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History Course Syllabus

St. Johns Middle School
Conference Period:

Amber Guerrero
12:58 pm - 1:48 pm

America: history of our nation
James West.Davidson - Michael B.Stoff - Pearson 2009
ISBN # 978-0-13-365244-4
Course Resources:
To help your child with organization, we recommend the following course resources:
(1) two pocket folder
(1) one subject spiral notebook
Online Resources:
Teacher Website:
Infinite Campus:
SJMS Website:

Course Description:
- U.S. History 8 (8443)
Students will focus on the period of time leading up to the Revolutionary War through the
Reconstruction after the Civil War. We will emphasize the development of the Constitution and its
application today. Additionally, we will study the expansion of the country as well as the changing
social and political developments leading to the Civil War. Individual and group projects along with
class discussions of the various topics will facilitate student learning.
Course Objectives:
Students will better understand historical, geographical, political, and economic perspectives.
Students will be able to apply historical concepts to major current local, national, and world
events, issues, and problems.
Course Outline:
Daily Warm-Ups
Note taking and chapter outlining
In class reading assignments
A wide variety of in class activities
Homework Assignments
Career Cruising

Patriots Pen Essay
The Road to Revolution - Presentation
Revolutionary War Victory Project
MEAP testing
Constitution Project
Chapter Jigsaw Project
Grading/Late Assignment Policy:
All assignments will be graded on a point value scale with assessment items weighing more heavily than
homework assignments.
Late work will be accepted with a penalty.
Grading Scale:
A 93-100
A- 90-92

B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82

C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72

D+ 67-69
D 63-66
D- 60-62

E 59 and below

Class Behavioral Support System:

This class follows the behavioral expectations laid out in the SJMS Student/Parent Handbook. In
addition, it is expected that each student respect their classmates, teacher, and school property.
All work should be original to each student. Plagiarism will be taken seriously. Refer to the SJMS
Student/Parent Handbook.
Acceptable Use and Student Technology:
Student technology may be used in class at the teachers discretion. To manage student device use, we
located in the Technology Plan ( Devices must be clearly
labeled with the students first and last name. If the device has 3G or 4G capability, it must be disabled
at school. Disabling the 3G and 4G options ensures that students will be visiting appropriate sites only
while at school. In addition, students are not permitted to use devices equipped with a camera to
record/store/send/transmit the spoken word or visual image of any person, including other students or
staff members, without the express consent of the staff person or under the supervision of a teacher or
Student devices are for educational purposes only. We use a stoplight system to manage device usage:
Red light: NO DEVICES ALLOWED. Students will not be using devices in class today. Please
turn off devices and put them away.
Yellow light: DEVICES AT TIMES. Put devices away for now. Well discuss when and how
you may use your device to support learning today. Off-task activities prohibited. Please keep
3G/4G and volume off.
Green light: DEVICES ALLOWED. You may choose when to use your device to support
learning today. Off-task activities prohibited. Please keep 3G/4G and volume off.

I, ______________________________________________ have read the information in this course syllabus. I

(Print Student's Full Name)

Understand the policies in place in this class, and I accept the responsibility for abiding by them.



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Student Signature

Class Hour


Please return, signed by guardian and student by Friday, September 18th, 2015.