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Only material things are not enough to satisfy us, feeling of sympathy, care and

affection are also are part of it. William Sydney porter

Mostly he started his sentences with conjunction, wrote sentence without verb. He
did not use long sentences instead of small sentecnes as a technique to let not the
reader hinge at one long sentence and lose all flow or thread of story.
Tell the story orally? Della and Jim are financially poor but they are emotionally rich.
The love they have for each other, overshadows their poverty. Further more
generosity , they also rich in it, both are willing to sacrifice precious things. Ironic
point is that Washington family is not satisfied after having wealth, even after
becoming so rich, and look at della and jim, though they have no enough resources
but they are satisfied. Love dominates everything. Money can not fulfill your every
need like affection for others. To express love you dont, need money.
It was promoted by American republic. Early American came from Europe scottlan
Holland and germernay . they were called settlers, by settler you can see that if you
at amercan history, for better palce, opportunity, if you often familiar with history of
.to cater the demand of reader, journal publish novel in chapters, series. Because ek
sath paisay daina was not possible. This mode of publication was possible in
America, a person is living in one town, then you move to another town, dont have
efficient transportation, no newspaper, best thing was these settlers was the short
story, they can read it in one second, they don,t bother about next chapter or
series, because one chapter contain one complete story, amerian short writers they
want international fame was,
Fenry o corner,
American capitalism, American dream no matter what they do, even to kill
Great Gatsby
Marxist perspective
Psychoanalytical point of view
Washington may
fear kahan say aya
We also look at it from post colonial perspective also
Jelly beans story
Early 20 century
1929 great depression income kum ho gaya
+ find peace in human relationship selfless love is more important, life depends
upon love understanding, sacrifice. If you look at themes
Macbeth lear wasteland pure love khatam ho gaya hai

Lusty generation khatam hua by death of Washington his wife, and new love new
generation in form of unger and jasmine. Like magi
Edgar allan poe mask of red
Google racial discrimation jim crow laws again from human relationship language