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~ttp:llwww.g31n111·WGlkl n(lp.(:o.'J~

This momentous issue carries three great freebies ~ one lor every 100 issues of the White Owarf's lite!

01 particular note is the fabulous artwork by Adrian Smith of the Emperor confwI1LinQ Warmaster

Horus on 11is Balli, Bar~' This remarkable plec.

is the cover art lor sabenoetn Game,' colilctible card gam, based around the events of the HOrliS Heresy and is used wtth their kmd permission,

hllp:llsab.rtoothg.mas. com

This and other superb Horus Heresy artwork is also found in the Black Library's 'The Horus Heresy volume 1: Visions of Win'. Volume 2 (pictured right) is released this month:

www. blackllbrarv.eem


Game. Workshop Now,

All the latest news and informalion.


Reach for the tissues - Fat Bloke PaLiI Sawyer reminisces once more.

The Whit. Dwarf Team

Seer, fights, women ... whatth. Whit' Owatl t ea m hav, been up to.

10 12 16 24

New Rele ....

All ot tois month's 'at,., r,I eas , s.

Tho Hi,Iory 01 White Dwarf

G~y Hojey marts the noble history 01 our hUlllble magazine

The lllustmted MDn

We discuss the big picture with GW artwork supremo John manche.

190 Dok Butcher

The Ook is back and his surjery is open for business!


32 Feeding Timet

. The Ogres are coming, and not the kind with talking donkeys in tow

38 50

Bugman's Lament

Buornan battles down Ihe river Sol against a band of Goblin pirates.

Ihs Rise 01 Sotek

Make your uzardmen unique by <levoling them to an 010 One goo.

,,~ "u. _~.' - .:~ -~-.::~

. . ~._ -. .

-- ~ ~ - ...

Bretonnla In flames

Can you conquer the Vall~ Grismerfe in this awesome campaIgn?

Tho While Dwarf Comi,

Great art. gripping acnon and the legendary White Dwarf.

'Eayy Metal Showcase

lnsplratlonal models with a warharemer bent.

Hard as Stone

The ori{lins of th!! Whit!! Owrnf reve<ll:Bd it"] this story by Gav Ihmpe,

A T.I. or four Game"

Tna renrn eums popula( article. Meet our nel'l f'Jltasticlo",

HAMMER 40,000

1 The Uliramarines 01 War

A dose leek at the UII,amarin.s' reading of Ih. Codex Astartes.

Doad by Dawn

Ullrarn .. ill's 2nd Company bartl. Waaagh! RaZ2ekal greansklns.

Do eoss Is eack

Adi Wood ~Isils his Orl< army.

The Madness of King Artur

This chnp hils pall'1lcrl a whole chapter in jus120 days:

'Eavy Metal Showcase

A !JlIllr,ry m ( mlnlaleres from the 41st mleniem



6 Tribes ef Harad

More troop types for use in your The Lord of The Rings battles.

15 158

(00,1.1 Reid,

Enhanced rules fur lighlinQ in boats.

Coastal Tetroin Build your 01'111 coast.

170 Desperale Dofon,o

The flnel in",lm,nt 01 Adam Trok"s Dol Amloth mini· campaign.

164 (hronld., of Mlddle.oorth: Tho Sog •• f M.olhor BackgrOLlnd, rules and a scenilr~o to-r this new hero.

172 BottI. Report: Charge .f the Mumakil

We re-enact thll Rohirrim's charge and the altJck of the Mlimakil on Ihe Pel,nnor Relds.


94 Store finder

Find your ne'rest Hobby Contre or GW stockist wherever you are.

200 202

Even's Diary

Up and coming tournaments arld cv!:nts - g!!t InvolvedJ

Games WDrkshop Direct

seen a cool model? Go here to order all your components, miniaturlls and more.

so, WhiLe Owan is IlnalLy 300 issues old;, But. as with all Ow.rts. he's only lust gelling going. 300 is a momentous number lor any magll7.inEl, Ilspecrallv so tor such an irlstilulion as th~s tinE! oruan (SLop sniggering. Byrne).

I'~ considered, short succincllook at what was In this current issue but 1I1.t fiend Holey insists I have two pagesLo fill. He's ~ounc and relatively new. He'll learn from hls mistakes, no doubt ...

First Issue

Way, way back In the mists of

time when l was iota roL"pl'yinO I'd buy miniatures from one or LwO local shops. On, of these was Asgard on High Pavement in Nottingham. A .cJinQier more forbidding store I Gould not imagine - a far cry rrom th. Games Workshop Hobby Centres of fOday and thank Grungnl jor til an However lor ,IIILS 'atmospnere' It was a veritable treasure trove 01 mmmures. I bought my iirslever miniature here - a Citadel Minialures Slime Beast with sword (pictured

lielow - the sword is now long gone) - but also my firsl copy of White-Dwarf.

WhiL' Dwan16 was a massive 32 pa~,s long, of which 12 were adverts. Back then in December 1979 it was still bi·monthly and ali black and while oar Ill. covers. However, [l was a role-player's only rcal way 01 keeping up wifh the liJlest news and ideas (no interne I back then, you 500). HighlighlS of this Issue were state [or adding th' denizens of Slephan Donaldson's Ghroni~les of Thomas Covenant into

AO&D. A scenario tor Gamma World, a review of aemes Day V (i) and Ihe evapopular Fiend Faclory and Treasure Chest Ieafures. Oh. how the maglUine has changedl

First issue as ed itor From humble' beginnings as ,dltor 01 ths now defunct Ciladel Journal I was given Ihe chance to tl1ke on the big on" - Wilile Dwart. A daunting prosp,cllndeed and on. I accepted IVIIIl trepidation. My first Issue as ,ditor was WD215. Published in November 1997, models such as the

P.1IJ1 S~m'Ye(s V81Y ttm ueue. WD16 -1JoU(}ht in the stone ay8 - WIlS full of rote-playIng Jrt'-c/tlS, mos.tIt on AO&V. 11 C()ntai()ed Gnly 20 pa{}e~' of hobby maI8({.:lU This is that vel}' copy - dOg-eill8d bllt milch loved,


pl as nc Eldar Falcon Grav Tank h.d just been released as had the new Brelermiana and Wood E"rIres for tha 5th.ditio" of warharnmer; Gorkamorka [remember Ihat), the go'me 01 Orky vehlcle combat, was still going strong.

Seven years on and it's scary looking back at what we did back then layoul'-wlse ...

Favourite article

Way too many to choose from but ODe. stands out tor me -the Eprc Space Marine BaML, Report in WOf43. When I first read this il blew me aw,y. II not only had a good baokstnry 10 lhe gam, but evocative photography and, best of afl, boxed-out tips and rules clarilcatlona, AwesomB.

And now I'd like 10 thank,,,

I don't usually go ailiuvvy but l thuk WD300 is an approprtate pl,ee tu say a [ew Ihank YOU5, The following have had a great Influence on my time as senor and also on the magazine as • result,

First up is former White OWan edlloe Robin Dews. Robin's sage advice

IiOIpM me greally during my JlJrmatlve years as eoitor. His mr.e.::tion and coualcered Villwpo~nl .as: always a c.alminQ voice in the storm ana I appreci.t'~ It greatly.

Another whose expenerrce and 7Jltnion has been of colossal help is Alan Merre" (GW IP manager and znhor of Insignuill Astart9s}. Alan eas been wllh Games Workshop sioee the dawn of time nnn [mly a fool would dismiss his iflSightlul Glllbling, (and rantsl), Alan's easslcn lor all things Games Nurkshop are a conslanllnspiralion m those on Iho receiving end ot his 'lSplnng speeches.

ffilm a Games Workshop

perspectl ve , Ihe biggesl vOle 01 tnanks has 10 be made 10 oilihe o!I!aps who have h,lped put th, magazine together over my nrne as efttor - tbe likes of Phil Kelly, Nick Davis, Graham Oavey and the Grand Warlord hirnsall, Adrian Wood. Unbeknownsllo you, lhe readers, :he White Dwart leam hasn'l always been at WII strength numterswisc and duri'no those dilrk days two names shoud be honoured as helpine 10 producs Ihi Quality magazine you all expec1lhrough sheer persistence and many long hours. Matthew Hutson "and Paul Rudge lake a bow, we couldn't have done it without you.

The unsung heroes 01 While Ow,rt

aru thB GW Reprouraphcs department and Sean Cutler in porticular, Soan lao ours long and i1ard 10 prepare our Illes for print and Is effecllvely the 71h Dwarf (he'd have 10 be Dopey though - h. supports Nollinghom Forest).

On the same subject it would be remfss.ot me to not acknowledge the cnons of the (lurrent White Dwarf team in producing this issue .. SO% bigger than usual and wilh 111rge lr.ebios olll'lllhin the same monthly llmoframe -rm proud 01 them (don't tell 'om I said that though -I have a reputation to maintain after .11). Helped admirably by Ihe UK Sludio', Karen Miksza, Paul Foulkes and Andrew Sharman Iho.y've all done R great lOb under Mr Hal,y's Iroll wle and till within dl3iidlinr: despite me Dngying. my feel on writing this editorial.

Heartfolt thanks (by way of an apology) really have to go to my long-suHeril19 family. They've had to put up With my Inlsty excuse 01 'I need 10 paint this ~tuff IOf work' as I etoister myself in my painUng room only to ernerce lor load and drinks ~n~, occasion'"y, sleep. My wife, Julie accepts this as pint of Ille package of being married to a hobbylsl allhough \'/0 bolh know I lake liberties sometimes (sorry

dear. .. ). My two girls, Calhe"n. and Holly think irs ooollh.t D.ddV paints lor his job - Catherine has already

startsc painting a I.w 01 my cast otts, Now If we can jusl gcl her painting Dwarfs by Ihe regiment ..

One final but very imporlanllhank you is 10 you, Ihe reader. Not merely for continuing to couect White Dwart each month but tor your most valuable feedback on whal you do imd dnn'tlike in Ille magazine. FDr instance .. 'you lold us vou wanted 'ewer adverts in the mag so we've dropped too vast. majority. To.nks tor all your emnlls, letters and comments on the various internet forums l Irequent.

Back to the real world

Right, that's enough gratuilous backslapplngl So. what h,ve I been up to Ihis month? H,ppily I'v. finished those pesky river-bome Goblins and their rafts for BUQman's Lamal'll. I never want to see anamegreen,kin ever agalnl lnstcad I'm getting back into my Iyranld army.

Paul/Fat Bloke' Sawyer Editor

Paul's first Issue as tUmor. Fl1alurlng J camp/ole {1Olmc far BretonniOiIl he(Q!!!!', It a/sa pic;(urlid P,lUi in Ci b/r:u:k liUiI wielding a basebaN bat - '1itsi Ioofs of (/"II.~e when '"pi"g·lhe While Dwarf production team In line.

Wllh the upd<l,lcd version of WarhamrmH',40,OQO now released It is nme 10 locus on my 11iv9 swarm again. Starting with a large swarm 01 Gaunts with scything talons follow.d by anomer large swarm of Haunts with scything talon s, It'. going 10 bo a 10l1g momh ...

Ga mes Day 2004

As I write this Barnes Day lias just been held. It was g~ciJ 10 meet plenty 0' neW taces as weH as the rE!gulars. On6 wetccme observation made by myself and many olhcr veterans o11he event was Ihal the average age seemed to be much higher than previous years and the whole event rell very much like a concantton, a celebration or the Games WorkShop hObby. II all mao. for a very good d~y rind I for one can't wan Ul1tll next year's event. But 1 guess I'm gOIJ1g to have to,

See you ne,t month,


NEW ROAR TITAN GLIDES IN Coming soon 'from Ihe workshops 01 Forge World [8 a wamammnr 40,000' scale EWar ~Qvenant Til",

Thls is the first Eillar man to be released from Forge World. Glidin\l into battla on ltslump I'\s, this anclent war m.c~in' Is toling some serious tire power, witl1lwo ptmishing Pulsars and s pecerant Missile Launcher.

The E.ldar RevMantls a Qompl,l, resin mod'el and measures a 'gianl 12' (30Qmm) 1.11, The Masl" Model is by Wfli Hayes, with the crew morlets sculpted by Simon Eg~n,

Tbere's eleo an EpIC scale Revenant coming soon. Sse pa~e S for details oll~Js monsters littl, brolher:

Rlgi}l: Tl}_e sf'.mdl)r. yet immensely powuf'rIJ, Revcn;mt. A grant In comparison In .. , WJrf1ammer40,OOO EJdJr GiiJrdian.


two b",.d n,1y I))InallSloll $~ lor ~.b,rt1iol!l.'S'WaJCII' ColiMlabl, Ga,tl S.mure oul this IMlllh,

The Haltlnge[S of War b~{l8wr p;V;Rt hrrn~ 120 groat n"I'""ard, mi. the paille and'slso Inlrodlmul~ rorf1lltfab!eHNbln~er e .. rds

fill' ,,"ond rei ease Is the q,w;baili. box, Oe:!lIlfll\d Honouf Mild" two P,.',OIjslructad army d""" - one ct which Is the Emplra:th~mMr thO' Inlm~-a\"'TII!lI Vem~lre Collnt~,



School clubs are a great way tn play

Richard Coxon is a d~i.HcaIEd W,unamn-nn and Warh~mmer 40,000 player, strang' th.n thol he shoul~ 1'101'11' ba captain of a The Lord of the, Rings gaming club OIl his schcor of Abbotstiolrne, Hichard, 16, tslls us how this happoned,

0""1 second." Ri.hard t,lls us, Thaldea b,hind SCIIDOI clubs is to have a place where like-minded pupils can tmiuy the holJb"y, together and contribute to the funning otthe club by painling, modelling and gamihg, The club< also have.a tormal structure to cnsurn they lire run properly !3[1d club rnambets are catled upon here loa to vote far a CII.lD captain Jnd club ser;relary. II isa Isstament to fI[(:hard'~ achtevemant at Ihe club given tM short period hll"!s been a member that he W;;IS voted club eaptaln, whose important jQb it is to see the club runs 5:moothly.

"It was a real honour iI.mj Pvn had lol~ otrnn flJlfilHng thls rote."

This new tlxperience laugfLt Richard that it is easy to gel involved with school ctuos. E,," .elling them up

"The firsilime I went to the Lord 01 The Rings club, I h'" no mod, Is, no Ideawh;,lt to e::m"~ct or even r,xac.tly where the club W1lS ta~irig place,"

Th, cl"b'Richi!r~ was interested In joining 0.:15 founded by M.ark Wells, "the: Chief Suvemor of Abbotsnoime "il.lltJ it was MarkJh"a1 directed " Richard to where IhE! club aclivities look place, Once there, Richard lound no dlnlculty in gening started, "I quickly settled In ano thallirsl week we palnte"d llruk-hal tor the dub iI~y. Since then l'vu gun.e whenever I can and hava 8nioy8d

~Ide uflhe ~Qald.1t l'Ia' • grllat way fo revisit some lavourlla chi1mCtars from the gamfll.k

N; woll jlS a number of n~w """.rlo,. prof!les III Iha book WIll COvel all manner of Hobbll heroes aM \'Iarllo[$. l11ebllCkground aspecl 01 Ihe ~O<lk In~I",I es a Ho~blt ~r'lory, wh 'h detail$ Incldenls when Ih~ HQHbits (lava bllljn 1»11"'" into-lr.HI., such 3a tim failtou, Bi!lUa 01 Greenfield" fealullng BuliroaruTookl

A range ofnow mini'flltes will ilI::compimy the book, dominated by Hobbits designed by MI~hael Ind Mm Peflll ~M • n.w QIi: mil~el, Gplllmhul, d,s!gnqd by G!ry Morley,

Scouring nf fhe Shim, is censed ~",und small-scale ~kirmislleS sImilar fo the le.' established In me aNginal fellowship 01 lhe Ring .. "iQ.n of the Q,me, Iaunolled back In 20&1, PlovldlnC evan

more gaming options to Tna ~ord ottho RI~g. cnlMuslasl

AM •• ; A Hobbit Shorl" from fh", SCOllr1nD of the-Shire.

S.low .nd 1.11: Two of tile new HobWt Mir.rill(norl6~


~ ~ hard, as he explains, , lIa afraid fo ask a

or nea~ teacher where you a club 01· your own, Then and make sure a II your IiiIve fun."

like Richard, you can fiM Oul nbout a game system you've never played, "During my time at the dub, I've

'"as .ecelved lol~ ot-greal md ac:lvtce from teachers er and Governor in his He's a great exampl, 01

are loads of oood reasons - c!ob~ 10 face fhe chailenge ~'1 and I,DUgh

to hone your gaming

part in paillling up your the club mlnialur.s. Or,

played loads 01 games and painted Elf and llruk-hai armies. which I'm rI:lally proud or. n

Crimson Tears is due lor release in early FcbrUilrY 2005.

Ben Gounler is knee-deep In wrill11Q Iho Ihlr~ oovel in the Soul DII~kers senrs lor tho Black Library. Crimson tears returns 10 the ex-communicaie Soul Drinkers Space Marines as they baHle 10f redemption In Ihe eyes 01 the Emperor. Look out for the Crimson Fists, who make a star appearance - bUL am Ib,y th.looking to help lhe Suul OdI1kel:' or de,troy Ihem?


Has Rlcharo's experience with school clubs inspired you?

II you want to lin.d out about school clubs, whether it's to join or set one up yoursenthen you can contaet the Games Workshop Community Team on:


Ore-mail: schDOls@!

There is ;3 pack available lhaL has eV6rythini you need 10 gel you started with your own "u~.

JI Includes. ideas on competitions, the smooth running of campaigns and some practical guideHnes and advice for fhe basic daY"'ocday running or a gaming club.


The Eltlar and Oark Eldar are biller enemies and never the twain shall meat., unless it's on the pages 01 thi' superb new Colleclors' Bultlel These biller enemies ar, g,thered together for the IIrst time in a new volume, Which corna'ns a cnmplete range of avafable Eldar eomponents. As \'11th other Colleclors' Guides. models are divided lnto current. classic and collectors categoriC!!i.

All'I:lVO: A H~(ll'lqllin by Jes Goodwill - on!! 01 the great.coller:/o('$ pieces ill (fl8book.

Along with the trayi!:; E1dar ihls

book comprehensively cover. lhe Dark Eldar and Harlequins too, Additional hobby material.

including 11. shorl conversion

article un Ih' Harlequin Vyper and some brand new background 10r the Dark Eldar; is also contained within.



Hom the island shores ul UILhuan eemes a brand new High Elf Rep.ater Boll Thrower. The plas!lc kills ~ighly "alllUed witll a mum-part plastic crew and even comes with n bolt r;:u:kl

l'llis cool new model was prlsec from

Ihe grasp 01' the miniature dr.signers and is part of a new rnnge of High Elf mOdels. For the definitive developments on these forlhcoming miniatures, keep checking th, W~ite Dwarl new, pagos.


• the cllmar 01 the Storm 01 Chaosl grEat ~aWes ha~-e 7.:.f'lIlouyht at the gates of Middenl1eim 1111 across the "",,,try. Mo,1 Games Workshop Hobby Gentres IOn ;;;mes 01 some kind, and ,I Games Workshop '\-mouth. me final epic clash was foughl in the furm 01 i masslva sie,ge game, where: Archllon's horde of Chaos: ;rrempt'~ to h"'k the Cily 01 the Whil, Wolf.

The bailie. "hleh look place on the 261h of August III'IS me CUlmination of weeks of intensElliQhtino to d-ectde lhe fate ot ihe Empire and was played over a massive table will, over 40 gamersl

For 1M pasU.w mcmns, the small bUI p.~.cUy-formed UK Web1cam I1ave been look8ll In a dnril rnom aM lold not 10 eeme oul uOIillhay have prodUoed a n~" UK GentilS Wortcshop MbhJ support websne With only weeks to QO IJelor'l'Jlls '8Ii\'ll1811 we sP.oie ill the U)('~ online m!neQ,r. Marl< Chambers,lo lind Ol~ what's been ooinQ OQ,


Mark: SomeWhere out in Ih •• Iher is en Invisible place called life wo~dwldc ~'b, In a "mal. eerner 01 tIlal m~er IIIIS lire UK 6l1m8ll Wor~Shop website Wilen I was taI<.n on 10 look after Ihe slle tl\1I18 thHms occurred to me:

• Ii was o,~ ( .... ral years Old to be' pre else, and baainnl~g to show its ag',

II was hug. containing lois 01 greal comonl, bill moCll 0111 waS h'''' 10 lind,

MDSllmportantly though, we didn'l have a w~b foam 10 add a~y 01 Ihe grtal gonl.nlll,al Games WoriishOp and .Ih. Game! Workshop hobbyfsls contlnu~lIy prMuce,

To ,emedy this I reorlJile<l • small crack team ofweb devalopers 10 provlHo lhe skills 10 maala a new slle, a hobby suppo,t slle, and for Inn last S ... n monlhs Ihey have

h ... [urlo.sly PUlting '~Wlicth.r, We have alr\lady adUed over 1,500 page.!o Ihl' n,w sne an~ Ihnw no signs 01 .Ihwln~ down. If ~nl'1hln9 Ih team are gaUfno lasterl


FOR THE HOBBYISTS Balol. w e s 14rt.d 10 levamp Ih. sit., w& spoke 10 lOIS o[ hobbyists about whallhey'd like 10 sae on tha w.bsHe, Aparl fiOm erles' of 'Add more oonlonllor my army', 'U's neyarupdetad' and 'WIly can'll find Whall'm loo~in~ lor1' were pleas for ..,,"USI downloads, u~.\o,dote ,f'WS, pre.leVis 01 fOrfhcomlhg

whal yoU see In I~I~ preview, bUI mor~ SO when yo~ browse tho sit, after Chnstmas,

Ofl 1118' nt1~1 websife you'll find' D host of {lS"w m8t8_rial, Inr.lIJ(jifl(] cool arl, racfHpecll(c wallpapers ana slOri8s about some a! the g(eatest Ju;ro8s and villaIns in the Warhammer and Warhammcr 40,000 unillelses/

JUSTTHE BEGINNING When i~6 $tte Is I"unc~e~ In a 101'1 ~~ks you will lind a 101 ollhe old f:ontent. some Ilew cdlllsni anti also soma cool aU!lrailolls ~o llie slle ill Ih. w~y 11 works and wllal 11 can do 101 you.

I'm nm going to spoil evorylHIng now Ihough, as nold moolh J 1'1111 h. QQinO lmn glejl" Illpth abuut I,uw w, d!slQliod lh& site, 1'11191 il will do lor you snd what 6JOOIrement tne hit" re hold' .

for Ihe I."nch dale 01 Ihe new .ne visit cur pa(l9 at, w....,.~.m .. ·woIl!8hOp.CO.bk /news

Tile n,,, webslle nso ~lfers paoes su,h asa CommunIty p,10e .1'1d {f.,mlng vt1,illn's like Cityfight.

rhe mUS/riolls w8bteam ((rom lell to rIU'}I); Oa~IB Al/ell, UK Web De~'elofJer; Mark Chambf'rs, UK Online Manager; !fees. UK Web Team Leadsr and Rilf Tumer; UK Web DtW6laptl( (fInd yeos. Is a raving /00/1 - Ed).

And you can .i~n up 101 OUI mfameus newsletter onlilleat WWW.g.me8-llIoll! nnqulsllo,

Do Ihl:; and "0 \YIII sen~ '1Ilhe H.\'IS stlalghtlo YOUI inbp~1

www.gamo,·wo,kshop"o .u k 9


G ul: II you'v. ever Iriell 10 gam. at 9.00tJm 011 Sunday moming I'III~ • hangov.r In Oanmal1l:, Ihen chances are you've bean 10 Giant filnalic, Denmark's biggest gaming event. Held In wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen. Giani' Fanatic 7 was, well, glanl and full of fanali .. , gi3mers who congragatetS trom all over Europe for a weekend of gaming and, for the older CriBS, bou'inD like onfy _I<ings can,

oW, originallY set ihe event up to promote our shop, fanatic: says Jonas Faering, co- founder of the h,ppenlng, It's Sund,y nighl aft" Lhe leurnament , the o[ganrsers. plus yours truly. are round ill a rnferce·,s house, where his mum has jusl cooked us all a glanl Clinner. "In ract:' connnues Jonas, "Gianl fanaUc I "as real~ a kind of grand op,nlng lor Fanatic, but it has jusl grown from then,"

Many of those involved h.we known each ouier for years. nll gmwino up in fhe same Suburb. They've worked Ilk' troopers, mostly rer tl,", As lho evant began al sem on Friday, there are mom than a few nodding heads round Ihelable. And that doesnt include the hours they pul in before. Giant Fanatl~ requires sevetal months ot planning, ifs hug"

Mor. than 200 players ,ttended. Eath played nine Indloridu.1 g,m" 01 Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000. Mad. I know Ihls because I played 100 (see below lor my tampage through space). Playing so much is amazing fun, but also gruelling, especially attar a taw ja" or

lin exported Gartsbcrg £xporl.

Compl;callng Ihings for thicl<fes I/k. me arc the Danes' lournament selcclion rales, Th1S year both major systems had ~'/O paD" 01

addlllona! rastrlerlons. This is me kind 01 tl)ing thai gels games beards brisUing vltth oulrage. Bulllle Giant fan,llc chaps are not cehical of the game.

MWe do it rer valiety," says Jonas.

"Every year we do som8lhlng differenl. Gf 6 had 'Beard Points' for beardy armles, this year we went for restrictions. W. cto Ihis 10 slOP 111, hobbyists bringing the "me army all Ihe limo. We also use dlNersnl missions. It tortes people 10 use dille"ni laCli"";

TIle evenlls more Ulan the tournamem, Amidsl the warqames tables wend hundreds of visllors and a TV crew, There'S a ptl1nlii19 competition and participation 9am9s. Jakob NI,lsen, winner of a small armoury" worlh of soidsn Demon Slayer Swords, Is on hand 10 give advice, while the Irenzied shouts 01 happy sp"d paloters o"""slonally ,well 10 a Cf6SceJl{'lo, drol'Jnin~ oullha ralUe 01 dice.


I Time:

fridaY,7.30pm Opponent:

GhrlsU.n 8rygger Army: Orks Poinls: 1,700

W. kick 011 with my Speed Fre,k; versus loolslogging rireenies. Much aeeurare Bas'ilisk lire later, Ghrtsnan concedes d,leat. We llni'h late, so don't g,IIO Ihe pub unUi t2.30. The only drawback to a greaf game (made grealer by victoryn.

Gam. 2

I ~~~u'r~ay, 9am

• oppon9n.f: Um ...

Army: Er ...

'- ---, Polnls: Two 700

polnls qarnes.

Game 2 wenl badly ... 111 level wllh you. I missed O,me 2. TIll. Is because upon leaving the venue the prevIous nIght we asked "Wl1a1 tim. dues lha event start?" only 10 be lold "'10am". T~. EVENT did start at lOam, but the TOURNAMENT bagan ,I 9am. So lam entirely blameless, and Ih' ract I was p'.ying darts unlil Sam In a bar with a Danish film direclor has nothing to do

I It, Sorry 10 Martin Worm!




Time: Saluraay, tlam Oppon,nl:

Gil Surepl Army:

Spa ce WolYes Poinl.: 1,2QO TIIo nexl game was aoalnst my lenow GW" Gil. (I mig hi add Ihal h. missed his IIrst g,me 100). It was a hard roughl clash using the Rules of Engagemanl, which ended In a dtaw.



S~lurday. 2pm Opponenl:

Manin tottruppArmy:

Dark Ano"l~ Polnl.: 1.700 Aller I'd had a q,lck nap, l was again fighting for objecH,es. mi. time on • swampy Iable pl.glloo by 'arlh~uakes. Oespl1e a good start, tne D81k Angers firepower took its t01l, leaVing Ilota" Ork on Ihe table.

Game 5


Salurday, 7pm DppanBI'Il: Jonas Hedeyaard NI.lsen Army:

Oalk AI19,IS Polnls: 1,200

My 'liII .llghllY sore head, and nut my poor grasp of tadles, .ccounted for my Orks drawing .g.lnsll~ls second band cr Dark AIlgels. AI fO.30prn w. conoluded. TIme lor a pub visit.

Game 6

Ilrne: Sunday. sem

Opponent. AIlders Malmby Army: Darl< Eldar points: Two 700 points qames Alter a seru;!Ille nighl, Sunday proved, less painful expertence. Ander's K.bal present.o me wilh , foe ,very bit as swill as myselt to the end, a fortuitous Dark Eldar fallBack mcve in lh. Shoollng phase prevented my Orks assaulting inlo lhe objective. Cursesl Foiled by my own burnas, One: game each, anollter'dtaw,

Game 7


Sund,y,2pm O~po"enl:

Allan Kruse Armv: Iyranids Poinls: 1700

By now the fatigue was setting In, so was I was most pleased

10 have the finest gam. of my sfay with Allan Kruse, whose vividly patterned Tyranids gave old R.2grM and his boys. run ror l11elr money. In In. end I scra~cd a win by clint of controlling two and a hall out of nve'ohjeclives to Allan's one and a hair. A brillianl IInish 10 a brilliant event


Trembling wlth il.nlicipation, I approached the results board. Despite missing a game. I'd come 2t cut of 58! Huzzal1. .."hat.a result. Okay, so Irs not l11al good. but at tenst it was not embarrassluu. And I did pretty well on Ihe painUng scores, which was nice.

