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English I

Course Syllabus
Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr.
Health and Public Safety Academy
Dear Students,
Welcome to English I. This year, we will be working together to explore
interesting topics that affect your everyday lives. We will read through
texts like The Odyssey by Homer and Animal Farm by George Orwell.
We will explore the work of famous authors like William Shakespeare
and John Steinbeck. You may be wondering how books written so long
ago could possibly have anything to do with your lives today. As you
will see, history repeats itself, and the issues that are important to
people remain the same. We will formulate opinions on three essential

What does it mean to be an individual?

Is the American Dream an illusion or a reality?
What is the Achievement Gap and how do change it?

Utilizing what we learn through our readings and class discussions, we

will produce pieces of writing that include: biographies, persuasive
essays, narrative writing, and reports. Writing will be done every
single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. If there is no formal written assignment,
we will be journaling on a daily basis.
EXPECTATIONS These policies are set to maximize instruction
and are not negotiable.
You will be held responsible for the following:
Reporting to class ON TIME
You are expected to be in your assigned seat by the time the first bell
rings- this is to ensure that we have as much time for learning as
Reporting to class prepared (pen, paper, homework, readings, etc.)
Turning in all assignments ON TIME. Due dates are set to meet a
specific timeline.
Making up work you have missed
All assignments are a part of your grade, regardless of absences.
Respecting your classmates, your teachers, and your environment.

Remain open to the opinions of others and keep your language


MATERIALS- These materials are required of you, daily:

A pen is required of you daily. Blue or black ink is required for all
assignments that are to be turned in to officials. For your personal
notes, you may use any color of your choice.
A binder or notebook is acceptable for this course. All English work
MUST be kept in the same place and NO OTHER class notes are to be
mixed in with your English work.
A pack of colored highlighters is required to be used during active
reading lessons.
An agenda where you can write your homework and plan assignments
is also a necessity.
You will be required to bring a reading book- of your choice- to class.
GRADING- This policy is the school-wide grading policy for the
English Department.
Weekly Writing Assignments


*Uniforms are part of your classwork grade as well as preparedness.

Dear Parents,
Please review the syllabus for your students English class and sign
that you agree to the terms of this course.
I have read and understand the rules and regulations outlined in this
course syllabus. I agree to adhere to the requirements and
expectations set forth for me/my student.

Students Signature


Parents Signature