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Hark! the herald-angels sing Words by CHARLES WESLEY (1707-88) F. MENDELSSOHN (1809-47) and others V. 3 arranged by DAVID WILLCOCKS j__} 4 one (Ste SSS Potato aren {teal he-mlin-sck ag _Glo-97 fo te sorte ig (orcaN) || mf 2.Christ,by high - est heav'n a - dored,Christ,the ev er - last- ing Lord, pooped dddd di i (aaa Ga enor [bey BASS ie Peace on earth and mer- cy sin = ners re + con- ciled: Late in time be-hold him come Off-spring of a _vir~ gin’s womb: a ad — WT Joy-ful all ye na-tions rise, Join the tri-umph of the skies, Veiled in flesh the God-head see, Hail th’in-car-nate *De - i - ty. aa add With th'an-gel- ic host pro-claim, Christ is__ born in Beth~ le - hem. Pleased 2s man with man to dwell, Je ~ sus, our Em-ma- mu~ el, add Jd da Verse 3 overleaf Org. S Hark! the he- rald - angels sing Glo- ry__ tothe new-born King. a a Org. F Melody, and harmony fr vv. 1 and 2, adapted by W. HL Coroings (1831-1915) fom achoras by Mendeeoha, ‘Verses I and 2 may be sung by unison voices with organ if desire. "*Deicy pronounced Deity [Alto avaible separately (Pee Clrtienas Carat ar. David Wiocks) ‘© ower Univer Pres 1961 (eee ad ohn pat for ves 3) DESCANT (sorRanos) 3,Hailthe heav'n-born Prince of Peace! Hail the Sun of Right- eous-ness! ALL a orig > vorces 3.Hailthe heav'n - born Prince of Pesce! Hail the Sun of Right-cous-ness! vay Light and life to all_.‘hé brings, Ris'a with heal - ing in his wings; Light and life to all he brings, Ris'nwith heal - in his wings; Mild he lays his_ glo- ry by, Bornthat man no_ more_may_ die, _ Mild he lays his glo-ry by; Bornthat man no more may die, Born to raise the— sons ofearth, Born to give them se ~ cond birth. Born to raise the sons of earth, Born to_give them se~cond birth. Hark! the he-rald - an ~ gelt_ sing Glo - ry_._ to. the new-born King, ip Hark! the he-rald - an ~ gels sing Glo - ry 10 the new ~ born King.