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The Evaluation Process

Lupe Dalluge
November 3, 2014
Phyllis Carbonaro


The Evaluation Process

o Program Description
A quiz has been completed by all nurses in Wing B of Patton-Fuller Community
Hospital. The quiz was composed of ten questions regarding procedures on blood
transfusions and the proper administration of medications.
o Description of Problem
Wing B nurses and certified nurse assistants have had issues with administering
the wrong blood type and/or incorrect medication to patients.
o Purpose of Evaluation
The evaluation will tell which nurses will need to be retrained and which nurses
can go back to work in Wing B.
o Data collection procedures
Data was gathered on all eight nurses and four certified nursing assistance and
55% of the nurses and nurse assistants failed to pass the quiz given on both
medication and blood transfusion procedures. In addition, to the quiz an end of
course satisfaction survey was given to all trainees to obtain information that will
help improve future programs for training.
o Procedures for Analyzing the Data
The data collected was quantitative and it included all nurses and certified nurse
assistants in Wing B. Professionals (SPSS) have assisted in analyzing data and
quantifying the problem. The same company reviewed the satisfaction surveys.
o Results and Findings


The recommendation has been made to retrain Wing B nurses and C.N.A. s that
have not passed the quiz by a minimum of 98%. In addition, these nurses will
remain in observation and be shadowed by the two head nurses from this same
wing. The observation and shadowing process will continue uninterrupted for 6
months following retraining at which point each one of the nurses and C.N.A.s
will be re-evaluated.
Summary of Findings
The data was collected using appropriate administration of blood transfusions and
medications procedures quiz given to all nurses and C.N.A.s. Both nurses and C.N.As were
having issues with proper administration of blood transfusions and medications. The data
analysis performed by a professional (SPSS) company indicated that 55% of the nurses and
C.N.A.s need to go back to training. Each nurse will need to pass the new training with a
minimum of 2% margin of error; otherwise, retraining will be recommended. In addition, Wing
B head nurses will observe and document each procedure correct or incorrect performed by each
nurse and C.N.A.
Moreover, all the nurses and C.N.As will be surveyed to obtain constructive criticism on
the place and method of training. The findings will be used to change and improve the future
trainings for new nurses and C.N.As procedures and manuals. The improved procedures and
training programs will then be compared with other competitive procedures used in neighboring
hospitals to maintain consistency within the industry and to stay in compliance. Overall, the
survey indicated that 99% of the nurses were satisfied with this method of training and
recommended it for future training programs.