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Character can, and has been described in many ways.

Some see
character as the decisions you make, and how you think and operate.
Others argue that character is the way that you act around others;
some think that it is the way that you act when you are by yourself. I
believe that character is how you function not only in your comfort
zone, but also when you are uncomfortable and under stress. I believe
that I have often acted under duress, and I think that race is one of the
topics that cause some of this stress. People who wish to keep from
offending may end up judging worse, while others may rush past and
end up crossing some lines. People under stress may also assign blame
for certain events on a person, or group of people, instead of trying to
focus on whose problem it really is.
I believe that I have both the patientience to discover what the true
root of conflicts are while also having the ability to make descisions in
a timely fashion.