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-1 Orlando Howard

5136 East Ponce de Leon Apt F

Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083
Phone - 404-549-3857 Twitter -
Alt phone -770-885-6718 email -
404-729-3296 Linked In

2008-2009 Omnitech Institute Decatur, GA
OmniNetworking/Information Technology (completed)
2005 University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA
Skills Equipment Lan Wan Protocols

. Cisco Routers . DHCP . Frame relay . EIGRP

2621 XM, 2620XM . ACL . HDLC . OSPF
. Switches . NAT/PAT . PPP/Serial Links . Rip v1&2
2950, 2960 . Subnetting/VLAN Mgmt . STP/VTP
.802.3/ 802.11/802.1Q . TCP/IP suite
Licenses CDL Class A Tanker/Passenger

Certifications Network+, Security+, A+ (currently pursuing CCNA, Linux)

3/08 to 2/09 Omnitech Institute Decatur, GA

Laboratory Work
Hands on experience with computer hardware and operating systems through
laboratory and classroom work

. Installed CAT5 cable onto punch down block

. Disassemble and reassemble a basic PC
. Configure basic security on a PC
.Able to navigate through Windows XP
.Configure a Cisco router and Switch, also configure basic security on a router and

References: Marlon Simpson

Senior Engineer

David L. Harris
Technical Analyst
Work: 404-346-6000 ext 217
Cell: 404-379-1752

Robert Kenneth Gooch

CISM/ Identity Theft Specialist
Work: 404-462-2557

Comments: I have worked in customer service for over four years I restaurant and supermarket
environments but my most recent and relevant is two years at Office Depot.
From 2003 to 2005 I have held retail sales positions in furniture and technology also as a
delivery driver and warehouse personnel.
References: Sean Mason/ Transportation Manager
Laurence Johnson/Store Manager