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Here is how you use it:

1] unzip the attached zip file and extract it to the directory that contains your map data. (This directory MUST
have "map_name.mid" file, as in the map that you are going to register).
2] Open the windows command prompt and cd into the directory.
3] Execute the EXE file as shown below:
Key.exe your_map.mid
4] It will ask you for your device ID, put that in and it will give you the unlock code

1)make a folder in C:\ to make it easier, call it keygen.
2)Put your .mid file in there and Key.exe in there.
3)Now open command prompt "Start-Programs-Accessories-command prompt
4)Then type as follows cd C:\ [Press Enter]
5)now you wiill have C:\> in command prompt.
6)Then type: cd keygen : You will then see c:\keygen>
7) Then type : Key.exe North_america.mid :
Don't forget the space between .exe and North.
8)then put in your code ID and then enter.
Go to run type (cmd) ok! you get the dos screen, then drag and drop the keygen into it then press space,
then drag and drop the midi.file into it press enter, then enter your product code. (CAPS_ON). enter. you
get your activation code.