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Who is the author?

Joan Aiken
Who is the protagonist?
Jason Ashgrove
Who is Jason's assistant?
Miss Golden
What does Miss Golden say to Jason the secret has to do
a bicycle and a harp
What is the setting of the story?
the Grimes buildings
What is the name of the ghost of the harp teacher?
Daisy Bell
What is the name of the ghost of the night watchman?
William Heron
How did Miss Golden know that Jason stayed in the
building after 5 PM?
silver hair
How did Heron die?
He jumped off the fire escape.
What is the curse of William Heron?
Anyone who stays after 5 PM is doomed to jump off the fire
Why did Heron kill himself?
He thought Daisy betrayed him.
Why did Jason return to the Grimes building?
to discover its secret
What did Jason bring with him to the building?
2 bouquets of roses and 2 bottles of wine
What did Jason get from his friend in Royal Air Force?
How did Jason break the curse?
He jumped off the fire escape using the parachute.

Why did Daisy Bell die?

extreme sadness
Foreshadowing is the author's use of clues to hint at
future events.
When Jason asked Berenice why people couldn't stay
after 5 PM, the secretary told him "Hush!" with terrified
eyes. What future events foreshadow this detail?
They suggest that the answer to Jason's question is
What earlier details foreshadow the mysterious ringing?
First, Berenice said that the mystery involved a bicycle.
Second, while Jason stood on the sidewalk, a bicycle
tinkled nearby, giving him a "tiny warning."