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REVIVAL OF RELIGIOUS LEARNINGS IMAM GHAZZALI'S THYA ULUM-ID-DIN ‘Translated by FAZL-UL-KARIM Published by DARUL-ISHAAT Urdu Bazar, Karachi Pakistan - Phone : 213768 SS Publisher DARUL-ISHAAT URDU BAZAR KARACHI-PAKISTAN. ‘Tel: 213768 - 2631861 First Fation : 193 Composing at : KODWAVI COMPOSING CENTRE Pakistan Chowk, Karachi. DISTRIBUTORS : Bait-ul-Quran Urdu Bazar Karachi—1 ‘dara Tul Ma‘arif, Darul Uloom Korangi Karachi-14 Maktaba Darul Uloon Darul Uloom Korangi Karachi-14 ‘dara Tul Quran 437/D, G.E. Lasbella Karachi-5 Tdara-e-Istamiat 190 Anar Kali Lahore, also available at- Siddiqui Trust Al-Manzar Apartments Lasbella Karachi- Printed At: ‘AHMAD PRINTING CORPORATION KARACHL Vol-l KNOWLEDGE 3 About the Book The book is the English version of Imam Ghazzali’s Ihya Ulum-ud-Din. Itdeals with worship and divine service. Imam Abu-Hamid al-Ghazzali is unquestionably the greatest theologian of Isiam and one of its noblest and most original thinkers. He was born in 1058 A.D. at Tus, wherahe died in 1111. He reproduced in his religious experience all the spiritual phases developed by Islam. Starting his relgious life as orthodox, Al-Ghazzali soon turned Sufi, and when still under twenty he had broken with all the past. In 1091 he was appointed lecturer at the Nizamiyah in Baghdad, where he became a sceptic. Four year later he returned. to Sufism after a terrific spiritual struggle that left him a physical wreck. Intellectualism had failed him. As a dervish he roamed from place to place enjoying peace of soul and acquiescence of mind. After about twelve years of retirement in various places, including two years of retreat in Syria and a holy pilgrimage, he returned to Baghdad to preach and teach. There he composed his masterpiece Iyha Ulum-id-Din (the revivification of the sciences of religion). The mysticism of this work vitalized the law its orthodoxy leavened the doctrine of Islam. In it and such other works of his as Fatihat-al-Ulum, Tahafut of Falasifah, Igtisad fi-al-ltigad, orthodox speculation reached its culminating point. L — THE BOOK OF WORSHIP CONTENTS Preface Preface of Imam Gazzali CHAPTERI —_Acquisitionof Knowledge Excellence of Learning Praiseworthy and blameworthy learnings Four Imams ‘Meanings of some words now changed Manners to be observed by teachers and students ‘Signs of the learned of the Hereafter Infellect and its noble nature CHAPTERI —_Foundationof Belief Proof of belief Attributes and actions of God Rules of articles of belief CHAPTERII — Mysteries of Cleanliness Purification fromimpurites Purification of body and mind. Clieansing the external Bodily growths CHAPTERIV Secrets of prayer Stories of prayer of God fearing men Meritsof amma Prayer" Optional prayers CHAPTERV Secrets of Zakatand charities Some subtle rules of Zakat Merits of optional Charity CHAPTERVI Secrets of Fasting Optional fasts and its rules CHAPTERVII — Secrets of Pilgrimage Ten secret things of Haj CHAPTERVII Excellence ofthe Quran External and internal rules of reciting Individual Interpretation CHAPTERIX — ZikrandInvocations Rules of invocations Invocations of sages CHAPTERX Actions after division of Times Merits of Night Prayer 13 18 38 45 62 92 103 109 19 122 124 126 130 133 147 151 155 163 166 176 180 186 188 212 224 229 239 247 249 259

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