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COMMERZBANK ¢) Commerzbank Financial Institutions (Mr. lurii Vasilachi President Rie Tere Banca Commerciale ,Energhank” S.A. aseatz 23/8 Tighina str. fsa Foto an many 2001 Chisinau Telephone +40 (0)89 19620048 Republic Moldova ena Temek@eommereoank com ‘August 2015 Dear Mr. Vasilachi, Congratulations! Banca Commerciala .Energbank’ S.A. has been selected to win Commerzbank’s STP Award 2014 for excellent quality in the delivery of commercial payments and financial transfers. itis with great pleasure that we herewith commit this highly deserved award to you and your bank's payments team. The very high standards we set for banks winning our STP Award can only be attained in a steady and joint effort of all staff involved in the various departments originating and processing payments. Therefore, lease convey our sincere thanks to all of Energbank’s staff having contributed to your excellency achievement In our opinion, the benefit of top quality payment processing can hardly be overestimated for all banks in the Payment chain, Payment transaction efficiency is not only immediately refiected in client satisfaction levels. and thus in a bank's competitiveness. Straight implications also concern labour and IT costs as well as (avoidance of) time-consuming and highly unrewarding reconciliation efforts, potentially even including additional repair fee expenses. We very much look forward to carry forward our excellent payment co-operation and to continuously enhance it, With best regards Commerzbank AG Financial Institutions i . Ce U t J Ole Carsten Theuer Elena Tomek Relationship Manager Relationship Manager Charman ofthe Superesor Boar Klnus-Peter Moller ‘Commerzbank Aktengevelicha Fankfut am Man Board of Menagng Ovector Marin Basing (Criman, Frank Anruscat Regisieed Ofce Amisgerict Farin am Main HRB $2000 Mahus Bune, Stphan Engels ttchas Ruth, VAT IO No: DE 114108518 Stefan Schmitmann. Maré Zeke