At the end prizes were awarded, olaud~s r.;linl~d, and smiles exchangad, Even I gol a special mug [ust for turning up, and I ooillusiaslically said, through a rug of exhaustion, that I'd come 3gain. II only Ihe pub, shul bolare 5.30,m, I'd be sal •.

MV tllanks 10 my opoonents, who w~re alt gentlemen and" put up very Vlell wllh my totall"k of DaniSh.

Thanks also to the GF learn, to Klaus' mum and to cnrtsnan Kolm. Tak!


Ir you would lik. to attend Giant rsnsuc, It's on 1-2 OClober 2005.

We'll have more details about next years event closer to the Ume. Unlil Ihen, contact either Jonas 'his collei3gu-e aasmus at:


Hurrah for Ogres! I find a warm reeling growinj,l in lily everexpanding Geordie slomach as I stare at and covet those lovely fal ones. Ogres that is. $0, wlth a determin.ed stare, I set myself a quest. The quest is simple -10 amass a mightY Ogre army, only on, problem stands in my way. the models arll not 'V911,01. 10 buy lor another 4 months, I'll have 10 knock on every door. scratch many a back and call unevery favour but I'm determined to do ill shall have an Ogre army, I shall!

mek: My paint brush Is tlylng with all the feroclly or Jerry tee Lewis' Great: Bans 01 fir. this morith. I'm talking

Nick Kyme more Dwarfs

here. Seriously, when I wrole

Bug man's Lament I had IIQ idea how mueh pai:nting would o-e Involved, but togelher lOilh TV's Guy Haley. I've managed 10 paint a lairly holly chunk 01 new models for Ihe campaign. It Jusl goes to show you what a great cata.lyst for revisiting your oioest ilrmy a campaign can ba, You can SHe some more fruits of my labours in Ihis month's Bugmal1's lament on page 56 ..

It's back 10 the battlefields of the 41st mil19nium [or me a~atn this mcmh. I had a clac~mg battle aqainst my brolher's lon~·suff9ring Imperial Guard. My Nc"ons managed to scrape a victory ... uut only Iusl as It was almost 'beam me up, scolly' lor my melal mlckles.

Ther.'. bien more Bugman'. malarky, playtesUng scenarios and

so on. Sonn 11'11 be the climax of the camp'ign. So Ihe questinn has to be, wh1l1 next?

But I don'l mink I could bring my.,1t to paint an Ult.ama.rlnes army. No, no, no - I'm Elder tn,ough ano through. What no movement In the Shooting phase, are you joking? I'm thinking of possibly using a few as worthy smashed-up opponents to spruce up some or mv bases. I've ahncst tlnshed painling my new Wrallhlord and a dlsmem~e"d new Space Marlne Captain might just add thot bll of pizzazz. Or maybe the head of a Librarian would be just the Irophy for a Farseer. We'll s ee..

Clltisll.n: It's has been all go on the Ullramarlne' this month. So tar I have painted nw Velerans, halt

Christian Byrne a Tactical

squad, a Dreadnought and 11 Ghaplain, but there's still more 10 co, I wanlto make the army mobile and h'riHlilllrlg. All the Tactical squads ere mounted In Razorbaeks, the commander and his SQuad are mounted In a Land Raider Crusader, and Ihe rest 01 th'8 army consr~~s of SQ04,ts, lour Land Speeder tornadoes (that can now Deep Strike and otnoad 12 heavy boiler and t 6 assault cannon shots on the turn they arrive) nnd tinafly two Dreadnoughts and <I Techm8rine.

At the rate I'm going II might be ready by the end of 2005. but that'. Ih. price you pay when you Vlant an army to look really nice. The good th~ng is that Dawn 01 Woe has an army palntar bulllintc tt, so I have been able to piay the sklrrnlsh scensnes wllh 3rd company Uftra.lTlilrincs. That may also explain why it's taking me so long to paint the real army.

S.nd anv SUbDIISSiO"" tn 61 Heray ill our poslill.uJdre!;i . Sam", WOJI<S~op, WillI)'ll Road tlmlon. NOLt'"Qh,,", ~G7 2WS




Tl1,re is nne beltel that unltes Ogres acrnss the wDrld, aeaien tato them allnlaGcy and c-arried with Ihom 10 the grave: mighl make. rig III. A slronn cr •• ture maJ take what ho IIkos Irom a weaker creature. including his fles.h.

An enure army 01 Ogre, is a ' ea rsome prospect upon Ihe Ilcl~ 01 battle. Hailing trcm a Ir,achero"s land 01 InhospltablolaMsc,pos I"ming wilh larg' and deadlY beasts, the Ogre, have lI(oWn slrong anrj brutal. Their bellows sound like thunder over the ballletiald as they wage war in a mass of a near-unstoppable muscle and violent Inlenl.

Sculpted by Brian Nelson, AloK Hedstrom, SIeve Saleh, Adam ClarKe rJlld Tflsh Morrfson, This ~lrmy boxed sel contains: I Ogre Kingdoms Tyral/t, 8 Ogr8 Kingdoms 8(1/15, 24 Ogre KingdOms Gnoblars, 3 Ogre Kingdoms lIunl.,s, 4 Ogre i<ingdiJms Irongu15, 8 Ogre Kingdoms 6nobl,,, Trappers, 3 Ogre Kingdoms Yhel .. s.

nrE'SI? niod~s mquif(l,l5$emh/y.

OGR£kl~SU-,," ,~130.00

Sweden kr 2fOO.00



Illside the Ogre Kingdoms army sells a c(Jp~ of Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms, available before lis official release!

Pfr;w~.; 1m 1{J1J~'I{lIIM! /lUl(JOSO!S fJ..1/y. product l'Q!I/e{l(~ nlay ~'''ty Pff)I!!idE. rold mrp:a{nll:u iIml UlhlS~'MI~fed" ~t.Jjln prctdl1Cr5 I7I1II, ~ d.!noetaus it used lnct:lfl«'lJ)'. Pffi;{':i 011 lime Qf 90lng W~(m. Dleas~ CJJlI'~t;' us 1M r:umml JivailiiJjlity~nd prif:!t5. p~ qlJor~ ;1(~ for firM/JetE snld by GsIIlflS WDlts1l1l'.ll' rhfDilQf1 as Ciit1lS!Ores. cala/cIJlM (J( l'i~b$i' Ind~pMde(li ",~ffH$ :ttl! le5ponsibJe lor de!lIrmk1ing liwir Ow" p!iUS.


;~our.~ 10 be guided by the Emperor htmselt, Tigurius is , 7;lIre shrouded in mystery He amon\l the most' powerful of ~ers, and 01 such foresight he may cnoose his powers F~r both forces have deploy,d, furthermore, rigurius wears :r;o formidable Hood of Hellfire, which acts as a psychic hood id doubles the range of (my psychic powers he uSJ3S.

'iinrmusrfiln~ P~$q., MIy. Pi"cd(J1;1 COt?l-'ll!S" m.1'J' 1'3'l'. Prwfuds sr:rrd 1If1p;aJrrhd 3{fd ur:ra.rsi!~. c."lIIn! Ci/adcJ producls ImY ~ r/,mgmlis ff!l5.~ Prius crm~-er III lime Q/ flUID/} to pJ'm. pI~iJ~ CCIlr.1" US ()(fillfenl a'l2ft.i!t!1Iity giId~" ~ IlrJOt!dar.ol /IKf'llld!l$ Jr.Jld by Gimes WwAsnop ,hlflunh 11~.wtl !l.r(V~ r-"JID.1JM (1t wah.til" 'nd!llM1fiIMlli/!Bi1i:lS'~'l! leslJ/Jll$l/J~ tor f1eI~tTJ1irJifla ih~k CJI'.11 Dric6.

WW',IIk15tore 13



The Whhlwind Is rightly feared 10r its ability 10 deuver a devaslating salvo of missiles into the enemy ranks. AI its most eHective ag3illst infan-Iry,lhe Whirlwind Is onen employed as long·range support, pllch,d at the edge ot Ihc battlefield whil, its more aggressive armoured brelhren grind fnrward. TIl. Whirlwind is a versatue tank In tnat h ls equipped with bolh Vengeance and Caslellan missiles. the latter capable 01 laying swathes of d"dly mill" to lmp.ade'the enemy's advanco.

Sculpted by nm Adcuck. TIJis plastic boxed set lion/altls one comp/etc Sp.lce Marine Whlrlwtnd with v",lous weapon options.

TIl16 made] IRqI!IM,Fo 1l5.!"mbJy.


Having fought In counncss battles In the name of the Emperor's greater gloryl Space Marine Veterans are skilled and Qriuled warriors. They are the masters of Innumerable battlefield techniques and as such can oa utilized In a variety of specialised roles. Space Marin(l Velerans also have access to an extensive. range Of war.g~ilr. including ~ighmtn{l claws and power weapons

Sculpled by Ju.n Dlaz. This blister pack cont.ins 2 complete Space Marine Vetetlms.

nlf!11e mDdel! (fHlulre flnflmbiy.


Denmark kr 75.00 sweden kr &5.00

EUlo € 10.00


Pictt1~$ flJrlllrlsif,JIl'M prJrposM rmfy_ PrMur;1 ClJn{~lIls llIilf ~I)( ('(C1tJIJCIS s(J!d UR~Ulrcd ar.Q !i!IJS~lrr1J{¢ Cl!fi3IaC/l.lrf~1 p!OrJli~/s may DU rli[l/lO{"~:J illl~~ /nwrrelCfrJ, Prius .1' '{m~ of (1Olnfllc PflSS, pl~~ cC1ll1<:11J"S: fOf Crlfre!ll iLIWEJ1J!/lty ~ilI1 ~~s. ~ QfJDl~f iflll 101 fjfllrJutJ'S S{J/d .Dy Games Wotksoop IJ!rollDh /1$ (11\111 ll'O(~j", CilIa!ogus'or I\'B IndlIpllooel1/ rrllfNr$ i/t fC$p(HISibIc lor d~r~rmlnlng th!1r .. WI" pricuo



Seu/pl.d by Mark Bedforo and Aly Morrison The Imp.,I.1 Gu.rrf chamcter pack ,contains' Supreme Commander strip (tap) and 2 of each Command sCrip (boffom).

Seu/pCod by Aly Morrison. This bllst" p.ek <ofll"·,,. 1 complate Dwarf Dealhroller.

ThIs mode4 rsql1l~$ as.;emlll)(


This special hardback collectors' edition D11he latest Warhammer 40,000 rtllebook boasts a black leatbBf-bound never embossed with a sliver icon and lIorder. It also tearures silver fall page edges and a blood·red page marker, and comes In an embossed black leather sllpcasa with a numbere~ certilicate.

WIRIIAMMII !p,1IOO5P1CIAI. EDmOH RIIIIBOO =so Denmark kr 650.00 Sweden kr 750_00

Euro -€ BO.OO


Willillo get vour hands on all the,coolest new miniatures AS soon as possicle? Then look no further. All Qf ihe. mhlatures below an available 10 advance order trorn the date below, ensuring you gill them as soon as they are released In our Hobby Centres. See Ordering Olrecl on p'g' 203 tor details of how tu wder. IS




While Dwarf is now the biggest seiling gaming magazine In the UK, with ed~ions all across the world, and a huqe pool of readers, Bul il wasn't always so, Eyen legends have to begilHomcwhere. Our story begins once upon a ume (January, 1975), in a land far, far away IShepMrd's Bush), where Ihree school friends were living in a peasant's conage (grolty·flatl, Though they we" very poor, and didn't etten eat well, fhey were right happy, for they spenl a lot of

time playing Board games and warpames of all ~inds were their pleasure, and they woultl ofien play until the coming of dawn was heralded by tne hoofing of rush hOW cars tailing to go arlywher~. Atter a. while they decided to abandon their career of doing not very much, and go Info business; they would make games, and take III em to market, thus fulfilling IIlelr dreams of a) w.alt~ beyond their wildest dreams, 0) gaming and c) glorious contihu.d Idleness .• ,

This is, 01 course, ihe story at now Games Workshop W"' founded by Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Jcnn Peake. Nearly 30 years on, the)r liny cottage industry nas oecome a mum-nalonat behemall1.ln1965. when Ian Livingstone wrofe an article about Games Workshop's tenth anniversary, he said he bcped that Games Workshop wuuld nns day become the number one games company in Ill. world as "it is already the second". Well, ii is number one now.


!lut we are not here loday 10 reyale you with the history of Games Workshop. No, we are nsre to hear the tale of the legendary White !lVlarf, who, having reached 300 Issues this very month, can be said 10 lruly be a .nerable long beard.

But who is this White Dwart? Whal does he lI!l? Which pub does he drink In? And how ~,. he keep his beard on-so-snmy white?


White Dwarf was launched In 1977 by Ian Jvlngstone and Steve Jackson as a follow up !iJ their fanzine, Owl & Wpas.1. This lour ~age pamphlet - "by garners for" had cemaps the most morrentous Impact on the o:empany of any single thing. Without Owl & Neasel, yOll see, there would be no Games lYorkshop. Somehow a copy of this •• teemed -ag ended up on the desk of a chap called 3rian Blume in la~e Geneva, Wisconsin. How

ended up there. nobody is quite sure. "emaps it was all part of some strange "zeentchian scheme, lor Brian Blume was <lie 01 Ihe co-fouoders of a company called TEA. He was prelty Impressed by Owl & '11'03,$,1, and so sent a copy 01 his latest gam" Dungeons & Dragons, to the lads in -Dndon. They plaved lhe game and became <]slanlly hooked, despite tl18 Initial m:ompreheosibility of Ihe rules.

Jmll this point Barnes Workshop had been ~clly that, a workShop making traditional :;ames. The three friends Itad been making >d~alre sets out of cheap breadboards ano ;;a like, utilising Peake's skills as a .,.ffsman, and abusinq their tenancy .;;>Jreement by using their flat as a factory.

Perhaps it was II" excitement 01 D&D - Which Ian LiVingstone ones called "armchair theatre" - or perhaps it was lau and SIeve's desire to avoid having sawdust constantly in their eyes, hair and lungs. Whichever It was, th.y decld.d thai here lay Ihe flliure, and resolved 10 get In touch l'Iilh Blume and his partner Gary Gygax and sell D&D.

Sadly the third member at Iheir merry band, John Peake, decided, perhaps rashly, that he didn't like this lurn Of events and so left the fledgling company, tbus oondemniny himseif forever to the status of <Oliffh Beatie".

Ian "~d Sleve's first order for th~ game was only six'cotnes. but seen their business grew. Their landlady, now really ticked off, kicked I".", out, and so followed a period where Ihe two chums were torted to live in Sieve's van, showering. at a squash club. II didn't really matter, as they would soon be millionaires.

Steve and Ian had flicked out. Dungeons & Dragons Vias the gaming manifestation 01 a huge groundsVl,1I in lantasy. Though many put this down to a certain Mr Ioikien, it was actually an ex·lawyer called Terry Brooks who, with his Lrllogy Ihe Sword 01 Shannara, broupnt fantasy to a mass market, SOOrl many other trilogies began 10 crowd bookshelves, and gaming systems beg,n to pop up like mushrooms, Tile role·playlng boom had begun.

Ian and Steva needed a magazine to promote Iheir new product. Though Owl & Weas.1 did a thoroughly good job - issue six was a 0&0 special - after a while II became obvious Ihat Ihey needed something bigger

My favourite While Dwarf Anthony Reynolds

Issue 113, willI IIle soece Hulk box an on rhe cover. This issue had an awesome Space Hulk article whlch resulted in me bugging my mum for months unlil slle got 8 copy ot Ule game senl across 10 Auslr~li. {or Christmas. /I also nea a greal Haw 10 Paint Citadel MiniatlJres article, which I studiad lor hours, and /I did actually imprm/f) my painll'ng. ,It also Ila.d .,9. detailed Narrative Generetor for Chaos WarbandsJ whir;h

was IBm-packed wllh exciting possibilities. Noslalgia aside, il is still a really cool issue.

Phil Kelly

My lavourite by a long snot would have 1o b. Issue 127. Even jusllooking at the cover with thai dragon staring out leaves me with a heady pang of nostalgia; J eVen remember cycling home from my focal gaming store with the issue held in my teeth! This was the first White Dwarllo feature ihe Efdar in any det8il - my lord there's a 101 of detail/here - and wilh Jes GODdwin's concept sketches Of the Aspect Warrior.;; and the excellent Nction wi/hili I was 8n Elder 8ddlc/ from that point on.



Ian Livingstone, steve uackson and John Peak. ~tlH making Ir~diliolWl games. Galactic Games'and Games Ga"me are thankfully raject.d as titles tOT tM company In [avour of G~mes Workshop.


Owl & Weasel, the White ow.rt'. dad, Is fitsr lillblish¢li. II lasts 25 issues,


Tile flrsr WarllammeY uticle Is published. Called 'T!]istlllw90d', it concerns the struggle between King Amiss and thc-evll wizard Vassago. Dwarts ara Involved, helping King Amias ""In, lbus esLablishing 'fhe number one unwritten rule of While DWat1: 'D\lI~t1s are file best',


Ian Livingstone,slllps down after nine years and hands the baton on to new Editor Ian Marsh. Paul CQl:kburn, Mike srunton, Sean Maslerson, Phil Gallagller and Simon Forrest follow, Like kings, some ollhese chaps last~d mere months, mhe!S'years. Jamie Thomson, who ma a lot of Ian'S work towards the end, desUves an h91lolJrabie mention.

www.gome"workshop,co,uiq'whlladworf 17

and, dare I say it, slightly more professional. In July 1977, White Dwarf was born, A healthy baby-weiglling in at nearly two-score pages. It had a slightly jaundiced cover, but the Ow"lIlng's stubby while beard was In omen of his coming greatness,

Ian slayed on editing While Dwarf for nine years, a mammoth runthat has yet 10 be beaten. But even Illis dynamo could not continue helming the Dwarl. He was at the Ume·writing the famed Fighting F~"tasy game books as well as being a company' clrector; so In 1986 he handed over power to Ian Marsh, beginning a long succession of illustrious editors.


while Dwarf remaned primarily' roleplaying games magazine for many y.ars. covering a wide variety otsystems by numerous companies In those heady days there was' a film review pago. a book review section (by the prolific Dave langford who, years later, would b. working for me on Sf X - it's a sm,III world), and comic strips, Warhammer arrived relatively lale on the scene, the first article on the system being published in WD45, Originally conceived of as som.ll1ingexciting to do with your RPG miniatures, no-nus had any Idea of how big il would become.

Eventually role-playing games teil out 01 lavour wlfh the public. Towards ths end many role-players were children. and when Ihe lad eventually wor. 011, boy did it wear olf.

My favourite WhUe DWQrf GQvin Thorpe

I'm tom - ii's elilJer 117, which was the first Issue I collecled in Ihe rur: Ih.t has led up 10 the presenl day (my arrival as a proper gamer); or It's 127, the Eldar issue ... Lots 01 Jes' concept skelches, all the new backgrounc&. 8 cool army Jist, Aspect Warriors and all the re.ill. Oh, and me full page Avalar tltustretion. Okay, il'll have to be 127, I guess (sorry, 117, no 127, er .. .},

Man Keefe

I shall have 10 plump {Dr White Dwarf 162, as II conlelned the Chaos Owart army lisl for Wafhammer. The liffle cilaps rea boon Introduced the previous montt: but it was the army listlhal really cemenled it for me. It's also gal the Golden Demon wlnn~rs for Ih.1 yea, In It - ~ frne While Dw.rf tradition. All the issues from 11181' Flobin Dews run (probably best remembered for the Epic articles of tbe time) are greal, and this is a really good example M such - a bil 01 evetyfhing In 8 charmingly random order.

Gaming went from being to gee!<y virtually overnight, and a craze that had spawned comics. cartoons and lnnurnerable companies collapsed. There were several other gaming mags at the time, and they taltered and died alongside the games they supported, Games WorkShOp itself was

sudd,nly laced with a 101 of buslnesses seiling oil their awe games, and It eagerly snapped up the nghts or licenses to such classics as Runequesl and Paranoia. It produced lavish hardback books ot fhes! systems, only 10 tind they did not sell as well as Ihey once had.

FlOm tJlii_c.!< iJIld w)lite~ WiG/fOIl fivO,Il,I1IQur, to our cUlTiWr·glol1ous· fuJI colour paget. Whilli DlVarf ha.s allV$ $frMm '0 Improve hlm~tlf

&Wf8 rBpnrl~ l,iJWJ ~It" ~/ilp!1J 01 Whitll Dwarf lor roi1ny jI!lalS mlW.

There are marlY reasons tor ron playing's collapse. One was Ihal the 1980's was 3 time ot great recession. Not only w.r. RPG's cheap emertamroent, ~ut they were also escapist. computer games, soawnad along~ide RPG.'s, were becoming cheaper aM in~reasinglY sop.histlcated TIlers was a religious and so-cial t}(wkl<ls~ in the Stat~s'atter a suicide was. erroneously, olamed on th8 Inlluence of this 'devll's' pastime. ,One or these Incidents was' dramstised In Mazes and Monslers, a ludicrously reactiiJn(lry'TV movie slarring a very young Tom Hanks.

But perhaps most imp,ortantly, role playing games reQulred'a Iluge cammitment orr Ih.p"[ 01 ils Tha'~s rOI. is-an unenviable one, as a good adventure requires almost as much work as a - short novel, Ufe'.s pace was speeding up, and getting people tog8ther on a reguiar basis 10 do som,thlng so lime co~.sUillirlg becanie more and more difliculL It is no accident that mallY games these days, and not only Games Worksh~p's, are carrl or mirllil1urebased affairs. orle~off gilrnes of whiC'.h can be played In tuilin an eve.nlng. A coupla of years ago my old cornparw \!VlIS loo~ing Into creating 3 g~rnfng maga,zme. Market rcsearcn at the time sugg"ted tnat thoni weie tewer than 5:000 aclive role-play", in the UK, not many more than when ian livmgstone tirst published' White Dwart.


By the time Iss", 100 fOiled around, While DlVarf was very much a company producf .. iql, bar tile odd arlicle,. only .Sames Workshop games b,in9

teatursd In Its pages: This In 113elt did !l01 .fleel the divelsily or the m3galin,· greatlY, as th. r~"g~ of games.GW tllen made was huge. TM release 01 W~rh"mm" 40,000: Rogu, Trade! in Issue 93 helped with this chang. in tocus, as now GW had 'two proprietorial "~iverses 10 play with. Bul there' ware also many more. Besides fighlirfg ln

the worlds,of Warhaminer and W~rhammer 40,0.00 you could Iry to save N~w York 1n under 60 minutes In the snto adventure Ch;;lirl5ilW Warrior: race.ears across the blasted pcsrapoo.lypllb wasteianos of Amsrlca In D.ark Future: or kill a dragon in lhe classlcTallsrnan.In fact, Games, Work'~op wenl a bit bon~'rs, making so (fl""Y dillerent.kinds ol.o~mes it is difficult 10 Iislll1cm all. Perhaps tho oddest w~re the Troll games, a series of board-based .ffairs with such delightlui names as 011 031'$ my Leql ,nil Trolls In the Pantry,each accompanled ~y a cassette ot,squeaky Gablln. aongs.

MAY 1987: ISSUE 89

JUNE 1987; ISSUE 90

White JJwqrl t~ten YWS,Old, rile readership Is. now past 50,000. I.~ LlvlngstoM c.l.b11lIl!s·an aNiot' l'lliich I have bOrroWed Heavily from. Holding 00 to. magazine for E years' lsso.mebmes wise.

APRIL 1988; 155.UE 100

Th.tOotfi issue hH~ me,~ewssl.nds.'Wcrc no usOful articles lor m~ to cop)'. Than~s to th,en-edltO(S'.'11" M"I'J.So~ lo,"lhall-

NOVEMBEII1988; 1~5UI: 107 White DlVal1 changes size, b:ecamlng smaller anrl sqtatter, as is only

~D p ro p ,iate,

YlWW-game5'-'\! 1'9


The White Owarf has always slriven 10 ma~eyou happy, and toward.s that aim he has been 'surpnsingly generous fop a ewarf. No hoarding oHhe gold pl.caS In the halls of WD. Qver the years Ihe,rnagaline has come with, a loa~$ of freebies" Irom booklets 10 posters 10 miniatures an\) mOI)l. Amon:g the m'ijre unusual nems we have sent your way

ar~ paint not stickel'> and even en1ire eNd blllldings. Perhaps Ihe weirdest ot all, Ihough, WgS the In(itmous issue 95 fip"i.dis.c, Gaming has always had'ils lans In th8.ijjking and HilaVy Met~1 co)nmun~ies. So 'Perhaps II was only logiGallh'a1 we shoulH cheese 10 mount a record hy very heavy

metal band Sabbat On our ~over.· Qr Inayb. II was lust plain nuts.

Here's an eXlract:

"flom Iheir holes and caverns creep,

Ten million Ori: and Goblin test,

With hungry hurts and sharpened NnivesJ The~ cam. tii take YDur worthless tivel,_ "

Why Ore and Goblin feet would he creeping .bOlll wilhQllllhe rest.ot the grccns~in is beyond me, asis hoW they'd cart.Y a ~nife or Indeed have beans. That aside, it's chllllnO. I .didn'l sleep properly for a month When I heard ito Not fieGaus,e ot Ihe terror.of the II1ing,'bu.l because my ears werB.nnglng,

Wilh only Games Workshop games now fealured, Ihe magazine could no longer ethically review uther companies' products, so L1le revi8wscand ad~ertising of 'outslda' games gradually dropped away,

This period saw the lirst Battle Report. 24 Hours at Garik MOlind was publlsl1ed In White Dwarf 107 and detailed a maratoon charily game of Warhammer. These were to become a tlrm tavourite in the magazine. and now there is never a month without one.

But as tim. went on, Games WorKshop changed, toeus began 'to shill. The range ot GW's products began to narrow, and the games were set more otten wHhin the worlds at War hammer and Warhammer 40,000.



I .. ,", •• ,·.11 , .,


Issue 140 saw Ill. arrival 01 another longserving editor, Robin Dews. Robin look over in 199t wilen Ihe publishing industry was undergoing a great period nr upheaval. The,. were the days when whole swellles ot people who had job sKill' relaling 10 printing were laid off across Ihe country as computers made their abililies obsolete. This was-a good thing tor Games Workshop, not because loads of psople got tired dawn on Fleel Street, bill because.nevrlechnology meant GW could begin 10 produce ever-more sophistlcated books and magazilles. White Dvmrf dianged massively because 01 this, becoming more varied and colourtul with page layouts thai were-as eye-wateri~gIY bright as Ihey were Impressive.

Games Worksnop was also really beginning 10 lake off. New stores were opening every monlh across Britain, and new branches at Games work,hop were becoming established all overthe world. The company was growing maSSively, and all the while White Dwart was there. letling all you readers know about the exciting thitlgs going an.


Joke Thornton reigned a While anar Robin Dews moved On, overseeing the 'Fat Dwarf' period, When the magazine became much larger and incorporated a set of card sheets (most 01 our games back Ihen hod·tons .of card counters in Ihem). Jake I.fl anera triumphant run, leaving the magazine In the hands of a series of caretakers. Then, in

r favourite WIIlte Dwarf Rick Priestley

I mink my fave would have to be issue 1 - It had a really inlere.ling :iJ1J"c/e on a game calfed WarfDrd ",lIieil I subsequently bought from SW In Hammersmnh. I'm sure I nave the magazine somewhere - also tne copy of WarforCl, fogeY,.r Nilh the Ilrsl ten Issues of tI,e magazfne. Wher} il comes to editors

would raise a glr:ISS to Simon FOrrest - the man W/lO taught me ..,w to spell millennium.

. ;S8, current editor Paul 'Fat Bloke' Sawyer over from Issue 215. This was again to a change in the way the magazine was Games Workshop is a business and, like y groupings of people, Is not infallible. re had been a long peria~ where the :mlpany's customers had oradually changed ~ the hairy role·playing biker to

ngsters. Many games - HeroQuest, Space

Crusade and oihers - were aimed at this age group. But lIlis left GW open to the same problem that had finished ott role- playing games. It was realised thaL we'd been nsglecling the hobby side of our hobby, and .11 across the company moods were changed. From now on, this would be a hohby for all.

Paul took tllis idea to the centre of the magazine, The gaudy layouts oflho infamous 'Red Period' wars dnched in lavour of a more reslrained lOOk, Paul also hegan to publish an increasing number of articles from hobbyists. The hobby had grown huoely, and now there were thousands of ~.oplc with beauLiful armies and tactical tips to show off.

