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Medford City Council ‘The Thirtieth Regular Meeting Medford, Massachusetts October 13, 2015 City Council Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr, President Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Vice President Paul A, Camuso Richard F. Caraviello ‘Adam Knight Michael J. Marks Robert M. Penta Proson Frodo, Dolo Rusted the Tith guar Mosting of he Medford hy Counc to ender at 7:00 Pa ane Howard. Aen MenoalAusoran, Meson Cy al ROLL CALL SALUTE TOTHE FLAG ‘The Records of Octber 6, 2015 were passed to Vie President Lingo Koehn MOTIONS, ORDERS AND RESOLUTIONS 18.701-Otfered by Councilor Lungo-Koehn Be It Resolved that a resident be allowed to speak with regards to three issues; a ‘missing stop sign and painted stop lines on Yale Street, the installation of protective ‘metal Bollards on Harvard and Yale Street sidewalks at comers of Main Street, and the replacement of a curb cut. PETITIONS, PRESENTATIONS AND SIMILAR MATTERS. 02. Petition by John Veneziano, 65 Crocker Rd., Medford, MA to announce to the Citizens the Medford the Medford Chamber of Commerce is hosting The Great Debate on Thursday, October 15, 2016 at Chevalier Auditorium, Doors open at 6 pm. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE MA) October 6,2015 ‘To the Honorable President and Mombers of the Medford City Council City Hall Medford, MA 02155 Dear Mr, President and Councilors: | respectfully request and recommend that your Honorable Body confirm the reappointment of Mr. Allan K. Martorana of 25 Blakely Road, Medford as a member of the Medford License Commission for a 3 year reappointment which will expire June 1, 2018. (Mr, Martorana isin attendance this evening. MIMiim 568 Very ty yous, wae. Mein Mayor UNFINISHED BUSINESS Acceptance of GLC 4 59B, 690, 59D estabish Reserve Fire Force INCITYCOUNCL —AUGUSTE,2013 TABLED Show Cause Hearing CTC Gold Refinery, 6 Salem St INCITY COUNCIL UNE 17, 2044 asLeD INCTYCOUNGL JULY 15,2014 TABLED Sotctors information Channel 3 INCITYeOUNCL JULY 15,2014 TasteD Tax Rate & Surplus Funds INCITY.COUNCL DECEMBER, 2014 TABLED Mary K, Benoit address Council on Medford Senior Center IN CITY COUNCIL JANUARY 6, 2015 TABLED ‘Autor provide updated breakdown of bonds INCITY COUNCIL FEBRUARY 17,2015 TABLED Robert Cappucei, 71 Evans St Medford Jobs & Infrastructure INCITY COUNCIL APRIL 14, 2015 TABLED 15-556 15.574 Mass Dot Appear & explain Craddock Bridge IN CITY COUNCIL MAY 5, 2018 ‘TABLED $75,000 Appropriate for potholes and repairs INCITY COUNCIL JUNE 29, 2015 SECTION 22 Revised amendment to Fiscal 2018 INCITY COUNCIL JUNE 29, 2015 TABLED Update on Mectord Cable Access INGITY COUNCIL JUNE 20, 2015, SECTION 22 Hearing National Grid & Verizon Canal St INCITY COUNCIL AUGUST 11,2015. TABLED Lis Morales, Chevalier Theater INCITY COUNCIL SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 TABLED ‘Amendments Chapter 6 personnel Public Works -Revised INCITY COUNCIL OCTOBER6,2015. TABLED Transfers $71,126 to Public Works & Building Services Personnel INCITY COUNCIL OCTORERG, 2016 TABLED. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION COUNCIL PAPERS IN COMMITTEE Reports Duo / Deadlines cords: ‘The Records of October 6, 2015 were passed to vice President Lungo-Koehn, Adjournment: