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1st July, 2014.

Ms. Lila Poonawalla,

Lila Poonawalla Foundation,

Guest Lecture at SCMHRD.

Dear Ms. Poonawalla,

I am Nikita Gade from the Guest Lecture Team representing Symbiosis Centre for Management
and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), Pune. We are a premier LeadershipEntrepreneurship B-School in India, providing management education in various specializations
namely, HR, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Infrastructure Management. We frequently
organize Guest Lectures on various topics in the college for our students to gain value from the
experiences of the speaker and give them a different perspective of the topic.
Maam, it is an honor and privilege to invite you to our college for a Guest Lecture on Saturday,
8th of November, 2014 and add great value to the business sense of one and all, especially the
budding entrepreneurs of the country. We students require guidance and path-breaking ideas to
lead our way through the tough competition in the Global market on this day.
With your vast and in-depth experience in this field, we students will be inspired to think
differently and passionately.
Also, being the 1st woman CEO in Indias business history, you instill a sense of confidence,
especially among the ladies to excel at every stage and be empowered.
We look forward to a positive confirmation, an honor for us indeed. In case of any queries,
please do revert to us.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions you would like to make for the program.

Yours Faithfully,
Nikita Gade
Member Guest Lecture Team
Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD, Pune.