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1. I didnt cheat in the exam, the girl said.

The girl denied

2. We dont think the plan is interesting at all.
We are not
3. Im sorry I wasnt very helpful yesterday he said to me.
He apologized
4. Nancy isnt old enough to go to the disco.
Nancy is
5. Lisa is sorry that she doesnt know how to play the guitar.
Lisa wishes
6. The house has just been rebuilt. My grandparents used to live there.
The house

7. We havent eaten spaguetti for a long time.

It is

8. She didnt go to the wedding because they didnt invite her.
If they

9. The mechanic managed to repair the car before the journey.

The mechanic was

10. Sheila is 1.55 m tall. Her brother is 1.70m tall.

Sheila isnt
11. He doesnt want to go to the restaurant. Lets stay at home instead.
Why dont we

He suggested
12. We didnt paint on the wall, the children said.
The children denied

13. I dont want to listen to you anymore.

Im tired

14. He isnt young enough to dance so much.
He is

15. Gary is sorry that he doesnt know how to change a tyre.


16. We havent seen our parents for a long time.

It is

17. The fireman managed to rescue the child from the burning house.
The fireman was

18. He doesnt want to go to the restaurant. Lets stay at home instead.
Wed rather

2. Rewrite the following sentences using the words in brackets.

1. Its a pity that we spent so much money on this car. (if only)

2. The police began looking for the child last night (since)

3. There is the writer. I was telling you about her (whom)

4. Its a good idea to wear a suit for the interview (d better)

5. Using this program keeps your computer free of viruses (If)

6. Its possible that the children broke the window. (might)

7. Our customers have been sent the new catalogue (to)

8. The day was so hot that they only wanted to sleep (such)

9. A professional tailor makes all his suits (has)