Th. way Ihe magazine was put together also Changed. Historically, White Owart had been made in the Games Development studio, witli everyone downing tools to 11elp out. The loreign e~ilions, of wnich there am now slx, (in Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, and tne USA - the .. are all unlcue, not merely translations), choosing their articles from this central resource. Until last year Ihe UK WD team laid out all these articles, producing Ihe whole m"~.zine for the UK ,Iongside. Bul from 2003, White Dwart UK would be run like the other editions 01 the magazine, and it moved into lhe UK company. No longer would the games designers be distracted from their games designing, Instead tMy now produce a set number of artleles lor use in ./1 White Dwarfs.

It's been an unsettled 18 months for the old boy. He's been sawn in half and had. load of new underlings to deal with. We've also been l'Iorkina hard on a new look, tM results 01 whICh you hold now. Now wilh loads of hobby material Inside, Wllite DWarf is at last a publication worthy of veteran aamars. A new era is beginning ...


Many people wonder what became at Steve Jackson and lan Livingstone. As time went on they gradually retreated from the company, handing management duties over 10 Bryan AriseH, founder of Citadel Miniatures, In f985, Bolh of them continued 10 write, then edit, the highly popular range of 'choose your own adventure' Fighting Fantasy Game books, role-playing lor the lonely. They also dabbled in other lorms of gaming entertainment, most notably Steve Jackson's FIST, an interaclive game. Using 1988's new·langled technology ot toucn-tone dialling, FIST could magically spirit you away into a telephonic dungeon. Much fun was had b,y those not paying toe telephone bill,

They both eventually quit, having become more than comfortably rich,

After a long period of enjoying himself, Ian Livingstone decided to go back into gamillg, and now runs EIOOS, the computer game. publisher behind tile hit games series Tomb Raider. He went back to his laMasy roots when EIDOS released an adaptation 01 Dealhtrap Dungeorl, one 01 the most enduring of the Fighling Fantasy Gam, Books,

As tar Steve, he eamed all doing his own thing. Rumours that he lives in a Iracvi,I,od slyl. secret base are unfounded.

A few years ago I inteNiewed Ian Livingstone at ElOOS, where he revealed that he and Steve still game togelher lik. th'ey did in the old days, having added cornpuier games 10 their rapartolre. They'rs also still frieMs with John Peake, who, Ian maintained at the time, never regretted his deeislon to leave Games Workshop.


RQbln Dews, third longest serving editor, joinS t~e.magllZrne: HHushes Lhrough a big reform m hoW the magazine works, bringing in new technolo-gy and making 1he magazine run thl1!e months ahead of publication. He did this so the studio had time to get evetylhfng ~one, and he would h~vdimc to sleep. "My wife lells me-l "las 1M only man she ~~aw fO sulfer1tom PMT;" says Robin. Thars monthly deadlines for you.

oaOBER 1995t ISS,UE 190

Jake mornLon takes over from Robin, w~o goes on 10 become VelY Important


Whrte Dwarf gets anomer overhaUl, with a new IQok,and a card secHon: At the tim.e the 9.ames we made harJ so many countet's t~.t at halfW~y point th(o~gh • battle itlooked like Your table had been wallpapered by an insane philatelist. It is also the height of the infamoUs 'Red PeriOd', where eve[Ytltlng - mlnialures, guns, banners, box as -and Wltife Dwarf itself were a fi~IY olangey red, So ll'uCh ~Q we la"n.ched a paJnt'Bailed BLOOd Angels Orange, rather than a Blood Angel. Sanguine flell. This l1\"dness 6.ontinu,d for some !rme.

AUGUST 1996: ISSIlE 200

Jake Ihoughrtull~ writes a ~etalled hlS[Qiy of White Dwarf. Vel'1 useful.


The card section goes, partielly because it w.neatly dlfflcult!o doL 0eke ~Iso mb~.s on to pastures new al'thiS~im~, findino emptoyrnenl elsewhere 6.fore Gomlng back years later to wolt< for FanatiC.

D(EMBER 1998: ISSUE 21'S

R~u) Silwyer taWes over, HB'wlli rsmam tqpJJwart for man~ ~ears.


Oh ioo~1 You're holding lt, You're one of the 80,000 people that buy White Owarl every month. ThankSf!whltedwarf 21

"I distillctly"emember being told what I liked was all well and good, and I had a romantic spirit, but it would never earn me a living, so there was no point in doing it." So speaks John Blanche. As "he is now the Art Ditcctor of Games Work.hop, you can't help but think his reachers at art college might feel a little foolish now.

John'~ Life. IS n strange story almost worthy of mckens. a wrner be bas :1 great den! of respect fol' (like another favourtre wrner of his, Mervyn Peake, he was an artist too}, going from working class kid with aJove of my soldiers to some ktnd of artistic dcuiiurgc.

Among 'shared' fantasy and scrence fiction universes, those of\~I'hammEr and WarhaILll11er 10,000 are perhaps sorne (If the mosr cvocntlve. As an artist.


and di.;cctorTlfa.nJsls) Jolin h~lS played 'if major role in shaping these wortds, or 'alcernatlvc hlsrorics' as he prefers to call them. Partially owing 10 his sensibilities, these twin game worlds have become dark anti dangerous places, contrary [0 the glossy; High Fantasy universes favoured by I!S writers, populated by steel bikini-clad blondes.

Though it \"3.5 (he emergence of role playing games in the 197(ls that helped [Q gnve btrth lU Games Wot"k~hQP~ the men of trW were 500n pushing their games away from the sub-tclken worlds of roleplaying. "E:lcly RPG's were kind of the American dream writ large, cartQon versions of the frontier, where adventurous spirits could wrest V'lS[

rOI'tune.1i from unfcrnmcre Ott'S by (he application or ~ big axe, evcubecomtng Gods if sufflctetu foes were felled. Not .0;0 in Warhal11mer and the science f:II1I::1Siy universe of \Varhru:nmer 40,000, places populated b)t flawed characters, where the only-path ro glory is dark lind dlabcllcal, and the gods are forever hungry.

"'To me fanrasp js much darker than Amertcan High 'F,,(ltal:i)'j certainly more vtolem, and more oppressive. Bur it'S aL50 11C.ry real," says Jf>hn", '1 didl,'t' sec fantasy being, occupied b)' shtny characters, it was an very DIckensian. ~ama~1' denizens LO Ole "II look like Fag!n. Everybody hns nn eye-patch and a wooden leg, diI't'f fingernails, and worn

"I didn't see fantasy being occupied by shiny characters, it was all very Dickensian. Fantasy denizens to me all look like Fagin."

"I "(mfl_l' strove 111;/" this p(I,-ti(!Ula[ painllil8{ because ;1 would be wnmg.!(Jr me a.'i" ml artist fa have just painted a squad of Sisters uf Baute. Wh,m] SIMI I s(ifi don It knew howsome eli:meills C!! lhe paimillg will (Ill'll our, such as lire background; I \\IiPI; 1() pe surprised when /'m dQillC it. I w{iUI to Q€ e,JJtrl'tuimui. amazed and astouuded. AI' rlie time, , dJ{bp reaJi..'N.1 tne Impol1tlllce the picture would I/Uve. S'U (I/ot o/the,cbaracters 111m m:e then~ in ",e bqcks''(}l~~f(~ hfJ)'e ac.r[(Il11y been"I'Ccrcd.'fllc)' .m'U Q(:r:-UP,)I lIrt,t'(}rk thut Jwppf.;m~ l()fJd_\~ SQme·{!re··~lfen mirliatl(res. II~s 'all iC(Jnic. piece thcu bl'Okt' a. nI!JIf{(f. There 's a bit of a homage 10 N.emlmmdt ,lien' also, a Rtmbrlmdl cuaroctc« I like lakillg classical art curd inserting il ;',(0 11IY

clothes. And thereby lies the ~1rcngth of. it. Tt tsevocadve, there J5 so much background there, the universes are

so strong."

JoHn exp)ains that Garnes Wor.kshop wcelds are' lnspired it lot by the real world. Further~ be maintains that the Games WorkShop game.worlds are extensions of ~ertbcm Buropean culture. "HIstory is fasctnaung. ] consrantlg and that rea] life LOS far more bizarre, f.u: weirder; than whar you can conjure up with your own mind. In fact, the resonance tsn'r just hislo!}~ or the hiStory Q(;Wi;:.;;ler.n Europe, but It echoes through our past, right back [0 Paleclnbrc limes. Ir's a very Northern F.uropean thlng. Skulls.crop up, all t~e lime, ror instance, in Northern European art. Why? 'Ilbesc things have always fasclnared me, and they find their way Inro my pictures. You don't see It 50 much in Southern Rumpe. 11'1 were better with words, [ tnight weae a. book about it.'

Would Gothic be the right word?

"Ycs, and no, Gothle means lots of things. You have the architeerural style, from [he Enrly Middle Ages, which, tlien

Space Marine. b~Jim Bum.

"Early on.we we'~lIringlamoIl5 people/ike Chris A"cllilttto'$., Peter JOJMs,(md Jim Bums. W6 WBr.e.JV;Ppy {Q wo(k with' #tem, <tllld l!u:j WoC!ro very happy If} wOI'k with IIJ, gilt, rill we acmJd do wl1f'l.'I!QJ1~ lieserlbi! what we wamed,


" I was seriously ill a few years ago, It really was a matter of life or death, And as I lay there 1 thought 'what will T leave behind?' "

became somcil).i.og else in the Late Middle ~e:ii, and WM then .reinvenred by tile Vic[orians"and they applied to ;iJl sons of smff Then we have what we call Games Workshop Oouuc. which is insplied by, but is none of these things." The word "Gothic" itself comes from die GOI:hs. :I. group of ancient Gerruanlc tribes, which' brl, u~. neatly back to Northern 6lir:Qpe.lohn himself is II )i.vinS extension of thts tradltlen. His rnaj6~ innuen'c:~s .Inchtde Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer ~.d Hierouymeus Bosch. He even. goes- so fur as to PUt altered veestoes of figures from their paintings Into rus own,'~1;: tbing is, II. he says, '"'y~m carry those people',with you. I'm not so ,""cilcij"»y :So~~h anymore, 1 don't go out and look i'lt hi:f work, bUL ito is.pait 9~ me, I suppose! these days .. "

The Influences are there to see. Fat instance, John still.rarely uses blue, his 'Work...:; executed In "the earthy orange and red td"l\es fav-9ured by his heroes.

)V~ (!Quld "Qll'II'olve Ih2m in Imildihg these alternative histories. Jim "Bum's painting is Teallj only tIl~sl"albI8 what "Ii! had as miniatures ul rh£ fittie.JuuJ it became ht!rd even'" {:Onlrollluu, (B)' tbe II'{ly. ""f Man·ne·

However, hts bead fs not only turned by the Gennanlc.

"The best painting I have ever seen in [he flesh, and a lor of people: look at me aghast when T say (bis,.is. the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. I was <\5t9u.Ijtk.:d because I thought, .It was so much Bigger. It's tiny. They keep ~~ in the Louvre, in rh Is big box, and You huve to lQJk through buller-proof glass nt it. 'Iou have to push your W3j' Through crowds of people. Om when 1 saw ir I was transfixed, J

thought, '60d thatiaincredtblel' To the same exU!11[ T like lh~ Pre-Raphaelhe Edward BUrl) jones. Lawrence AlmaTadema also. He was 'a very big Vletorian agIst, he carne frorri'Belgium, but, he W.l!$ aerually knighted by Queen vlctorta. He WJ5 one of [he IGW foreigners 10 be made a Sir. And I have read accounts of them throwing away his pnlntlngs in me 1950's because they regarded them as being purely chocolate box covers! Bur I've seen a couple. I saw one in a

Is illspircd'by a pholograph a/AI Pm:il1o!). He's 0 grent guy, !lim Hum .... such a projess.iomif. BI4' lye try, 1101IQ use freetancers - we ;111~ply don 'f hCClie hOllfs to del/ott to dp'.'I(~l'ihillg willi I (J Space MllriiJ.e looks Uki!."

Hamburg museum. You stand 15 feel iL~y' and you're looking at 11 photograph, and you walk lip close and you're S"eeing paintbrush strokes. It t:S ernctional. patnterly and textural and photographic ar tile same' time, the goy's a genius! But the person who really had more impact on me than anybody else has to be Rembrandt, He can do the lot. Agnln_l be can paint almost pbotographkallp; and at other rtmes Ire can be-very loose and expressive."

This conflict; and its resolution, between emotional expressionism and me palmer's craft crops up several limes as John talks. In SO[J1C"wtlyS~ it seems to have driven. his development :15- an artist. He- says that when he was younger he was concerned mostly w.lth photographic reallsrn, bur U)i!'l: has changed somewhat.

"Those painterly brush s[rQJ!:es expre:sS" raw emotion, whereas tlght controlled painting is, to some extent, just pur-ely a -vlsual record, To put a bit of emotion into it gives the painting: Lots of warmth and a dynamic that you don't ger. from phcrcgraphlc rendering. C')nc:e. I started to appreciate that in fantasy art I mean, a.person I used to di~like was Frank l'razena. J used to think, 'te's jUi;t: done dead qufck. He's a great artist but he just doodles them olI' And then, one day [ thought, .'Actualiy, the guy's a genius!' Afrer that Lstarted 10 Look at different things In art. ]' starred to appreciate I':Vt.:,11 "orne contemporary art; nor all of tr, because a lot of It's awful.

Rather than JUSt, look at the surface, I started to look into arr and feet some of the emotional values of the artist,"

S';rangely~ nelrher seemed particularly Javeurcd by his at college. which just goes to .show that while an is a fundaruerual. pan: of human Life, the people who define it as such are horribly afOicred by' Jashion

'L'rher tried to urueach me at an college. J .... las a w01klng class l.8d from a r:owntil estate. I went toa secondary modern school, and 1 worked very hard [0 get

Into arr college. When I arrived [here 'lr ~ Willi full of quasi-Intellectuals, and cJ~e-L' - 'rio big 'word at the tune was ai5tcntiiUisD1. l didn't know what It meant, and. J nobody would tell me what if rneaftt. 11 \ v anted IQ drii.w picrutes. It was just horrendous. A lot of my colleagues .had unhappy expe:d(:ntles 31 art college,

because Ihl;.; te;J.~hc~r.:i tried 'to ~.tcer them towards what they consider co be high

IU"I) and the 'faI[~ the e::.:ru·6~e of

rendering. is_frowned upon, which is

jUS[ excraotdinary."

ThiS rs TlI)tts~~eiliit)g fnac fi'\~J]eJd Bad job n, :nopthe likes.of Dave Gallagher, Alex :UGr{~ Karl 'ilnd_ :t~ KO~'tq;ski~ or

~:Iul D3.f1ltOnl some of'G;!'IflJ~ .,

Wm:k;sbupb enormously raLcnfcd arrisrs;

"Thar l~ ns me: [9 my oo_nvl.etion. tgo'tO a Jot of e·xhibJti.ons and m-lIeciesT I: don't. go '0 'h~ al~ but'mt'fEl !!:a to-them I think mere's work ~at ·we're producing In. Out' srudlo now mat can :;.~and up

Ih itd Edtttcn Warhommet 40,000 ~ov~r - Bla~k Temple rs

bV John Blanche

Skaven regiment box (over by K.orl Kopinski

"This oJ about ,\';.L' box ClJl1£r.~ 11'1;: did at once. It's S(I(iduct(JI)" 1.Je'C(IItS~ it's (/ '~prfl.fP.luarhm oJthe box CO/ll(!fUS, it is tile p((I,,'fir;.. mi"if,""r~·. But, pmlJubly jiJI' the firsl rill/e, ir "!a(/t"thepl indill"lhwl. c:llw'ocrerS.

The): lire the p/(/j'tic miniatures. yell/,ey (J/':{l II{II. Tbey're ItJiUJI llie.plos/ir:minit'lllll:ts

represent in )'tlUf mind, put inro very t!.mQlimi(lJ C~1IJt!Xl.

J remember we we.,.~'despertlfe /() Pili ful/url 0,iI box. CO\ltt/'S, Dl!4'r{":1l l.r. vcry difficult 10 flcM(jve, Q{;((:a{i.\'« wt: tiuve ,W IIItll:y h"xes, and )'Oll ca'I'/~us' do ",lie, YQIllwvl: I() fry arid roil


if out, II IVilS sU/mUlling silly Jikg 'do us a box cover ill iwo W(!C'M', YQllsay that I{, (III artist ana rl!(!y~lIlook at YOII ag/u1lr beaQIIse III~' WillI' It} do 'fwo besrj(}b {hey CfJlI, hut ifym~ P.III' pressure on pet")ple 11'/10 Imve II,,·: (Ihili!)' alld 'lie experience '" do pl1'>fe..m'tJll(I/·w(Jrk quickLy. (hen "I~y ~m"rr'mlally up."

Empire lIe",us Orcs,

Warhommer 6th edition rulebook by Alex Boyd

"TiIi!.l' ;,0; noll,.'!' me, /)Ul--J/wro is a far'S!!" part of me in a lot o[llw wur:k.lhal gets done (Iy other ariiJ"/S I.u:cuuse I am pan ofllle briefing process, 1/1(JlIgJ~ Itopeftlll)' ;/'.$1101 so fIIl/cll a brief as 'a more 0/(1 relationship. I) communication. 1 had a ,~ery·.I'trollt: vi s ;011 for WarJullllmet. I wUlIled I' to hi! 11{!1)' dark, (Ifill J wanted u-linked series of pitllUi!S in the book, to gel (,It ;S1ll1lf!c kind oj /lUNt.N. presented lil!'(}ughomjl'om -a /",man I'iewpo;,,'. The Imm(m v:iew'poim for lamas), ub v ioI4;Siy 1.1' (11(1 Empire. so 11'6 kinkeiJ. off 1/,£ votume with 'lie legend of Sigmar and the pseudo-Bayeus tapestry .. The fllJJ· plates are all Empire based. IIIe),'re (llIl:.illpire lmops \!efSUS somr! (11ld oj e1lem)'. wllit'" gives it (J I'cry slrtmg base. BUr I !lever did (my·m .... self. Hence the sort of diiemma bC/i.VC"~i b(.!jllg «lIumugeT fl}I<J fJeiN}f'Cm artist. You cannot do eVel)'r'lillg ail the- 1;"'8.'·

something {O leave ro my family. l WiIS seriously ill ;i few years ago. II really was n'muner of life or death. And as I lay there 1 thought 'whar wlll t leave peh:inct?' I've done loads of work bur lars Lit is lost. or kept in a'drawer,"

"Here you con SM how lilt? nrJi.'ih haw! take1l some ofWarlralll/l1u 40.(JOO'~· inlfTgeJ)f (J STep .fllliheT; hailing a"-fm:ll!;_,d (!lJIJI'},thillg ttvn has g(}lIe before. ·17mr'!; (he whole jO)! ill II/QrkiIJg jor GCI1Jlt!:$ 1\0rkshop. 1'/!t! artists l!alle worked logl$Lht!r for U IIIlwbel'v! ytfi(S,/tJ 111ft f'.\·feJJl (fwf alldteir styles have ki,rd of merged. Tiley Ire producing ..• l'd hate to rile lIIord 'I.ollse S{)I/C, be(J{lm:t!'(J hlJ"''''(. "~tyle k;IId o[ reiin:,~f:m.r"I'(}mii;_lrjiIl8 that h(~s waUs .. 1/'(1/ is ~(mfi"I;i(l, 1 ' wouldn't wish ()!~,. artists mJi!"!;! cmTjilier/, hilt il ~,\' lhe cl(),;;e",~' 1111.11g {O Jl(lving.(f IWI~se uyte 11101 C~!mt!S

Workshop J/OJ el'er lIad."

" I go to a lot of exhibitions and galleries ... I think there's work that we're producing in our studio now that can sit alongside some of these great, great artists."

sen. GW'S artists are not. enurely free. They can't just make their Q';VIl sruffup. 'Pile,· are, John.:r;;a)'S", illustrators, with deadlines to 1U~('1. .But they arc also one of Games Worksbop's primary engines when it comes [0 dreaming up new wierdnesses to unleash On the tabletop, a process thai can also be seen ar work in me flcrton published by The Black Librm·y. They help the worlds live, and more, rlll.oy arc PiU'( of what pushes tbeir evolution forwned.

jehn now describes lnrnself as living in the worlds he has helped to create. His own time is ... pent.worklngon sketch .. books, cxplorarions of warh;d.mmer; and Warlliuumo',;'! 40,000. USa] have


R way!O we east of tile 01<1 'WOrld Ue the savage Ogre kingdoms. t\mon:~'j[, rhe frozen and desolate mounraina 0f tlfi$ [1;;0.11)'1 live the Ogres~ bLg. ugly, brutish. mOfl$Le:di who csccr ~r 'tWO thing;;: eaungead ~tio~. An, Ogre; ;$ ~i.S,ilr recognised by hfs massive frame ;illd

Molder-I!ke gu~ but anyone that coriie~ across ene \'o<o-01d do well ro STIT' om. of Its path) {or:-an Ogre-will ciub to (]t,.- .... 'h and messJly'-d.iv6u",~y' U,Ti.r:lg; can eateh, Tllc.iIDgc(l;S cume from a. number of ktngd0IDS scancrcd throughour the Mountains of MUU[f1 and beyond. They .r.ravel me world

fighciniLa:; mt'n.:eo~es and Ricking

on rhose we~e:r dian tliems.el\'el\ •.. which is prell¥, much eve~ '10 die ~i~may of i1je"'f'i';illS:"~ @iX.·~1 tile ogre populations nave gGt so l .. li:ge hlilve begun to fdmyhuo the outside WO.fJu not"in small grOl'ipS, l)urin [h~r hundreds.

Phil Kelly gives us a peek at Ogte Kingdoms, the latest warhammer Armies book, which details a race of unparalleled gluttony.

«l arhammer ~es" Ogre Kingdoms is a brand new army book covering an entirely new race for the War.b3mmer world. The Ogre Kingdollls 3nny is a massive b100t inStruillent that smashes into the enemy Iines with the farce of a ton '0£ bricks. It is a bard.hitting army that excels at dose quarters but is often ounnanoenvred aqd, outmnnbered on the battlefield. Nevertheless, with Same of t1\e"1l10st: p.oweJ1M menstcrs.

anil in the Warhammer game at jts disposal, the Ogre Kingdoms ro:rny :is a 4eadly

nrosnect even when DgPting 011 the enemies' terms.

Tb~larg~8t":ryranr.s are qulre l2apahJe

of wrestling :L Gilln,t to me. gI.olll'id or sOi.a:$hing rhelr way,' rhrougfi a. fonlfieil gait!' with their bare fislS. [f.a~ht wants you as Ills' next mc~_, men dl(; Qnly (hing tOri't.iog between you and tHs vast sprawling gut is it ~51 Hurse and 1I,n awful lot o£Juck.

'l'r!anb are die dOnUI13nl, male§ of Ogre ,s&jc:tf. A.~ with many of-the less dvili!Ccd races 'Qf the;IWocJrld, the lwani Is generally the' l)1gges_11. ·.st.l'Qn~Q.s[, fi~r{t~afld most c.apaqle of-the 08!'e~ In a gl.en !rib,';

Big. brutish and' c::xtremw}i vtotern, nullS .staQd over, ten feetJ mJL whilo;[ retalntng a massive. gi .. nh an(ll)eavily se .. .r~m~. The [e.~lu BuJl~I$i u~e(l f9r: all adblt ~;f1e._..,@g~Ij"AJi SllCJ~1 J3ull.s rfia,k,c. c ... Q the majority 0(: any 'Q~ Klngdoml an unwashed :ma~. ot mllseJ.e: arid far r.h9~ nan'tL-'lrt¢h

J."<I,,"~p.J "'wcllo ttL\o,,\C~'S w) th<ly- •

garher'tn !luffiGlem numbers. DveZl BUWs pride .atl.q jpy i;~ J,lj~gU(, In @$re .o;"'decy~ ~ r~; gt!_t'ls .9. &gn Al\d sII,'..cng)h (~~cD;aIlJ 11(:'8 ("augite and eaten a .lor ot prcy(ol." even fUile.r:-0gres, t~ gctlhatZiu:gc)j and the thick.seT_.t aggressive:: cmsbcrs tti:1~ lead each [lack of Bulls on the. ~ttlcfickhut violent, wealcbyand strong,

-BlJ.!CHFiR ~

Butchers are immense, cOfP;ulel'u hulks- covered In offal.and drfed blood, They have appalling ptmji)n:llll~t'ne .aho like. ncthing m<jr·c than wnllowing fn raw meat, guts 3.9d gore regardless ofsQufc«; Hideous and mean. Butchers are essentlaUy the Ogre equivaleru of ~ [QbaJ. shaman..1 gfrheugh their rule L~ more that of holy man. IDi\J1. a t<.uJitiomd wtxard. They bnve it dtrecehnk 10 the: Ogres' god, the 6real ~@:W; and are: ahle to channel i1 small poruen of tnWr·dt::ily's insarjaJ)~~ thirSL for glurtonvand vrolcnee in a p.dl:1i(:t;: known as 'suhmagi:c.'" A Bureher i~ alsoidlrecuy J;c:t;:·P9Q:&.ibJc &1" pl'c.,:par::ing hi:c; mbe's GrilJl.d F",ca!iu;. tilt: 1!1o.'it;.SU.hc Og,l'CS h1i.\1"c. to a .reugrcus ft.stJval



The nefarious Goblin King, Git Guzzler, and hfs Goblin army is secretly marching on the brewery of ]osefBugman. Meanwhile our hero returns from the Empire aboard the river barge of Captain Grim Grunnson, In the third part. of Bugman's Lament, Guzzler has sent Kap'n Skabend and his Goblin pirates to delay Bugman. Can the doughty Dwarf get past the Goblins in time to


save his brewery?

B ugrnan's Lament charts .r:nc historic fa1I of Bugman's Brewery [0 an army of Goblin raiders and the events that led up [0 it. This is part three of we campaign, ~I skirmish upon the River Sol. A.owm barge (;':,tl"t'yin!::

Josef Bugman Is ambushed by Goblin River Pirates. Git Guzzle ... ·~ army is preparing [0 assault Bugman's brewery; and me wily Gir, knows that destrnytng the place wilJ be far easier if RUCOlan himself is sh;eping'"\vidi the rt.$l~~.

..As 1.16~1:t1 we've pL1')vided rules for the main proti:lgOl)i,s~s or the scenario <15 well as -a number of unique units, 'thc~1,; :spe(l_iaJ characters and special units are not tntertded to be additions [0 the main army Hsrs, but if yeti want (0 usc- them elsewhere, you should feel free [9 adapt them for. your-own scenarios,

amassing, garnered together by the wiil and might of the cruel Goblin King, Glt Guzzler, The grecnski n WarloL'd is Intent on raising an army largl,:.l.;.l:lQugh 1'0 attack the settlement and dc,s[:wy ~ugmao's Brewell~ In rh is he hopes 1.0 gain enough renown :~JI~l beer ro assemble alarge force and march upnn me very Empire nself

Glr Guzzler's plan is already in motion and although resrrtcred to small actions at first, it is now gathering pace. Tile Glr has declared hjs iruenrtons to attack Sugman. Already a trio of beer carts CJ\ route to the Empire have been ambushed by Goblin WOlf Riders. The brave Brewmaster; Bazrak Bolgan, who led [he expedition has since regrouped his warriors and returned TO me brewery to bolster the defences there.

Later Skeggi Tbrekkson, uugman's most trusted captain arid 'loyal fl'ie .... d, repelled an attack on one or the Dwarf watch towers that ring the lands around the Dragcnback seujemenr, thefr beacons ready ('0 warn of Impending arrack,

Here the" Goblin Shaman, Grabnatz launched this second arrack, desperate [Q destroy the [Ower with his mighty giant and fimgas brew Goblins. Spying . the Goblins cmcrglng from the woods surrounding the Dwarf outpost, Skeggl gave the order [0 light the beacon. 1'\'8 me brnzterflame atop the tower roared lnro We. Skcggi prayed that Bugruan 'would see it and heed h;,!; warning ~fore lt V?a.~ [00 iate.

M{:'anwhUe, 'Ypon the SoJ, Bugma n was rerurnlog from delivering il shipment of l;ii~ precious ale to a far off [Own .In the Em'plre .. He was weary from the journey 'and eager [0 rerum TO his brewery and get 081 the: water.

Nom that any special characters must be used' as ttJey are presented here and may not be given any additional equipment and/or magic hems.


A great and Stowing peru is about. 01 engulf th~ Dwarfs ofthe Dragonback dan and their. setrlement in the southern fringes of the Bmplrc. W'fth.jn the f0re~:a

"Th~ ship's capratn, Grim 'Dead Eye' Grunnson. knew the dangers of the river aud eyed the water susptclouslj; an Illfccl.irig in .his bones. Sudde r "I~ there ~1IS a cry from [he thick reeds Lining (be riverbanks. Reaching (or hrs Bugmau turned 10 see Ihat a Goblins were upon them, lrrrent on !Sl:nking.the barge

. p._reVen.rill.f: hls return for


By Chris 'Pvpeye' Bone

Boats and Beer. These are two subjects \fl.:(j dose [0 my heart. So, I [uat. had to mnke the Dwarf barge for Bugman's Lament. My Insptrartnn came from the Mississippi dver steamers of the 19th century and 1 downloaded an tmagc from the web for my desigu,

TIle loading bays (ew the hold arc dOQ~ from the Mighty FQr,lrcss, bur you could make them from balsa. I gl~lcd on Dwarf shield bosses and icons for decors ... den.

