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Study Activities Options

About every two weeks you will complete five of the activities below. You must provide
any work that you completed, as well as a signature from your parent for any assignment
you did that does not have physical work associated with it. Make your own set of online flashcards and then play review
games to study them. Must play for 20 minutes. You can keep these all year to
study! Go to Under shared activities click Spanish.
Under Keywords type the chapter we are on. (1A, 5B, etc.) Under textbook
choose Realidades 1. Click search and you will find tons of games and review
activities created for you for that chapter! Play for 20 minutes. Play one of the games Sra Rader created in class. 20 min = one
1. Pyramid Words- build 10 of your words one letter at a time until the word is
completely spelled with each of your spelling words.
El l
El l
El lp
El lpi
El lpiz
2. Word Shapes- go to http;// to use squares to match your vocabulary words to their
shape. Taller letters get blocks built on top of one another. You can also do this in
your journal at home. Print out your copy, or have a parent sign off that you did it
3. Collage Writing- Cut out the letters from a newspaper or magazine to spell
your 10 words.
4. Flashcards- Make flashcards for all of your vocabulary words with the Spanish
on one side and the English on the other. Then have someone quiz you, or study
them independently for 10 minutes. Include your flashcards in your journal.
5. Proofread words- Have a family member create a list of three to four
versions of one of your spelling words and you need to choose the correct
spelling. Do this for ten words.
El boligrafo
El bolligrafo
El bolgraffo
El buligrafo
6. Copy-Cover-Try-CheckTake a manila file folder and cut the top into three even parts to make a flap. Take
a piece of paper long ways with three columns. In the first column, write the word
spelled correctly; next, cover the word and try writing it again without the model.
Then check your spelling and correct any errors. Then write it again.
7. Puzzle Maker: Create an activity and bring in a
printout of the completed puzzle.
8. Color Writing- Write 10 of your vocabulary words at least three times in
English AND Spanish using alternating colors
9. Glue Words- Write 10 of your vocabulary words with glue in English AND
Spanish and then sprinkle them with glitter.

10. Create a power-point/prezi -Create a power point or prezi of 10 of your

vocabulary words in English AND Spanish and illustrate the words using
11. 1-2-3 Look and See- Have a family member hold up each spelling word for
10 seconds then remove the model. Next, you need to write down the word.
Show the model again and check your answers.
12. Story Time- Write a story in Spanglish (a mixture of English and Spanish)
using at least 10 of your vocabulary words. Underline your words in the story.
13. Mnemonics- These are brain tricks that will help you remember your words.
Come up with a word mnemonic for 5 of your vocabulary words.
1. I have to tengo on the dance floor. (Tengo sounds like tango,
which is a type of dance and means I have.)
14. Sentence Time- Write 10 sentences using your vocabulary words. Your
sentences can be a mix of Spanish and English (Spanglish). Underline the words.
15. Vocabulary Pre-Test- Have a family member give you a practice
vocabulary test and grade it. Bring the test so I can see how you did!
16. Sing a Long- Write a song to a familiar tune using both your vocabulary
words and English words. Let me know what tune I should use to sing it.
Ex. (to the tune of row, row, row your boat)
Que, que, que means what
Cual means what or which
Quin eres? Quin eres? Quin eres? Quin eres?
Quin eres? means who are you?
17. Acrostic Poetry- Pick 5 of your vocabulary words and make an acrostic
poem with each, using English or Spanish words that relate to the main word in
the poem.
Cuando means when
Dia (Day)
18. Pictures- Use 10 of your vocabulary words. Write them in Spanish in your
study diary and illustrate each with a picture showing what the word means.
19. Verb Conjugation- Write the full conjugation of the verb you included in
your vocabulary sheet. Write it in both languages and in the same format as the
graphic organizer verb charts we complete in class.
20. Sitcom study You can do this while watching tv! Fold a paper four times
long ways. Write the Spanish words down the first column. During the
commercials, alternate writing the English and Spanish without looking at the
answers. Then look at your list and correct your mistakes. Put this in your study
21. Charades Choose ten vocabulary words. Decide on an action to act out
the term, then write the term in your diary and the action you would do along
with it. If you have Spanish speakers in the house act out the words for them and
have them guess!
22.Kahoot Create your own kahoot with at least 10 questions! Share the game
pin with Senora Rader
23. Study with a Partner Get together with a friend, sibling, or parent and
study your vocab words together for 20 min.!

24. Teach something new Teach your friends or family at least 10 of your new
vocab words. Then quiz them.
25. Say the words out loud Practice studying your words for 20 minutes by
going through and saying each word out loud first in Spanish then in English.