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Insegnante: Signor Michael Santoro

(973) 535-8000

Desk in Room A111

Course Description (LHS Course Guide 2015-2016, page 100): The goals of Level 2 courses
are to be able to communicate in the target language in simple sentences and to handle simple
transactions related to everyday life. The four language areas of listening, speaking, reading, and
writing continue to be developed with an emphasis on expanding vocabulary and improving the
students ability to understand and use important grammatical concepts. Language usage and
cultural knowledge continue to be developed through the sequential building of the interpretive,
interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication. At the completion of a Level 2 course,
the majority of students are expected to perform in the Novice-High range of language
proficiency. Students enrolled in these courses are expected to communicate primarily in the
target language in class.
Emphasis of Novice-High Expectations: the majority of students are expected to perform in
the Novice-High range of language proficiency (LHS Course Guide 2015-2016, page 100).
Please note that emerging novice-high speakers are expected to understand and communicate
at the sentence level and can use words, lists, and simple sentences to communicate effectively
about novice-high topics. The appropriate standards can be found on the Department of
Educations web site: We will review these
together within the first week of school.
Course Materials: a notebook with a folder or binder to be used only for Italian, multi-color
pens, highlighters, required readings including your Sentieri textbook and supplemental materials,
index cards for vocabulary acquisition, and an Italian dictionary.
**NOTA BENE** ~ You are in high school. I understand you have different ways to stay
organized, so it is my belief that as young adults you should have the freedom to do so. IF
HOWEVER, you would like suggestions or would like me to help you, PLEASE SEE ME
Philosophy of the Policies to Follow: Because you are in high school and entering young
adulthood, the policies of this course reflect the maturity and high expectations of such an
Grading Guidelines:
Grades will be determined by total points earned divided by total points possible x 100.
Grades may include, but are not limited to:
-Homework Completion: I do not accept late homework and do not give credit for
incomplete homework. This is in accordance with the LHS Homework Policy,
-Professionalism: You will be graded on your professionalism twice during the
marking period. You will reflect on your behavior and participation and will receive a
grade based on a rubric, which we will discuss during the first marking period.

-Classwork, Quizzes, Pop Quizzes, Tests, Writing Assignments, Presentations, etc.

Letter grades will correspond with the schools universal grading scale.
Missed in-class assessments are to be made up in accordance with the schools policy
related to your absence. Pop assessments may be excused at my discretion.
Grades will be updated on the Parent Portal to be viewed in real-time.
Final grades will be determined based on school policy.

Homework: You are in high school and are expected to use homework as a TOOL to enhance
YOUR learning. Quite simply, you will get out of this course what you put into it, and your
assessment grades will reflect the degree of scholarship you exert.
Extra Help / Tutoring: If you ever feel you are falling behind or simply do not understand
something, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last
minute. I am flexible and can meet with you by appointment before or after school. If you would
like a peer tutor from the Italian National Honors Society, please let me know.
Electronic Devices: You will complete a survey within the first week of school regarding
technology you have available to you and are willing to bring to class. Based on each period,
technology will be integrated accordingly into instruction. Inappropriate use of technology will
result in consequences as per school policy. (KEEP YOUR CELL PHONE SILENT & AWAY!)
Academic Integrity: Chances are if you found it online so can I. Do not plagiarize, which
includes copying from a translator like Google! Plagiarism will result in the consequences on
page 42 of the LHS Student Handbook. The same policy applies for all integrity infractions. We
will be reviewing page 42 together since this is a very serious issue.
Tardiness (LHS Student Handbook, page 17): Students will receive detention hours for
unexcused tardies to the same class. The consequences for accumulated unexcused tardies to the
same class are outlined on page 17 and begin with three (3) tardies.
Leaving Class: You will sign out, as per LHS policy. Only one person may leave at a time for
the restroom.
Missed Work: Please see me as soon as possible for instructions and modified deadlines, if
applicable. Please check my web site for materials and homework assignments. Please also
exchange contact information with two peers in your period to serve as your homework buddies.
Policy Access: This document can always be found on the class web site.

Non vedo lora di lavorare con tutti voi questanno!

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