Finally, I sprayed the decking black and wen highlighted n successively With "BestJaJ Drown, Bubonic Brown and Bleached Bone,

Jl"~ best [Q paint shield bosses whilSt they are attached to the sprue. Spray ebem Skull Wbitc)"lJ'iet'l base c-oat With Shining Gold. Wash wtth Chestnut Ink wash and hlgliligflt with a mix of MJlhrll -SUvcr and Shining GoM.

It had to be: fairly big {or some Dwarf on Grobi action. The template for the deck L made using Micro~ofl Word auto shipes which .l primed ouro A4 paper, placed onto :1 piece of pink insulation foam and drew around, The foam J then shaped using a hot 'win; cutter and smoothed down WIth sandpaper,

1 used the same template to create the (,h;cking frofl\ 3mm [hick balsa wood. I scored lndcnrarlons along the grain of the soft balsil. with a nne ripped biro and :.L ru lei'. I made. [he space between each lice about ymrrr apart. I. then glued 1)1I~ balsa onto the Icam with. PVA wcocworklng glue.

The stdcs to the hull were made from tern ",'de strips of cereal packer card (in faet, r had to ear rwo whole packets ¢f muesli wfthour milk JUS! to make this 00 not try this at home). You can glue around the sides with wood glue, bur 1 used a hot glue gun as it's raster. I men curved the card between my fluger and thumb and used pins h) hold the sutps onto the foam, whilst the;': Clue dried. [ starred Jcom the bottom and glued another Strip overlapping the firs[ by 5rnm. This gives u clinker-built cffccr,

Protective shields and railings I made from sides of the oJd Empire war- wagon which 1 had left over from the Bugusan's brewer), carts (sec \'VJn99). AgaJn using my $UperpOWCI5 {curved the metal h) follow d.1C curve of the:

boat- ArT!'!

The 'ro.illng~ I made from siege ladders, which 1 curved and hoc glued to the hull. The winch nnd loading platform was made: using clements of uie Siege Tower and. the Dwarf SOlt Thrower. 1 men wound a length of fine chain round the, winch and rusuned it

• .... ith Brown Ink,


The- prow .:.jlh!! Dwarf b,~rgl/ I mad..: from lb(r cl'I,ucbing'sIu'Ufj Ih(J~fornI8d jxlrJ .oflb<r 0rc/,m/, Dwarf Amlll DJ Doom mrx!c', .... S'llpp[l"~ from rlJc DwrirjSIO!i{· 'Throw!,.,. romplC(~·:; I,b,S :set-Item u/


l'h.s ,moj oj tlse wheull;mfm! Ii/I.r rlff and for ext.l'i df!MII wllJ)iI,. tbere's a lab/i' rlklllc./rl)111 lia{s.a c"IIL lI{~rl(jll:i I!Jo11I1~·I(/kL7r / the MrJrdhf!irn Accj?swl')' SP7'IIti!. 1'hs ha"8I!"." J.IIhffflll,~ a PIQIj,dc spoked ~l1heel.

Ttl ~ Jour deadly ~wj\'<,.:.1 guns that p-(QIea the barge were made from a oombin~uiOLl of a Bronzmo's Galloper GUD Cannon for the gun itself and the base and shaft of a siege defenders rock dropper.

I glued the carmen itl place of where: Lh~ rock dropper arm would have been and ~~.~ the ,hart dc)\vn 10 Dwarf helgln



his hordes and rnems 10 slow BugmilD down before be: on rctute and aid his seen-to-be imperine:d kill

Dwarfs place little raith in water ilD.d tbc way in which rivers- and seas eall be' far mdc and transport. It is only the Cb.D5:_ of Barak VUf that embrace the way or li£:c- as their hold studs ILpon the shores of the Black GulL These Dwufs produce the: sreal wonders of the steamship And III:' locked

OD with amusement and even mockery by the other clans, whose: trust is, ODl.y in steel Ind solid. ground.

However, the Dw ... r! expatriots o( the Empire arc more open-minded than mort Dw.itfs, and just ~~ -Sugman hilS adopted many other customs of the .Rcikhndc.r.s, 100 rae dots he. employ the use of barges in

tiie tnnsporhtioD of his rles into the Empire .. flowing near his brewery. the So,1 is ideal for traespcrtiag nU~m.;lD·S merchandise -iOTO the h~:lrl or th.e gralesT realm 01 men, and it is with gmt [rI:qUtDty that Busm:m's barges trawl the gr~t d v er, it iributuy of the lI~ighty Heik, Of course, such a jou,mey is D01 -wirhcut peril. and Bugman sud his warriors arc cove.)' v~8ih_Q1 [or b~n.dit!l and thieves who m.ight Iry 10 steal his cargo.

But CD this day, the. diln8er was direr still Fot unbeknownst' to Sugman, a b;ttlll: WiS corning, J horde of Oebltcs witb gluier unbirioD rhan simple theft, The. great Goblio King. Git Gunl.c:r. iii ~~!Ot:II n blib8

II falls 10 Kep'n Skabend, a Goblin piratl!!: of some ir& to lilt QIl the Bl"Igm:ln's B'U8~ ".,jlb his Goblins. the River RiI.t~. His miss-ioD is to sink it end prev~[ Bugman from ever relu.rllLng horae. But IS tht:y attack. Sb.bend -spics en old ~[le, from his put abmrd Ihe Dwarf b.a.r8~. the captain. Grim Dead Eye' Crunsson. Rubbing Ihe hook he h;t;o; in place of I hind. 3 reminder cf his 1151 rneetiag with Crunsscs. he: promises beneath his br.:::ath to bh Cruessea's ether ~y~. ,1I1d finish Wh3t rtJrtc~ between them long ilgo.


Grim Oruuason's Crew Grim's Dwarf force is 400 points. IL

is led by Grim "Dead Eye-' Grunoson nndJo~id'Bugm:1n) ''i\r}19,b.oth coune as -ihe anuy general ($0 any DWarl within 12" of tither character, may u~~ their: Lcacership for psychology; tesrs). and must be ":,hosen from the Ii$, Be)ow,

f:OlU!: 'WarriQ.r:~! Crossbowmen, 'rucndeeers.

SPHerAl., Slay"",'S+ Dwarf Sea Jj)q~ (see special roles)

Kap'n Sk.hcnd's River Ratz ~ap'n Skaberid's pirare horde [0; ~OO pointsJt is led by Kap'n Skabe.J'I~1 Goblin Big B05!O, who Is the annr. general, and must be chosen from (he list belcw..

SPECIAl., 0-2 Harpoon Cb u kkas (see iSt?cda1 rule.Ii). 0·2 Gab Launrhas (se specral rules).

RARE: 0-3 River Trolls, Snetling .Pt.unl) R:afl' (see. spccl-a~ rules).

Note: j\lllhe rafts tbat the Goblins dr·t ,.ldhJ8' tlPDI1~ fncirultng Skdbel1d'/j' Alak. Rafl c(J!ll no points 10 take Into acooum tbefaec uxu Ih~ DwarfS orC-. t:idfng in. Grim:S bauie barge,


Kap'n Skabend and his River Rail have launched a rapld arrack against the mnsswe DW"",iT( barge. Their wooden rafrs sre no match against us speed and power, but Skabend knD\VS the river well and has chosen a spot where the barge must travel slowly through a narrow water COl.l~C or risk being clogged up with long reeds and other river-borne debris.

He WOI'I,'~ have much urne, bUI if he can Set his Goblins On hoard and breach the bull, be can scupper the

\V1tb the barge slowed, Grim Grunnson knows they are vulnerable to attack. As the: Goblins Launch their assault the:

Dwarfs must. hold firm, to prevent them getting on board the. vessel. If they can hold off the Goblins for long enough they will make Jr through rhe -borueneck and tan hea(1 Of) towards home. Bugman, together with his WArriors and Grunnson and his crew, must repel the attack and traverse the Soi in time LO reach the Brewery before: It's [00 late.

Grim 'Dud Eye' GrUDDSOD has. bun luwling the wltcrwl)'5 of the Iimpirc (or many loog reus. Once .10 Engineer If Bank Yur he: was disbarred from the: guild for drinking engine oil md :& peechaet for building his vessels nut [I( wood. Evcntually he Jdt the" hold and took up work ~, l bUgC[IJ;lD 1.0 _the.: Empire: with some ol his kin. II was here tn.t Grim fiD.lJly round puce. or so he thoughi. 00 one Iateful dily he and his kins-men wen attacked by Goblin pirates in 1 ardullr punned ambush, Upon the deck of (lis sinking barge. the 'Sa H.lwk: did Grim meet his nemesis. 1D the Ntlll; that followed between them, Klp'o Skabend gouged out Crim'1!: r.y[ but Dot before the doughty Dwarf took oU the Gobliu's hand at the wrist. Rct:lin8 from their Injuries. the two of them broke awJ.Y ilb.d the Cob.lins \VI:U: fin~1Jy put to flashl', hlJt only al Stu.1. c.OSI. Si[l~e la~1 dl)' Grim hAiC been ~C,UCblOg the w~tl:rw~yE ef every river .in t~~ Empire. hcping to rjnd Sksbead 3E1d. rc'p:J.)' old debts.

WS 6


S 4

M ,


A 3

GrIll) Clunu:s:oll

T 4

Cost: 79 potnrs

Equipment: Grim carries a brace of plsrols aud a hand 'weapon. He also carries a. special Dwarf telescope.

Grim ls n Dwarf Thane and uses up One QfYOUT Hero choices.

Special Rub

EWJl.ity: Unknown [0 Bagman one of Ut€: reasons Grim made sure he was hired for the journey was {hat be: secreuy hoped to encounter Skabend and settle TJ'lC grudge between Them. Grim has a. biner hatred uf Skabend and may re-roll any mtssed hits against hirn in every round of combat, not [ust the .first, although he II1Ul)t accept the second result . Furthermore, If Grim and Skabend are within 8" of each other 13.[ rhe starr of a rum, coli a n6. Or"! a roll of 1 they are so enragerl that they must BOTH rnove rewards c.ach Ot rcr as , aSL' as pcsstblc (Grim will even dive: off the barge to get to Skabe.nd). The pl a yer whose turn jl: is 'Vi/ill move first and then tbe other player must move his character towards hts nemesis in the following Movement phase,

Sea bloedr Ilnlike roost OWJ.[c;. Grim 1':1 totally ar home in the water and having spent most, of hjs life upon the liver, is an CX"j)C1't swimmer (even for.' a Dwarff}. He may re-roll any Strength test when he i$ swimmmg and moves 1)6+2~ (sec special rules).

Magic Items

Dwarf telescope: Grim's telescope W"JS a gift to him from his Engineer Gulldmnster when he .left.Barak varr. It is a special uem rather than a magic item and as such It isn't affected by Spc.II~. OI"hCt. magic uems, etc. that normally affC::Cl magic items. "flu: Ide~ c ope allows Grim. [p._.;;:~e· and arm his pistol from a greater dtsrance with 3i.:CUracy. WhilST firing fI plstol.Grtm may

a dd +.06" to the range. ~

Poil'lt$/rIlQtJed; 14

These rough and 'rcldy Dwu[s m: Grlm~5 i'ndi~p[.I)5.'Iblr: crew. Carrying pJ~IQh iu com.bat. they are weU-~ccustomcd to naval bartles.



A Ld 9

Unit Size; 8·16 (mts ts for comparative purposes on!)" Usc it ifyoll tuant 10 rise tbeJ:Jwmj 5cadogs in your own regutar game,f; ()fU'tll'bammer. In. $kil'm.i~h; 'f.Jtli~dQ~rlO/, adhere to tbelr maximums and minimums),

We:a))Oil$ and anUQur: Hand we:-tpon :unJ a brace-of pistols.



Ld 9


Grim is based upon a Dwarf Sla.rer Pirate model. J warned to make him stand out [rom the rest of his creW;. so 1 gave him, a Jaunty hal and a Dwarf telescope.

Lused.tbe end cf-tbe ~

Ie/escape from IW

Dwarf (';.I2111ZQI1

Gn'lili1laJ' and glued .,' .:

Ikh to 'be elld 0/ a !;uJ/IL' fl?c S'uYlir Pir(ue mQdeJ um~ /)(ili1ine to nwkc Gri'il·'S trr{{'scoPf.

r mnali fiJC~(?;)'i,pp,(,1; fro/If Gr" 'e n SlJIJ/.

.... ·U:u{IJlI'Jf. U Imiu ~1I11 (Q "iid 0."(1"1 d4)tail. "/1Jo"!bl1/lliiJSfmllliiN Empire soldier's sprue.

Tll Wow hts aflJliau(m toJJllgmml) { g'"l'd a

.§~mIDi·s hnlUl m;Jo Grim's hack.


Bugman lhuy.s. accompanies. hili barges whee 1hc.y venture far our inEQ the: heutlands of the Emplre, He is all tee ~'W"'Jr. o[ the predations of hurrao bmdirs and the: other Ieel crearates 'Ibn lurk ill 1hl: forests ru::X~ 'Ii? the river, ·Thougb he knows: n-Qlhing cl Ctim's ultcrkn motives. he:: is rudy [or bmle with his trlJSty crossbow and rune axe when the Goblins fall upon them.

M.gie Items

josef's Axe: Bugman's axe j5 an heirloom banded down to him by hia IatherZamnil. [[ bears the Rune of Cleaving and. RW"Ie of FUry (see page 20 of the Dwarfs army book for more derails).

Bugman's Tankard: This tankard is a fabled item. (I. is said that so long as a. Bugman of [he. Dragonback dan bold ~ it, the beer wtthtn wUJ never be drained, no matter how man)' draughts are taken. The mi\gil.:~ll propertiesof the tankard, combined with the invigorating effects of Bugmnn's brew wuhtn allow joser Bugman to Rt;gcnt=tate_

M 3

ws 6

T 4

W 2

A .~

W 9

BS 4

Cost: ] (,0 pouus

Equipment: josef carries a crcsshcw and rune axe, and wears light. ~.t11l1111.r and a shield.

Josef Bugman is a Dwarf Thane and so USe.5 up on!,! cf your Hero choices:

Speci.l Rules

f.m-ly days: As this mini-campaign is set before Bugruan's Brewery was put to the; torch, Bugman does not yet suffer from his greensldn grudge, nor is he the leader of his rangers. At thiS moment in time Josef Bugman should be fielded just il,s he is presented here,

Sk.abC:G.d, is AI m.~bciou.s and c.~lc~h1in8 creature. He hIS plagued the rivers oi .th' E~pin: fer !'lhny LODE yurs. and grown wHy Ihd C.UDIl;Ug ill. Eru.t time, Hi5 River Ritz are IQy"'~ and .fc:ar(ul ef him. H: 100. lilr:~ Grim. is keen 10 ellen up with his u.:.h-entmy nDee more, b .. nil'g developed ~ persistent itch where his hand "Used to be, In battle be: dons all the tnPpw8s of ~ truii1ionll pit.!lt:. evee down ~o a small parrct-Iike .li~ui.H called Skrcck whirb. sits OpOD Sk:a.bc:nd's shoulder.

WS 4

A 3

Ld 7

BS 4

W 2

M. 4

5 4

T 1

Kap'n Skabelld

COSf: 123 POin15

Cquipment: J{;ip'n. Skabend carries a hand weapon (which is e magic weapon) lind pistol and wears light armour, He also has s a hook hand (this adds + 1 Arr~ck ami may be. combined with either bls band weapon Or pistoltn close combat).

Skabcnd is a.Goblln BJg 8055 and so uses up one of your Hero choices. NOLe he. must always be taken. with Slygil, his Hrsr mare.

Sp~cial Rules

Em.:ni~y: Skabend has II deep abiljing hatred of Gnm 'Dead-eye' Grunuson. lrwas him that gave him the hook hand that causes him 50 much diseomforr. 115 such Skabend is scouring the river, walnng far the day that Grim crosses his path again. Like Grim. if [he two characters ;II;C within 12" of each other, roll a 06. On a roll of 1~ Skabend will charge tQw:-tm:s Grim, jumping into the water if he has Lo1 Skabend hates Grim with equal venom and so rnar re-roll itIJ of his nus s ed hits In every round of erose combat, bur must accept the result of the second roll,

Srnck, 'PaTrOl' Squig: A peculiar variation or (he Squjg, skreek resembles a skinny, squlg-lfke bled. IUs dny wings are SO small that he cannot fly very well bur often flaps about in mid-air Ior a lew seconds whllst he shouts warnings ro his mil.SOOI'. With this forewarning, Skabend 15 one step ahead of his enemies and can avoid their attacks. As such he has a 5+ Ward Save.

'IroglagOQS; Skabend ts drawn, to the river like. a moth [0 a name. He is a distantly descended from 3 scarcely-known species of Goblins called Troglagobs, which arc natu • al river dwellers. Because of thls, Skabend i~ ,L1mOSL seml-aquatlc ind s ..... vims wlrh ease, He may always rc-rcll the Strength lest when swimming and lI)a.y swim up to a distance of'06+2" each [urn.

Magic Items

Skabend carries Hacka's Sword of Hackin' (5CC page 30 of me, [he Ore and Goblin army book for more details).


Diminutive even by Goblin standards. Slygit is Skabeud's eor-so-irusred fitSI mate. The o1l1y reason Skabeod keeps him ilfoupd is ttu.t the rest of the Rivet' Ra1z have: got quite .Jtu.ched to him. He '11'''5 once struck by light.DiDg while tbey were out OD the river ia iI. storm and miraculously survived. Since. that Iareiul night the River Rail believed ,hal Slygil W4.S blessed by Murk and is n:gndcd as smnclhiDg. of .l lucky mascot

M 4

ws 3

BS 3

5 3

T 3



Cost: 45 potms

Equipment: Slygil carries two band wc.;l.P9IlS ;=II-..d his 'bana '.

Slygit rs always found 'with Skabend. 'together they use up one Hero choice.

Special Rules git:'Slygit I::; possihly the lueklest Goblin ever ro have walked the face of the Old Wodd. Cerlaiflly he has avoided de-all, :H the hands of his master many times! Slrgit has a special save of2+ against any spell, wound or attack that mlghr otherwlse klll him. If he rolls a 2+ men me Wound, spell effece .. ere. are Ignored, Although any omcr model in a unit with him is affccred as normal.

Magic Items

Slyg:it's Balla: Slygit wears the Red Dana, OD his back. ft waves In the air madly as he cavorts and jumps all over me place, and is a source of much pride (0 the River Ratz. All Goblins within 1Z'I of Slygir illay rc-roll all failed panic and All Alone lC:$I~. Forthemoru the River Rarz f1}3,Y ignore thclc first failed 'Rout rest as long as Sl}',gil is still on the board. However, he does not add +1 to Combat Resolution scores.

J bad to 'tlN/tIll)' 1'i!11/01,!O- tbe (Xlrrnl from long J)l"(mg to act 4'C Ska~nd',( J(l'dgpt(rrQt. J'IINN ;1ec«Cd (0 rf!:lt.1j'p~ Ii W;'i,~ llrul tho cflrrvs.


By Paul S«",yer

Skabend ts ba. .. ed Oil the Red Gobbo model from the Warhamnl.Cr 40,000 Ork range. j added a gun

frem the. Empire l\1llUia sprue along with a hook and parrot from LoagDroog.

K'r.IJ~'n .\'k(ihctul"$ pi:mJl

8 Ula.<:lmJII'l4fngapi$rol frpm (be £"'p'i,'~ Milma spruu im" l1HJ J!urod ",urzleJmmlha. bluud~rl;u$$ Oil IW SIlIIIC'tprllf! •

t'el1Je f!)'B;ptltch from GIW!It SrlrJI r !~lCd (~.eoIXt'DdllifJrmr'sli'p (1110298) fl/mul lnllfttg Ib.e Grell'n Stuff dry (J lIulc 1),>j"OI'f! sculptH(~

I drlJ/ed tnta tbe blrdlQ/ II)c modc~ pj,m{ng ill


The banle 15 fought over a 4' x 4' battlefield, Thts is a \'e.ry' unusual battle in that it is fought entirely on thtl river SoL, so the enure baulefleld is surging water, The only 'static' feature Of the banleficld is Grim Grunnsun's Dwarf Barge which Is placed tn the centre of the table. It I.s matching the 'Ilow' or the river. and so docs not move for the duration of the game. TIl" rest of the battlefield bas no scenery (bur debris can drift in later - see below),

D.ployiog (or Battle

The enure Dwarf force Is riding aboard Gril1lj~ ba.rtie :U'id so rnusr all be deployed upon 11.

The Goblin ptraces are all deployed on rafts (sec below). They SI,lI:l the game deployed up to D6" from :any board edge (roll separately for each raft).

The Dwarf force Is deployed first,

Special Rules

The following special rules appJy during the battle.

Skirm{s/J-. 'ThiS is a Skirmish battle and folium: a.1I the rules given for Sldrmlsh In the back of the '\);'al'ha1llmer rulcbcok, bu t wi th [he. folJo\\ri1'S: amendments,

SIJoot/ng. There are no morttners lor shooth:ig at Skirmishcra or singk characters.

Rout. The Dwarfs arc bjercdy determined not to give In and will fight until their hun breath. As they also have nowhere to run, they are Immune 10 Rout tests during the game.

Determi .. ed Dwa':fs, The Dwarfs lipan \ the. barge are determined not to give . " ground to the Goblins and wtll prareg

the barge eo <hell: dying bre.d15,.AJ1 the ~.rfs in tnts battle ace lmruune 10

pj:joic :~r1d AU Alone tc~II',S"

Rl.verha.ftle. The cnrrrc banlc is fOllgln On a 1~Cf, dangerous.and fOil:it tlowlng river, 'J'h~' special rules gtven, over [he page app,\y for this battle.


Skl,711is/}t The !¥tAle is played ustng the War hammer Sklrmlsh rules.

And you though! fighting on dry J.nd was difficult ...

Rlve,.j1QUI. The: Rlver Sol is a fastflowing tributary of the Reik. Whl15t .Grrm's barge can march the speed. of'the river easily, the Goblin rafts will be swept along by it if rhey don't paddle hard. The current flows east to west, ';lg:dnsl the barge.

At the Start of each game tum after me first, roll a D6 and move all, the raft s an the board. that number o'f lnehcs ; n the direction of the. current. If a raft hits anomer raft tbc.y have collided. If they

d rin, off the board they counr ~ having pursued a fleeing en~m)' and may rCt~ITf1 nr toe Start of their next turn.

D(!b,.;~,. The Sol has much debris Floating dowu It. If the river now roll Is 4+, n(i pieces of debris, euher barrels, crates" tree trunks or some other buoyant item, 1l0A.1. flown rrver from the east hoard edge at the speed of the: river fhjw and will continue to Iloar drjwn at the start of I,;iwh playe(,~5 rurn (d.t:bri$ is much lighter than a rau an-d so will ruovcs in both player turns). Bach player rolls a 06 LO determine where the debris COOU:,5' on, with Lh~ highest mil choosing fl_fSI With the choice, alternating between players until all the debris is placed. The debets \VillIUO\'"C in a straight lint; &om the potnr of origlu \.l nrtl it coutdes wrth somel.hi:og or floats off the table,

1Jebri~ has no effect UpOI' the barge and is (,lcstTQyed upon jmpnct but causes-a Strength 2 hit against a rafr.

Smimmillg, Ha model i~ dumped (or dives - see the rules for Grim. and Skabend above) into the water then in lrs next Movement plrase it must swim (ie, it 1Il15,SeS a phase if It hasn't moved already). To swim a model must roll equal [0 or under its Strength (a roll of 6 alwaY" falls). if successful if may swim lip to D6+1'~ rhts men. If Ir falls It must roll a DG and SL'Orc under Irs Armow:

Save to Stay afloat (:I. 6 always fails)'otherwise they drown and arc Tcnu)ved from the board as a casualty, The mode) may nor move this rum and merely treads water, being gradually s\:vt!J)t down the rive.', Any model.swept olI the board whilst in the ' .... arcr drowns and is removed as a casualty too

If i1 mudd manages to reach a raft it m a y climb aboard automartcalty



K1.p'n Skabend and his Goblin River Racz are a cunning breed of plrare. Borne upon rafts, the)' have a veritable arsenal of machineries to attack the ill-fated vessels that, cross their path,

RLrfts, All the Goblin pirates ar~ mounted on crude rafts. DOlch rnft can carry up to ten Goblfns, has a 'toughness or 4~ ;, Wounds

and may move up to 8" each turn. Evcr:y time the raft is wounded us speed is reduced by 2". Whatever speed the rafts are mOY:ing at, the Gobiin5 on

board may stili shoot

any missllc weapons. They do not count as running .. lf thot:y move over 4-,

W$,'1'1: conirat. ;rohe Goblins in the game do not suffer from 4n1·mo.dty.Howe.vec, they may- lose control of the raft. At the bugirmin gof the Goblin. turn, rue Goblin player roU1J a 06 for each raft which currently has Gcbtlns aboard. On a ro~1 of 1~ roll. (1, 06 and consult the table below.

Coutstons. I f a raft hits the barge or another rafr. [hen '1 collision has occurred-H'two rafts collrde.jxnh

suffer n-Strengrh 4 hit, U a raft bus the barge it suffers D3 Strength 5 hilS. If a. raft is wounded but not destroyed by a collision aD the Goblins on board wtthln 1'~ of me edge.must pass a Strength rest Or are: thrown overboard. Only make this rest when a t:lfi: is wound~d by a eolhston, not if it is shot at.

If a raft is destroyed for any reason then all the Goblins onboard are thrown helplessly fmc the water,

Gob Launchas. 11\e Gob Launcha works Ukc. the Goblin Doom Dj,rcr~ except IT rhrcws-Gohlms onto the deck of the. Barge to w-reak havoc and attack Its crew. Jf tht: Gobtauncha mnnages ro land a shot on target on the deck, it doesn't cause any damage. Instead, place a Goblin model at. the penn of impact. The Goblin may not move or anack rhl:;. rum, but if It Innds on ;1 Dwarf It has dived down from on high to attack! Place the Goblin in base-tobase combat. 1t counts as charging this turn, Any 'hurncbed' (jobUn charging in thls way g3i~ + 1 to its to hie rolls and + 1 Strength for mat round of dose CQwb;;r1 01'11)·. If a. Goblin lands ort deck roll it 06. 011 iii 1"0.11 of 1 it has become caught in some rigging. landed in the funnel or suffered some mba unfortunate accldenr and is removed i\a a car s ualty Such C:obJim.yield.flo Vlctory PlJinLS. The Gob Launcha is assumed lO have enough 'willing' GobUns onbcnrd co act as ammunition. Each Gob.lin. is armed wJth moo hand weapons. TJ1C raft, with rhc Gob l.a.uncha on is assumed 10 be fully laden with iL"i ammunition and crew and 5U no swimming Gobl: n may board it. There are three crew in total and these may be targeted by missile fire as normal. The raft may not arrack the barge and may always move at full speed

06 Re~nh

1 Spiralling,. The GobiJns have lest couteoj completely. Each Gcblln must make a Sll'ength test to Sta)' on the raft or they wUI be flung off D3'1 In a random direction. Furthermore, the raft moves irs lull.move in a random dlrecdon dereemtncd by the Scatter dice (use the; arrow O_I) rbc 'hit').

2--4 The Goblins keep steering in the right direction but their speed is [educed by an extra D3" this tum.

Phew ... The Goblins just manage [0 keep the raft under control and may move normally this turn.

(1 Pill yer backs into it! The Goblins pump the raft forward

with vigour; eager [0 get [0 grips with the enemy The raft moves an extra D6n thiS turn.

(Note: unmanned rafts automafiwliy suffer a Splralflng result ever)' w.rn.).

but if the Gob '·-UI1C··b--.-m-o-,'c-.-o-'-r:---" -T~-:-D-W-A-RF--'B-A-R-G-E------_1riO/}}~fEffi~~ij~ffil

~ .... OJ .L l..I.:.. fortress. It can be assaulred h~ sever-oil

each rum Jt cannot score a. 'hit' on me The entire Dwarf force is ridin.g aboard ways <1.5 described below:

scatter dlce (move me Goblin in the Grim 'Dead Iiye' Grunnson 's barge. lr 1S

direction of the arrow instead). River a marvellous fear of Dwarfen

Ilow does not count as movement for engineering, equipped with four deadly

this purpose. Any Goblin Ilrcd from the swivel guns.

Gob Launcha that lands in the water (5 removed instantly as a casualty; otherwise It is perfectly possible rhar they will land on other rafts. In this case add a. Gublin to those alreadv mounted upon tt.

S1WI.Uttg, Pu#IIP Rfift$. TILis moves and operates In Lhc same way as a. Saotlrng Pump Wagon. The Pump Raft: has a large prow spike mou nted Or' it which the manlc crew use to uy and ram cneJll)r vessels. Any charge against the barge causes D6 Strength 6 hirs but will not damage the Pump raft (it will sustain damage as normal if the barge rams tnto it due [0 the river Oow). The Pump raft has no capacity for boarding and can only be used [0 attack the barge.

