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Maintenance Association


Annual Meeting
Saturday, September 28, 2013

There were twelve (11) properties represented, which is in excess of the 25% of 25 total properties
required for a quorum. The following members were present, constituting 44% of property owners:
Jackie Anderson
Russell Anderson
Terry Carleton
Patty Carleton
Martha Cavitt

David Chollar
Maxine Gerdts
Renaye Harn
Jill Howell
Alan Howell

Pat Kerrigan
Kim Lawrence
Greg Leibfried
Deb Liebfried
Liz Reiser

Bev Stickney
Mary Laurel True

1. The Annual Meeting was called to order at the Ike Walton's Lodge, Yellow Lake, WI at 10:00 a.m.,
pursuant to the notice sent to all Association members in accordance with the bylaws.
2. It was requested that fire box numbers be placed on the Association directory and plat map to make it
easier to identify which property it is, with the fire box number that is posted there. Not all properties have a
fire box number as of yet, as it is only required if you build on the property. However any property can get
one posted by contacting the county.
3. A Financial Report was presented by Deb. There were still a number of properties that had not paid for
2012 resulting in a shortfall of $1,400. There is under $900 remaining in the bank account and if members
send in unpaid dues and current dues for 2014, we should have enough to cover the annual road expenses.
Despite sending notices out last fall, some properties have not yet paid. We decided notices should be sent
again this year to let members know if they are in arrears. We ask that dues for the upcoming year are paid
before January 1 of that year. For those who need additional reminders, we will send out second notices after
January 1. However there is no need to wait until Jan. 1 to pay dues. Paying them in a timely manner
simplifies the workload for the officers who volunteer their time. Thank you to everyone who was able to
pay at the meeting.
4. The roads are in decent condition with a few washed out spots from recent heavy rains that Hopkin's
can come out and take care of. Terry Carleton has kept on top of the road conditions, and has spent time
mowing the sides of King Arthur's Court as well as making minor repairs and modifications to keep
everything in good shape. It is helpful to be able to keep costs down, and cooperative efforts like this have
been helpful in the past. However, Terry can't do all the roads himself, and others members may not have
the time or capacity to do the work. We can definitely hire out as much as is necessary to maintain the roads,
but if there are other willing volunteers who can help out with the small road tasks, it benefits everyone.
5. Even though the roads are in good shape, there is excessive weed growth in the roadway along the edges
due to the small amount of traffic we have on the roads. To maintain the road width that is currently there,
we discussed hiring a mowing company that could do all the roads in the association. According to Terry
Carleton, Bruce's Auto Repair in Webster, WI can do this at a cost of $150-$200 per visit. It was thought

that mowing twice per season would meet our needs. No one within the association currently has the time or
equipment to do all the roads. The budgeting for road repair and maintenance has proved to be adequate for
this past year and should be able to accommodate the extra cost for mowing. A motion was made and
seconded to pursue this and it was unanimously approved. It was suggested that as we drive the roads, try to
drive on each lane rather than down the middle to also help discourage weed growth.
6. In addition to several small spots on the road that Terry was able to repair, there are a few larger tasks
including repairing washouts on hills and to keep the water draining off the roads. Hopkins still comes out
to grade and add gravel at our request but Terry suggested hiring Carey Rand who can bring out a skid
loader and assist with tasks too small to warrant calling Hopkins out, but too large for a person to handle.
Terry will investigate costs. It was motioned and seconded and unanimously approved that Terry is
authorized to spend in the range of $300 - $1000 to have this work done.
7. It was noted that there were signs posted indicating that Fremsted Road is an ATV route and specifies
paved roads only. However many riders seem to assume that this includes our private gravel road. Other
private or dirt roads in the area have signs directing ATV's away from them. Terry will look into how to get a
sign at the entrance to the private road that would clarify that we are not part of the approved ATV route.
8. Kim and Renaye reported on lots of bear activity in the area, including their deck. Others reported bears
on their decks or nudging campers. They thought the bears seemed fairly docile and not afraid of people,
though that does not make them safe. Remember to keep food indoors or inside vehicles and garbage
contained as well. Bears have been known to get into coolers left outside. If you do encounter one, make
sure your presence is known by making a noise or blowing a whistle as they tend to avoid people.
9. Alan and Jill made a proposal to set up a web blog that would serve as a forum to communicate not only
association business and meeting minutes, but also as a place where the members can have ongoing updates
and information about any type of activity happening in the community. It could include anything from
what's going on with the weather, to wildlife sightings, to issues with the road or whatever comes up.
Pictures can be posted as well. It will be set up and maintained by Alan, but all members are encouraged to
be a part of any conversation that occurs. It is not a web site that we would own, bur a site that could host
this blog for free. The free version of this web blog should meet our needs, but does have limitations that
prevent us from doing some things without incurring a cost. The intention is to keep a free version, at least
until we determine how successful or useful it could be. Alan and Jill will notify all members when it is up
and running and how to access it. It should take maybe a week or two to get it live and usable. The format
will be kept simple to make it accessible to any level of computer skill. No one is required to use the site and
any official association business will continue to be sent by email or paper mail if requested. There was a
motion to approve moving forward with this idea, at no cost to the association. The motion was seconded
and approved. UPDATE: The web blog is now operational and can be accessed by going to:
Upper case letters don't matter when typing this in. Information about getting started on how to use the site
is available in the General Information section.
10. The voting for officers took place and it was decided that Terry Carleton will continue as President and
Jill Howell as secretary. Deb Leibfried decided to not run for treasurer for a third term. We are so grateful to
Deb for giving her time and taking on an officer's position. All members should consider contributing in this
way. If you have not yet served, please consider it for the future. It does not have to be a long term
commitment unless you choose. After some discussion regarding the treasurer position, it was decided that
we would revert to the description in the bylaws which designates one person for both secretary and
treasurer. The intention is to do this for the time being, and hopefully have a separate treasurer position
again when there is a workable option for that to occur. In the meantime Jill will serve both as secretary and
treasurer, and all dues payments should be sent to her at the following address: Jill Howell, 699 Dayton Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104.
11. Proxy voting was discussed as a way to represent the full range of opinions in the association. It was
proposed to have a general proxy voting system put in place. This means that if a member is not able to
attend a meeting, another member who is present can vote on their behalf, as long as the proxy arrangement
was done in advance of the meeting. There must be a quorum of people present at the meeting for any
proxy votes to be counted. Proxy votes may not be used to fulfill the quorum requirement. The discussion
part of the decision making process is valuable, and proxy votes are not intended to be used as a reason to
not attend a meeting. The motion was made for proxy voting to be established. The motion was seconded
and approved by unanimous vote. The RLMA proxy form that should be used if you desire to utilize this
option, will be made available either in hard copy, email or hopefully printed at your convenience from the
web blog. Please make sure any Proxy forms are submitted to an association officer before any meeting
where it is to be exercised.
12. The next scheduled meeting will be the Annual meeting. at 10 am on Saturday, September 27, 2014. The
meeting location is to be announced. A notice will be sent two weeks in advance of the meeting.
13. The meeting was declared adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Financial Report
Address list/map
Proxy Form

Annual Dues of $100 per property for the year 2014 are currently due.
Please pay 2014 dues by January 1, 2014 at the latest. All dues should be sent to the Treasurer:
Jill Howell
699 Dayton Ave. St. Paul, MN 55104
Make checks payable to Rainbow Lake Maintenance Association or RLMA
These minutes were prepared by Jill Howell. Please let me know of any errors or omissions in the minutes.
printed on 100% recycled paper, 100% post-consumer waste.