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Communication Plan

By Lupe Dalluge
University of Phoenix
March 30, 2015
AET/560 Phyllis Carbonaro

How the Communication Plan will

Launch: Walmart

Meeting (in person): All stakeholders including board of directors,

CEO, and CFO and all level managers

Webinar: Employees (followed up by a meeting in person soon after)

Email: All stakeholders and employees will need to acknowledge
Social Media: Consumers & public in general (keeping

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Technology Needed for Plan

Live presentation for all board of directors, CEO,

CFO, managers, and employees (outline details)
A pre-recorded webinar via Internet for employees
(Detailed to do list and responsibilities) for focus groups
T.V commercial to give update to consumers and
invite them to give Walmart a second look

Testing Plans Effectiveness

Impact of managements response the

organizational change: Are they on board with the
changes and will they be ambassadors of change?
Assessments: Did employees understand the
changes and new plan?
Customer Surveys: Is the new plan working? What
can be done differently? What new features did
they enjoy or dislike the most?

Generating Feedback

Continuous improvement: Meetings in person

scheduled quarterly for managers

Feedback from employees: Are they happy with

changes, how can the plan be improved? Best and worst
strategies, impact of plan (professionally and personally)

Feedback from consumers: See table on next slide.

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Consumers will Generate Positive

Advertising and Improve
Marketing Strategies.

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Positive or Negative
Communication About the Change

Negative responses: Make these individuals a part

of the next focus group
Who is unhappy and why: What percentage?
Worth adjusting if over 50% are unhappy
Change Implementation: Agents of Change
Contingency Plan

How Communication Plan can

Affect Organizational Change

Results: Data collected, did it work?

Continual Improvement Processes in Place
What does the future hold?

Restart Process

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