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Ernst & Young:

Two people. One vision.
It has taken the bold leadership and countless contributions of people around the world to form the
leading global organization Ernst & Young is today. Our roots go back to the 19th century and our
founders Arthur Young and Alwin C Ernst.

Arthur Young was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated in law, but became interested in banking and
investment. In 1890, he moved to the US to pursue his career in accounting. In 1906, he formed an
accounting firm, Arthur Young & Company, with his brother Stanley.

Alwin C Ernst was born in Cleveland, USA. After leaving school he worked as a bookkeeper. Then, in
1903, he and his brother Theodore started Ernst & Ernst, a small public accounting firm.

Both Arthur Young and AC Ernst were innovators and appreciated the importance of quality in their work.
Ernst pioneered the idea that accounting information could be used to make business decisions
and make a difference to clients’ organizations. He inspired his people to deliver better service to
clients. Young also positioned himself as a business advisor as much as an accountant.

Both men understood the importance of their people. In 1920, Ernst & Ernst’s operating philosophy
stated: “The success of Ernst & Ernst depends wholly upon the character, ability and industry of the men
and women who make up the organization.” Young supported the development of professionals. In the
1920s he originated a staff school and, in the 1930s, the firm was the first to recruit from university

Both firms were also quick to enter the global marketplace. As early as 1924, they allied with prominent
British firms: Young with Broads Paterson & Co and Ernst with Whinney Smith & Whinney. These
alliances were the first of many for both firms, which opened offices around the world to service their
international clients.

AC Ernst and Arthur Young never met in life, but died within days of each other in 1948. However their
philosophies lived on and, in 1989, were brought together when the firms they started combined to
create Ernst & Young. The new organization quickly positioned itself on the leading edge of rapid
globalization, new business technologies and continuous business change.

AC Ernst and Arthur Young would surely be proud of the result — a global organization of 144,000 people
sharing their ideals and passion to help clients improve their businesses around the globe.

View a timeline of Ernst & Young’s history.

Key dates for Ernst & Young
• 1849 - Harding & Pullein founded in England. Joined by Frederick Whinney
• 1859 Whinney made a partner
• 1894 Arthur Young starts his first firm, Stuart and Young, in Chicago Harding & Pullein renamed
Whinney, Smith & Whinney
• 1864 Thomas Clarkson starts a trustee and receivership firm in Toronto
• 1903 Alwin and Theodore Ernst form Ernst & Ernst in Cleveland, US
• 1906 Arthur and brother Stanley form Arthur Young & Company in Chicago
• 1924 Arthur Young allies with Broad Paterson & Co, England Ernst & Ernst allies with Whinney,
Smith & Whinney
• 1939 Clarkson allies with Woods Gordon & Co to expand into management consulting
• 1944 Clarkson Gordon & Company allies with Arthur Young & Co
• 1979 Ernst & Whinney forms and becomes the fourth largest accountancy firm in the world Arthur
Young’s European offices join several large local European firms
• 1989 Arthur Young merges with Ernst & Whinney to create Ernst & Young
• 2000 Ernst & Young unveils a new, integrated global organization
• 2006 Ernst & Young integrates its Americas Area
• 2008 Ernst & Young integrates its EMEIA and Far East Areas

Our values
Who we are:

People who demonstrate integrity, respect, and teaming.

People with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead.

People who build relationships based on doing the right thing.

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our global organisation. They guide
our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our
clients and engage with our communities.

Every day, each one of us makes choices and decisions that directly affect the way we experience
each other and the way our clients and wider communities experience us. Our values give us confidence
that we are using the same principles to help us make these decisions – throughout our global
Every year, we celebrate the way we live our values through our Chairman’s Values Award. Through this
award, we give our people the opportunity to recognize their colleagues who are bringing our values to life
every day. This is an important way in which we are building our shared culture, founded on our strong
commitment to our values.

