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Introduction and Principles of Purchase

1.0.0 Introduction

1.1.0 Provision of adequate and timely supply of material to scientists is of

prime importance for carrying out meaningful scientific research as
well as for meeting the targets set for completion of various in house
& sponsored projects in our labs/Institutes of CSIR. On the other
hand, any public procurement will not only have to be made in fair
and transparent manner but will also have to fall in line with the
canon of financial propriety. The procedure given in the succeeding
paragraphs of this Manual strives to achieve all these ends.
However, leveraging of technology in the form of implementing
Electronic procurement (E-Procurement), which aims to ensure
speed, efficiency, economy and transparency in procurement process
and now mandatory, shall be an important step in this direction.
1.2.0 The items required to be Purchased under the ambit of the rules &
procedures outlined in this Manual includes all articles, material,
commodities, livestock, general furniture/ laboratory furniture,
fixtures, raw material, spares, instruments, machinery, equipment,
industrial plant, chemicals, solvents, gases, glassware, stationery,
liveries, and any other item meant for Research & Development
both standard and non standard.
It also Includes Annual Maintenance Contracts of goods and
equipment purchased or otherwise acquired for the use of CSIR
Labs. and Institutes, custom clearance & cargo handling &
consolidation services, exporting of goods for warranty
replacements/repairs/upgradation ,Specific Scientific & Technical
Services viz, Professional consultant services, Computer & Network
management, Software & web design Development services,
Special Storage, Communication facilities but excludes
publications, periodicals for library & or outsourcing activities
relating to Infrastructure, house keeping security, cleaning,
horticulture, works related to engineering services, Desk top
printing (DTP), scanning, outputting, printing, binding, data entry
work, packing and dispatching work, empanelment of media
agency including graphic designer, cartoonist, etc. for which
systems are already in operation.
1.3.0 The members of Purchase Committee/s (PC), Technical & Purchase
Committee (T&PC) and any other official related with any public
procurement process shall have the responsibility and
accountability to bring efficiency, economy, and transparency in matters relating
to public procurement and for fair and equitable
treatment of suppliers and promotion of competition in