prevent trans ognisaton kno fs Proc em sing cntel of Drea 88 the et baston forthe good (472— end uteratalyahing ovr te ou re going th apton tocar one cof hee characters: Sin, Shes fan Us pe Mickey Seon and Greg Gates, Danish elon pot Maro oka “oho proses comic rb tbe manga ‘aries Each pl asa signature pi ‘wits ungue retype. Shin's £20 Tsar can ony fre fora, a can Mako/sF4— teughi res alts ata ower ate that ae ingen sie ‘aha Grogs 10 Thundeat has he ‘hve plone but can sultans fre ‘tthe ound at 48 degroos extremely handy for veing out ground tages. became a houshold name whan ‘wns convert the Supee Nand, Dn eay release for ntendos 16.8 bok fal, but Capeom m umber of aks tthe game ‘hve pots ro oegr tid one plane, ‘th pursosable arf urloced as ‘You rrersd, and players guen the feedam to does the ode hey srtagied somo las. also 2088 04 ‘cuore ar aarp he i trucks to eam bors ports Fra tothe chgrn ofan, Capcom also made the game slo ayer aly, t ad corrversaly dno wit) Fra Ft Irremars a stunang SNES port ‘money so you cul splsh auton the ‘mote expensive maments tr ‘UN. Staon an on Capea ating, a darceg CP Sytem (CPS he carta mecha rec Ghouls 'N Gras Steet Fer I ana UN, Scuacon & aperteuay pest showcase fer ts power is ves crammed vith ‘a oa lads of enor types and ts gaganuan bosses starched Trulpl seers. The eyounds also fered ipl ers parle sooiing, cin th to UN’ Saunton was a Power-Up! UN Sqacton also feted an aay rr Capcom's om parthacable and made uae va an aveant of money you fad sveonsshly Tankedin to gro, camo ty stectg down enemies 3 ogi a statey ‘weighing un Sha you could tind the srt ofeach Stage, sae your popu cade gare bu »Bulpup »Bulpupl__»Phoenix_____»Faleon. Tanciespetd — Sasealyanettanad —Ausehtwesgen Iraparatederson mies cragh ‘wrncftebupip tiesespoverh tbe Pree easyer “Ciwmatiasste” muses ittore “rissascre wennnipyaie. resepowerit’ ‘emenemycut—_meregarape 2euper »BombH_»Napalm___»Round Laser_ ——Shell Tl____—_“Enabies your plane Works ina siniar Fires a powerful and Giaythetus eepstonieand oytssorbeba lmgenigotwetscne “tutus, aetingstyronan efechayiacedovn "ipacizeaesabwinotefciwe shelf als at GyokdSipeSet. “yumiages” “Taaliames weapommthegame. sarang thepane We rocket through the bits of U.N J Memorable Moments Squadron thetvore planely the best. Capcom's black bomber {seahorse ir fa Cave glory The forestry decommission Grand eanyon > SNES-sational ee THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO... Enemy Briefing Three pretty good \ er rear rac ism cad ascoelonacmans “The ‘invite stealth bomber, 26 you ei [astrspeny easy 28 are: monolithic Peer ey Pa eed See ae eee erates Pier eee Coreen ‘mechanical mo Peroreom Arena pea eee Cacem eet) Pe ner Cee ed Pa eee entra oer ie ani pene te ernnc Peat eae erecta) that look like Chinese Lanterns? They're Papen pare rea eet meer eee ed Pee eee ner er heats aerate reine ree tee Pperetia ae ere chs Borscarececeahenied Eee peace eet oe Cs Perrone Peete eereene ener ne fener neem es Potter tee ceere tes Poweneent Ce ead Pte et foe) ss Me aac) Dee ee eed oie terre Pen ea oe) ‘The giant bomber Bayson is one of ace rk Ree ere | eee eee ees outa E es ee ere | coer) Per ees A 2 eee eerie een fan insane amount of bullets thet prove aed ESS [nia eer pratt ‘ eT TES Fr Derribo bet Lal Race te nu acta eT Loe tac ory poco sce ane red PAR ae eee ea eaten Eseries | | | rate eer Cot Elid cae forts -st) See eee poral esrnrenn eet Prereeneerh ney Pao eee rats Ponerinae ttn rey paren c ren netn Poe aT een) Pennie een Leer eee a Perera . ene emo tr rors eee ee ee bac cialnt is Cee aetna ce eo Ee aya Scratch CR re ae eee ter eted a eerie) Pee ety Pec eres Rear cere Se ere pcre oko Seta eben ee eee) the launcher and keop fring att unt it Seca erTcnecs ee ee Penmaes eet poorer einer Peron art Pa Pi eenee eect eens ate etar nett peta the two fighters are destroyed, Bullhead neat ee) eee ee ero reeoe Peet Enel eed or aes percent res Saree ren errr Ficbulaharieueiatinengsi lemon rt rennet oe re rs Poem etre Pree erat Pai a eer rere er teres ‘made up of eight minilasor and rocket econ esr erratic Seen eee rer ey Parr pet ene] Pernt ener tint Sere eM een eee) Sorrento eet eee ene rent open ae) Peet ot een ciaere ras Cte ed eee pereeenintecer anata eed ee eto possibly can (exactly as wave done in ere rere) Perea er orien er eee r eer ere eta eons tc reir pope) Cees Tee) Oe rey (of U.N. Squadron is one big boss battle Pest nna os ee eas oe ea eee oer er eatery Perea wren Peer amete ts eet ere aaa ner Teese een Sete eeeetrer en nett tae eRe ores enon) ‘dodge a constant barrage of lasers and Perec Peeters ieee Srna paneer s neh ted Bete eee res A ee ad RETROREIUAL aaa SUPER MARIO HART ih m3 foi) a £. UU eol lg Seal (ela ato 010010 eect sero Exrn OAR ACM Crier Rtlale keels) oe cue eiacil BUT eM By eNEe TR oft Coe (0) 9G] 1a) Bs Uno (eee Ce eat a TS od ACC aceon a ° o 6 Beemer era Pete PaMeee rey peer Ents Peer orn Pee ner te Pos Geert Iilogy. "Atte time they were trying on the PC platforms, such asthe er a tee me eee Pe et et ore oem note ier IN THE HNOW reo et toy eed See a cir) eee eee oe ea ety eats Pere eae ea ee kee er ae Seen rea eo ee Serene) er ee ee res ee eee er ar etd eh eee ey ae a nee nero eee ney a mn Saeed ee Lae oer cneerae) ae hornet cer eas Eiesrenaii SAR * wont building a Star Wars game fr _ Software, producing Star Wars for Ac pee poreean ore SUSU Rel) Or ERG elloae eae) poner ae reeeineiy enna) Pa eee aren Pere ner eee ad iene Soe seer ren era ate ce et) perenne Rees cine es erred So errr Sareea cel i Eee aad Sightly behind the curve getting using Modo 7 a soen in Fora Seer ete mm cee ee tee es Peet eee iter onos ec eed ented Perea eae Pearly ae eee ; Peer TAR CSSA CK Con ia: a1 cee erecrreetaiaete ae of side-scroller and third/first-person vehicle-combat for the SNES 99 Cae encod Perr erred ore cerniee an Cat eee race ok ical once eke ted rere ine ne Yonerererone tee Pelee tet onto tn) coer reece heer orroni ecemeaten mai) pecan ee eee ences Ponna tae eet nes enn Serr came k er et 1 t er ne rer Si ete Seated ee ete oon etains ey eee eos Cee Pace rns pt a etree pera eee eae eaten Perret nn ee ee ey want SCORE SABER, pena ue Conny (Gof rss Szeto, ee Fic eos ‘ x | ees - pn isoeea Ty teers see m“omtrom ha fos te tare eee pate coer poet cen EMeaneannantrn een opera en Pr er ire Tors coe EESnonmaroiahr detached BESTA enter om Nn et eee ene) Para ean ee erento an ere ers perenne eee ene erent era Seen) Ce oad Renee nents Serene cert Lien eente Cael reg one iene) Peete eae ieen pacers ae) Pee Lert) the Star Wars chess monster as prone array prerenye ay eee erenttee eee) pater err Cee cura) ee red Such as game design, art and Penierar a ie iy eee Leena heel Cres eto