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Amanda Rowe

To obtain a Registered Nursing position that is challenging and allows for the continuation of
Bachelor of Science, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia, May 2015
Major: Nursing
G.P.A. 3.68/4.0 Cum Laude
Pennsylvania Board Certified Registered Nurse as of 7/17/2015
Healthcare Provider CPR/AED Certification
RELATED EXPERIENCE______________________________________________________
Senior Nursing Practicum at Virginia Baptist Specialty Care Hospital - 120 hours
Managed the care of an average of 4 adult patients with complex medical illnesses
including care of ventilator patients
Performed assessments and documentation of patient information independently.
Demonstrated adequate time management and patient prioritization.
Supported and developed a strong rapport with chronically ill patients and their
family members.
Nursing Care of the Complex Illnesses Clinical, (Fall 2014)
Provided basic and advanced nursing care to complexly ill patients and families
Demonstrated an understanding of complex body systems and how a patient will
respond to various types of injuries and illnesses
Reinforced concepts learned in class and previous clinical experiences
Allowed for further refinement of skills such as medication administration through
NG tubes and central lines
Latin Tutor: Lynchburg College Modern Language Resource Center, (Spring 2013-Fall
Developed communication skills with students and professors
Managed Lab resources including CDs and DVDs and data logs tracking student
Developed teaching skills by reinforcing information learned in class for all general
education Lain courses
1 Shift Assembler: Trantorque, Fenner Drives, (Summer 2011, Christmas 2014)
Worked on a temporary basis during college breaks
Developed communication skills through working with a team of other assemblers,
plant managers, supervisors, utility and lathe operators, and engineers in order to
ensure product was assembled in a timely manner while maintaining high quality
Demonstrated independent leadership skills and responsibility through setting up
machines, training new employees, completing first piece inspections, packing parts
appropriately, and completing necessary tasks on the computer such as product entry

and withdrawal in regards to inventory adjustments, work order generation, and time
card entry.
Acted as temporary team leader becoming responsible for the managing of the
assembly list, receiving and sending plating, as well as establishing production
priorities and delegating tasks.
3rd Shift Multicell Machine Operator: Belting, Fenner Drives, (Summer 2014)
Developed greater awareness of safety by being responsible for mandatory machine
check which ensured each machine was in working order, would not harm employees,
and would maintain correct part sizing
Developed accountability through hand staging parts properly and engaging in
random manual part checks to ensure quality was consistent.
Demonstrated responsibility through packaging parts appropriately and completing
necessary computer functions to enter employee time
2nd Shift Utility Operator: Extrusion, Fenner Drives, (Christmas 2015)
Developed greater understanding of safety through working within manufacturing
Reinforced the importance of team cooperation and collaboration in order to ensure
quality product and safe practices.
ACTIVITIES/ ACHIEVEMENTS________________________________________________
Current Volunteer with Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Inducted Fall 2014)
Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society (Inducted Spring 2012)
Deans List (Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014)
Honorable Mention (Fall 2013)
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (2011-2014)
Lynchburg College Student Nurses Association Officer (Fall 2014-Spring 2015)
Lynchburg College Orchestra Member (Fall 2011)
Lynchburg College Latin Club (2011)
LC Sangha (2011-2012)
ONE Campus Ministry (2012-2015)
Girl Scout Gold Award (2010)
Girl Scout Silver Award (2007)
Girl Scour Bronze Award (2005)
National Honor Society (Inducted 2009)
Available upon request.