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A Statement on the Resolutions Regarding Marriage

Adopted by the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church

July 2, 2015
The Church is all about Jesus' mission of mercy, compassion and hope. Sometimes in our broken
world, that vision of God's love for all people can feel very far off. But this week in Salt Lake
City, the elected leaders of the Episcopal Church have made some decisions and commitments
that make that Reign of God feel a little closer.
One of those decisions concerns marriage equality. We approved liturgies for trial use that will
treat all couples equally in marriage. This means true marriage equality. The marriage between
two people of the same sex is equal to the marriage of a woman and man. I rejoice in this
We made this decision in the context of forty years of debating and moving forward in our
recognition of the full inclusion of LGBT people in our Church and in our society. I am grateful
to all those who have been prophetic and all those who have been patient as we grew in our
understanding of our LGBT brothers and sisters.
Because there is marriage equality in Massachusetts, I gave permission to our Episcopal clergy
to celebrate marriages between same sex couples two years ago. So the decision of our General
Convention meeting in Salt Lake does not radically change things here, but it does give us some
new liturgies to use and expands our language in these services.
While marriage equality is now the law in all fifty states, there are still dioceses in the Episcopal
Church where marriage equality has not previously been permitted by the bishop, as well as
priests within our own diocese and others who cannot in good conscience officiate at same sex
marriages. In those places we have decided that it now up to the Bishop to make arrangements
for same - sex marriages, perhaps by bringing in another priest to officiate or by having the
couple go to a church that is willing to host them. In so doing, the intent is for the Episcopal
Church to continue to be a "big tent" that allows for diversity of opinion.
We are blessed by all couples who commit themselves to faithful love. They make God's Reign
of Mercy, Compassion and Hope come alive.

+ The Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher

IX Bishop of Western Massachusetts