The power of our global organisation

Over 140 associated firms come together in five geographic Areas. This integrated business model allows
us to meet the global demands of our clients, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements that impact
our organization.

Through our five Areas we bring together the power of the global organization, sharing our
knowledge and resources, and driving global consistency and quality.

Our Global Executive

Our Global Executive focuses on strategy, execution and operations, so that we deliver on the promise
we make to our clients — to deliver seamless, consistent, high-quality client service, worldwide.

Jim Turley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, leads the Global Executive.

The other members are

John Ferraro, Chief Operating Officer; our five Global Managing Partners (for People, Quality and Risk
Management, Markets, Operations and Finance and EMEIA Integration);

the leaders of our global service lines; and our Area Managing Partners.

Our people – delivering on our promises

We’re passionate about helping our people to achieve their potential. When our people achieve their
best, we can help our clients achieve their best too.

We’ve developed a culture based on mutual respect and teamwork that promotes personal
responsibility and initiative at all levels. Our 144,000 people in 140 countries share our values and our
commitment to quality. Together, we strive to make a difference to each other, to our clients and to the
communities in which we live and work.

We help our people succeed professionally and personally through our global career development
framework – providing them with the right challenging and rewarding experiences, learning and ongoing
coaching they need, to help them grow and expand their aspirations.

And being a truly global organization, we support individuals who wish to apply their skills and
experiences in new environments. Whether it’s an assignment in a new service line, office or country they
aspire to work in, we help our people match their goals to our clients’ needs, around the world.

Our talented and motivated people make Ernst & Young a great place to work. They help us deliver
on our promises to clients. We’re committed to attracting them, retaining them, and helping them be the
best they can be — now and in the future.
Corporate responsibility

Making a difference in a changing world

Ernst & Young’s business strategy is founded on engagement with our people, clients and communities to
help them achieve their potential.

As a company that embraces corporate responsibility, we think carefully about how to invest in society
today to make sure there will be a business context where both we and society can thrive tomorrow and
long into the future.

Increasingly, business, government and NGOs are pulling together to promote business, social and
environmental progress. With 144,000 people in 140 countries, one of the best ways EY can contribute
to this effort is through skill-based volunteering that’s coordinated globally while taking account
of local conditions and culture.

We channel our efforts into three key areas that are aligned with our business strategy and critical to
improving and expanding market economies.

• Entrepreneurship – supporting and celebrating start-up companies as they create opportunity

• Education – developing skills and broadening access to make sure the next generation has
the skills it needs to make a positive impact
• Environmental sustainability – minimizing our impact on the environment

We call these the “3E’s”.

Corporate responsibility is an imperative for safeguarding the sustainability of our business. As a

business, we can only grow if the economy and society are strong. So we must continually find ways to
intersect what we do well with what society needs. In this way, we will help the people we employ, the
companies that we serve, and the communities in which we operate to achieve their potential fully – in
both the short and long term.

EY/Ethics Hotline
The EY/Ethics Hotline is a method for reporting conduct that may be unethical, illegal, in violation of
professional standards, or otherwise inconsistent with the Ernst & Young Global Code of Conduct.

Before contacting EY/Ethics, we encourage you to consider whether or not you can directly raise your
concern with someone at Ernst & Young.

If you do not feel comfortable doing so, or do not know whom to contact, you can make a report to Ernst &
Young on this website or alternatively by calling your local EY/Ethics Hotline number.

Your web-based report will be routed initially to EthicsPoint, an independent third party host for the
EY/Ethics Hotline. It will then be promptly forwarded by EthicsPoint to the appropriate Quality & Risk
Management personnel or internal legal counsel at Ernst & Young for review and investigation. Calls to
EY/Ethics may be answered by EthicsPoint or by EY hotline personnel, depending on the country of
Further information on how to use this website and how Ernst & Young will respond to your report can be
found in Meeting Your Expectations.

