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ROMANIA NECLASIFICAT MINISTERUL APARARII NATIONALE Exemplarul unic Academia Tehnica Militara Concursul de admitere, sesiunea iulie 2014 Varianta A Proba: ,,Limba Englezi” I. Reading comprehension Read the texts below, and, for items 1-15, choose the correct answer from among the four given variants. Mark your answer on the answer sheet, A thief stopped outside the Hilton Hotel at midday yesterday and asked to go to the Lefevre Gallery in Central London. Giving the driver a 10-dollar tip to wait, he walked into the private gallery and asked the value of Picasso’s Head of a Woman. The portrait of Picasso’s girlfriend Dora Maar, was painted in 1939 and is valued at 650,000 dollars. “He seemed very civilized until he pulled out his gun,” said Camilla Bois, one of the two assistants in the gallery, when the thief entered. He demanded the picture from the other assistant, Jacqueline Cartwright. “He looked like an art student with long ” she said. He told her he had a gun and he wanted the picture. He told her to get it off the wall, but she said she could not. The man then pulled the picture from the wall and ran out of the gallery. ‘The whole operation took 35 seconds. At the taxi, the thief pointed the gun at the driver and demanded to be taken to Wimbledon, south-west London, 1 The thief gave 10 dollars to the driver because a, he wanted help to carry the painting b. he needed him to wait there ¢. he paid for the taxi . he hoped he wouldn’t tell the police 2 Who was in the gallery when the thief came in?” 2. Dora Maar b. The taxi driver ¢. Camilla Bois and Jacqueline Cartwright d. Dora Maar and Camilla Bois 3. Jacqueline Cartwright thought that the thief @. was an art student b. seemed very civilized ¢. would shoot her d. looked strange 4 The thief told the gallery assistant that the taxi was waiting that he really liked the painting to give him the painting that the gun was loaded 1ain6 3 ‘The site of the crime was Wimbledon, south-west London the Hilton Hotel ataxi the Lefevre Gallery in Central London aose Carroll Hall looked out of her office window and wondered what was going on. A yellow, single engine plane was moving along the runway, apparently ready to take off except that it just missed another aircraft that was coming in to land. “We couldn't understand what the pilot was trying to do”, said Ms Hall, A moment later, she found the answer, as the pilot rushed into her office and called the emergency services. “His plane had left without him. If that was unusual, what followed was almost unbelievable, as the plane got faster, lifted off into the air, and climbed to 2,000 feet. The pilot, Paul Sirks, had taken off early in the morning to meet friends for breakfast in Illinois, But his plane began having mechanical trouble and, as he landed at Grimes Field, the engine stopped — so he got out to restart it by turning the propeller. As he did so, the engine started. And before he could get back in, the plane began to move across the airfield. It just got away from him and took off,” Ms. Hall explained, 6 — When Carroll Hall looked out of the window, she was surprised to see a. an airplane accident b. adouble engine airplane ¢. a yellow airplane almost hitting another plane 4d. an aireraft coming in to land 7 The single engine plane was a. on the point of taking off b. just landing on the runway c. trying to hit another plane 4d. making a terrible noise 8 Soon afier, the pilot a. called in to make an apology b. phoned the emergency services c. explained that he needed medical treatment came in to look for his assistant 9 Before the incident, the plane a. had a problem with the propeller b, climbed to 2,000 feet ©. had experienced some mechanical trouble 4. had reached Illinois 10. Paul Sirks initially intended to land at Grimes Field to lift the plane by turning the propeller not to disturb Ms. Hall to have breakfast with his friends in Illinois peop If your favorite pair of jeans dates back to before 1971, they could be valuable, Collectors are prepared to pay up to 5,000 pounds for denim jackets and jeans more than a few decades old. “Jeans have become the classic thing of our century and people want the earlier examples,” says antiques expert Madeleine Marsh. Levi's number one jackets -— made around a hundred years ago ~ and Big E Levi's - which have a capital “E” on the label — are most wanted. They are as rare as a Ming vase.” says Miss Marsh. “Until quite recently, jeans were just work clothes. People didn’t save them” Patricia Penrose, ‘owner of a clothing shop, said. Good, original examples can be as hard to find as the most precious antiques. “Levi's jeans became valuable before 1971, the year the company began to use small “e” rather than capital “E” on its label. A pair of 1950's Levi's can be worth up to $00 pounds while a pair of Levi's from the 1930’s sell for up to 5,000 pounds. 