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Accelerating growth in high tech MSEs through

tacit knowledge sharing using case-based

recommender systems
Mohammad Darzi1; Mahdi Hosseini1; Ali Asghar Liaei1; Zahra M. Manesh1;
Habibollah Asghari2
1. ICT research institute of ACECR ,Tehran, Iran;
{modarzi, Mahdi.hosseini, liaei, manesh}
2. Rooyesh ICT Incubator, Tehran, Iran;

Knowledge sharing in micro and small enterprises (MSEs) is an activity through which
information, experience, skill, or expertise is exchanged among a community of MSEs or their
employees. In this paper, the use of case-based reasoning (CBR) for inter-organizational
knowledge sharing is discussed in the environment of technology MSEs. Also to demonstrate the
special manner of using CBR in the mentioned problem a recommendation model is proposed.
The model involves recommendation of training programs as one of the important steps in the
process of training planning.

Keywords:knowledge sharing, recommender system, case based reasoning, micro and small
enterprise, start-up, Fuzzy logic.

1. Introduction
1.2. Learning and growth in micro and small technology enterprises (0.5)
Micro and small enterprises (MSEs)1 have had an important role of leveraging employment
and income in many countries. There are studies that show the high proportional value for the
total number of employees that are working inone of the available MSEs[1]. In many

Micro and small enterprises, according to the definition presented by the European parliament can be defined in
three different levels: medium, small, and micro. The categorization is based on different criteria including staff
headcount and turnover or balance-sheet total. According to the definition, we categorize a company in the class
of micro and small enterprises (MSE) when its employees are fewer than 50 and its annual turnover and/or
annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 10 million.