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"I was very thirsty," he said.

He said ________________________________
"Be careful," she said.
She told me ______________________________
"Why haven't you told me?" he asked me.
He wondered _________________________________
"I cannot take them home," he said.
He said __________________________________
He said, "Don't go to the beach alone."
He told us_______________________________
"Have you been shopping for food?" he asked us.
He wanted to know ___________________________
"What's the time?" he asked.
He asked ___________________________
"When will we see each other again?" she asked me.
She asked me ____________________________
"Where did they live before moving here?" he asked.
He wanted to know ________________________
"Will you be at Tom's party?" he asked her.
He asked her _______________________________
"Can you meet me at the train station?" she asked me.
She asked me _________________________________
"Did you see that great car?" he asked me.
He asked me __________________________
She said, "I went to the cinema with my boyfriend yesterday."
She said ____________________________
He said, "I am writing an essay tomorrow."
He said _____________________________
You said, "I will do this for you."
You said _________________________
She said, "I am not tired now."
She said ________________________
They said, "We have never been here before."
They said _______________________
They said, "We were in Paris last week."
They said ______________________
He said, "They won't sleep."
He said _______________________
She said, "It is very quiet here."
She said ______________________