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Maryknoll School Anytime Anywhere Learning Laptop Program

Why bring your Laptop to School?
Maryknoll School is committed to students use of technology to
expand learning opportunities and conduct scholarly research and
activities. The use of technology facilitates global collaboration and
the skills needed for success in the community.
Our teachers are tasked with challenging our students with rigorous
and personalized academic experiences. Through the fostering of
innovation and creativity, our students will begin to embrace the tools
needed in an evolving learning environment. Maryknoll School
supplies Internet access to all students and staff. Our goal in providing
this service is to promote educational excellence by sharing network
resources through technology.
What are the specifics about the Laptop?
Please refer to our handout regarding the specifics of the laptop
How will my child use their laptop in the classroom?
Maryknoll students and teachers will work as a community to engage
in curriculum. As a unit, students and teachers will access information,
develop assignments and collaborate to enhance the learning of the
material. As a tool, the laptop will be used with teacher supervision to
enhance and encourage innovation and creativity.
Will the laptop be able to access the network?
The Maryknoll School network will be accessible to each student. The
network is dispersed throughout the campus in various domains.
Students will be using their own network by using a log in procedure to
secure their usage. Our technology department will be assisting in the
process of guiding students to understand the regulations and
expectations of logging into the network. The regulations and
expectations are outlined in the Acceptable Use Agreement.
What happens if my child is having trouble with their laptop
(i.e. logging on to the network, cannot print, saving a
A Maryknoll School Technology Staff member will be available
throughout the school day. Students will have access to the staff
member during both small and lunch recess periods. Also, students
will be allowed to troubleshoot with the Technology Staff member
during class time with teacher permission. Teacher and staff members
are not responsible for troubleshooting laptops during the school day.

Is it required that my child use the School network?

Maryknoll students are expected to log in and use the schools
network. Accessing outside networks is prohibited during school hours
and instructional times. Students and parents take full responsibility of
their property should damage occur from the outside network.
What happens if my child did not bring his/her laptop to
As an educational tool, the laptops are a requirement to have for the
school day. Laptops should be fully charged and students should have
the tools necessary to enhance the curriculum. Should the student not
have their laptop in school, classes are equipped with limited resources
to supplement the absence of their tool. Students will incur any
grading deductions due to their lack of laptop in the classroom.
Does Maryknoll School restrict the network?
Access to the Maryknoll School network comes with the individual
responsibility of making judgments regarding inappropriate content.
Maryknoll School Administration has taken precautions to restrict
access to users viewing, printing, or distributing inappropriate content
in an effort to enhance the moral quality of the school. However, on a
global network we realize it is impossible to control all inappropriate
content. A student found accessing inappropriate content will face a
consequence determined by the school administration.
Are there areas of the campus that will prohibit laptop use?
Laptops will be prohibited outside of the classroom during small and
lunch recess periods. Laptops being used during these prohibited
times must have teacher supervision and approval and may only be
used in the classroom. Certain behaviors are also prohibited when
using the laptops on school property. These are outlined in the
Acceptable Use Agreement.
Will my student be allowed to access their music or photos
during instructional periods?
Students will be expected to value and self-regulate their educational
tool. Teachers will vary with regard to the amount of time using the
laptop. Each teacher will have their individual guidelines with regard
to when students can access their music or photos. In general, certain
practices are prohibited throughout the school day. These are outlined
in the Acceptable Use Agreement.
What happens if my childs laptop is damaged while on

At the beginning of the school year, teachers and staff members will
review the expectations of our students while operating their laptop.
Knowing that this educational tool is important and valuable, our
proactive approach will focus on the proper ways to transport and
handle their laptop.
Should the laptop be damaged, students may utilize the assistance of
the Technology Staff member. Parents and students take responsibility
for costs of replacing parts should the Technology Staff member not be
able to fix the laptop. The school will be in communication with
parents to assist with the process of fixing the laptop. Maryknoll
School has loaner laptops that are available for students. A school
administrator will assist with the loaner laptop process.

What happens if my childs laptop is lost/stolen while on

If the student has misplaced their laptop, they are to report to the
Front Office and report this to a school Administrator (Principal or Vice
Principals). In the event that the laptop is stolen, the school will
investigate the situation and will determine the next steps to resolve
the situation. Maryknoll School will not be held responsible if a laptop
is lost or stolen. Some laptops have a device locator; it is
recommended that you enable this feature if possible. Maryknoll
School has loaner laptops that are available for students. A school
administrator will assist with the loaner laptop process.
Who should I contact if I have any further questions?
Parents and students are encouraged to seek help if they are confused
or having trouble with the laptop and the policies that govern this
program. Parents can contact the Schools Front Office Staff where you
will be directed to the correct individual, or parents can contact the
Technology department.
For students, the on staff Technology Staff member is accessible during
small and lunch recess as well as during instructional periods, with
teacher permission.
List of numbers/email:
Grade School Front Office: (808) 952 7100
High School Front Office:
Technology Department:
Technology Staff Members: