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How to Find a Guru

Q. Is there any simple thing like a mantra or some other thing which if done regularly will
help one take him to his guru and find one guru in a physical body? After all we are not
Lord Dattatreya who can take teachings from nature. For someone like you, your guru is
there. He can tell you in simple terms what to do for spiritual growth because daily
obstacles sometimes take away you from your ultimate goal.
A. Whether you want a guru to come to you or a deity to come to you, feeling a strong desire
is important. Use the mental energy.
As Ramakrishna waited for Kali to give him darshan, he used to cry for Her. He also used to cry as he
waited for the arrival of his disciples such as Naren, Rakhal, Jogin, Tarak etc. The people around him
were unable to understand his teachings and he knew that his eternal companions who would spend a
years with him and then spread true spirituality in the world were yet to come. He waited for several
and used to cry.
A child who is lost by parents at a fair and is alone may cry in pain and confusion, for parents. If one can
become like that child and cry from the heart for deity or guru, one can get them. If you ask me, that is
best way.
Some also recommend chanting mantras of Dattatreya or Shiva or Krishna to get one's guru. One can do
that, but feeling from the depths of one's heart the pain from the pangs of separation is vital.