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John Marshall High School

Career and Technology

Public Safety / Law Enforcement
Letter of Introduction
John Marshall High School Parents and Students,
I am Sergeant Michael A. Garcia (Ret.). I retired from the San Antonio Police Department
with 32 years of experience. I hold a Master Peace Officers License with the Texas
Commission on Law Enforcement. My law enforcement training includes but is not
limited to follow up investigations, law enforcement supervision and emergency
operations. Some of my assignments with the San Antonio Police Department include
patrol, Police Academy Instructor, Evidence Processing, Follow-up investigations,
Supervisor of Recruiting and Applicant Processing and Supervisory Staff assigned to the
Office of the Chief of Police (Quality Assurance).
My education includes an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement from San Antonio
College, a Bachelors Degree (Cum Laude) from Texas State University. I am currently a
graduate student at Texas A&M-San Antonio pursuing a Masters Degree in Education.
As I enter the teaching profession, I will bring unique and exciting aspects, skills and
experience of my years as a Law Enforcement Officer. As a law enforcement instructor,
my lesson plans will include dynamic and real situational training. My training and
expertise will allow me to connect the lessons to my students so that they will learn the
practical application of being a public safety responder or law enforcement officer.
The mission of Career & Technology Education is to provide Northside students with
opportunities to learn coherent, rigorous content that is aligned with challenging
academic standards and relevant technical knowledge essential for careers and college
readiness. The hallmark of John Marshalls Public Safety and Law Enforcement program
is based on the Police Code of Ethics. Students will be held to the highest standards of
integrity, morals, self-discipline, and personal performance. Students will be given
opportunities to demonstrate the leadership and technical skills that they have learned in a
number of settings to include leadership workshops, law enforcement training and law
enforcement life skills competitions. Each of these opportunities have direct
applications that are designed to further the career paths of our students.
My teaching philosophy is student centered. Each student has the potential to rise to the
level of expectation. I look forward to teaching and mentoring my students so that their
dreams become realities. As the Law Enforcement Instructor at Marshall High School, I
find it an honor and privilege to continue to serve my community in yet another
Marshall Public Safety and Law Enforcement students, get ready for a fantastic learning