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Civil Engineering

The concept of engineering has always been fascinating to me

throughout my life. Whether it was designing structures with Legos as
a child, being interested in aeronautics as a pre-teen, or even playing
the engineer class in my favorite video games, I have always taken an
interest in engineering. More recently, I have taken that interest and
started working towards starting a career in engineering. Though I
havent made my mind up on which type of engineering I would like to
pursue, my top choice right now is Civil Engineering. According to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Civil engineers design, construct, supervise,
operate, and maintain large construction projects and systems,
including roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and
systems for water supply and sewage treatment. Civil Engineers have
a wide job field as they can work in design, construction, research, and
education just to name a few. Along with the wide job field, civil
engineers are paid well, often hold management or supervisor
positions, and get to see their designs come to life in the form of
buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures. I will discuss what
about civil engineering interests me, why it interests me, and how I will
make a difference in the world as an engineer. Civil Engineering has
always been important to me in the form of hobbies or interests; I plan

to take these ideals and make not just a career for myself, but a
First, what would a lifestyle be without enjoying what you do?
Civil Engineering has many aspects, paths, and goals that I have taken
an interest in. First off, most engineers live a life in which they are well
compensated and highly regarded in society. According to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for civil engineers was
$79,340 in May 2012, and the top 10% earned more than $122,020 a
year. Civil Engineers also perform jobs that I take an interest in or
wouldnt mind working. One example is analyzing survey reports,
maps, and other data to plan projects. Another is to provide cost
estimates for materials, equipment, or labor to determine a projects
economic feasibility. Civil Engineers also have an ideal working
location. Most Civil Engineers spend a majority of their time in the
office, but still get to spend time in the field analyzing their projects
and organizing the setup. They have a nice balance between the office
and the field. Civil Engineering is a very interesting field to me with
many unique aspects that I find fascination and enjoyment in.
Next, I will explain why I find enjoyment and fascination in the
field of civil engineering and the qualities I mentioned previously. When
I think back to my childhood, I remember playing with Legos and
designing structures like buildings and statues that I wanted to bring to
life. As a Civil Engineer, I could see my designs be built and brought to

life before my eyes. Unlike a mechanical engineer or electrical

engineer whose designs may be unseen, lots of civil engineering
projects are structures that can be seen by many and used by or for
the public. One example is the Burj Khalifia skyscraper in Dubai, the
tallest building in the world. As mentioned previously, I want to live
comfortably when I am older, and as a civil engineer with a good job I
could accomplish that goal. Going back to the work, I find mapping,
analyzing data, and working with finance to be fascinating and easy for
me to accomplish. I love orienteering and working with numbers, so
parts of civil engineering would be acceptable if not enjoyable for me
to do. Civil Engineering also provides the perfect work environment for
me. When I was younger, anytime I would do physical labor outside in
the burning hot sun, my dad would always say to me, Now Ben, this is
why you go to college. Spending time in an office is all right with me,
but I would still miss being outside on some days, and civil engineering
allows me to not be shut in an office all day. Civil Engineering interests
me for the reasons I just mentioned, and I hope to do great things in
the world while enjoying what I do.
Doing what I love is important, but making a difference in the
world is just as if not more important. Being a civil engineer may
involve creating grand spectacles for the world to admire, but it
shouldnt be about the fame and fortune. It should revolve around an
engineers number one goal in life: to solve problems. I hope in the

future to work on projects that benefit people and make their lives
easier. One example of a project I admire is the Millau Viaduct in MillauCreissels, France, the tallest bridge in the world. It only took 3 years to
build and cost $524 million dollars. It is 19 meters taller than the Eiffel
Tower, making it the tallest structure in France. It holds 16 lanes of
traffic and carries between 10,000 and 25,000 cars every day. Imagine
all the extreme designing and engineering that went into that monster!
I would love someday to be responsible for the construction of such an
important structure. It would be really cool as well to work in poorer
countries in Africa or South America on projects to help the people
there, such as installing solar panels, building water wells, or building
bridges. One such program is offered at Lipscomb University, where
the engineering students take mission trips to poorer countries to do
the things mentioned above. As long as I was doing what I love to help
others, I wouldnt care what the job was.
Civil Engineering is an important job to me. In this essay, I
discussed what I found interesting about civil engineering, why I found
it interesting, and what I plan to do in the future as an engineer. Going
back to building Legos as a child, theres nothing more satisfying to me
then designing something and seeing it built before my eyes. To have
that dream become reality would be my ideal goal in life.

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