Ernst & Young India’s Insurance team is fully equipped to guide insurance companies on a
comprehensive set of needs including actuarial, risk management, regulatory, transaction advisory,
assurance and tax advice. The team is a hub of highly networked, experienced financial professionals
dedicated to serving clients operating in the sector. Our aim is to help our clients address their complex
issues facing their businesses and to share information and experience on current and emerging industry

Creating the right climate for your business success
We provide global services in four main areas: Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory.
Through these services, we can help you retain the confidence of investors, manage your risk, strengthen
your controls and achieve your potential.

We are 135,000 talented people with a shared way of working and commitment to quality. This allows us
to put together a team that can give you the seamless service you need, wherever you are in the world.

Around the world, the journey to success is governed by increasingly complex and broadening regulatory
requirements and stakeholder demands. Strong independent assurance provides critical information for
investors and other stakeholders, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and timely and
constructive input to management.

A successful tax function delivers a strong reporting foundation and sustainable planning to help the
business achieve its growth potential. You need tax strategies aligned with your business drivers, built on
effective compliance and open, transparent reporting. So we create highly networked teams who can
advise on planning, compliance and reporting and maintaining good relationships with the tax authorities.

The right transaction can help your business grow, prosper or reinvent itself. We offer integrated,
objective advisory services that are designed to help you evaluate opportunities, execute your
transactions more efficiently and achieve your strategic goals.
Today’s achievement is tomorrow’s expectation. But as targets increase, so do risks. We help your
business to make and sustain improvements, while responding more quickly to change.


What we’re looking for

• People who excel
We want high academic achievers from premier institutes, who demonstrate leadership through
their extra-curricular activities and community involvement.
• People with integrity
We want people with a clear sense of personal and professional accountability, who build
relationships based on doing the right thing.
• People who demonstrate respect
We look for people who recognize the value of different backgrounds, perspectives and
experiences. By respecting these differences, we enrich our perspectives and enhance the
services we provide to our clients.
• People who are good at working in teams
We look for evidence that individuals are good at listening, learning, sharing, developing and
working together to achieve more for our clients.
• People with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead
We want people who are passionate and excited about the opportunities at Ernst & Young, their
futures and achieving their potential.
• People with the right knowledge, skills and abilities.
We look for people from varied backgrounds and qualification accounting, finance, tax, law,
engineering, technology, management, economics, medical, statistics, mathematics or a related

Five tips for a top interview

• Be prepared
Learn as much as you can about Ernst & Young, who we are, our services and our strategic direction.
Make sure you can articulate how your strengths and career goals align with ours, and why you
think you’ll succeed in our organization.

• Be proactive
Prepare a list of questions to ask your interviewer(s) so you can assess whether Ernst & Young is the
right place to launch your career. Ask us questions about our organisation, our clients, the
opportunities we can offer you and what you can expect from us.

• Be yourself
Try to relax and remember that we’re interested in the real you. When preparing, it’s helpful to think
about how you’d like to communicate certain points but avoid over-rehearsing, as it may come across
as impersonal.
• Be professional
Take pride in your presentation. We will be looking for professionalism in how you dress, how you
speak and what you tell us about yourself.

• Be punctual
Arrive at least five minutes early and if – for reasons out of your control – you’re running late, call your
interviewer and explain why.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that needs an answer find out more in the sections below:

Working at Ernst & Young


How is Ernst & Young structured?

Ernst & Young is a global organization made up of member firms in 140 countries. Each member firm is
owned by its partners and they have operational control of their business. However, in order to maintain the
same high standards of service quality and delivery in each of our locations, we have a global governance
structure. This consists of five geographic Areas, each with an Area Executive that works in close
partnership with our Global Executive, headed up by our CEO, Jim Turley. To support our efforts as a global
organization, we also have a global entity, Ernst & Young Global, which works strategically with each of our
Areas to support consistency and excellence in all of our activities around the world.


Where does Ernst & Young have offices around the world?
Ernst & Young has 135,000 people working across the world in 140 countries. Take a look at ourlocation


How do I choose which service line to join?

