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A Timeless Comedy: Capital University Conservatory Presents The Pirates

of Penzance
Capital Universitys Conservatory of Music has begun rehearsals for The Pirates of
Penzance, an opera classic opening March 13th in Mees Hall at 8 p.m., with
performances at 8 p.m. and 2 p.m. through the 14 th and 15th. The production is
conducted by Grammy award-winner William Boggs and directed by Mark Baker,
and introduces two alternating principal casts supported by an impressive ensemble
in this show about a young pirate apprentice whose adherence to duty lends him to
a series of hilarious mishaps.
It is classic, clever comedy that stands the test of time, said Baker. Its a show
about misunderstandings between very different groups of people, which is a theme
still seen in a lot of comedy today.
The Pirates of Penzance is one of the frequently parodied and referenced operas in
modern culture, making W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivans 136-year-old comic opera
still accessible to a college audience.
This production concludes Capitals ambitious musical season for the academic
year, which included the Conservatorys production of Chicago, an assorted
selection of classic musical scenes titled Tales Twice Told, and the Cabaret Theatres
performance of Xanadu. University directors are in the process of selecting next
years theatrical productions, which will include two standard musicals and a
dramatic opera.
Founded in 1830, Capital University is a private liberal arts college located in the
Columbus suburb of Bexley, Ohio, and is the oldest university in Central Ohio as well
as one of the largest Lutheran-affiliated colleges in North America. The
Conservatory of Music includes more than 40 student music ensembles led by
professors with renowned and global experience, and hosts classes and majors in
music theory, performance, and technology.
For further information, contact Abigail Worden at 513-325-0195 or Another
Individual at 555-555-5555.