Pidieeereeeeerr iain enna eee rere ey ony eae eeeceenert ny Renae ee pene Ce) one rarer Ee teed a a é POR Roe ee eo oe Coe eae EAE ect mere ee eT Tamar ee rh Pre et ee rer ee er ee es eee es ee er eer ere a eer Toto them, which we ten passed choractrs an stamtparloxing twice the sz ofthe original Super Perera ene i mm een a Ta) Saeed cones Pree i ae eect nt ee Tees Coherent ee er et a eee a Se ete ee oe eet er Se ee on ae ee ter meee a , Pte ae te ie me re Pere a ee ir nets Pr ite sts Letras ner ame tee mmm Ta Poe Pion Pee ee a eer er ee rrea wean Serene setae mr ena ene Ltn am ee we a tee et etn ree et ee et tae (eT a at ie er ot ae eee ieee ee a a eed ati a penoerereeate See es Povo or a Pee ee ae Gora un gsr ttc eee mm oe eee eT Tes Pea J ee ee ee a td ooo eet ee eta ae eee) en ee ee ct a ee eee re Cement mea Lecce Peer peer Pee ret ee or ee ee eer ad pee en oy Perera eres Pec ta at et en ears Per ele ee at on tee ee eee ee ee eo Tere Pe cn cae ee ne er) 5 : et ere toe Pee or SC ae etCnette Prot ee eee ee ents Coens 2 proved very much a miure of a ee eae rae ma 5 penton f etary Spe Decent cde rns ee r z aia =a a Cee peers en etn eC eee Ces Pree eee Poteet eens Pent ern Peet een el peer airy gradualy gaining a numberof useful etnies eens Pee aan Ce etc Peper ie penal oar kcteots Seen ee nia ad hemor per emer neon seer Peper) Rete eset eee Cd eee eed Denounce ors Pare eee nd ren risi Some eee) Perea or any pee eee rennet pear ernte Pater a eee ee orn cce at] Polearm iy ror enc ieee eo peer open cee) cere eres reenter ce ee Re ers one eetior arta peers tris et tag rier reg Caceres’ en ee) oe eee peer eee tend) Rete eed eee aad eer eer at Pl hand l correct enon) tLe Cooter eee ey cer red tellogy in hindsight. “Tm very happy Poorer Pm eae une’ erat pepebelenueieetnrond ene ae) erat ees ee eter eater eat sey Pict r Peer edict Taree en tea PE TEL was a hardcore player back then! 99 Cte Pe aed Lorne er een Perera arenes Sa Cerca rear erent Pon ae ae al @ x | Ls Secbetaccomeienaents Poae to et OCC Ea Seer rere ey Peet eee) Cetece banca Petree monarchs Co eee asd See ee eer pee ae Peretti Pert encenrantins coer’ Por eicerccnn iy er eer errr aes pee reete Seneca” rats Serta peer) ees rea Coen Cee ray prevent) 5 satistyng when core ey seer arent cy oS * Shien acer peters rons emereemrererecr one eres eee een eee ten re erat) er renee rhs pete ee reat Cenc eer erent Perret res ear Recersereneien a Ce eed Penrapseriaenant stores en ecto eee rata) Cert ad ed epee Perera enero Pace benaesceier ers Eecema reenter preset ras SUG Re RURAL Teche eae ene Pomc uremic tera oer err) oreo as eer eee Sec enon Perr ees pee eer pee eter eo eee Ce er) ere ena tet Poneto Seared Peesahngwisnepientiia ieee ayer peter reectnd Peraepamuiner ean eed Pree eres et tema ees reer entry ere trad co perenne poorer ee peviorar er tener ay peenepient veri parents Pecans eee men ty Peorieeracete recor scanty SS Ur Tle] (eer favourite ever SNES games. Find out Tame R UR eels Zombies iS Ng Nea eel ed ca nee Thr let be fr ia Hosscretsnteeer ton Ponepraeeireeetenn praetor ood Berenice aren peor ere ena ema mnts preteen Eerie ueetinenes pete tetne aca) Hick Eaverene yes Pe errr Leieeche opel ries aera eran Pesmcpnerey nto LStreerepeetnniinr ony Feeeee pecriarretean tir eee ta Poiana merino tee ees Peery pee ear Leemecietenceretouy Pesce teeny eae creer earner econ untcernany ee ceed beet ceeectoeny ene eaten Rebel einitla glint tiesctnturba pudeloeooiten ory Peortieean ene heey befireptilliretapiierretes pase eet anton beter arrestee ent Sg arte eS Pereleteneen ents riiey erty cent peer tereeeteatenaad peerainsril A TOP 25 SUPER NINTENDO GAMES Super eee’ Donkey Kong Country Diddy's Kong Quest ae Mario All-Stars Lea reset eel fetinebinegeriney beer oer een Peano nr nicaneeanine ioe 580 ee Neer cocaine ferler cecelce cel cecelcrlcel ces 5 ‘i rd BOTH la Cala 9 para Sa YEAR at GOMER Poor old WE ee 1S eed e BST oTea=sean)eL-Tan ater STs ee premiers Final Fantasy VI “Zero YEAR nw GENRE RACING Tne cere rare eet rd Dae cee oie tee nad ee te eee ere peeeae cit re eeieiet ec er eae eee eer erry wiorioyed it thoahits ent * peer by ern) iba Cm asd Got 2 to ian Super Castlevania IV peter OHNE 7 Wl the PlayStation game taolar diplay of gone straddling APG action, there's hardcore reads pty to Super Castovania IV that gives the edge Ask most people ic sth aften than nt, you hear Symp Tech demos seem tobe the oder ofthe day te the hes of Wi Sport and Kinct Adventures capturing imaginations of misons. ut his baa allof ham to te oul have imagines that punch, a showcase forthe unknown power ofthe SNES ary glimpse atthe magi. fg ga ‘ray capable of but thts re cena ging wou tobe fi intra, . Even the NOt and 305 updates pure the mage ofthe orginal fun 4 Bp ‘The music the bosses, the sheer varity the stuff of legend and its revere something that ous {orale on your gaming CV ‘munchers have nothing on this beast. p Secret Of Mana [LYEARAELEASD: 1 GENE ACTION ‘Thre hadto be atleast one | many fang get Europe are RPG in thet ten an with oases, stand to eas00 tat res up bianty ‘unig leveling 2 your ow whim, Oa st cast of character tht could be eo 800 arly eat Mana low up a, whl ‘oun that well 3 Playsae envronmert tbe @ ‘0 nstatwin Square sssounced naw Mana game tomorow Contra Ill: The Alien Wars DEVELOPER KONA Anyone that throws thar wight rund base on recent Teresi ion Bt i Spr By oa pop Bactin mean hve son ‘th th pte cfrdcre™ ces bs coring ten ovryre oh Crthom nl youin sgl Conta dt ts way any il land don't even vagus expect ow Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island IE YEARRELEASE: 5 GENRE PATFORNER Street Fighter II Turbo iE VERRLEASED r W GORE BEAT NTT—— 3 EVEARRELEASED 0 GENRE RACER f Super Mario Kart Bie meu A Link To The Past Hidden Exits youve gt the right power= upand an explorer pi there are aad of secret ways to end levels prematry Dain san pen wp new paths that et you 900d cross the weld map, a Star Rood fae wil kaw rary af the blocks scatered around Mario World and uneasing he beasts alvays 3 Joy Not only does he ofr youtan extra, there are also ‘atin areas hat ou simpy cat reach without im [Notas mascot was alvays going tobe a ‘lear favour to cai te top spot on this st butthe lands took even those of us expacting ‘amoustachiod number one by surprise. Mario ‘dt ust walk ithe grabbed a Cape Festhr and lew over the top ofthe whole dar thing ‘With Super Maro Word eppearing as pecksin with ‘many contol bundles, thi woul have bogn th st {expatencs of 16-bit gaming for many people. And what ‘way to start be Bo yourirt tanto of maa being ‘huge Toone steak, or your fist car aftr passing your test boing a Fora. This pan by many as being = ‘lose as weve