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Gregory Ford, Principal

June 29, 2015


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Special Information for our

Kindergarten Families

919. 571.6800

We are very excited to welcome our newest Hawks to the Hilburn family! We look forward to
working with you and your child as he or she begins an exciting journey at Hilburn Academy. I
hope you will find the information below helpful in preparing your child for an exceptional year
ahead. We want you to know that we do our very best to provide your child with a positive and
successful experience at Hilburn. We know you share our enthusiasm, yet at the same time you
may feel a bit apprehensive and have some questions. The following information will give you a
better understanding of our Kindergarten program and our staggered entry plan.
Developmental Kindergarten
Our kindergarten program provides a happy, success-oriented environment in which each child
is encouraged to explore, grow and develop. Our goal is to help each child build a strong,
positive attitude toward school and learning.
Children learn through experiences. Our program provides developmentally appropriate
activities that nurture the childs physical, mental, social, and emotional growth. Through these
experiences and activities, we build a strong foundation for education, foster growth in each
childs self-confidence, and teach lifelong skills that help each child continue to learn.
Kindergarten Staggered Entry Plan
To make your childs first school experience a warm and positive one, Hilburn Academy uses a
staggered entry plan to help ease the transition into school by providing a more comprehensive
and individualized orientation for students.
The classroom teacher and support staff will be screening your child during the staggered entry
week using an assessment tool called the Kindergarten Initial Assessment (KIA). Students are
assessed in five modality areas: language, auditory, visual, fine motor, and gross motor. The
teacher will use the results of the screening to develop a program best suited to the needs of
each individual child. You will be given the chance to review the results of your childs screening
during individual teacher/parent conferences. Your childs teacher will provide you with
information along with the dates and times for these conferences.
On each of the first four days of school, only a small number of our kindergarten students will
attend. This means that your child attends school for just one day during the first
five days of school. The schedule is set up according to last names, and only those children
whose last names begin with the letter as indicated will attend school on that day.
The staggered entry schedule is as follows:

2015-16 Staggered Entry Schedule

Day and Date
Last Names
Monday, August 24
Tuesday, August 25
Wednesday, August
Thursday, August 27


Children may ride the bus to and from school on their staggered entry day, buy or bring lunch,
and otherwise experience a normal day of school. Children need to bring the following
on their staggered entry day:

A healthy snack

A lunch, or plan to buy lunch

A towel for rest time

A change of clean clothes

A backpack with a zipper closure

*Please do not send in class supply list items until August 31 st. Thank you.*
Having only 4-5 children per classroom on these days greatly reduces the amount of anxiety
that children (and parents) sometimes feel. They learn both the cafeteria routine and the
dismissal procedures without confusion or panic. The staggered entry schedule also aids
teachers by creating a natural and relaxed setting for the kindergarten assessment on those
Open House for Kindergarten Families
Please reserve Friday, August 28, 2015, from 1:30-2:30pm for Open House for Kindergarten.
At this informal, drop-in event, parents and Kindergarteners can learn of their teacher
assignments and have an opportunity to visit the classroom. Class rosters will be posted at
1:30pm in the main lobby on this day. Parents will also have an opportunity to acquire a
carpool number, set up a lunch account, sign up to volunteer in our school and join the PTA.
*All Kindergarten students will begin school full-time starting Monday, August 31st.*
Please join us for a fun Kindergarten Social Event!
Hilburns wonderful PTA will host an opportunity for incoming kindergarteners and their
parents to meet each other and have some fun. We hope you can join us for Popsicles on the
Playground on Thursday, August 6th anytime between 5:30-6:30pm.
Student Health Assessment Forms and Immunization Records
All Kindergarten students must have updated immunization records and their Health
Assessment Forms completed by a physician and on file in their official school record. Parents
may bring the completed forms to the main office within the first 30 days of school.
Tissues and Tea For Parents

Difficult as it may be for parents to let go in those first days of school,

helping to build a kindergarten students independence is a crucial step toward
reducing anxiety and promoting academic success. Please join us on Monday,
August 31st, from 8:00-9:00 a.m. for this opportunity to socialize with other
parents and have your questions answered by staff.