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It debuted at the 9th annual Auto Expo

on January 10, 2008, at Pragati Maidan

in New Delhi, India
The Nano had its commercial launch on
March 23, 2009 and a booking period
from April 9 to April 25, generating
more than 200,000 bookings for the car.
The cars started to be delivered to
customers after July 17 2009, with a
starting price of Rs 100,000.
This is cheaper than the Maruti 800, its
main competitor.
• Length: 3.1 mtr
• Wide: 1.5 mtr
• Height:1.6 mtr
• Weight: 600 kg
• Mileage: 20 Kmpl
• Fuel tank: 15 ltr
• Engine: 624 cc
• Top speed: 95-100 Kph
• Ground clearance: 180 mm
• Gear box: 4-speed

Geographic: rural and urban

Demographic: family size and income
Behavioural: benefit and user status

Bike users
Second hand car users
Middle and lower income
group customers.

Tata nano has positioned itself as the

People’s Car and yet does not comprise the
quality, safety and environment.
Positioning Contd…
Tata Nano can also be
positioned as

Dream Car
Group Members:
Binay Kumar (2009MB0005)
Rohit Rajak (2009MB0019)
Rajvardhan (2009MB0022)
Rohit Prasad (2009MB0026)
Ravi Biwal (2009MB0027)
Manish Kumar (2009MB0042)