2din6 11 Jeans were originally considered a. ordinary clothes b. work clothes ¢. precious antiques the classic thing 12 Because people didn’t use to save them, old jeans a. disappeared from the market b. have become precious collector's items €._are f00 Worn out to use nowadays d. are out of fashion 13. Which items of jeans are the most wanted nowadays? a. 1971 Levi’s jeans b. 1950's Levi's jeans ¢. Levi's number one jackets and Big E Levi’s 4. after 1971 Levi's jeans 14 Miss Marsh compares Big E Levi's to a Ming vase because they are a. quite as old b. quite as fragile quite as exquisite quite as rare 15 Before 1971, Levi's jeans ‘a, had a capital “E” on the label b. sold for more than 500 dollars a pair cc. sold for no less than 5,000 dollars a pair had a small “e” on the label M1. — Grammar and vocabulary Tems 16 — 20 are incomplete sentences. Choose among the four variants given under each sentence the one word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly. 16 Birds all over the world __on distances up to thousands of miles. a. migrating b. migrated c. migrate d._ are migrated 17 Cellulose, which for making paper, can be found in all plants, a. isused buses ©. areused 4d. isusing 18 Generally speaking, every person the potential to be a teacher, to some extent. a. has b. to have ©. having have 19. The milling machine remained unchanged for a century because was so efficient. a. he bit ©. of d. its 20 Napoleon the West Indian island of Santo Domingo in 1801. a. attacked b. isattacking c. has attacked 4d. attacking 3din6 Each of the sentences 21 ~ 25 contains one error. Identify the error from the four underlined words. 21 One of history’s most spectacular executions were that of Damiens, the unsuccessful assassin of Louis XV ofl France. . ‘ 22 The sun is a_huge fiery globe at a average distance of 93, 000,000 miles from the Earth, 23 Before eer icra Charles Kettering, former vice-president srosea Motors, ‘was so poor that he hast use a barn as a laboratory. 24 Prycholosists at the University of aad has studied the effects of the color of a room on people’s behavior. . . . 25 sein Franklin’s ability to learn from observation and experience contributed to hi success in public life. ° . d From 26 to 30 you have four variants derived from the word written in capitals at the end of each line. Choose one variant that best fits in the gap. Only one variant is correct. 26 Whatkind of __do you have with your sisters? a. RELATES b. RELATINGS ©. RELATING d,_ RELATIONSHIP 27 I find it hard to long passages for homework. a. MEMORIES b. MEMORIZE, c. MEMOIR d. MEMORIED 28 Carol's sudden 100k us all by surprise DEPART, a. DEPARTURE b. DEPARTAL c. DEPARTER d. DEPARTY 29 The main to the hotel i ‘a. ENTERANCING b, ENTERING c. ENTERY d. ENTRANCE 30 After being given a final » Melinda was never late for work again WARN a. WARNER b. WARNY c. WARNING d. WARNERING in Lime Street. ENTER din 6 In items 31-35 each sentence has a word or phrase underlined. Choose among the four variants ‘the one word or pirase that is the best substitute for the underlined word or phrase. 31 The fundamental. principle of operation for a capitalist firm is the search for profits. & accepted b. practical ©. basic d. ideal 32. The US government funds many research projects every year. a. approves of bi pays for ©. thinks about d. relies on 33 _In adverse conditions, it is not always easy to be polite. a. courteous b. clean ©. fastidious 4d. early 34° Swans construct nests out of little wigs, a cut b. establish ©. demolish . build 35. The coastline of Alaska has numerous small harbors. a. busy b. terrible ©. many a. few IL Writing This is a letter writen by Paola, an Halian student of English at a school in London, to her pen Sriend David. Choose among the variants offered, the one that best fits the context, completing thus the whole letter, 36 @ David, b. Dear David, c. Dear Sir, d. Dear Mr. David, 37 are you? a How b. What c. Which 4. Who 38 tm a. glad b. nice ©. terrible d. fine 39 I'm in London a. with the International School of English b. in the English International School ©. at the International School of English 4. to the English International School Saino 40 4 42 4B 44 I'm ____with eight other students from different countries. a. atthe same class b. in the same class c. on the same class 4. in the similar class _____ is Peter Briscall. @ Our teacher’s name b. Our teacher name ¢. Our teacher naming d. Ours teacher naming He is nice, funny, a. ora very good teacher b. but very good teacher ©. and a very good teacher d. together with a very good teacher I live . the Browns. a. atan English fam . with an English family ¢. like an English family 4. foran English family The Browns are friendly, but to understand them! a. there isn’t easy b. itisn’t easily &. this isn’t easily d. itisn’teasy to me soon a. You would write b. Would you writing ce. Write Don’t write Lots of love. Paola ‘Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii, Punctajul acordat: cate 0,2 puncte pentru fiecare raspuns dat corect (1.2 puncte x 45 intrebari = 9 puncte). Timp de lucru efectiy —90 minute. Secretarul comisige agmitere Li. coling. iA Romeo 5 ain6

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