comet platforming perfection and, truth be tle wore in no positon to argue We stl play ‘Super Mario Woda roulaty 1 hs day and wee sll ‘scoverng now ek and screts hon buny nthe ‘many, many stges ‘Thores so mucho ak about in celebration of Sper Mario Wertstat Ws if to know were to bein, ‘But wot start as is logial with prety much the first. thing you see when staring up the game. The map strtire it ental nv, with Super Mario Bros 9 paling much the same stunt abet broken down by Fovol But ts the improved sonso of sale that comes Perfect Design arty counts fo aot hough it the fact at there's no weak ink that roves the most amazing Whether swing, searing, ding or climbing ‘Super Mario World never 59 ‘much as misses abest Star Power Soaring above the world Star Road, a at TOP 25 SUPER NINTENDO GAMES Super Mario World ‘tom having one big map that relly makes hs fol tke {an opi journey and the destnation- toa stage and you can ind yoursalf branching out ito ‘ares fe more eifcult than youre used. But, wth so ‘many routes on afer, hare’ no shame in retiring to {he Beaten path in onder to hurry along your our to Bowsors caste “Then, there's the way that each of the powerups changes how you approach an traverse each stage. ‘A.cape wil let you soar upto iden lou platforms if you can got te spond unto gett inthe fst plac, whl fe lower les you muscle your wey past many ‘obstacles. Thee are even» fw situational pickin (ouch es the one thet tums Maro ito balloon) to use {and abuse, though its deftly the tisty mushroom that wil se the most use, You cn evan heap one of thse back recor sel you know youl need iat na weky vel and dot want isk osing ‘Whether ot not there's such a thing as perfect ‘game isan argument tha wl never be won, Whether ‘or not Super Heo Words the doses thing weve ‘s00nto one though? That's not even up for debate of super-tough stages with Yurknow where tnd the lot you can ish he entre ame ness than Endless, Replayability So many exits, 0 many routes, so many tiny Ute secrets find. there’ st so mucho this gare that, swe sad wee ll dng ew power-up and hidden seas to is day. As cose o the perfect lattormer as you “an get basally Bi the Collector's Guide THE COLLECTOR'S GUIDE: SUPER NINTENDO The SNES is a great } { ’ console to collect for. Follow this guide and you won't go far wrong Manufacturer Niners 9 Madea INTENDO Jens Supe Famicom » Launched 1790 Country of Origin: p90 Ba the Collector's Guide THE COLLECTOR'S GUIDE: SUPER NINTENDO Compeatins asi, the Japanese ad Arerican release stored much lager ibrar games, ‘tthe vs sila secon of prominent Euroa Feosses which have gamers fom acoss ho pond ‘ued Tho most roles the tevles parece FPG Tarangma which some unl eason a a Euepoaneclsatn, yet ret fr gamers Sstosde Auten snpers wari tin wat or teach ae evry tne tsstces say ng the ioe tp. Wea Tho Femen and Super Bomberman 3 tee oor good exam of hs, 2 European gamers tftenstugge shad oro thar ion Yeasutes. ‘Oho o he mere niesting aspects trot ding the 16-bit ra, nas how easy mpor games were to acmite Wie th ic age thn magne ers suggested that eat ava of Japenese and ‘Ameean software were pocay worth bona patent fer, thre was one publosten wheh almost used ‘hase franca! ixrapsings. Serpy know as Super ‘ay soft efor athe geste gaming rmagscine fal ime, dv ts petect comenstion of eveing games and Japanese