Harpoon Chukkas. '111(" Harpoon, Chucka is based on me Goblin Spear Chukka . It can be used to .spear Dwarfs but it also has 11 length of rope ~ttachc;d to the harpoon IJ1<41 can b c used to scare the barge and drag the: raft closer to disgorge irs Goblin ctew The Harpoon Gil ukka. cannot fire: Jf il mcves a:ti the crew are assumed to be pjlonng me raft', hut nore rhar river flow dces nor COUil t as movement fur thi.s purpose. _Any Harpoon Chukka that manages to scare a hie against the barge may move no extra D6~ towards the harge in 3_ stralghr line Immediately This connnues in each subsequent Movement phase until a. Dwarf on the barge removes the harpoon by moving tuto cooract with

the edge of the barge that was hit. lie may do nothlng else that turn except remove the harpoon. A Harpoon

Chukka raft may bold up to 10 Goblins and has 3 crew.

Skabettd'.t; Alak Raft. Skahend has ;I larger and more impressive rafi than. the orbercobuns. It bo.Lds up [0 20 Goblins. The raft ts spe.clally constructed to act as it kind of siege tower Cor attacking boats and has specfal rules when llSsau1tlJ1g Grim's barge (sec below) , It has a Toughness of 5 and "i Wounds. It ignores debris but. still moves like the other Gobltn rafts.

Riuer Trolls, These creatures arc; welladapted to fighting in rivers and do not use the rafts to move around (they - would sink ill). ~1C>' start the battle swtmrntng and may swtm 2l)6~ every turn and re-roll the Strength rest to Stay -an0a~. WhHsl 'in the water they are. immune to stupidity.

Assaulting tbe bm:gc. The barge is treated like a moving defended obstacle in marry respects, akin to it floating

Gobl:ins oPl,rafts, All the ran: Goblins are equipped with grappling hooks. A raft Dlay assault the. barge if they end. their move in contact with it (1\0 charges need be declared). All the Goblins on lhe tai'l may Lry to fight their way on board. The GohUns require a 6 to hit, as



::rile· Dwn{ bugt .. is .a !SOlidly constructed. stc:.un-pCl.wt[~d s~ip, Grim nkes &t~t pride io its smooth runniDg .... .ip<\_ithc mafeteaaece of Irs dudly swivel SUDS. Crcwed by Grfm aod his 'Seadogs', Ihe r!vermcn D{ <1hc Emf!~rc. lock lt ic 'With envy.

M' ws 55

Ji W 7


Dwuf Barge

Special Rules

Swivel guns: 'rhe barge 15 prcrected by!Olli ~'iyeJ guns, l'\yQ at the stern and twoar the prow, 'the swivel guns-may be turned 36Q~.

Ra:n8e: 18" Strength: 4 Special: Armour piercing, D6 multiple shots.

Iu the swivel gun fires a blast: of shot, you PO net suffer penalties for TU:iog multiple shots, AnyD«ta.,{ model on the barge may fire Ii swivel gun, ptovidihg the)' have not run, or shot ,vim another weapon that turn. -rhey

may only Iiie every other turn .. and have [0 be reloaded by a model lV.ho ~Q;

.must' spend It whole torn doing rnjthing else. . _ ... r ~ (!_. ~

Stout armour: The Dwarf Bartle Barge .h.a?;tbick armour plates ~'II a' p<;!t

It; maklng j[ ver,y drfficult ;'0 damage. ~ auch lr.has a 4+ iW'a(d S;w ) ..

:} """,,J~'Q.i> ~ .. _ "">;~ .

t"t-~'" S'--o;

. .gam •• -WQrk..hdp.l~o~ul<ldwarfs 47

if they were arracklng a defended obstacle. (f they wound and injure thelr opponent then the), dtmb un board (place the Goblin on the deck nexr to [he Dwarf they arc: fighting) and will roll to hit 3S normal next rum. [[:I Dwarf Injures a Goblin they are throwu Into the water and 'will (h:-,::i\\'n1 in which case the!," are removed as it r;;t~uahy.

Sk-abctfd:~' AII.k Raft. T.he. Goblins 011 the Atak Raft may also assault the barge ill the same 'Way as above. Skabend's raft has been t'pl:c.ially designed fa assault boats and has it hefty ramp which crashes down upon the deck, uuteashing we Gol;J.~ins .;vithin. Up [0 five Goblins. may attack from the ramp and roU to hit as normal. Any wounded Goblln will remain on the raft ramp, -and not fall in.

Riuer tvous. River Trolls may assault the-barge by (r:ying to climb aboard.

Each River 'Iroll must roll equal to or under it.~ Strength to climb up the sides of the barge and will require a. 6 EO hit in close combat as dcscrtbed above.

COrl,be.U on tbe Barge. \'f"hlli.t a raft I::; In dose combarwtur the barge it will nor be moved by the river now:. ir is assumed the Goblins have affixed special anchors and are now movtng along at me-speed of the barge. The rafts s can slill be. hit by other rafts/dcbris and will sustain damage etc, as normal. [f, for whatever reason, a raft loses control and spirals away from the barge 01" i~ destroyed {or whatever reason then the Goblins still aboard are dumped unceremonruslv into (he water,

If any raft hits the barge due to rbe rlvec (low and 1:;; left in base-to-base eoruact m~y may not assault j[ that rum, they are [00 bus)' holding on [or dear life!

Also, Dwarf units ruay always stand and shoot as it charge: reaction when.a raft 15 assaulrtng even Ii the enemy is under half its- charge range due to me extra height afforded by being on the barge.

AJly. Goblin who lias made it' upon lIle deck of the barge and who is not in combat with ;t Dwarf may choose. to arrack the barge Itself whilst On board hy h;u,dtibg ,nlCl "he deck, srnnshing up barrels etc. TIle barge 0111;)' has a 'toughness of 1 against these snacks as its deck Is nor as strong. It still has a .sallIS of 4 +. bur this is an A.nnour save.


~ My Gob Launcha (uses the-rcles for a IJloOO11l~ H-i!te(') J5'"a_ Rivet Trollwho uses a busted up chariot to propel ierrttted Goblins onto the enemy cesael, Qcca.slonaUy tb-ey survive impact.

1 removed the fewer half 61 the Tr0l.l along "with hl!!- dub, attached the upper torso' to a eoundbase and applied qulckdrylng Iillur to

said base. Then It Wi15 sifUP_,ly a c.?AS{: orr cuffing the haft off the ("btUliS;,l'l;-\m'j pinning It bJ:.t'Wc-e.n th'I;""JroU's hands;

"" 11le, Harpoon "Chukka raft w-'J_S a bit OlQCC involved. I won~t repeat some of the more colourful phrases [ l.lttow;:c{,1 w)iif~.l sawing the barrels in lWO. 'Ific ritf1.1 itself was made .from various pieces of Warnammer siege equipment. with rho addffton.of a normal Goblin-Spear Chukkason the prow. The Goblin with the eyeglass Is a Warhnmm,_~r 40~OOO Ork Z~JlP Gun Spcrter whilst the Goblin punter is from rhe W.1.IhmUlT\o.r 60blin <:.:hariot (fils bnnner pole Being. cut and pinned at its bilS~)~



First Turn

If [he Dwarfs won the previous battle, Skt:ggi',f\V..t.n).iQG:i th~:y gt"t thc' first tum. Jf the Goblins won the pCCY.iOU5 banle [hey get the first rum. Otherwise mil n ~:II$ LO decide who-goes first,

Game Length

Tile game lasrs for flee turns If the Dwarfs-won thl: p:r~\'iOI)S battle, SC,!,:c-:n turns If the Goblins won the. bani", and six rams if the battle. was a draw

Victory or Defeat

If the Goblins reduce the barge to-zero WoundS it has S~Slilined major damage

and Will sink, Bugman will be forced to dock early and continue the-rest ()f the \v;t)' OJ} fQOt, 'and the Go.bJins will .... tin :J.u1:omatft:ill.y.

awarded fur [able quarters. 'If one .srce \\t:ins by·a, clear 200 victory Points then .ther an: the, 'Winner. Any other result counts' as a draw

U the Dwarfs manage to Rom the, Goblin horde.jfieywill win autom:Jticaijy.

lf neither ccndltlnn appltes; by the end of the gJ.ll)C usc vtcrorv Pijints tc (lccide the winner. lf the GobJ!l'\:::; manage to reduce the b-arge m:halfWaunds th,et Gain an exira 200 ViCl_Ory P-oim$.

J1: ~e Goblin player has snore models on [he barge at [he end of'the gaJne tlley gain an extra 100 Victory Pcints, iT me Dwarfs care more models theygat» 100 Victory- Points', No Victo.r:y Polnts are

Victory llDnus~s

If'U;H: Dwarfs win, Bugman gets.across the Sol QUickly· and can ranch the ·~rewe,I"}' that much faster, Hrs breweov :OJ:"iY yet survive! The D\V~JfpJ~yeT y~i'ns + 1 [0 the roll to see when Bugman arrives In the final banle.

Jf the battle ls a draw then no bonus is awarded to either side,

If the.Gchlins will Bcgman will be delayed and -5u.iII::'l'S II. ':1 to the dice roll to see wheo and i.f he nrctves.

arhammer chronicles

The .Sacred Hosts of the Llzardmen are spawned under particularly auspicious portents, and are always destined to perform a crlncal task io the great plan of the Old Ones. Aody Hoare delves deeper ioto the secrets of the masters of creation, bringing us background and officialtules for these :01051 blessed of Lizardmen armies.

M any Llzardmen are said CD be born under the influence of one or more of their gods, the soallied Old Ones. Such spawntngs exhfbtt certain common characteristics nnd their members often share a singular fate. Ijzardmcn spawned according to the lrulucncc of Sotek, for example, are often red ofhue and angry of character, while (hose spawned under 'Iepoc's Inscrutable eye: are often described as otherworldly and mysteriOl1s. Some may he created under the Influence of several Old Ones, exhibiting a combination 0( churactceistlcs. I n the vast majority-of Instances, these ecmbtnauons of characrertsucs occur only to Single spawnings, ami only [0 the hulking warrior creatures known as Saurus. There exist, however, references 10 entire armies spawned under the eye of a single deity, including

not just the Saurus, but the smaller,

more nimble Skb .. ks within Their number,

These armies are known as Sacred Hosts. "("hey are rare, anti apparently spawned wirh some great duty to perform. Scholars have anerupted to examine me Sacred Hosts of those deities rhat the Llzardmen venerate the: most. To date rhey have been unable to uncover more thanrelcrcncca fa other deities, such <15 me 'warlike' T'lanxla, (he 'Lost' Xhclankha, Xhod, who cbocses these desrinerl fOl' greatness and Itzl,

the god of cold-blooded beasts- 11il'l:.lll')' there ;s rhe outcast Rlgg. who Is not venerated by any r '1 At '1111, but whose island. temple in the mouth or the Amaxon .rtver is nonetheless attended [Q with gl'C~t can!.

( 'These rules are offlclal. The arrnles 1 I d ertbed herctn can he consld ere d

ced for aU .styl~ or pill)'. )

Chotec, the Solar God Chute r ' ls the H"od or the: S1II1, and as such is imbued with it neff energy rhar belies the

cold-blooded nature of tilt; race. His coJOU[ ts a fiery orange, and his followers bear arms and armour of gleaming gold and carry icons tbar reflect the Light of the Sun in dazzling beams all around. It Is the boundless energy or (he servarus o( Chotec that makes them parucularly dangerous (Q those who would intrude upon their dOm::l.ins. Mal1.), have made [he rnjsmke ufas~u11linf:. them 1'0 be as impassive: as all Itaardmen. Alas, thiS is not the C;\$I,;, as some have dacovered 10 their doom.

One tale speaks of a mage of the Brigbt College who sought to travel to l.ustria and farnorn The nature of the servants of Chotec, for he had heard rell thar their champions Wielded the power of fire in a manner that he felt might rival that of his ccllegc. Oy all accounts, this mage was a conceited and arrogant

individual, SO convinced in [he superiority Or his own vocation thar he could nor conceive that the Lizardmcn might prove his equals. Let alone his superiors, in [he Seventh Lore" Jmlmcyiog to Lustria, the m,lge sought the servants of Chotec [0[" many years, uavcUing the great ''iv1'(tern''.lY,S of the New WorW .. rccompauled by :ll' :umy or mercenaries hjeed at great cost by the:

Bright College. After almost a decade of searching, the Bright College ordered the mage to rerum, as his quest was proving anything but successful. In desperation, the mage resolved to

launch one more expednion Into the jungles before returning borne to Altdorf. He decided [0 head south along and make for Pahuax, but Ws flotilla

W2."i caught up in a storm and swept many hundreds of miles east before the currents that cross me Great Ocean ~rep[ him west and south, scattering the fleet against the Vampire Coast. The flotilla was hopelessly separated, but

[he: Mage spied a dark land on the southern horizon, wreathed In volcactc cloud, He: concluded that it must be by the will af the gods that a. Inage: ()f the Bright College he drawn to such a fiery place. Upon {he btackened.shoees-he observed a great' host standlng guard at the lip of a crater, from which an. infe.rnal Slow issued, and derermlned that here at last he had found rbc servants of Chotec. He would challenge their leader, defeat him and prise his secrets from h;:; dying mind.

The capratn of the mage's ship had different Ideas though, and refused 1,0 put to shore, The mage declared (he captain in breach of his contract with the 'Bright College, issuing all mannerof dire threar .. s. The captain looked rc his crew who, being supersuucus seafarers, were ill at ease wlrh the presence of a wtzard ali rhclr ship!, 'lind a mutinous bunch te boot, 'The smculderlng mage realised what 'WiI5 abou t to happen ~i1d made to utter an Incantation. But he \V,IS too, Jato. ~md In an instant the seadogs were upon him. They Inflicted upon him the grn\'e~;r. of insults for a Bright '\Xliz:.mJ, pitching him into the sea, where he was forced to

swim fur the black shoreline. The mage must have. roached the relurfve snfery of rhc beach, for ::IS rbe shlp made north once more, the island C;:UIIC ,dive with :i pyromannc displ:IY of epic proportions. The great explosions remained Visible into the night and over the horizon 3S the sailors sought IU put ~tS 111Uc,:h distance as possible between themselves and the volcanic Island. Of such power were the forces unleashed (hat day that It: Is said the elders of me Dright College felt it~ heal iI) Al[dof~ and knew that one of thelr number had pcnshcd ill the hands of a foe far 1I1QrC gifted in mantpulanng the WLnd of Aqsh)" than rulll mortal. Frcru that d~,y' [0 this the Bright College has fccbidden lrs members from ua1rcUJng [0 Lustrta.

A U7.:lrdmen am,y (cor a Southlanw. 1lI'my) may be taken as-a Sncrcd Ho.sI orChou'C'

tWng lit!.:. following aruclldll~CotS:

:t:: All unus and characters that nuy rake :L't:d 511:J.WIW:iR must btu ure Sacred Spawnlns ofCbou .. 'C, Cere unhs wllh tbi.:;; blr:M1nC ;'1m}" Cere .. but ffgh-Crl:' eeccee Stuitt'd SpiI.!;mlnl; nre mcveu I" spectet

~ ,~J.:j"nk :'Skil"l'ni~hl.!nI and;_ 1UkJ.:,'1 p\ln;h:t$1!- The-.s~cred Spawn~n8 qf r;i1Q,um ro~ +:; points-per lInil, nnj,l +.:5 pprnl:: p~~ (·h::.rnrmf'.

~.gaIlles~wOlkSh6P.Cq,:I1k!ollrO,lliCJeS 51


;E-ac;.h god of m,e uaardmeu Js represented hy a' speclflc colour. Below we.shew examples or how to npply. each of these colours ro your models. )'bu ceo also palm these colours in a varierycf'rllfferent !il:}des of marking.

lJIessed Spawning M Chotec

The energetic Saurus of the blessed Chotec are represented with a vibrant oraoge-


l . .,<"",·,,,ple

.6l~cd Sp:awuillg of Tepok

rich purple 5~tlS apart the spawnlngs.of epok a. .. magical In nature


Sotek, the Serpent God

Sorck i~ the pre-emjrreut Llzardmen deity~ and has been since their war against me

ucisomc Skaven that ended 10 the year 100. Sotek is V";J)' m~u,.;h [he Ltzardmen god nf vengeance, a ddt}' that embodies the race's rtghteous anger. Sotek i1$ Gruel, with a rhirs; for sacrifice, to whom the Lizardmcn make daily tribute ill the form of blood ofi'tlrings. Sotek 1S partleularly fond of rodent flesh, and so the: .sacrillee of captured Skaven ts seen 11$ the highest honouradberems can pay their god.

One: question troubles those few scholars with any knowledge of Llsnrdmcn delnes. OnlY [he MagePriests of Chaqua knew of'Sotck, rind even they did not venerate him, but merely wailed the allotted time of his: coming. When Sctck's manifestation was realised, it was the Skinks whQ tlrsr acknowledged him as 01. god, for th e Magc-Prie,sl$ tcck some time fa contemplate the Issue. This confusing stare or:lIT~iNi leads some scholars to question the nature ~f Sorek. 15 the


llh~Jj!ted Sp:ny.o.ill_g of Tzunkl

A sea-green hue was used to mark Out the aquatic Saurus of blessed Tzunki.

Blessed Spawntug of Sotek

An aggressive, bluod-fuelled spawning, the Saurus of Sorek arc marked \'ilh red.

Serpent God an Old Om:? If :1O, wh)' was he nor worshipped for ,50 man), mtllenniaz Some believe that this later addition [0 the Lizardmen pantheon of gods is something else entirely. perhaps some marufestarrcn of [he uzardmen's aJlge.t· at, the actlons of those that would plunder their realm .s.

The most signlfleant, and indeed the first, occasion upon which II Sacred HO~l cf S01ck has marched [0 'War was following the Jail of the city of Chaqua at rhe hands of the Skavcn C1i"ln. Pcstilens. The only survivor of [he plagues unleashed b)' the Plague Monk.o; was a spawning of red-crested Skinks, led by rhe individual who preached the 1,:(:nni(lg~of the Serpent God across the Lfzardmen empire. 'J.ChCrlhallin - the Prophet of Sotek. It is said that these Ski Ilks were particularly strong for their race. their consrimtion able [0 reslsr me diseases of the rat-spawn. 'rhesc Sklnks went forth the ruins cfChaqua, proclaiming the coming or theh- god and fighting many battles against Clall Pcsujcns, garnering mort: Sldnks.unrll they were a mighty a.nny .. Tehenhauln

Blessed Sp='\wning of The. \'1\1d yellow marked Saurus or 'naacou are fearless flghrers,

utessed Spawning of Quctd

The spawnlngs of the wnmoe-gcd Quetzl an; characrcrtsed by the especially rough, thick.scales covering lheir bodies and bon)' spurs prorrudtng from their forearm s.

Blessed Sp;nvnlng of Huanchi Naturally stealthy. those blessed by Huancbt, jaguar god of the earth and night, are able to pass cllorrlessly through the thickest: funglc, rhc,ir elusive nature means there lsn~[ any record of them beartug dlstincjlve markings.

led the Llzardmen in a lung WaT that spanned many cemurtes, whh uncounted spawnlngs of red-crests mnrchrng nt his side, until he ultimately defeated Clan Pestllens, offering- up thousands of 5;~f.;rjfices :H1.d bringing about [he manifestation of Sotck,

USins a Sacred Host o{ Sotek

A IJzardmcn'IlIlIlY (JlOIli. Soulliland~ aml)')

(l( SOl.¢k.uslhg.r~e foUowil1,g amendQI(;,:n~:

a: AU crurs :U1,d charal,:le~ Lillit ll1.lly lMle Ii. sacred .spawning mUSt ~r the Sacred Sp:l.wnlngufSoICk. Core u .... ilS'wllh ~bi5 blc.5..~ln~ IIfJ\y'£Url!, hlll·lr~h";:n a-second S;1Cr«! Sp:l.wnlng ;m;:,·nmllcd'to-:SpcdnJ..

-= Skink SkinnL~h(:rS and characrers must purch3..'if! rhe ::;acrcd Spawni,us ofS(nek rc- + 10 pornra per unlr, and +10 poillL'i rcr char-.u:tc:t.

t: SlUnk Prtesrs in a. sacred nose ofSoldc may 11111)' sClCCL Lilt::ir spdls from me LOre. oin~nI.

Quet1l, file Protector God

nit.': csvams of Quem are tough and warlike. as beflrs the chosen of the Warrior

God. Ql.ltcxJ is venerated amongst the pantheon of Lizardmeu deincs as the protector, and Irmrdmen spawned under his iullucncc are gifted with greal bony protrusions .mu especially thick hides. Those who have faced them in battle claim TO have seen arrows and crossbow bolts splinter :1 n <1 snap UP01'1 their scales.

A number or accou 1lL~ have been uncovered tbar speak of Saurus ~'ilai:fio.cs: with huge bon}' crests upon rltelr heads, yel some: bc.Heve these eye-witnesses are referring nOL LO Li2.aoom,Cfl spawned under we sign of QuetzI. but Instead have seen Ole Temple Guard - huge and stoic warriors rhar prorect rhe Slann Magc-Prlesrs. Only a handful of accounts represent 'what Is believed [Q be true slghtings of the Protector God's: children, and these sport not ju '( bony crests, bur spines and protrusions all over their bodies. Ie some accounts are to be believed, these Saurus might appear [0 be adorned In. an entire. suit of bony anuour; though such accounts fliay very well be stretch lng crt':.chJ lity rather [00 thin for the academic instincts of most scholars.

Delving deeper into the- I:LlCS surrounding thls pamcular Old One. scholars usvc uncovered a number orreferences 10 prceecttvc m~gic) though at first some mistakenly concluded that these referred to Tepok, me Inscrutable god mOIX normally linked with the wnrdtng of barmful magicks. However, it would appear. going by the accounts of a number of mages who have etslted Lusrnn and wtmesscd the Llzarrlmen in battle, that Quetal 15 also called upon to provide arcane prorecnon from muudnoc attacks.

In his writings. rin his expedfucm to

J ... ustria, entitled 'In the: Garden of the:

Gods', the noted mage dJ the jade College, Cyrston von Danllng, slates that he witnessed a punitive raid by a force of Ljzardmen upon Pert Beaver. The defenders scrambled to man their defences and eventually made. ready a number or artillery pieces) which I.hey brought LO bear upon the attacking Saurus. A cannonball from the first volley apparcurty SImek the Lizardrnen's leader, a might)' Saurus mounted upon the. back of a hissing Cold One. I\s the missile struck, an explosion of mulrlhued light burst ;U'Q~mcJ the Saurus, bUnding many ~tith ils li~ling brilliance. The: Saurus \Va'!: quhe tmharmcd, the cal,nolihaU having been

dassel v cd to nothing: by SOme magical means, Von Danllng states that his own magk;il sight afforded hint a view of the event [hat those not gifted with the mage's skills were unaware of. Au.vrding [0 him, a ghostlike, clawed hand seemed to manifest before: the Saurus and physically block the cannonball, tran .. smutatlng Ir from mundane mallet- Into the vcrysruff of magic, whereby it dissipated upon the arcane winds. Von Danltng claims 'to hav-c fell' the presence .of a being of lmrueasumble power, H only .rut' an Instant. In that split second he- felt utterly humbled and Insignificant before a pscsceee or incalculable age :'1:1'1(\ power. Of course, h,c states he was in [he' pre.~ence of [he Old One Quetxl, .MOst believe that the noted wtzard yon D~Jjng had spent tOO 101)g ill !hc sun.

USln8 • Samd Host of Uuettl

A ~dmcn army (nOl x SuuwLmcJ:;; iIlIlD}') ma-r'b~ raken as a Sacred llosr

Or Quew using the !oUowiJ1g :lmeRdrn~n15.

(I: Allllnlr.s <1n(i c:h!U"·dCC<!r:o! Ihlll mal' take a S:l~d Sp:iwnlng m\4'i11 hear the,:"iacrct! Sp:w"'li'lg orQl."!cul .. ('ore untts wnb this. hlessing s~f CllI'c.llullrglYen a second Sacred Sp;nvnlng arc moved to Spcchl

a;: Skin!.;. SkinniShcrs end CbllraclC:rs must plII:ch:1.~c IIH~ Sacred SJ,>;l.wnlng uIQkl.!:td for +--5 poInts per unlt, 31"1{:i +,. ·polnUl (Xl. characrcr, which gJ'·es them 1\ S:J.YC nfG.

II.': Sklrik Priests-'m a Sacred 110$1 o( Q\le121 can only take !.hdr spellS from the Lore. qfl)e:nh, '

~ ~l=~'I~eJ~~

ru whose symbol is [be stealthy

jaguar. The sermnrs of this Old One. deity exhibit prodiglous skills of hunting and stalking, and are able 1.0 move through me most dense areas of fungle wlth llrrle effort.

Scarce reference exists to the servants of Huanelu, find this is ha_rdly surprlslng considering that these Llzardrncn are known for their secrecy, Out one tale may relate to a sacred spawning of the god, .and il concerns a confflcr between the Lizardmen and the Dark Elves.

Around a century agol a Dark Elf raiding Icrce.Iroru Hag Graef inl'iltf'mcd rhc Forests of the Vlper, making for a monument referred ro as the Blood Pyramid. nH~ Witch Ehrcs cmcl'cd rbe \'auLts beneath [he- pymmil;:I, ~Ioh; the dawnsmne thm had been nou!i(::d there

fer millennia, and performed a number of blaspbemous blood-rites before withdrawing towards the, mounraln r:lI:lge known as the Gl'CY Guardians. 1[ would appear. however. that n Llzardruen force was disparched £rom Hexoatl [Q intercept [he Dark- Hives and recover the dawnstonc, a precious asrcfacr that. is [he. bane of all daemons The Dark :F.I\'e5 art! known for their own skills- at stealth :Hld infiltrauon, yet these Llzardrnen were able to track them. The raiders were una .... rare of the pursulr, and made their way down from the Grey Guardians to travel north up the Ashen C03.S[' Few nmps exist of the land of Naggaroth, and .'.0 scholars can ON}' speculate as LO tile nature of such

places as we Ironsand Desert, Tyrant Peak and Kraken Lake, 'I'he raiders passed through rhese areas, the purlj1.~I.:t1i gaining On them all the while.

Al the shores or the \,(litch Sea me raiders paused to perform their sanguinary rites once more, the Witch Elves dedicating their blood-slicked bodies to their blasphemous deity \\'hilc the servants of rhe jaguar god smlked them in the dark. A[ the height of the ceremony; the U7 .. ardmen Struck, catching the Dark Elves off guard, slnughrcrtrsg a large number of them before the ceruatnder escaped J nrc the night. So started a pursuit that lasted marry weeks. The Dark E1\'c:; sought to evade their pursuers at the ulacksptne Mountains, passing through a pOI1:l.1 referred [Q as the Sewer Gate. nut the Saurus tracked {he Dark Elves even through the darkest places beneath [he earth, and the Llzardmen caught up with them at the Phs of Zardok.

The Dark Elves had 110 choice bur to fight. They were slaughtered (Q an Elf and their bodies hurled into [he dark Pits of Zardok. 'The Dark Elves had met [heir match in cunning, and no more raids would be launched from Hag Graef for m:any decades to come.

U~ing ~ Sacred Has! 01 H.u.nw '"' Ut_:,~mr!n Mn~ (nm., SOII"!hl:m'd!l :'I.rn~)') m~y be Llikt:1I ~:.I Sacred Hosr (It HUIU.lclll using Ihe follOWIng. amcnrlmcnu;:

I: AU uuns I1J)d cbaraciecs th~t ma)' take a Sacred Spavo'Ding must bear thl.: Stu':rN Sp:m-nlng: of Iluanchi. CU~ uuua wilh this bJes51ng cemll!n Gore .. bUT if given n second Sacred Spltwnill[it nre moved (0 Spc.cial._

s: P.ric!lts ill Ihi:, SllCfecJ H~t IIlust 13kt!'lhcir ~J":tI,, {rum Ihe l.u~ !lr !)h;!(low}.

w'ww,games"wofkshop,co, ul<lchronicles 53

Tzunki, the Water God

Those l.izardmen spawned under the influence ofTzunkl exhibit, a powerful affinJry

with ... vater, and their scaly hides are often tinged with 3 sea-green hue. According to the tales of' the boastful Norse, some of kind have laced Ltzardmcn in battle that sported gills and webbed appendages and could t.CfIla:in under water for Ill:illy hours. Norsetales claim mat a large Iurcc of such creatures attacked a long ship as it travelled south along the eastern coast of Lustria, explortag a stretch of shore beyond the Mangrove Coast. The Norsemen claim the anackers were defeated, bur that the longboat was crippled when It struck an underwater obstruction, its crew forced to make roe the: mainland. The remainder of the

aCCO~H)1 is a drunken tale of

misadventure lnvolstng undead plratce, large flightless birds and deadly Jungledwelling warrior-women - ocr :i word ofwbich 1TIVStScl)OJIlI"S believe.