The right choice for you will reflect your area of interest and specialization. Have a good look around our
website to get a feel for who we are and the services we offer. Then speak with your professors, recruiters,
campus careers advisors, friends and family to gather all the information you need to understand where you
may best fit. Ernst & Young is growing and expanding in new and exciting business areas,
particularly Student Advisory Services, so there are lots of opportunities for you to consider. Invest time now
to research the possibilities, so you can make an informed choice later on.


Do I need a Chartered Accountancy qualification to join Ernst & Young?

The requirement for Chartered Accountancy qualifications depends on the opportunities you're most
interested in and where you apply. You'll find more detailed information about specific qualification
requirements in the job descriptions found in Job search.

Can I apply for a job outside my home country?

You are able to apply for any open positions you see in any one of our 140 countries that hires graduates.
Your eligibility, however, depends on the hiring country’s qualification requirements, employment laws, work
permit and/or visa requirements.


What is the organization’s policy on flexible working?

We're committed to helping our people succeed professionally and personally. We have a pragmatic
approach to supporting individuals in meeting commitments in and out of the office. Through discussion and
negotiation, we work together to agree on a framework that meets the needs of our business, our teams, our
clients and those of our people. It's an approach that allows you to manage family commitments, or pursue
personal passions outside of work. We’re proud that some of our people have participated in the Olympics,
written novels and recorded albums alongside pursuing a career at Ernst & Young.

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Do you offer work experience? What program would suit me best?

We strongly believe in providing work experience opportunities to help students make the transition from
education to business. We offer work experience in many of our countries. Please go to Student
Programmes for opportunities in your country of choice. We also recommend checking with your university
career services for more information.


Where can I find information about internships?

If you're looking to jump-start your career, participating in one of our internship programs will give you
valuable experience and insights. If you're a top performer, you'll be offered a position with us upon
completion of your studies. Take a look at the different programs available in the country of your choice and
apply now.


What responsibilities do interns have?

Interns work with a team just like every other new graduate staff. This means that you'll collect data,
complete analyses, prepare presentations, and participate in meetings. Rest assured you will also receive
intensive training to help get you started and extensive coaching from the advisors on your team along the


What is the IILC and how can I apply to go?

The International Intern Leadership Conference is an annual event held in Disneyland, Orlando, Florida. It's
the largest event of its kind and is attended by over 2000 interns from all over the world. IILC gives interns
the opportunity to meet and greet our global leadership and learn about our vision and strategy. The
conference is by invitation only and is a reward to the best performing interns. If successful, you'll learn from
our top leaders, participate in seminars on current global issues and get involved in team activities. It’s a
great way to build your global network and your vision of what your future at Ernst & Young might be.

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Developing your career


How will I continue to grow as a professional?

We're committed to your ongoing learning and development. We take your individual strengths and learning
requirements into account to provide the right blend of experiences, learning and coaching for you. This
approach will help to accelerate your progress and support your career goals and aspirations. We call this
approach EYU (Ernst & Young and You) and it reflects a mutual commitment to your development. You're
responsible for articulating your needs and aspirations and we'll provide the tools and opportunities you
need to fulfill them.


What training is on offer?

Training is a core element of EYU. With our award-winning learning and development programs, you receive
the formal training you need through a variety of approaches in the classroom and online. You'll also receive
valuable informal training through new experiences and on-the-job coaching and mentoring. See EYU for
more information.


Once I join what opportunities do I have for working in another country?

We're committed to offering our people international experiences. Once you've been with us for a year, you
can apply for a short- or long-term secondment or international mobility program. You'll need a strong
performance record to qualify. Speak to your manager and he or she will help you identify any suitable
opportunities to enhance your career development with some international experience.


What influence will I have over my career progression?

