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Welcom To King Bali

Company Profile
Huizhou Kingbali Technology. Co., Ltd., is an enterprise professional in advanced
technology and a subsidiary of Liwung Group(HK) and the biggest manufacturer and
researcher for high performance thermal interface materials in South of China.
Huizhou Liwung Insulation Materials Products Factory is specialized in precision die-cut
and punching insulation materials products like NBR/CR/NR/EPDM rubber& 3M/Nitto/
Poron/ Luxking etc.
Our company 1 patent for invention(COB Bonding Glue) and structure patent(new ice
grip) and several design patents.
Our company has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications,
products certificated by UL.,SGS, RoHS and related authentications and tests. So far,
We have customers in over 40 countries and regions included Hongda(Thermal
Glue)/BYD(Thermal Pad)/Tesla(Thermal Pad)/Philips(Netherlands)/ Eral

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