Although ltule credibdtry is leur ro thls account, one reference to an army believed to constitute a Sacred .I lost of Trunk! hns been uncovered 'in an inscription upon the base of the socalled Monument of the Moon. This vast monolrrb stands 50 miles our to sea and 'So1l1-e 250 miles scum-east of the

. - abandoned settlement of Dalmark Tawp. Thjs'inscriptinn makes reference to a battle between

.... hi%ardmen from Tlaxtlau and an tlf1!'¥ of northmen in the service (If Chaos,

~, around [he

1300. "Though the battle are given, tt.does appear that It was Ult: culmfnarfon 'of a series of skirmishes that had seen [he servants of the Ruinous Powers ntrempt ('0 penetraru the mouth of the river Am3X0I11 before being repulsed and harried [rom one estuary Island rc the nexr by a Ltxardmeu army capable of launching it~ snack." from the '· v ater, T)lC final battle occurred upon the shores of the Island of Sacrlflccs, [01' the foul horde was surrounded, its long ships holed, and it bad nowhere else- to turn. The Insrriprlcn stares [hat the invaders' hones were strewn about the shores of the islands three feet deep in places, [0 act as a reminder-eo any who wouLd anernpt 10 invade the realms of the Llzardmen,

Uslog • Sacred Host of 1lmnki A.1..lztMmen 2f1T1!' (nm :a Southbu.adS arillr)

l may he takplo iI.:I II. Stlcrcd HO&t

dr~fI"ki uNlnS Ihot rolLo>;l,1n~ ~m~ndmC:III.,,:

IIii AU unitS aod cberaceers ,hJU may l:ikt: a. sr.l.L'l."Cd Spawning [TnI'It bear L/'C Sacn:d

~r3\Vlllngof'l"z:uuki.. Gore urulS;tI.<ir.h rhi~ blessing 51".1,}' Core, hur If gfvcn 11 second sa(.Tt:d Spawning ;u-e, moved 10 ~pt.:cial.

I:: Skiol(Sklrml$heJ;3 af:l1J l:hllr .. CLCt:i mU51 pureh:l.:;C we Sacred Sp .. ,wnlng oflE7unki {9r +, polnL!i per unit. end +5 pornrs per cl1l1.racrr:r.,

II Skink..Prlc;ls ill u Sacred H05[ ofTmnki ",,,,51' 13ke ,heir spells (rom l.heJJ:l~ Qf thc.Heavens.

'rtazcod, the Impassive ~l1iU:.C(}tl is said ro t'!m.bOdY [he cold-blooded Impassiveness of [he uzardmcn fi\CI;;,.;md his followers ace unmoved by events around them, no matter how extreme

Or unnerving. 't'he servants of this deity arc said to he cold, patient ami unresponsive, (::vCI1 fOI" Saurus, and uHerly devoid of emotion. As

such, they arc IJf course utterly unafraid, for nochmg Oil UII:' earth troubles them. Sights that would reduce [he boldest of men 1.0 quivering wrecks hold no terror for these warriors) and they will COntinue fighting stoically until every last one of [hem lies dead or their foes arc vanquished.

Travellers who have made actual contact with the Llzardmcn describe them all as cold arid tmpasslvc, ye( :-1 handful have had the mlsforrune of coming. fare .0 face with Lizardmen spawned under the influence: of Tlazeotl. One tomb-raiding adventurer claims ro have-become shlpwreckcd south of Porr Reaver, and to have made his way south along the (;O<iSI:~ hoping to reach Swamp 'Iown before pursuing pirates overtook him. seeking to dh,CS[ him of a golden mask he had plundered from Llzardmen

ruins. A week into his journey he encountered a Iorce of l.izardmen blocking his route, and saw no alternative bur to meet with them and ncgcttate' sere passage til mush [heir domains. His ndvanec was met mID smny Silence, and although the Saurus made no move [Q harm him, they certainly lTI: .. de f'lQ dfaf:[ to communicate. Frustrated by the lack of ccrurnnnicarfon and fretting that (he Ltzardmen might decide to detain him. if he lingered any longer in their domains. and IDCI'cby discover me plundered mask he carried, the adventurer made off-along rhc beach, casting nervous glances behind as he: did So. II W::IS only as he turned one last time that he saw thar the Lizardrucn had deployed Into a jong battle Line, blocclng the beach I[Om. lew 10 high ride marks, and that the pirates who had pursued him along the coast.for the last sc ... en day.c; were jl~~t coming' Into vicm. The pirates vastly outnumbered the. Saurus, bur the Llzardmen sbcwed no hint of fear as the ragged lines ofcunbrcats advanced.

The .. .nsuiug battle was bloody in the extreme as rhe btoodrhtrsry pirates rhrew themselves at thu Saurus, but the. Lfzardmen would simply net.glve ground, (hough they were being dragged down by the.savage horde srnaehing into [heir [lnes.

A'\ the sun began. to set, the tide of banle turned, the ptrares were simply

. !-,._tQO exhausted to conunue thclr auack,

~ .1'h~·"Withd((~wt bur the Saurus remained. guarding their domains as p.CJi some sjlenr command or imperative. The adventurer turned, and continued on his journey

sourb, secure in the knowledge: that the pirates would no longer be able ro follow him, hut he suffered more than a stab of gultt that sa many Lfznrdmen had died, inadvertently facduartng his escape 'With their own trCiL:)~U'C.

Using , Sacred Host of Tloz<ol1 A.JJ:uromm army (no~ I<. socrhtands ilJ'1l\)') m3Y be raken 3l'1 :t ;:;lU:n::d !'lust

of 'rlazcotr \It\lng Ihe" (Qllowinl:l amcndmcnee

1= 1\11 unit,s >lnd thara...1t.rt lh~t r\~a)' mkc a S:tc,:red Sp~wnin.s mUHllH::tr dtc sacred .spn ..... ninJ!. of'l'~fl:.:O"lIL Cnre \lnlU! with thl,o; bl~ill.!!. S[kll' Cere, but If Si;'cn.Q second S:lcn;d Sp:lwnin.s:uc moved LO Special,

Ii: Sklnk Skirn'li$he~ and dUlIiu'Im mu.:lt purchase the S3:crt:d SJYAwnll1J( u('rlw.coLl for +J'5 pOlnl:> per unit, and +15 puluL.'i pec cba ...... t'te.r-.

~ SJ:lnk Pri'mm; tn.a !Wcl't:dHoSI, o~·,11:a:.:o;:oLl mu~l fn'ke Ihdr f.(icll~ onll' rrcm the tint." QfMcw.L

- Tepok, the Inscrutable

Q 1111': Lizardmeu W(ll'ship the

deity Tepe~ ns the feathered serpent god ofthe air and ef sscced places, 'a, powerful symbol of prorecuou against harmful magic. The: belng is frequently referred to as 'Inscrutable', a cbaracrerrsec manifested in its followers, who exhibit an air of mysterious orherworhlliness. The fcarbered serpent totem-creature is believed to (c:;ft;':( to the ~uoad, a

mvthlcal creature said to be a bizarre hybrid of serpent and bird, at rimes represented as a huge snake covered with b:rightlr coloured feathers, al others as a snake with wide, feathered pinions. These feathers are invariably represented as purple or deep blue, or a combinatJon of the two" and 11 Ams been reported by returning explorers that some Lizardmen sport feathers of this colour as a mark 'Of rank Or role, though most smolan refuse (0 believe: they Me from an actual Quoad, for surely such a creature must he extremely rare, if it even (;;o;ists at all.

A fu lly-fledged spawning of a Sacred Host ofIepok has btXJI reported on several occasions in Llzardman history. 'rne -nosr ancient nX these references is to be found in a trallScripriofl'b(1l single, long-Since lost fragment of the.: sevec\[Ccmh Cyde of the Chronicle of Hcxoatl, The fn1nscrip[ stares [hat during the f.i.ft:b configuration of the fire S[;:J[ (around [he lmperjal 'Year 500 by the. best C:'lICll'laLion~, [he 'Dark Ones' (the 1.i:tanlrnan name fol." Ds.rk Elves) made an attack upon the sacred Mirror Pool of Tepok, Decades t:~rlie'r, a Sacred iJOS[ of Sorck had been spawned at f:fcxoad, and this army marched to war againsl [he Elves, .. fig.t1tln'g a mighty battle UpOJI the shone of the- pool irs,clf THe .Dark I1lves were; according 10 I]W inscri'pLion~ defeated despite the ternble dark magicks unleashed by [heir sorcerous witch ora leader; Only tlirough Tepokts PrOTccrto-n did the Llzardman force survlve her arcane onslaught, walking 9lhuty through violet fire to smash into the D;;trlC ~If


lines, winning the day and slaughrertng every last one of the Dark Elves. The wttcb was thrown mrc the Mirror 1'001 of Tepok as a sacrifice to the featheredserpent God of S:1'cri;:Ll places, and it is said [hat her screaming, cutsing face is srtll vrsible there to this da)', unable to break the surface or the shrine's perfectly calm waters.

Interestingly, the. Chronicle of Hcxoatl seems 10 suggest that me Children of 'Iepok will return al the next conjunction of the Fire Star. [0 oppos(;" onee mere [he Dark Ones 'who would despoil the buds of Lustrla of Its [[e;;SLLIes. The ronfiguration has recently occurred, so It may bc thnt :1 Host of Tcpok againwalks the rand.

UjjDg a Sacred Host of 'Iepok

.:.A uzardmen rum}' (nol a Somh!;md5,anny) mlli' be taken as II Sacred HoSI

nr'lCpnk wIns rnc'fuJlmving,,;.t.rm:mJnlcm:.:

-= All uni.ts and dB1riIOt"l':S that m,,~ tnke n Sacred Spawning must bear the: Sacreu Spawnlnc of~pok_ ceee untrs wilh this

I blesslng stay ecce, but i£gIH:n a Second Sacred Sp:rnfrung are moved cu Spc:cIllL

II: SlUnk Skimu5ht:['$ Md. C;h:l.-:tGfI!I'It mUll! purdm~ dn: Sacred Sp:lwnm!i; or1-Cpok '{or +20 rO'''I'!<I. pc.;11 unit} :rni:! -j;_'20 P9~nts

per cha!';'l(:t<'lr, :(!.r:Jnri'l'1g rhem lItl:lgl-c;. 'Re.sistam::e(l.).

iC Sk{l'Ik Prie!I.~ in :t S:I{:l'ro HosrofTCP9k arc onlY2UOwcd [0 rake (helt 5(l!:!ll!. from