cute. Ast “used mani on impared ites morths befoehot European release, anew wave of grmers were bon Lntappy wth at home county could fe “These degre fas wore often found cuss thamseives as hay hap pat premium poss o get thor ats ging ht way ahoad of chose. Whilst ‘ese purcases coud often be expense gerbes, ‘many ofthese vestments hav pa of 2 ge Clained asses such as Eaahbound, Final Farasy {Ui and Choro Trager which never arvedin Erp, However wea thy wore urable to soe atthe me is how many of hace excusve meus wk evenly ‘ota ve Fgure sums, 35 ty do tc ‘With such an enicement om atroaa often nites lpphow far ou dtessad wales aul be stitched, ‘Sipor Nintendo fons wee let qustning ow they ‘aud eno he wath earidges without skiing ‘mosis. tate rturay, tb lack market was wl ‘sao this fc and began to enon vious ways ‘9 profes ram the 16. jogorraut Whi very few bootlgs found hae oy undeneath the counter of less honest shops, the patas Mad acther eves at ‘ho ody to potently make to expansive cartrege ‘medium a bing oft past. Given at alge majrty teary extdges cou orto singe ony dk dk rive was placed inside a Supa Niiondo ampatitie doven known a the Super Wid Crd apace of baking up and ead cargos fom {isk Ps voluonary and atactve pce of it made Stasi games al too easy. Wale are ae move ‘modem aeatves to this ara, the Super Wid Card range and varus cir ser ces get snapped uprather auc dot tho eve nate (fing counss games sarang maine regons ant an aay of dereeaconsores, te Super [Ntendis yf one of he most cesabl consoles ‘oct Although he doop ond of ealecing is ‘uc requing a wal pacded walt bask, toh gamers and colctrs an fake pba inthe -nowfadge tat be macy ofthe Super Nitendss Clee ts can sil be had ata easonatle price. Ba the Collector's Guide SUPER WILD CARD With cartidges breaking the upper mits of '£58.99in the Nineties, SNES overs often ound ‘homelves limited to how many games they ean ford While this dd make game rental services profitable business, the more savvy gamers lmongst us looked for other solutions. racy ad carte copers were no svanger to ‘he games indy. Nando ha toad embraces the logtmate sores of 'Gare Doctor for the Fagor, which woncaly used the Famicom Disk Sheer’ proretry modu of usiue dst © cota curate sftwa The SNES equivalent Rowe, teed = mor acoesble method which eecivoly ‘mate hese expensive caviges anarssue The Super Vis Card eased ty Front Far East was amengs the many erent xeurs of ockup doves which bogan to surface. Withn each untlay floppy disk ve capable fading and wring to 8 range of 3c dk formats, Onon powered un _Smplsie menu appeared on sero with tbe option ‘tar backup arload gare em the dk erty inserts. Tis exceed to capacity ofa single ek, Suchas ha massive 48 Mbt Tas O Panta, ore tren don eto musi ies often spannnga range ‘fdisk Ona the ene contents ofthese balun hacen loaded io memory, the chosen backup \wouldlaadinsanty, pleating the we cage ‘mmarince foes ‘Untartanately fr Nitendo, the enti process ot bockng us a Super Nitendo caridpe ono a dk ws alco easy. Given that al you nade to dist 2 ‘ome wa aminm of one deka he ears {ocapy rom, sastbucing ganars made te mest of Bloekbuste's game rental serves ty spendeg frenegs Yereng he selecton of new reese ‘Tomato mater weree fr he Netond, the dsks ween by the Super Wie Cad were readable by any home computor th ack dive stale On each