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507 University Avenue, Apt.

Syracuse, New York 13210
September 15, 2015
Faith Plvan
Writing 307 Professor
Writing Center
239 HBC
Syracuse, New York 13210
Dear Ms. Plvan:
I am writing this letter in regard to joining your Writing 307 class for the fall 2015
semester. When I was researching Syracuse Universitys writing program, I came
across the Syracuse Veterans Writing Group started by two writing instructors
at the University, Ivy Kleinbart and Eileen Schell. I learned that the program was
developed to create a supportive environment for veterans to write and share
their stories. As someone who has a history of war veterans in my family, and a
passion for community service, I immediately was interested in taking another
class in the writing program because of the good intentions and kindheartedness those professors had. When I found out the assistant director of the
writing program taught this class I was instantly intrigued to learn from one of
the top instructors in a program that I have high regard for.
As a captain for Cuse Crew here at Syracuse, I have learned the importance of
professional writing in the workplace. I have sent emails to high-ranking officials
in the universitys athletic department, including Dr. Gross, Mr. Little, and
Morey Mossowitz many times. Those experiences for the past three years will
help me in WRT 307 because I already have knowledge of how to write
important emails and I can help my classmates if they need assistance. I have
also learned to work in a respectful and gracious manner to my peers and
superiors because of those experiences with the athletic department officials. This
will help me in WRT 307 to be respectful to my classmates and my teacher and
not cause any disturbances in class.
As a junior at Syracuse, I have already taken both writing 105 and 205. I have
worked extensively in those classes with peer editing my classmates papers and
have learned to use multiple styles of writing. I can use these skills to provide
constructive feedback for my classmates in order to help them produce the best
work possible. In addition, I want to pursue a career as a sports agent, which has
caused me to become extremely attentive to detail when reading documents,
such as contracts. As a result, I will bring an enthusiastic and detail oriented
approach when we edit papers word-by-word in class.
I know that this letter cannot fully present what kind of person I am and what I
can bring to your class this semester. Would it be possible for me to meet with
you and discuss what I can further contribute to Writing 307 this semester? If so,
you can contact me at 781-686-3966 or . I am looking forward
to hopefully meeting you.

Brian Robinson