"l' -

,~_gam.s-workShop_co.~klchrOtlICles 5$

]I campai$ll_ sec in Breronrua

I fI [he south-east of Bretonrua,

~~~~:~,~h~f~:l~~O~~::if1S and

Grismcrie bas cut a great-valley, Though the land round the river is fertile, the terrain is mountainous, and marauding bands of fcll creamres are not uncommon In thc area, so The setrtemems of men-are few. Dc~piie ns inhospitable nature, the valley hold great metical Jmponancc. A?re Btre Pass, one or rile few gaps in the mountains lliat affords access [0 the Empire, OOn)(~S .into Bretcrrnia ncar the v~ey. Should this a rea f.ill into enemy hands, rradt: and trOOP movements between [be lands of Bretonnia and the Empli:c would be severely restrtered.

is nor an easy thing La accomplish. The shattered remnants of the Beasrman horde-who rallied to Archaen's bM11).Cj_' roam the land; grcensktns. excited by [he war, come-dawn from the mountains, and [he skaven j::Qorimie to purse their nefarious schemes in the Blac;k Chasm, many of whose warrens opt'll i[HO the valley. 'T-he d'l,;l1..~ I-OQ~ rest magically.ahi1rgt:d

bands of mercenaries

Eric Sarlin, co-author of The General's Compendium, has created this map-based eampalgn set :in Bretonnla, which uses the campaign rules found in Chapter 2 of that volume. We've also given you .a poster map, ·:included free with tbisissue for this campiagn.


t ~..,

he ~.les and ,~e$~riptiOfIS below G~sme~t:: campaign is 1.800. po~nL'i. 'l'hi.'i the. banner .size at a duferenr le\'e~ lf ycu

detail one example of a map- pqm,ts see makes fur a c:halll.;ngmg wrsh. We recommend between 11)00

baS-t'!d('3fnpaign [bat YOIJ can cluqpjlign.~ ~ playeJ'S!lll1'.ypnlr bring and 2t500 potms, or your battles .,,,W be

piny; You will need a (:OR}~ cr The [O['d·levd eharacrers and addltfonal huge! (But' maybe you want l.hat).

(k.{1Cr:1J'ji Compendium [0 play .. his Speeial and Rare choices \vhcn I.he), can

campaign, All (,)f the rules for map-based pOSiLion their troops in sud) a way to

campaigns in Chapter 2 :apply. The take advantage of FortifiGal~(ms.

. .spe( for tld:tt (,:lUl~!ligl''' are SUPP(:lI:t, ao.d other bonuses LO bring

··l~·explain.Ca below. them banner size [0''2,0.00 PQin,tS or mort, \'Qi[h 1,800 points as the standard size. the campaign encourages clever aDd metical pl.iAY~ Of course, you can set

~ !}anner Size

TJw standard banner sjzc for the Ville.y



Special Map Sections

1;'he fu~.I0wiflB special map sections appear On the Brcronnlan valJey Grtsmertc map. The dcscrtpnons on the Iollowing pages explain the special rules that apply [0 these map sections, rhe armies that control them, and any barnes that are fought there.


The fotlowrng rnle should be added fo the Rift' o/ut'lmpnlgn Turn rules 01"'1 .... page .3 7 of The General's Gbmpcudimn.

On. the nun aber a Scattered banner is eefoemed, its no·rmal points vahle VI halved, 'Fbereafce:r. ,the bannce rercene to its l~orn}al points vcrue.

This rule has been added 1o"tht; <mmpai!W rules to cuto [he abuses of a few deviOus playe.a:s. Sometimes, -whcn a player'~ HQ mcrlrory was threatene-d by pruxi:m»tc Ip~JlIl.f:.tS. unscruQuJolis players would dclibe(luel)(" UyQ\v<O. Warhammur battle t!lsewh~[i:: all dlC. map in hope:c; Ula[ [helit' baoocr "\vouhl be Mas~gcrod and rhus scauered: and, in the End of Carnpalgn 'Iurn phase, return to the HQ territory to defend it, While manipulating lite- rules as such is clever; tr Is eertajnly net honorable and goes agilinst the splrtr of [he $a(1ttereU rules. \'((hile scanered banners wlll !HW reform in tht:-.JiQ tCI'I'lt(JfJ', they put up mud':i of a <lc~n~~ in the .,(:xl 1;.111'"11 :a.gnlnst banners twice thei r slzc, N._ot,.: that this rule d1an~ ;tppl.iCti 10 all map-based campaig.rl§, not jUst the one set in the Villle)' Getsmcrte.


FirsL designed as-a [ra.lnin~ ex~rdse lb." r Beermun a 11 knlgltts .In times of peace, the I0l1!j:1 quiddr became a popular specmtor sport for nobleman and commoner alike. The Joust has become ;:t way FOt young knights to garner honour, prestige, and wealth, particularly when Bretonma.Is not ar WiU. damsels arc 'woefully free of distress, 'and no mcnsrers need to be slain. 'l'hrcughcut Bteu"lnnl:a are fairgrounds designed speclflcally tor jousting contests. 'niese are pleasant fields complete with JOUSting tilts and stands. During jOllStiilg compertrtons, brightly coloured rents and buntings matching cite knights" heraldries dccorare the area, and people come from miles around 10 watch and paructpatc In the spurt.

During tirnes OfW .... T. fTlii.lJ), characters are tempted to IS5U(;': challenges 10 meet enemy officers on me jousting grounds before Ihei. armies do battle. 'X'hlle such

jOllStli are risky and ofien discouraged by more conservative generals, many

heroes cannot resist the chance [0 ICS[ their mente h'~ single ccmbar.

Campaign Rules

conreot of a JODsting Ground. jousting Grounds- eouru as normal plains map sections. No special rules apply to the realms that control them,

Battl4!!I, Battles fought in a map section containing Jousting Grounds are regular Pitched Battles. Howeverl a quick Skirmish scenario called The JOL)St is played prior 1'0 the main battle. Also, the jousttng track may be placed on the field as one of The scenery pieces.

Razed. lf amap section conrams a Juuilling Grou!'\d it will no longer COUnt reward the number of banners that a realm rnayfleld, In addition, none of the special rules :ipply; and the map section is. treated as. another- plains secnon. When the map section Recovers, the jousrtng Ground is rebutle, and all che special rules apply as normal.


10 fila)' this campafen you will need a cogy of The General's Cempendjum, available from Game'S'VerkslJ,op Bobb)' Centres, rueset Q110115 91 40poO, or at the webseorc; <at<jhop.cQ.u k.f.'iwre.

This. massive tame OOil.!iU; it wealth of ruaredal for flghtrng and writing campaigns in UIC wood of warhammer, ~rQm simple linked sames to hlgbly-detaJjeil Games Master run campaigns. It I.'i a viral resource for any I:iC-riOVS general.

Gen,cral1s Compendium E'earur.e:s

i Full campalgn rules, whether Itnked or-names Mastered, including a map, of rbc Border Princes and counters 1'0 usc in yO(i"[ b~n'ies.

• Hundreds of step-by-step hobby ~ips including grea~scenery workshops.

• Rul~~ for .fi&htlhg j,n dlfferent ~1ROllS or the Wt.itr'llamoocr 'wodd - from the deserts of'Khemri to WI.! thick: wooded mua.aflhe Drakwald

An indcspcnsable. volume, with me G~Il~r.t.l':5 Compendium you can attack cmes, stage mlglny sieges anij evert Lake 10 the nigh seas as you wage war :1g."linsr;)'our enemies!


t hls scenario is a SOt:1U minibarile that precedes the main Pitched Baule in map seetlons conrulntng.a JouStir'l,g Gi.'OrulQ. One eharaceer from eanh Mat)' rides forth LO takel\Jp the enemy challenge on the rllL1ng field. 'tne-vicror returns to his anuy to Inspire his 11;l,)9PS in battle. The - -f~ loser, banereti and bruised, returns to

"~his army in shame and must nurse his \ wounds throughout. the barrle to come.

~ Models needed

). Prior to the rn~i_n battle, each sete-muse nomlnare a single. character to-answer

{The challenge on the Jousting Grounds. This character can he any Hero or lord fro,,, the army list thar will be used [0 tlght the: subsequent Pitched Battle. 1l1C

charncrcrs may U5e the magic items that they 'WiI1.;:aJ"{y mille main bante, however, these items will have no.elfect iJ' they cast bound spells, bestow ndditiorial attacks, 0'- are mtssne weapons.

The: characters may nor ride monsters. chariots, 0(' flying mounts in tbiS scenarto; even if they will ride tI~Ciii ill the Pitched Baltic. Any nominated characters so mounted must flght the Joust on foot.


Set up a very sroau pl:l)'ing area roughly 18" lang and 6" wtdc. The unly terrain piece is R fence running the length of the b01ird and dtvidlng It In two.


The. objective of The JOUSt Is very simple: vanquish the euenry character in single combat!


The characters are deployed at opposite ends of the jousting ground on opposite sides or the fence.


The normal nl.les foe turns are suspended for thla game. The characrcra will move stmulcaneously



Special rules ;P

J01~tin8. The j01TSt 'ls a formalized and li.o.nut;tblc form uf (;Ol)lWtt lu which rbe opponents dlarge at each other :u- full ~p'eed and make a srnglc-attack as rbev pass each other, GeneraHy, the joust Is not it lethal ~0n(clt, though some serious injur1es can occur. The turn sequence works diffe~nl])' In this. scenario. PJa_vcrs I~Jie their Movement phases and Combat phases at the same rime. "Phere is no Shootmg phase Dr N,l'ilJ.l,~1,;. phase jh n~is sceuado, alii these forms of combat art: forbidden in [he jousr compertuon.

At the start of each turn, move r.he characters toward the ccuerc of the joustfng board unttl they are roughly in the same positiou On opposite sides of the fence. Their Move characteristics arc lrrctevnrn, ns'rhe characters run. (or gaUop OJ: allthce (lor wh:ue'Ver) toward one mother until they meet ill {he centre.

As the opponents pass one another,

each makes a single ;itJ:lck on the ether; regardless of the cumber of Attacks On their 1}1'O[jJCS (or orhcn speelal ubmues or Items that give them extra 'AW1(:k$). TO deterutlne who srrlkes firSt, cal(;ul;1tt' each character's )olls[iog. Score,

To calculate a character's Jou~l'il1g S(:O££:I roll 206 and add to the result the character's WeapOn Skill, Inltiarive, and the appropriate modifiers from the table you see below

Jousting Scare Chart

Mounted on it steed,

On foor, with spear.

On ~tced with spear.

On S1tt~d .... -trh a lance. Breronntan tord or Paladin.

'lf <t.m~~'cI \Y~[I1,.al.8reat '


iYk}(liJicC$ arc cumulative, Thus, a Breronnlan character with a Janco and mounted on a warhorse would use the roll.o""inS formula to calculate hls jousctng Score- '\'('5 + ] + 2D6 + 2 for mount + 3 for Janet' + 1 for Brurormian Paladin ::::; Jousting Score.

The character with the higher JO'i.JSLinS score strikes a stngle plow flrst. nvjl~ to hlr, rolls TO wound? Armour Saves, and injury rolls arc m:;i:de per [he normal 'Sklrmlsh.rules. If the Iower-scorlng character Js Knocked Down or Stunned, he is unhorsed 0[" knocked Off his feet .nnd may not strike back this turn. If the lower-scoring character Is taken Out of Actton, he lruruedlately loses [he, toumamern. If the lower-scoring character 15 nor Knocked Down, Stunned, or taken Om of Action, he may srnke back. witha sirfgle arrack. Rolls to hIT:, roll" [a wound, Armour Saves, and injury rolls are: made per the normal Skirmish roles. In the event of tied Jousting Scores, attacks are made simultaneously

After each p~lss,as Long as neither character has gone Out of Acrton, the characters will line up 3[ opposite ends oftht jousting track-and make anorher pass at one another. Characters continue [0 mike jousting passes at each. other uruil one character is taken Our of Action, handing victory to the other,

Part of a larger battle

After rbc joust! the victorious character will serve-as an insptratlonal leader .1'01' the nrrrry or u.nlt he lei;l(!s~ He adds + '1 tv his Leadership score for the next battle: (up to it maximum of 10).

TIle losing character begins the banle with -1 Wound because of the damage he received In the JOUSt. Although the [ousr is generally nor -3 lethal COOleSt, u Icw too many falls ean lakes itS w1 I on even the strongest of characters. Tf tile: obaracrcr only has 1. WOlilld on his profile, )11; starts the battle at -1 'toughness Instead.

Making atilt

70 i)l'.gfll. CII~ is TftdLiII8U[tlr pieci? ofbardlX)(mi ml.:1 b8vrd ,iJl! edgEs. C.bnslrm.-llijOft$lill8 rill from r«I<lllgu!flr -Strips ill balsa uood: filmt (bit tilt (!IIW 1,1;;..' base with "5l1pergllll!. Te,\'1un: fiJ.: base 0/ tlJ~ pl«e araund Ib.e Iff! will; JiIIl'r.. BrJjore j~ dries. /link.: ~lluJl owrldppJng boyse-S})OI~ .s/JiJpas IIJW.J tbe tip vf (I bolWy kilt/e. 1'I.w:,re xfn.ljJlJ'S ~~'m repl"ercm rbl) i)oIifprl"t,~ [(!/' bJ' 1m:: hOr!itl$ oJ(bdDU$/ers . .fe-t ;beplece (loS/de to dly ih1l1Y1UZhIJ'_

I !.~~"~~'~:'dri"'" I<.TI:': Ib, "as<! b)' paim'>!g Q" ,i'llbll), dlluled /'VA ,~I gil<. '''',',« tank "m," and

II the" spdJlkllilg.stwd (!/Jer t/JfJSiu.e. ~~JJf!l1lh~ 8/111: driu, p(l/m ov~r '/)e $lTtui z: u 3:1 mixlun' a/ulmer-mId I glue. ,",', e: xtru """ ,.,11 .cop I/"e'''''''''' <0'"'' from """jug <!flUb,,, II,""'"' "" .. /", P"'"II,'S.


Or.l'Prusb the basf! and wood first. him (UI aSSQ-Tlm~lIt Df sbJeitlf. wmrwT"S mIn aber odds (wil ends U) t/n"Qtf1lIJ.J'o/H· /U,- trs l!llsif!r It.> pmill fbfts.{! sC?fJGr:are1y. Palmll1C tbem (III thO! "fJru~ theu (.!(pP(IIg ,be.. d':t.'Or(j{iIlCplt"(·~ om (utd C1rlftfB tiunn ta tbe lilt Is easl¥st- loudi liP wlJlJJYJ.)'Cli cltJ'pl!d r/~ti' p;ec.:~'1rom too sprul! (ytt!r Ihll.)' lire glum (.IiI. Iih.ll'llJ)' glulJ patChes vf:Ji(lUc.8,rtlS$ i~m w/lb ,Pl.{ol wood gltie,


n ouu.'nf'; j~ more important [0 -a Beeronnian knlghr.cian honour and ,chi,valry. Throughout the Bretormlan 'landscape arc sites of famous battles In the pride of Brcronn:i.aii kiug.hrhood bas excelled and performed heroic feats On the Fields Qr Honour. Somenmes, a local feudal lord wiH decree that such .ffelds be left alone as memorials [0 those Knjghrs who fell ln battle, No strueture, ethel" (han the occastonal monument to the fallen, nay be butlt, and' no crops. may be planted

On we fields of hOI}OLlI'. Visj[ors are expected to.move through the area with a s ense -of' qujer awe and respecr,

Campaign Rules

Co.ntrol of a Field of Honou.r. .nclds of HOClQur count as normal plains map ~cl;ti6[lS-. NO' special TlI.les :l.ppl:)f T.O the realms that control them.

Rattles., Battles fOtlghtiiJ a map section eontr .. lnlng a Field of Honour are not Pitched Isanles-. use me On [he Ffeld of Honour scenario instead.

R.a.zfu.g and ,Fortifywg. Bretonninn armies can never Raze or Fartlfy a Field of Honour, l1S 'rhey would never desecrate the memory-of the fallen heroes (If their land hy salting [he earth Or diggins -C::::l,t.hwor'ks into jhe fields. If another army Razea a map secnor, containing a Field of Honour, it' 'will no longer count tOwOIrd the llumbel' of banners that the realm tnay field. However, all barnes fought in the map section will. still be fought according ~O the rule for tbe On the Field of Honour accanno Instead of these for-the, r'Jrched Bartle.scenario.



111e Bretonnian Fallen

tthi.~ sc.en~rlo, two forces meet On e Fteld of Honour [Q do battle.

. trues approach the Field of

Honour wlrh various anlrodcs. Brctonnians approach me battlefield with respecr and «we and will fight fiercely to live up to the heroic examples SCt by their- ancestors. The Undead

forces of the Y.1mpire Counts look upon Fields of Honour ;I!I sources of raw materials from which to Iasbton new soldiers ro bolster their ranks. Oilier forces treat the Field of Honour differently, from rornl Indifference and ignorance to astute acknowledgement of the tactical advantages .such Locations can give particular enemies.


Both armtes art: chosen from [he Warhammer arm)" lists to th e ~ preset banner size of r.he campaign. 'rhts size may be adjusted by suppcn, Fortlffcatlon, Of other special carnpajgn rules.


As the, name of thiS epeclal map sccnon indica res, [he area ts a. field that Is largely devoid or terrain, RolJ D3'+.3 to determine the number of pieces of scenery to be placed on the board. 'Taking it in turns, each player selects and then places one piece of terrain on the board. The centre of each piece of terrain !l1USt be no further than 18" Jrum a board edge in order co tesve the centre of the board open to represent the Field of Honour, 1f both players agree, a small monument to the fallen (a thrall) piece wlth ~ base 110 larger than 4" x 4~) may be placed in the centre o( rhe board.


Pl: a vers deploy as per the rules for a Pitched Battle, See the \'(fal;'ba.nOlCI7 rulebook, page 199-200.

First Turn

Both players roll • D6. The ~i~herscoring player mil)' choose whether 10 go Iu'S!' or second.

Brercnalan armies MUST Stop. and. pta'! COl' the Blcsstng of the Lady,·as dley would nf!YCT do battle 011 a Field.of Honour without the approval of [be lady of me Lake. Thus. erremles of Breronnia may a.lwa.ys choose [0 go. first or second on the Field of Honour, If both armies are nretonnian, .roll a n6'ld see which :lfIuy gets first rum.

Game Length

The l>_cei1aQo lasts slx turns.

Special rules

Brerounlan 'Ienaciry; On the: Held of Honour Bretonnian Knights ;;vill 1'1 to uphold the heroic example ser by their a.fLCCS[Ors and will fight with almost foolhardy bravery and resolve. M:, such, any Bretcnnian Lord Or Paladin may rake rhe Virrue of Srotclsm at 00 points COS[.

Raise the Bretonnfan Fallen. Vampire Counts armies may take advantage of the bodies of the warriors who fell In battle ill years pasl Or' [he Held of Honour. Once per V;lmpire CQUIlL M-agicphase, a spell caster from these farces may cast the special Raise tbe Bretomuan:

Pallen spell. This spell counts as a Bound Spell with a power lev-el of 4. If Raise the Bretonnian Pullf!TJ. I:; not dispelled, the Vami>~re Counts player must nominate a poim. on me battlefield anywhere within 36" of the CilStCJ'. Place a marker (a cojn or die will do) On the spot. Roll 'it scatter die. The. marker will scatter 206" in rue dir,cClioll Indtcared (unless a ';blt"

Is rolled). The corpses of [he Beeronnlan fallen will then dsc from the SpOT. and can be controlled by the VdIllpire COUO(S playcc as normal, Roll a D6 and consult the chart below 1:0 determine the type and number pf.!IOUp!I that are raised, Of C:OUI'SC, if there are no Vamplre Count' spell casters on {he. board, (his spell cannot be cast.

A monument made from roltltd ()IU(!J;, AI'C~II" Arc.hilt:r:l"n:a~l~· c:t.JmpoII<!lJis, balfa St;pl'u.[ullm ball, a IJrcIQ,,,,tPII IJlIlIIs./ill (inn a gmUJrvm " 81'6'Ollll(&m a-aa Km);hL

1.4 10 Skeletons armed wlth hund weapon aud >5.hl~ld

5 ~4. ZQmbie50

6 5 Dlac.:kXui,.;,hls

Victory conditions

Ul1le~s '3 Bretonnlan army ls Involved in the baule, ('alcul:ilte vrcrory Polrns per me standard rules 00 page 19R of me \Varhammer rulcbook [0 determine the winner . Raised Brercnntan Fallen are .consldercd part cf'tbe Vampire Comus arnry and can earn and yield vicrnry Points as normal.

If.a Brctonruan army is invclced [hen (he Victor,' Conditions change, Presenrillg the Field of Honour asn she of hlstoricaland Symbolic importance l~ far more Important to Bretonnian armies than their own llves. Bretonnlan armies will seck tu (,:01111'01 [he baulefleld regardlessof the eOSL \'(1he:n Bremnnian armies fight on the f~it'Jd of Honour, the only ViC-to!"), Points scored for either slde are those for conreotlrng table quarters. No other Vi.ctory rOint~ arc scored. He who controls the odd will will (he day.



----!...-. -,

\ I I ,



. I

r -1-..-, ~~~~~~~~ l

). EVI ..


The sacred Lake

Throughout Brctonnta are hundreds Of ponds and lakes where, local legends have it, the Lady of the Lake has appeared Lo the faithfuL While [be sheer nu mber of thes-e stories suggests that the vast rnajortty of these legends are

lillie more than old_',Vil1e-S' tales and peasant nmIQLU, [L has been ('cL1abl,r establl-.hed thar .sortie 01 these Sacred Lakesthave Ind.eeClfbeen':graccd wirh her presence. These Iakcs arc often me desnnadon of, pilgrims and Knights Errant who seek me:' Ladyts Blessing, and strange, magteal.oeonrtcnccs have been known to occur in areas proximate 1:0 these lakes.

Campaign Rules

C,oDtrol of a Sacred Lake. If'u map sccnon containing a Sacred Lake is neutral ( no player) or is controlled by a Bretormian army or one of its allies, then all Bretonniau armies automatically receive the Blessing of the Lady 'When _a barrie In [hat map section or map sections ;tdjacel)l to it. They need not kneel and prJ)' at the Mart of bau!e to-receive the blessing, for the Lady is watching them.

However, if one of Brctonrua's enemies (Ic, any (calm not nllted to a Brerormlan .rcillm) controls ~\ map section comatntng a Sacred. Lake, then 1"\0 Bretonruan mmy may receive the Blessing of u.e I.ady when fighting a battle in that map section Or map sections adjacent to it regardless.

Battles. Battles fought in a map section comalntng a Sacred Lake i\IC not Pitched Bartles - use the Bartle for [he Sacred Lake sceoa r ·.o ftistcad.

'Razed. If a map secnoo conralmng a Sacred Lake. is Razed, It will no longer count toward the number of banners that a realm m;IY field. However, the rules for Control of a Sacred Lake snll apply, and all barrles fought in tile map section will sriU lise tile Battle for [be Sacred Lake scenario Instead of rhe Pitched Battle scenario rules.

Make a lake!

n'tke sPrlli~ rJJ lIlodellirJg gr'(4SS ~,ul glue rb(rl1! dlr)'lg (1)1t IJank'f (If J'Dur /akl!. Do tbe some fllftI~ YOII, f1l1xlel

I bUt/"II5bes. (s.Il!! bdout). /!uJlr rosin (drH.Ulabl~ from $~fall~t mode! slJop$) into ,be cerurat rim oj t/Jillaiw..

Dc 1(1"1'. 'bm )'Q1Jr, tson ",. IIUUtl .sur/uL'e. T1f~1 tbe restn S',(y IId(b (.fiji; QJCnlr-iCbrm GJ"C('fj iHf(Jr-f}"t)I~ pour II. 8ftJorl!. lb.' fl'~W (lrllJf, $prlu~f~ papil' Illy pnd~ (al.'$(}.'$ee blJicw) OIl toll oj the nJsln near sbe bUIJ~·s.


Crass. Mod('i{lllg grlln ($e('ll a/)ot,'C) O1t. Ix! /QlIIlI/ at most bobby' sturn; I!l'j)(.'c:iall), UUL">S lhill cnrry model r(lllway ~lIpplll!s. A hll 'if Irlil gniSoS "lrmH IU{' btlllk!i fwf?s 8r.t.m.


IJI)' PtJd.~. ('ailit a piece of }HiJ'f!r wilh-tlu"J,rfl& sbadc'f of Rl'.ten. Once rb~ palm r/t'les., 11$(1 <111 bole plllu:b to cut 0(11 )'Our /111' pndr. "lid fprl"~/,' them ltd!) J'OIlr resin.

B"lIrltsiJes; Cn.mtL· buUrusbcs from p/L'Ces of fi~ II)iNJ IIIllhftllll sand ar a snu~l!tiflm{li' gflt('{ll{} {lIe (1-11(/. "'$ d /ell CiU{f!r It) palm r/11! hiillrushll~' befim: tb('j"rc attached.

I n this scenario, two forces meer on uie ,hOKS ~f i\ amaf 1~Ik.c Or pond thnr is considered sacred 1'0 till;': people of Bretormla, The Sacred Lake presents a tactical challenge to both generals. as its w .. ",tt"I1:I must he circumnavigated or crossed in order to bring the enemy 1.0 baule. However; if the legends are true, the lake may also hold vase and ancient mystical powers that may ha ..... e all. effecr.on the armies taklng P;I.[I in [he, Bglu.


Both armies arc chosen. from rhe appropriate Warhammer Book [0 the preset banner. size of me campaign. The slze mar be adjusted by support, Pontfteatlon, OJ other special campaign rules as normal.


"'he centre of the banieflcld ls dominated bv a Inrge shallow lake or pond. A cit'c~lar water feature of about 24~ in diameter or an irregukuty shaped lake of the same: area is about [be perfcer size,

TIle waters of the lake an: Difficult Terrain. The ~cene:ry on the-rest of [he board should be sparse - a couple of hills and a wood, is okay - and may be set up In an}' mutually agreeable

manner. Models in the Sacred Lake benefit from SOrt Cover lrom missile Iirc.


Playc;:r.:; deploy usinp the eulcs (or n Pitched Bnulc. Sec the W~1"bjUJI01l,;r rulebcok, page 199-2UO.

First Turn

Unless a. Bretbnnlan banner is Involved ill [he baulc, both players roll a 06. The higher-scurlng player may choose LO go first or second.

U <I Brctonnian banner is involved, [he Bretonnian player may chouse to go Ilrst or second if his fortes have received the Blessing or the. 1'.:;1(\)" even though Brcrormtan forces must ordinarily forsake rhts choice in order to prol}' to receive the m~Ss;n.9 (see COI1[1:01 of a Sacred Lake). However, if UlC Bretcnnian arm)' is nor eligiblc (0 receive the Blessing of the Lady because of rhe Coturct of a Sacred Lake rule, chen the Bretcnruan player's opponent may choose to go flrsr or second. Jf both armies happen LO be Brctonnlan armtes, dice off <IS normal.

Length of game

The scenario 1:t..,11i si4. turns.

special rules

The Sacred Lake, Al the Sn1(,[ of each game, roll 206 and consult the table below LO determlue ... vhethcr the Lady of tilt: Lake has c110SCil. to take I'm rnrerestn the bamc. 'The result rolled will remain In effect for rhe enure baule.

Victory conditions

Calculate Victory PointS as 1>Cr the standard rules on [ 198 of the Warhanlffi.l;r rulebcck to determine [he winner, 1.11c. lake itself ;lCts as if 11. 'were a fifth mble 'quarter' that, bescows 300 ViI.:IOry P,'>ilHS to the slde that controls It <It the end of the j;:-UIlC.

The Power of the Lady

2-6 Dense Fog! A thick fc)g rises from the \\'.)1('..-$ of LhelaJie and seems to concentrate in key areas ofthe battlefield. AU ~mges ~OI1 shooting and. spells art: halved for all armies, ~xcep:t nreconnran .Ir.rnie;;, and armles slued with Beetunnlan rcalms. Players whose armies are affected by ~nse Fag who are USing war macbthes rhnrreqcrre il range guess mal' gues. ... up [0 half the maximum. normal dtsranoe.

7' No :Effect.


frhc Wale.riI Are Alivel1~lc waters part fur: Bretonnlan models and models allied with a Bretcuruan realm, (lor thls game. these mooch; may move through the Saercd Lake at no penn h:y.


HeWing' waters. Any Bretonn ian cbaraerer or any (.:har:\(ter whO i~ :-tll:led with a Bretonnlan realm will completely-be healed once (tc, his [1,.11 complemem of Wounds will be restored) jf he touches tile waters of the,klt.

Campaign Rules

Control of a "Warpslonc Ph. A rnap . secuon containing a Warpstone Pit on be controlled as normal. However, for all realms, Other (han Skaven, the map section always COUntS as Razed and thus does not corudbure to the number of banners a non-Skavcnrcalm mnv field. The area is so tainted with Cb;i.~s \~m.:~i."Y, disease, and wnrpstcne that it cannot be Recovered during the course of the campaign. Skavcn, however, find [he area completely hospitable. As such, they may count the map section as three map sections for pur-poses of how many banners their realm can control. In addition, when rhe Skaven control this map sc::clioJ\, they may always COUnt it. as Fortified for battles taking place therein. Addinonnl.Forrlflrariun has no cffccr.


Warps tone Pit

A large Skaven seutement known ns the Slack Chasm i!. located in the south.east of Brcronnta. Underground LUIH1(':ls and caverns connect [he Black Chasm to dozens of secret exlts throughout the land. Some. of IIlC more established of these exits have become small Skavcu strongholds known as \"arpsmDc Pns, Sk~ven raids are ft'equem in [he surrounding countryside, and only the most daring Knights .llrrant enter reese ::'11:':il$ to l'ighl the evil forces wlthtn and their spurs.


Battles. Bartles fcughe in' a map section containing a W.irpSion~ Ilit ate nor nrched Battles - use [he U .. trtle In the

_ \Varpstone Pit scenarto [ osreae.

Razed. Map secnons containing \~rpstone Pits f11w3YS count as being Razed and may never be Recovered warpsrcne Pits may always be used as a potentia] exit point for Skaven banners thai are Moving Underground (a DG roll required lO exit successfully),

- .-

Making a pit

I n."." 'hi' Pi<"," lik" "'I"" '0."""

II p"'Ject.~, with il /1(l$I.IIIUcd.:/rom bl)FdiJ{idrd mil/' hem!lIOf/ p.tlsf!.~. ca. rue the fila/II S(f'fIi:rtll'C our nJ Jonm and fil! tb~ }tilllS luUb caber filler url'v'-\. WfIIX! fi.hlf:. .\'t1"J lim bill aft" It bas: dried /0 smoatb t benueen ti)c base (lnd tIJi.! bill.



I Details

Add detaJlI/I..'q- $kflll('l, .shIeld$, wroj)Qt1s, nnd alb" dlibrls. ftIhrt tbem sO/primlfllJ' "Jell gillt! ttiem Into place. GI1I6 011 ssanc gm~ l!:11 pnliltlng Oil PflI,lJes of,gl"~(II~iI pusbing crumps of sIlIl;, J:mss lulu Ibir

I &'''11. Note 1/)t.l1 tne 0lxmhIS!Qr tbl:!;

• ~x.ampJ~ 1$ dC$ig,,~dJQr$mllll $kl"mi~MlIg I units fike CIIlIl!rRIHUWI'S, Feeljrl.'I.' to

I mlilke.}".lIIr JIU (I,l~jrglt. ti.')'Cm likf/, miiyhli {mrN{ big Ullf)ugb III flet;onwwdu/Il (I);) uza iJ.I cmfrc !'cglmcms like IWJ ('.mmpJ~ :.bmlln /}I.'limt

! !~!"~~~!,, I", •• plI IIk:",. ",,, ,1m",,,

I (It rlghl ~)I cnrlJlngp{~.s o/fimm tntn &balM ,,'1th a bobby Imlfr. Add texture ~)' glliln!:

I }xlldlf!ri uf mllil J() lb ... bmB. Be sure to patnt tba./~m sur/ae,,., by i)and, hacfllU« lIU'!&t $prl.lJ' /X1lnrs wi/( (ii!;so/ll(l rl)(> fOfl~lI .• Vierlim I i1litial dr'Ybr,jshi".~ isjinlshtlri. painlllp (wd j mid dcllJ.i1% /fke 1114: hWlI!x, .tJ..>i:Ii:lulIs, ,mu -

Ii l}(1rml" .WO. /1m abmNt. 7b jlll4b ,t!I!UI')'tbf118 oj/; gille (;fOWII two ('OI()I"1 o/stfllrtZ gr.7ll ill ~1I1r(JdfC ~u"bM()ver (/)C enttre smjrJce to maktt It look IIawTnl.

- ~-


I spm)"Q"l"'!CV ,"lIh Ch"., muck '1'~)'

I Drybms/J 1M emtre surfnce with B~II{l1 BrowlI jollull-'t.'ti b). (I lighter drJ1bf'MQ of Bllbullic B. roil!)', Alltl (",:reusing ulII!lmds of Bleached JJ.oIIC tQ Dllbollic Drown/or (mch £uCITSJ"ivc highlight. Filli$b (be /;asi{;

{ pClilltfnjj with a "lIry lQi,bt 1111:[ xcleclh'f! I$l) of nI~m;bC!d (Jam!. 'J1)1.~ /llIal I d,-yiJ,.Ilshshould skfm 011[11 riJc blf!.bes.r

1./iI)in.!S uflb;," rm~wll~rr..VI. S 10 I.Y!?m~ mote: i,y)IIlrn~1 and ~lrJfi"lUml,


I The base

7b't'IY'i!,iM l)'(ljC- hy gluIng down lorge

I rfJl:h u.rlth ]IVA (rood [{JIIC /Irs" ,b~l palm

I I'm nil eve11 coat afgllliluver tlse base ~Jorp, sprhlk[(IIg sand (wd small rocks. Wipe illVa), elil}' salut and g/f'" rbat gels ill plaelll )-'011 don't soant jt (1Ik" Ull (be I top~ oftb(t large rrx;ks), 'Wi)' II secfilld , coat 0/ a very tbfJl ml,\'f(il'{! 1)/ g'r(l~ (111(1

I wut.f!r to bttfp su/ldlfj' (!;1!l?ry{uinlJ. 11'1 p/«(CC ami klilp-,TU'Jdjnmt hit/fig bmci.:v .. w n)l drirlngJW(1I1/1111·

FOr rhis battle, LWO armies meet in a mO.ll1l! ainous region thar

, contains one of the exits from the

Ska;,ven<s under-empire In Brcrcnma. 'rhe baulefield is more pertlous than most. Steep cliffs punctuate the landscape, and roving bands of Skaven are a constant threat. Only [he most determined commander will lead his forces into sucb an area. Taking control of the [aimed landscape will do little to expand his army's realm, and the denizens QrlHe \~/l1rp"Hone Pit can be as dangerous as the t:ncmy.


Both armies are chosen from the Warh:ammel" army lists to the preset banner size or thr campaign. This size may be adjusted by .liUPP0r!' or OLhH special campntgn rules. Skaven arrmes who control rhe map sec [Jon may i!hv.ays take :-t.dV::H1t:::tgc of the Fortificatlon bonus. regardless of other factors,


At least half of the battlefield should be covered with hills to represent the rnountninous rerraln. Several scenery pleces ~11I.)1) ld represent Impassable Terruln, like very steep hills, and huge rock plies.

At" the exact cemre point of the fable) place a piece of terrain representing (he exit from the Skaven under-emptre. A place from where, the vile rarmen spread rhelr woes upon the world.



,players deploy a.s perthe rules lor a Pitched uaule. See me Warhammer rulebcuk, pagts 199~200,

First turn

Unless the battle involves a Sknven arm)~ both pl:J.Yc:.~ [oil aD6. The higher-scoring player rna)' choose to gc firsr or second,

Skaven players lllay always choose whether [0 go flrat OJ" second. rrboth armies iUC Skaven. roJJ a dice :is ncrrnal.

Game length

The scenario lasts six rums.

Special rules

Ext, from the "Under-Empire. AI the stan of each player rum, roU. a. .06. On a result cf' I, creatures emerge {rom the exir ln the center of the board. Hell a D6 and consult the table below to Sec what evil has come into me light.

creatures from the pit

1~.2 A unttof 20 Clarsrar Slavel).

34 }\ untr of 20 Glanrats

A unit pf ~O Njg]u Rtlll1U::[1j


.A ChaQS Spawn with no Mark of €baos

The unlr enters the board as though it Is returning after pursuing a unlr orr the beard (sec psge 76 or the \VarhanHne,' rulcbook).

All of these !"lIodeIS, s~.~e the Cham Spawn. may be controlled by a Skavcn player as normal. RoU a dice [or each urut, Ih;u emerges if both armies are Skaven armies. If the bank: docs not Involve a Skcven armY., these units will move after how players' have had. their rums. If t]le u nfts arc not controlled by a player, they will-me v c their full moeeruenr dlsrance directly toward the eloscsr unit and will charge any unit within range. The Chaos Sp;\WII cannot be conrrclled by any player and will move its rlill random rnovemenr distance directly toward the clcscat unit and will t::ngage In ccmaar if in range.

Victory conditions

Cnlculare Victory Points a~ stated in the standard rules on page 198 of [he Wa:r.halUrner ruJc:book ro determine the winner; Models that emerged from [he:

Exit from (he Under-Empire bestow I1U VicWIY Points to me side [hat. destroyed them 01' caused them to Flee .. However, troops destroyed Of forced 10 Flee by tjnder-gmprre models bestow Victory Points to the enemy as normal.