You own your career at Ernst & Young but developing it is a mutual commitment. You're responsible for
articulating your development needs and aspirations. We provide a supportive learning, teaming, high-
performance environment that will help you become a highly competent and successful professional. We
offer plenty of career options and, wherever possible, we allow flexibility, so you can balance the demands
of work and personal life. In return, you take responsibility for your professional and personal growth and for
performing at your best every day.

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Life at Ernst & Young

What hours will I work a week?

There's no typical week at Ernst & Young. Your hours will vary according to the work or engagement in
which you're involved. Occasionally, there may be some weekend work, particularly during busy periods. We
encourage teams at all levels to work flexibly and discuss and negotiate how to meet the demands of each
engagement. By communicating regularly with your team and supervisor, you'll be able understand their
expectations and plan your time effectively.


What do people wear at Ernst & Young?

Our office dress policy is business casual. However, we're providing a professional service to our clients and
they expect us to look the part, so formal business attire is appropriate for meetings with clients. The
exception to this rule is when you're based at client sites, in which case you may adopt the client's dress
code policy.


What is the social life like in the office?

Here, you'll find individuals representing a variety of backgrounds, opinions and perspectives but united by a
shared set of values. This means that there are plenty of groups and networks built around shared issues
and interests. These range from hobbies, sports and creative or intellectual pursuits through to support and
volunteer opportunities. They also include groups such as working mothers. Regardless of your background
or areas of focus, you'll find colleagues who share your interests.


What is Ernst & Young's approach to diversity and inclusiveness?

We're committed to creating an environment where all people feel valued, are part of the community and are
able to perform at their best. Diversity and inclusiveness are about everyone. It's about welcoming and
harnessing diverse viewpoints, and about how this leads to making better decisions for us and for our
clients. It's also about operating in a way that helps people to achieve their potential and make a difference,
wherever they come from and whatever their characteristics. We believe in developing our people's cultural
awareness and skills, including helping them to be aware of their own assumptions, frames of reference and
behaviors. To us, diversity and inclusiveness make business sense: it helps us to engage with clients and
teams in a global economy. And in a world of shifting demographics, it allows us to navigate efficiently
across boundaries.


The environment is very important, what is Ernst & Young's approach towards sustainability?
We recognize that we have a corporate responsibility to the environment and believe in making it possible
for our people to contribute on an individual basis. As an organization we've implemented various strategies.
For example, developing carbon neutral buildings; reducing the need for overseas travel through the use of
video and teleconferencing; and sourcing green energy suppliers wherever possible. As an individual, you
can participate in one of the eco-teams in our offices that promote responsible practices or you can
contribute your time to a charity or organization that benefits the environment.


How can I get involved with my local community?

We have a philosophy of volunteering and strongly encourage you to support your community in any way
you can.


I have personal commitments that are important to me. Can I still join Ernst & Young?
We understand that success is broader than what you achieve at the office. That's why we support one
another in attaining life balance, in reaching our personal goals and keeping our personal commitments.
Some of our people have participated in professional sports, written novels, recorded albums and achieved
a host of personal initiatives while working with us. The key to balancing your professional and personal
commitments is communicating often with your team and supervisor and remaining flexible.

You are unique, so it makes sense that your career path should reflect your individual talents,
aspirations and lifestyle choices.

At Ernst & Young, there is no one path for everyone. The path you carve out is limited only by your own
Our high-performance environment is designed to bring out the best in bright, motivated people like you.
From day one, we’re committed to giving you the right experiences, learning and coaching to help you
become an effective professional.
You’ll be encouraged to take bold ownership of your career goals and make the most of what’s on offer.
This includes rich and varied opportunities that allow you to explore different parts of our worldwide
organisation and develop a valuable portfolio of skills and knowledge.
Together, we’ll create the results you’re seeking professionally and personally – while making a difference
to our clients.

Experiences, learning and coaching

Learn about how to accelerate your progress.
Learn more
Moving within the organisation
Open the door to new challenges and rewarding experiences.
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Managing your peformance

Learn about our process.
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