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Description SPA 1 — STRADA VIIL HU 3 DPV16 /4 B AISI304 G 2 AISI304 NW80 PN10 UTILITY LINE PT MCMF - B Sx400V+N 50H2 50A Fully assembled, factory tested and consisting of: 3x DPV 15/4 pump, 4.0 kiloWatt, 400/690 Volt, 50 Hertz, 2850 RPM, IPSS, IE2, class F 1x Electric control panel, DKVO 720 FRK, IPSS, including: ‘1x MegaControl ill control system with the following basic functions: Pressure control Optimised pump staging Continuously optimised minimum run-time of the pumps ‘Adjustable correction factor for pressure loss in the system 24-hours test-run function Adjustable delay of under pressure / run-dry protection Option for controling the level in a storage tank Display options: actual system values, pump status, operating hours, ‘comprehensive failure interface ‘1x Main switch door opening protection ‘3x Frequency inverter, Danfoss 4.0 KW, IP20 3x Thermal motor protection switch 2x Fail-safe voltage-free failure outputs urgent and non-urgent ‘1x Modbus communication module ‘x Run-