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Born: June 9, 1963 (age 50), Owensboro, Kentucky, United States

1983 (20) Married

1983 Ist Movie nightmare on elm street
Prive Resort Low budegt movie comedy
1985 divorce
Sharolin Fen Proposed
Vietnam Drama Platoon
21 Jump Street Tom Hansen Chactarer 5 yr contact at FOX started april 12 1987
10,000 fan letters a month 1500$ a week
Hated show, of the set refused to play a part of teen idol,
smoked like a chimeny,Deathly afraid of clowns and host (john davidson)
1989 (26) 17 yr old actor winona ryder propsed after 5monts and a tatto
First major role cry baby driector john waters (tranvertites) (26)
after jump edward scissorhands (27) with fiance actress in movie ,director tim b
urton they wanted tom cruise
1990 lives in hotel buys ants and houses then 2 movies he turned down speed movi
e role and many others
Benny and Joon 1993
1993 broke of with winona and removed tattos to read wino forever
Made a movie whats eating gilbert grape a dama movie with leo as his brother
He opened viper room (bar)
1993 river pheonix actor died outside viper shut it down 4 2 weeks
1994 then made Ed wood movie
(31) DOn juan Marco
sep 1994 in manhatten the mark hotel argues with his gf kate moss and broke furn
iture got arrested 10000$
Nick of time
(1997)Brave produced directed and acted was never release in USA
same yr donnie brasco got praised bbut fear and loathing got failed
1999 kate moss brakup
1999 he stayed in paris and make the ninth gate he met venessa parady she was mu
sition and made up
3 moths later she was preg and in may 1999 lilly rose - depp born france
1999 sleepy hollow
" Villany Wars Many Masks.None so dangerous as the mask
of virtue"
and chocholat
2001 from hell
2002 POTC produced by armegadon and peral harbor sparrow on kieth richards
2002 april 9th son Jack born
POTC top grossing movie 2003 earning over 300mil$ in US alone
Again in 2003 (40) after 15yr later he was declared seiet man alive,
his first nomination was best actor