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Drilling Rig




A Derrick is a four sided structure of sufficient

height and strength to allow the
hoisting( Lowering and rising of equipment in
and out of the well.


The substructure provides support for the

Derrick, Draw-Works and Drill String.

Rig Engines or Prime Movers.

Internal Combustion Engines are commonly used

ranges from 500 to 3000hp, depending upon the
size and rating of the rig.

Draw Works.

The Draw Work is the hoisting mechanism on the

drilling rig enabling heavy loads to be raised or
lowered by means of wire rope wounded on a

Kelly and Kelly Bushing.

The Kelly has a hexagonal or a square shaped and

its main function is to transfer motion to the drill
The Kelly Bushing is engaged with the master
The Kelly serves also as a medium for transporting
mud down to the drill pipes and to the bit.

Master Bushing.

Master Bushing is fixed at rotary table, in which the

Kelly bushing rests.

Hoisting Tackle.

There are two blocks, namely a crown block and a

traveling block.
The Crown block is static and rests at the top of the
derrick and the traveling block moves up and down
the derrick

Drilling Line.

The Drilling Line is a heavy duty Wire rope, used to

raise or lower the thousands of pounds of drilling
equipment during drilling and completion of the well.


The Swivel is installed above the Kelly and its main

function is to prevent the rotary motion of the Kelly
from being transferred to the drilling line .

This is achieved by the rotation of the lower half of

the swivel on a set of heavy duty roller bearings.

The Swivel also allows mud to be pumped through

the Kelly through a side attachment described as a

Drill Stem.

The Drill Stem consists of Drill Pipe, Drill Collars,

Accessories and Drill bit.

Drill Pipe serves as a medium for the transmission of

rotary motion to the bit and also acts as passage for

Drill Collars are heavy duty pipes with large outside

diameter. They are used primarily to put weight on the
bit during drilling.

85% weight of the collar is applied on bit and remaining

is used to keep the drill pipes in tension, thereby
avoiding the buckling of the pipes.

Accessories normally include heavy welded drill

pipes, stabilizers, and shock subs.

Rotary Table.

Rotary Table is the main rotating tool on rig

which provide rotation to whole drilling string.

Roller Cone Bits.
As the name implies, a roller cone Bit employs cones
which rotate about their own axis or about the bit
There are two main types of Roller Cone Bits.
1, Steel toothed bits
2, insert toothed bits

PCD Bits.
A Poly Crystalline Diamond Compact Bit is a new
generation of the old drag or fishtail bit.
These Bits are used to drill the hard rocks.




Offshore Platform

Draw Works

Hoisting Tackles

Hoisting Tackles

Hoisting Tackles

Drilling Line

Rotary Table

Kelly & Rotary Table

Kelly & Rotary Table

Kelly Bushing


Blow Out Preventer

Blow Out

Drill Pipes

Drill Collars

Stabilizers & Packers


Drag Bit

Steel Tooth Roller Cone


Steel Toothed & Insert


Insert Bits

Diamond Bits

Diamond Bits