thr(lU.M.h.. ".UI..1hoC;: t(_-~(I,n I.ryside or Bretormla there are, chapels dedicated to the Grail and the l..act.y I1r [he: Lake. Most (inti! r:hapel~ were.founded by G,milKnigbts in plat~::; where thev.flrsj saw J VLSJOn. of the 1,..,dy of the take or where a magte weapon VF.tS dlsc(n>ef·I.:,d . loner generations of Grail Knights oftc"n choose to lrvc .in old chapels, but new ones are still founded from time to time. Grail Chapels become rbc resnng pl;u .. res for the bones of Grail Knights who have djed and for [herr magic weapons. Knif;hts F.h'alU swear on. the relics kept in the c . hapels.iand iii times of peril, ns 'Weapons may be taken lip And used 'in defenee.of the realm.

eqll i,p ruore so!diers." and the magic. items can bedistnbuted to the-realm's o:ffh:ere and heroes. ,A.'i eucb, caca banner ill. the realm ts 50.points larger than [he standard earupaign banner size as long as it controls a map section conrajnmg a Grail Chapel.

Honourable Brctonnlan realms 'l..VilJ never scoop IG plundering r.b,c artefacts and treasures contained in rhelr sacred Grail Chapels dotted -about the I:='nd. Instead they mny select a single Idle. represented by a magic item from the Brctormian list. each rtme they eonrrol ::I map secnon containing :.I. Grail Chapel and are defending It from attack.

Battfes. Bartles fCIUSlu in n nl.ap seorton containing a Grall Chapel are n,o.t Pitched Battles -c use the Capture th u GrajlChnpel scenario tnsrend,

Raz:.(:d. If a map section conrairu fig a Gril.ll. Chapel IS Razed, it will rro longer cour-t toward the: number of banners that a realm may field, ~nd the Grail Chapel wul be destroyed. Thereafter, even if the map.secnon has Recovered. none of uie special rules will apply again, From then on pjtthei:l Battles .are fought there-instead of the Capture the Grail Chapel scenario, and [he map seqion is treated [ike a reg u lar plains map section.

Campaign Rules

Con.wOl of a (i1'aiJ Chapel, ."Il~' realm, ~·a\'e. a Bretnrmlan nne, that (1)ntro.l8.a map section contafnlng-a Grail Chapel may plunder me-wealth cenralaed . n"c.Icin rc boh,rcr Irs foice;;. The go1d and treasures can be uecd to hire :1Qd

~ I! ~ j • 1 ),~ , • ~'

:Converting a fl',e(!Jlil Ku~gh[)- .

.P.ilII~ . _".

r, __ ~ _

7bl!fimsbed lIepllfl "ib>}J{ If ~'(ul;' It;' ~:"

rI.:fi."",II/J" G'I"W'/ (.1~ ()L'l! \ .• ,

J , ;, - I ~ 'I'~

,t' !'



In mtsasenarto, rwo atmles converge on we strc of an ancient C.niil Chapel 'W;l;1 contams a huge rcljquary full of trensure and magical .artlfacts. The army that captures tbe qhapel will have access-tc this 'wealth. Bretormian forces will strive to keep- thelr artffacrs out of the hands crBretonnta's enemfes .. The-Invaders must also contend with the Hermit Krd,sln, a: lone warrior who will. defend the chapel 10 the blrrer end.


Both armles are chosen f[om the "Wilrharumet' atmy lists to the preser banucr slzc of the campaign. Thls slxe may be adjusted by support, rorrtftcatron, or other carnpalgn rules.


Set up a terrain piece in [he: exact centre of the board to represent the Grail Chapel. The rest of the terraln can be set up in3.Jl.}' mutually agreeable manner.


Players deploy as per the rules fur the Capture scenario, See the warhammer rnlcbcek, pggc 207-208.

Who goes first?

p"plcss';J, Bretonnlan banner is irivotved in the battle, both players l;~lJ a 06-. The hjghese-sconng player may 'choose to go ftrsr.or.second.

1£ It Brenmnian banner Ls ±1]voh'ed. the Bremnnlans MUST kneel {Ind. pray for the Blessing of rhe Lady: Thus, the Bretonntarr playt"J"'s opponent may. d100:;_e to gp first or se<C9n~.

Gam.e Length

The gamelases fora random length. At nie end of the fourth [urn, mil a. D6. 0[1 ;~ ~ or mere, playa fifth tum. Ar the end

Hermit Knight

[II 4

ws :;

of the fifth turn, roll another 06. On it 3 oe-more, playa sixth rum, and so on. However; a roll (IF 6 On the die ahva.ys Indicates that another turn should be 'played no matter,

special rules

Defend the Chapel, Bretonnlans arc dedicated to preserving thesanctity of the "Grail Chapel and protecting the artifacts ccnralned therein at all costs. 1141' Bretomuan Lord, Palndln .. or 'J:Cnjghtly unir within 6!' of [he Gran Chapel is Stubborn,

In addltton to defend tng the chapel. wltlch i~ sacred to the people of Brercama, a Bretormian banner 1.llal controls the-map secnon conrarrimg the Grsil Chapel will lake: one relic from (he Grail Chapeliu order 10 defend 11. This means that the Bretonnlan force rnay lake arty ·One magic item from the Bretonnlan .I:nagic lteru-Jlet lor free ns described In the Control ala Grail Chapel section.

Herrnlt Kn.g._ht. As soeo as anj- unit moves wirhln 1.2~ of the Grail Chapel, an Old Hermit: Knigh r emerge.;r,; from me. chapel .. and ~tands ~J1 lis doorway, This xnrght has chosen to 11"t: out hls few remaining days defending the Grail Chapel. He; i~ an i-odiv-i(]u9.1 character with the profile bel-ow

Victory conditions

The army with a unit doses! roo the Grail Chapel at the end of [he battle 1\-1m. pleetng -unns, monsters, and characters (including the Hermit Knlght) cannot ppt.ur-e the.objective. [f both players have unfts equidistant from. the Grall Chapel, one player wins if his unit has rnon; than twice the Urnt StreDglh of the:" enemyuntcclosesr to the"chapel. Otherwise, the game ends in a draw

BS 3

T 4

W 2

Ld 10

S 4

EquiJ?meo.t: Hand "V:'(;'~~ponl Heavy Armour, Shield.

Special Rules

The, Hermit Knight b;J,s the-Grail Vcnv, the Virtue oC tile Penitent, and the virtue Qf,Emp_.athJ~

If a Bretormian army is i!'l.volved in. the b;;j_tlle~ the Breronnlan player may control the Flertrnt Knight as he wishes. (If lWO Bretonnlan armies are :inVOJveQ, dice off to see which slde coarrctsthe Herrnlr Knight.) Otherwise, (he G'-a.;i J(il·ightrem-ak.s hes'id'e the G'raiI Chapel [0 defend. lt and will charge any unit that conies wahln 81' of the chapel.

, ~&~~q~~a !,~/:!~ie: ~~!,~!!mmelu1~fQI' a\p~rlencM

~ lllrmin i)1~ifdcf$' OI'~J'. l~ :mMc. r};e-!IasrIQr' the ,w,1neroofiop

I jH)lIJ dghl '2" ;"-(1:(.(:;- cllljrum thl( /mn1JjtH'-f)/ p/r{~'iL1(}rIITl.:i.'wtI1l ~'I:I.:liimi>'. I~, .. then at. web.". d Ih~~Y:: ! .. I) l>11 I).t:lu,gon 1Il~'h.:2· &tdes. ml<de fmm plas!,.cmd. ~Vi' mmJa it ((!mpJ(}f.l1jfJr' ii)e N)IJI $c.;;rIQII$ -, lj(/~i{:allJ' (?u iKx.-"CIcs lrill,,~f~c wltl,_.«( 2ft b~~if:. (VII:r w.i: J:~bl Ildt!.m:lIrnlpil:,:cll, wtl.J.j.!i.wd ihl!lIIl~~!h'u; l<nclzynl6re.d fhIi.8uP.~

I UII/llp/plll;; '~(ldi) 0rplrls:ir: rod,



I The walls

me walls. are-also l1uute from tte pl'tmfc fOrlrl!!u. 11-110 slites are

I {Ower wa!!~ wl{b door.s e{lt fojll5l belol~ the dr:JQr. i1Je bad .. vts a pfahl ~all,iI1ld lhe /rqnt ~ sect/all cut Jm~'J tbe ensile gal;? wall. ,tifl/J(U.IC bna rIJ6(r,partrpr!~s remo~l~d, and you Mr. use 1})(,S~ to mt?ke p(m dj-rhl1 roOf ban', \'i1c.glllf!(:f JJa:rdboord (lI'Qjllld 1')10'" doors fa crfN.dt;, ii, rlff:_l!s.iy ,lfJ.m rlttach!!d/ol{miJuard COl,."f!rt'.d wllb·iftamr.

I u'),'cllred _plll.$lir. ~h!l!:rif18 fm;fdlllIJI1 dO(lrWlI)' lmd~(J.fw~er_ TWI the~~ p,n 1i;<!/oJ'Il"-!.$ dO{)rl'HQ pl(IA' III$ldi1 toe j'(}C(!$MVJ 4cO,"~(,rt)\


I Assembly

ni' IbM,SIuck llie PIece !Q~lliioT, ba..ulg tlie,;:Jillflft/ on 11 hJIl

I m{lkllljI"~lrf"f! '.1 wqs 'big B'rrrJIIgJJ /0'r@ad,'ltpl/all;!!hriIl01l1a/tlle alaol/iM u:e'($.(;"tlted,

I ~~~!:~!~~, of ",,"iI< :". ,brl", """ ",ofw'<~Wd wI'~

Q plf.Uri(; cone (we plncbed i:t1l~_.ji'Qm IW clasSIc Tal/mufti< boo!'d ,g,ulllfll) URlf tben IrJPin« {bat rvllh (l O(f1U /ak.,m!ro!1l ({ Grall KniglJt's helmet, The "'m is strips olbalsl~. wood, rIIht/~ fhs $r(uu('~.(.I1"(' (m;;bh)~ Njcmk tr!Odc/$, For (be grlri:O.1J/N we mer! rbe {.;bir''''{.j' Cia]) from tbe Empfr ... SleulI1 Trw;", Cl~/d tbe rmxtd.i!nmi

I the .\'iStHr"1= a/Bait/I] U"iuhmmer 40.(J(la rOII8'Ii", /Jrlltomrlt:m ~h{lilds I (lml MOI'(1IlIJim Q.fNding (it;:C~$Qrll)$.fi~1i~i)('d .he ij!~il~:@8 QU: lr0 I Ih'm i<'.l;-Iarffllhe bait' rllln§. 1m-: Himtllrr;hnlqlll:.i dJ:firnbwl

I .";,,., iw<b< ""iel. "",/ '1"")"'" iI with cb"", ",ud,.


. \


t -~~

he following at"mcy.specillc rules apply lb this' campaign only, Unless stated otherwise. in die tules below, the army-specific l'UleS fOJ: the Valley Grismeri.e campaign do not supersede. theJU'n:ly-specific :t'ulesL\ll.ted in Chapter 2 of The General's Compenduun but apply in addirion to them,

Bretormian realms may not. ally with Do!':::;.' of

\"Ila r realms. Alrhough clrcumstances m:ty force the Bretcnnlans into such distasteful ttcarrcs in faraway lands like the Border PJ'"inC&S~ in ~heir home rf:ttiwry; Brcronnlans simply refuse to associate with mercenary scum.

tn addition, because or their famlllarlty wtth [he landscape and trade routes, Bretennian 'iI rmles -always win 000'[ Pass in the Night rolls when moving. from or to a mad map section, cveu against High Elf and Empire banners.

Mercenary armies do not face tva well in.a land where ~df1ess chivalry and honour are highly esteemed. 501dicn; of fortune who fight for the highest bidder are frowned upon by rho valley's residents as a result. B'C,.:(';II,1sl.,: of thiS, the usual army-specific rule whereby Dogs of\Va.r armies tim add an addlucnal 100 points to' their banner ~i:r.e is suspended for rhls campaign. In addlrion, Dogs of\Vilr

real ms can nor ally with Bretonnian realms while fighting in this campaign.

Empire arc' more than it little ( with the rrade routes thar cross the mountains to and from Bretonnla, and mnny Empire soldie~ have served as escorts. Because of their familiarity witb the e roads, Empire armies always win Don't Pass in rhe Night rolls when moving .from or to i~ road map section. However; Empi..rc banners are nat as Iarniliar with the rcade mutes- as Bretcnnfan troops, nor arc Empire banners :;1,<'; skilled at: rapid deployrnenr as High BU' banners. 'Thus, this special rule does not apply against High Elf and Breronnlan banners.

many structures in the land now known as Brcronntajn Iacr, many Brctcnnian castles are built upon former Illven structures. High Blven banners can take advantage of their aI1(~ieI1[ knowledge of [he land. 'rhus, when defending a Forl.illed map section, Hlgh.Blcert banners add :250 points of additional troops (tnsread of the normal 200 points bonus) AI\d may make an addltlonal roll on the Defended Obstacles table.


-- --- -- --_---------

TIle mounralnous areas of this rcgiou of Brxtcnnin, 'Patlk~IJ:ulr those of the dangerous MasslfOrxnl. arc rife with marauding grccnskln tribes who are spoiling for a SCJ.(I:P, When Bghnng in the mountains, generals best beware, for these regions are often

borne to lame Ore camps and [he lairs of all klnds of Goblins.

Ore 8:' Goblin banners II) the campaign mn}' edd 100 points to their banner size wher fighting In moumatnous nurc sectluns to represent the local tribes joining in the fray.

1ilOo 0I wocct ztvcs lie dose 1.0

the area in whiCh tlus campaign is set, Because of this. the Wood Elves are highly f:lmili:lr wilh the local rerraln. In Pitched Battles in the campaign, Wood Elves may sec up rwo.exca pieces of woodland scenery (instead of thelr usual additional u.n.~ piece}. However, In the spectal . scenndcs of thls camp a ign (e.xcepl The joust), the 'Wood Elves may sec up only UJ1e extra piece of woodland scenery as they normally do.

TelTain Generati@:n in the valley Gri5m&ll'ie

If Y:OIl chnose fe generare.rereatn randonily ',ro.n.:Y0ur banks, roU on the tetJ:"..rin {~ne.r:atGI: table .&:0 pag(H2:22 of rhe ~ar.hammer. rulebook bur make the 'clianges to this table for die map 8eGtion,s listbd .t;.OOw;:

M;oUillai;n;'i.~p~re ~l1lrs of.Sll;-c!Jm~ Marsh;!d Boundar,l~';d P-e~an~ Faml5te;id. with it mill

_F.O~£8. ~c'pLacc results of, MRr~h, He::ldBDunaade..~ Peasant Farmstead and VUI.m1! 'Yllil< a, Wooil,

iUVeltbanic{BJ'.idg~ac.r:ed Lake. Replaee results of Bfeld Boundadea and ,R(;:.;:"l.$tl.Ill{C",.cJ with ,Rj'lC.1i 0'-: Stream. S~ub!ie:qllenl! roL~.'1 pf rhi,s resulr-tndicare t.Ji.itttiflM is -3 bridge crossing the .Rivr:r or Stream

Road. 19ofl'l"I!"resulUi of Ri.ver or ~e. Marsh. Helti Boundaries an,a Laq;e Building and·p(;;u . .->e~'Il,l)lhing inS[.fa(t,


Between Turns 12 and 13,"s special 1'w:11 ts played. Thi!i tum is not a standard campaign tum! but.addirlonal m the normal Tum sequence.

All campaign participants will fight in a rnega-baule called the Grail Quest. Thls game requires a neutral Games Mastel· to run the scenario. The task forces Involved in the Grall Quest Me formed specially from surplus troops in the realm, 50 the Grail QIJCbt in noway affects me positions of banners on the map D~ Il)c.l.";onrfol bf any map sections.

Pan of an ongoing campaign Rumours 9fGmii. sigbrJ n~ have captured the attention of AU the realms' Leaders, who organize special taSk forces [0 seek OUt and perhaps capture the Grail. Cllptuting [be' Grall 'Will bring ahour an encrmeua shill in powecae thts point. in, the campaign, Ahh.qugh the Grall :lppea-rs only f.o1" tleet.lng moments after acts of heroism and [belike, pcssesstng the Grail for even !1 5nort_ rime is insplrational CO good ~arrnies, while evil armies who control the Gtail can arternpt to wcrk, foul ]"jtLJ:Ua<iin ceder rl) desecrate it. To reflecL t,.h~-goo.d. fortulie 01' c~pLurinG the CT1"aJ:l, all banners ilJ the '\villl' ':illiar~ce_ increase i.n size by :100 points for the remainder of the campaign.

The anny that ends thc.sconnrio'with the Grall will take one' of the following three IlCpOIl.~ wlm tr, The KQ1ahTS ~f.-a Brxsronnian arruy will dr.idk:-:£iUm~he Grnll. and rhcrcfcrc, G~\I.I Knights. will become moore common throughout [h,i; real m, FO[l the remalrrded of'lb'e campaign urmtes.frorn the Bretonrrian realm that possessed [he GTail at the end of:tli-e S(:t:n;lr:iQ,mltrtRk~ Grail


Knights as Special choices and/or as Rare choices and no longer treat Grall

Knights as a Il-I (hoi!.:(;;- (ie, the Bretonnjan player may take more than one unit of Grail Knights).

Othergood armies that possess [he Gr.:Lil at the end (if-me sce:flMiO' m:l)' attempt to harness the PI"J\vCt of th¢ Grail for their own purposes. 11:1 do so, [he coritrollfng player rolls a D6. 'On a result of 4+. an or [he W'l1~r.ds In me realm 'will generate f extra power Die ill. the remalrung battles of the campaign. Dwarf armies who claim the power n.f tht: Grail generate 5 Dl~p~ Di:QC pee

rum ins-read of the usual 4. On a dlcc result of 3 or less, the Grall will. dlsappcar andis reclaimed. by the Lady _of the Isike, The geed army a;ains nO addjncnal ildVa~Dtagt:s.

-Evil nrmjea will att,¢mRt [9 eorrupt rne. Q,rn1.I by dese'(:l1itJ.rlg if\Y,$th '';~tr,)pe, Squlg-guts, or orherzwlcked magtcs-or;_ 'TJII:~ -evi.l Rla·~et>to1l5a D6., <Qn 'a resute of.1·3, ure ("oy ar $,,-1;,,1«; reclaims .the Gra~ and the chauee vaotsacs.momenrs bcJore [he defilement was to rake place, OJ:! H 4-Q~ Ihe ~vil imemp[' suC::Cccdsjllnd- the power of due Uidy is~sadly :weikened. Nb Bretonnlan fbx'cc will I;.c&ejv;c;;: th~'BL~Sil:lg;of ~h~ Lady f<:i'I' the cr.::maindCt;_C~lr·rhe C;l:l:ripaign<


Re:QOll.5 of Grail sighrings bave. t;tra'~vn task forces from_ alLthc ~·ah~ls iil\Tot~c~ In the campaign., [0 OJ. ruountanmus rcg~(,.Ill UC;'U" "1(:. MgSSlr 0h!al. No banners arc moved, h~\vevlir~ as the task fOrces are made up of surplus troops. :m<l this scenario is played outslde of the normal sequence -~iI".of campaign rums. '('he mountains arc

'nome to several large monsters, each of wbtch protects :t1aQ?;c treasure hoard ill irs lair. One or these treasure troves euntains the Grail. The armles Involved

t must march forth, sl:1.}' II~c monsters,

r'l'" and CllpLure the Grail.


The armies arc divided ihtC.l IwO alliances of equal points size. though each alliance may he composed of different numbers of armies. One. alliance ~!j11 he composed of all [he "'good' armies (ie, Bretonnjans, Dwarfs, Bmprrc, .tHgh Blf Llzardmcn, and \'(toad Hives). and the other wJ1l be composed or all the 'evil' armies (le. Beasts of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Hordes of Cha05, Or<.:S & GoblinS, Skaven, "Jamb Kings, and V:tJQP~ Counts), Dogs of \Var armies will Aener.tUy be allied with [he SQ()d stde, hut If mq consnr of a lot or Hobgoblins and the )ikc, They may be placed on the evil side Instead.

10 determine me stze of each alliance, multiply the number of campaign purnctpants by l~nOO, Thus, In a campaign with eight players, each alliance, would total S,OOU points. The armies in eaclt alliance \vitl be of equal -slze. 'rhus, "in the above example, if three eetl armres were to face off against five good armies, [he evil armies would have 2,667 points each, whereas the good armies would have 1,600 poilus each. This keeps things fair.

/\11 armies are chosen ,1):0111 nrc \'l1.rhammet army Ilsts to the appropriate slxe.


TIH~ baulefleld should be at least 4' wjele. The table should be at least 31 long for each army in the more: numerous nluance. Thus, In our example in Which tJ~ ree evil armies were, barding fivc.gocd armies. the table would have to be at least LS' loug. Push severn! tables together If you need to add length.

TIle neutral Garnes !"ia.'iler sets up the board, which should be hilly '10 represent the nrcuruainous terrain. The


fiM should also place.a number of m.q.nSLc;,t'$ on the beard equal to half me number of pJayl;![s invo~,,~i) in' Ihe.:. banle (f.flund!ng dowru. 'iI'he monsters should be sf)l'cad across the board as: equally as possible. j\{l.-7>.i (0 each monsier, the GM places it marker or special.small terrain piece to represe.m each monsree's treasure 11I.}ft_1;"d. 11le. GM may select the monsters from available figures Inn should [ry to select. powerful monsters I'h,al, will be ohalleaglng for the rrcops to dCoSlroy (eg, Dragons, GiMUS~ Hydras, ~lippqgriffs, and the like). Befoce sides are selected and deployment begins. [he GM must nominate one of The monsters LO be the guardian of the Grail :uld secretly wrtrc dawn his choice.


PlaYl;;rs deploy per the rules for a MultiI'Iaycr Pitched Battle. See The General's Cocrpcndrum, .page US.

Who goes first?

Both alliances roll a D6. The alliance rhar finished Irs deployment first {tll)l including SCOUfS and other troops with special deployment rules) may add + 1 to its die roll. The alliance that scores higher. may choose whether- 10 1;0 first or secocd, Once the hegins. each alliance fights ;It> one anny with ilj:; own Command Structure. I r a Bretunnian armv is involved in abe baule and wishes 10 k~f,:el and pray for the Blessing of tin:

Lady and the other good ptmers concur, rhe evil alliance may choose to go first or second.

Length of' game

The scenario Iasrs-stx turns. If no one controls the Grail at the end of rile sixth turn, then [he g;\IIIC ends ill it draw, and no campaign bonuses for winning the battle or corurolllug tile Grail are awarded

Special rules

Command Structure. Each nutarrec Is led by" Marshal. See page 11~·n3 or The General's Compendium.

Enmity. This sccnooo uses a variant of the nntes rules found in The General's

Compendium. The normal rules for Alliances arewalvcc for this sccnnrro, and sides are formed as' stated in the An,nits SCC{iOI1 above. However, some armies n1:;W still suffer £rom F,nmit~' (sec: page 113 ofThe General's Compendlnm). Any allied pair of armies that crcss-rererences ss '11\' or 'n' on [he table on page 109 of The General's Compendium will suffer from Enmity.

Monl:l.ler8, Treasure. Hoards, and the Grail. Bach [urn, the monsters act in between the player [uri):'. Thus, if the evil ulltance took the first turn, the men sequence 'would be: evil, monsters, good, evtl, monsters, good, and so on. A monster will do nothing umil troops approach within irs charge range, at whk'h potnr it will charge an lrs (urn, II "10-",e: than (lne unlt i!t wtnun a monster's I,;h~,[-ge runge xl. rbe start of rhc monsters' turn, the GM should dice off To see which IJniL it will charge. The monster: wit! always use any Breath Weapon if there arc troops in range and it is nor engaged In combat. Lf the monster destroys irs opponent or forces it to Ilee. the monster will never pursue and 1;\111. return [0 protect Irs hoard In in; next Movement phase.

If a unlr or model, makes contact with 3. L"CasUI'C hoard when [he monster Is nor adjacent 10 it (either because it is slain or because it is away fic.hfin{; another enemy), then the OM should reveal whether the hoard contnlns [he, Grall or nul. Any unh or model may [hen retrieve [he Grall and nlU81 defend II as best it can unttl the' end of [he- game. Enemy tcrccs may caprui,'e the Grall as [he), would a urrit standard. The Grall may not be transferred from one fdendly unit to another.

Victory conditions

The alliance that has me Grall at UH; end of the ·g_:trne is the

winner. lf neither stde I'

controls the Grall [hen [he baltic is :1 draw,


the Valley Grismerie campaign Lases 20 rums, regardless of the number of players: At the end of play he who controls the VaUe}' Grlsmerte wl1l he able to control much. of the traffic between Bretonnia and the


Ar the end of Tum 2U, counr up the number of mop scctlons controlled by each player. Spcci; .. 1. map secrious, except Warpstool! t'its, counr as five map secrjcns. Warpst;onl! Plrs COUnt as zero map sections for most real ms and :.JS three map secuons for Skaven realms:

All roads and riverbanks COUnt as rwo [U~P secrions, ;1:) these thoroughfares ::'I'E of massive tactical significance. Razed sections don't COUOl (except warpsicne Pits, which Skaven may count, as described abnve). The player with the highest total is the winner.

[f the, winner controls 50 Or mere map sections, he has absolute control of mt: vauev Grtsmerte artd can thus dictate who may travel th rough the area.

lf the-winner controls 35·49 map sccrtons. his COt\II:01 of the region is strung but nut complete. Although he will he able to restrhx the ruovemenr of hi~ enemtes tbrnugh [he area, a. few determlneil commanders will be able (0 punch through and make [heir way through A:<e Bite Pass.

IT the winner controls 34 or fCWCf map sections, his control over the region is rentarlve. Although he and.his allies will be able [0 move freely rhrough Axe Bite Pass, many of his encmtes will be able to do so as 'Q,'eU. Tbe winner of the:

campaign will have all edge in [he region of the Grismcric, bur not absolute control.

Tf there Js a. tie for first, regardless of how many map sec Lions the first place Itntshers have In their realms, control of lhe valley Grismerle i!l; srnl under dtspure, and armies are given orders [0 ma.reh. 'rile fate of the valley will be decided once and for aU upon me field of battle. The two IirSL place finishers playa Tiebreaker Battle to determine [he overall wtnner.

Tiebreaker Battle, COUIll up the number of map sections controlled by C3,ch of the !lrsl place players, but this time, count all map sections (including special sections and Roads) as one section ()nl~. (Ra:-:ed map sections ~tHJ don't count, except for Skaveu realms mat control Warpslonc: Pits, which count a.'i one map secuon for the rarmen .. ii). ~lis eoum.)

The player with the higher total may choose the map section in which the bank will be fought (if thls total is lied :<IS well, dice off (0 dererrntne who chooses). HI.: rna}' choose to defend one of his own map sections or W attack One of the map sections controlled by the ether first place flnishec Both players nominate On.1: of their banners to fight· the battle. Place these banners in the nominated map section (though a banner may take advantage of any pre· existing Fortlflcarions if it is not forced to move). A battle is fought in the map secricn as normal, with all the applicable penalties and bonuses (eg, Furtifleatiun, suppOrt, arnry-specttlc rules, and special map sccuon rules). Most often the battle: will be :1 Pitched -B:iUIc. bu I could be a. particular scenario if the baule is being fought in a.special map section. The winner of Ibis tiebreaker battle is {he winner of the campaign! and the flt;W master of the Valley Grtsmerte.



Bra~g~~h the Lastl.lous

unana TI'D~, Srtlyar SW"Elr~ Willner GOld. W,rI1ammo, 5lnol' Minl.I~ re G;ml~' Duy tes AIIg.I;. 2!lOS

Mike A"~'''iDn

Nu'gle Gha"'pioil

88 IED!,'Y Metol Show[ose


N.lnIV. Melnik

Dark Ell Nollie

Androw Ctomw.n


"d'?m'M i@if

Dart811 Lalh.111

AOllur Tllo Sworn of TwlllOhl

X.Uh IIO.Brlson

Black KniDlrt\galdendemon 89

you Dwarfs. is it D011-

- As it should be with :aU civilised Iclk," said Snorri. nmming his helmet back on. "YQU'Vt kept yoU! word. we'll keep curs."

Th~ E.lf nodded md walked '1.WIy. With .I gracefu.l [cap he jumprd into the Dragon's saddle and .1 moment later • amidst the. thunderous Uilppiog IJE wiags. the beasr soared into the air mel WAS soon lost ag:ainsl the: clouds,'

"They're a lonoy lolk. these Elm: remarked Cod!i. "Speak odd. 100"~

'They're: J sln_ogl:. bm:::d, right enQugh," :a.groC:cd the Dw a rf KiI!g. -U v with Dragons, ,an'! take their ale, aDd l'm sure Ihey spend 100 milch time in the SUD. Still. ;a.oyonc 'Who cau swing .1 sword and will stand beside me: .is friend enough in these: dark rimes,"

-Right enough," 8;1id (ri,dli with a. nod. The Own! throng was silent as the bum of Chaos apprcuhed, and "hove 11\1:: b~r!n8 olnd ,howJing of the twisted

monsters, the clear trumpet calls of the Elves could be bend. maJSrulliog their UDC.

The unDarur.a1 ride of mutated flesh Will now only some 500 }'lrds :lway and Snord could smell their disgusting stCllc.h 00 the wiod. 10 the dim light . .i. storm of whitesh.ahed .HoWS Hftcd into the :lit Ircrn the Elves end thee Iell dO~_D", the

horde pUDcbiDg. through furred hide and luthery skin. Another v.o,lh:y followed swjflly sfter, thee ~Dot:!lI:r 3[1d anctbcr; The grouad of the: vule), was littered with the: dead and the: dying. dozens of IrTOWpictced corpses strewn ~~rn5~ th(: slope in Irene o{ Soorli and his umy. Still the beasts. rushed 00. heedless of their rasualries. aed they were now only 200 yards, awJ.Y. Three u.Ows ,bl,lrriing 'ltC'ith bluetin: aced high imo the air.

-Ri8hl~ th .a t's us," said Smnr~ He g:avc. :a ncd fo Thuadir in hi:'! :ri.gbt . .:aDd tbe Dwcf lifted his curliog hO[D to his lips and blew a 100g blast that resounded off the y.:allc:y wail s.

The noise gndullly .iacrcascd IS the Dwarfs muc.hc.d (orwa1'ds. the: ec.hoes of the: hor!! call and !o~d~g of Ibe: Ch.os b~,ilslS tl~W dmwned out .by thc lump of iron-shod feet, the d:inkill8 of c.haillm~jl and "th~ thump oC ~xes onsMdds.

l.ike a wall of irOD. rhe Dwar( lint' .adv.:a_nl;cd down the slope .:as ytf one mOfe salvn .of "trOWS whistled CVt1 their he:adK Thc Sc.a.11e:[c:d groups o~ f:al1gc.d., cl:awed mun!l'ter3 CT3!ihed illotQ tht ,sh.ield WJ]J

ard as Stone

Gav Thorpe describes the origins of the legendary White Dwarf

10 this exciting saga of betrayal and grudgemaking, we' at last discover who the famed Grombrindal truly is ...

The: twisted, h)yinS creatures carne em in J. gred mass, fmwOng ... rad :!Icrt:.lming ~t the darkening ,~:y..-- Some. shambled [orwards caall leers like dogs aad hears. others ran upright with .lceg, loplng st.r.ide:!>. Each was an unholy hybrid of man and beast, SOIJ!~ with canine Iaces :and human hndies, others with the hindquarters or I goat- or cat. Difd-fac.e:d ualure5 wilfl bet-Hke wiogs spro0.1iog [rom their backs Il1w(:p~ forward Ie 5woopiog leaps. alongside i~8anlic monstrosities made of JbJling limbs and screechieg faces, As [he SUa 8ulIercd off the peaks cf the moacraias around them, the host of Elves and Dwarfs stood waechieg grimly :LJ t1!is (resh W:lve ol warped horrors swept dnwJI the: valley tOW1Tds them. fOI five loog days they hid stood ag~inst the horde pou.rins from the: north .. The sky seethed with m~8jcal .energy above them. pu1:s;ing with ueaatural vigour. Storm douds' tmged with blue and purple' rolled in the air above the dark host.

At the head of tllc Dw~rr army stood the High King, SDord Wbit<:b<:ud. His bend was stained with dirt and blood aad be: held his glimmerillog rutle axe hI!:Jvdy in hi! kand, Around him his Spud_:.: ph'led up their shields. ~):~;s and hammers and dosed around The king. preparing to face the fresh onslaught. It was the 'Dw.uf SI.:andiD8 to Snorri's Idt. Codri Stccehewer. who broke the grim silence.

"De you think therell 1)1: mJny more of them?" he. :askl::d, h~(1ilJg his hammer in his right hind ·UGly. I haveo't had 3, br:er in. three days:'

Snorri ch.uckled ;i~d looked ~'1ti!t§ tow:nd1J COoChi_,

"WheTe. did you lilld beer three d~ys a801- the High King said. "I ha\'en'1 had '" drop sinc~ the £irst day!"

-Well." replied COdfi. a.voiding -ihc KiDS'S g.ze. L'hcfc may h3\1c b~cn & hurd or two thaI were missed 00.1 Wh~D we were


d'oliD8 oU,t the ntjQD!I<tt

"Codri!" sD,ipped Snor.ri. gcnuindy lDgry.

"There's good £ishters back there y;;jlti blood, I,n thcir mbuth51 that Inye hold to put up with tholt dC-spit for three day.s. and you ha.d your own beer? If 1 survive this we'll be hning wcrdsl"

Gudri didn't rrpIy bat shuffled' his Icct io chagrin and kept his gue lirmly OD the grouod.

"Head's upl" someone ulIed from further dOWIl the lin!:. sud Sccni turned 10 sec dark shaR~5 In the sky ... hove. fC)UJ C[ them bltcly visible :a'mon~sl' the: c.J.Qu.dli. One ddilehed it~e-li from the group ud spiralled downwards.

As i.t came cleser Ihc shape w.a.!i: revcic.rt lu be J DragOIl. its J.IJ'gc white scales S.liDting in the ma.giul storm. Perched arthe base o( its Jo.o8. serpentine ceck W~$ a figure: SWaThed in a Jj~ht bloc cloj,k. his silvered armour shiolJl8 through the [I'ppiDg lclds. Hi, I,,, w" hidden b,hi.d 3 rolU helm decorated 'With two HoMen wings that arched iolo the air.

The: Or.lgoD laode4 JI short way .is front .,( Sooni and folded its wings. The figure leapt 8r.a.cefuUy to the: ground from his saddle, lui 1nd Inn, and strode towards Snorr;, the long doal( HowiDB just above the muddy ground As he approached. he: r(::mov~d his helm rev~11ag .i. slender ine sed wide, brigh1 ey~s, Hi~ skin 'Was hir a,ll.d dark hair [ell loosely on his shoulders.

"Made it back 1ilcn?- S:l:id Snorr.i :IS the Elf stopped in front of him.

"or course," the .Elf replied with '" distiilstr:[ul .loek, 'Were you expec.ting me 10 perish?"

"Hey now. Malekith, dQn't nke so!" Silid 5oorr.i with a Brawl. "It W.iS a simple gr.ectiuS,'·

The EI.,.en prince d .. d pot reply. Turoing. he. surveyed the oncoming horde:. As. he spoke. his s= stiH fixed 10 Inc north.

"This is the [ast (;I( them," said M.Jekilh. "Well. the 1<St Ior ""ny. maoy leagues. Wheo the)' are ",11 dcsftoye:d we: shall fU.rb westwards 1'0 the: hordcs 11\:lt th~carr::h In.: t:.~lies o{ my ~cople."

"Thilt W'iI.' the d.c:a1. ycs. uid SnoHi. puUing of[ h~s helmet aCId dtagg!:t!H .. band Ihrough bis knotted. sweal-sQlkr:d hair. "Wc .swore oaths. remember?"

M~lekilh turned and looked al Snorn YYes, OJlh~'" !he. IlvcD pnDcc:: said. looking over his shouldt.r ~t Sooni. HYour 'Word is your bood'. rha.t is how " is w-jth


gfowling. bowllDg IIDd sc:rCf;c.rupg. their wordless cltilllr::o.gts mel with SfU£{ battle cries and shouted oaihs.

-Gr"g,i goid, lily h .. dl" bcllowd Snmri as II creature wjtii tfic. head of a 'W))lt t:ia.c iiody ef II fI~J:!1 1r:d the: legs D( liaard at ~Jm, shsMttg at-him w11l .. 10RS talons, SnoJri swcpt his axe (rom right to Jd1 in :I 16w arc, the glC:irniog b)ade: shnriDs_ QH Ihe hr::u:t's legs 1U:!>1 below the waist.

-; ~.~ A~ ,he dismembered corpse tumbled 'dOWD ,the ltiJJ. Sn()t~i li.lcppcd forw a rd :a.lli::l ~ brought his "XI" hack in for a. reture blow.

r1,ppinS the he ... d from a bear-like creature

} wi1h a b~hi~g ~113k.C for il lail. Th.ic~ blood that stank of Toned fisil .':ipn,c.d over The kiog. s1ic~iog 10 the: plates of his iron armour. The gebbets Cilugbt in. his matted bcud and made him gag. It w-.s

going 10 be a long day.

The thrcae room cl Zhu(b~r echoed Bendy wjlb Lhe hubbub of the milling

DWJf{s, Hundreds of hmcras shone a goldt:n light down onto tRe Ihrong as ~iog Thrcndia looked out o,vcr his court. Rcptcscal~Eiyes- of_ .m~sJ, of the CJ~1l5 w~,,hese. sed ~moIlgst t~c crowd he spied The hmiHat' bee el his son. B;a,U,lIl~~~, The YOUIl.H Dw,uf w~s~j-!I COllver.5uibn with the RUIIclo,dl kbrek Silv.c.riillCt1S. Thrcadin thudded qUlc1ly to himself as he: imagined the topic of cOliytrs.ttioD. UD~oubtr.dly his Son would be SJ.yiog something ush ~d 'ill-considered and Arbrck would be c.uc-,sing him $o(lIy with a twinKle: ill. his t:ye.

Movement at The; 8re;,1.!; doors ca'!sht the ~:ing:s attention and the b.l(.,ksround noise 'deoppcd dewn ~s. ,h~ human ernissary entered. escorted by Hc:'llsrjd Dngccloc.

the Hold's Cuewarden. The m a nlius WaS 1111. evert (or opt: of his kind. -and behind him came two other men carrying ~ 111ge ironbound wooden chest between them. The:

O\cS,c;cnge1 (US clearly E3kill.8 dow deliberate strides 50 as not to QutplCC hl!i- shorterJeS8ed esccn. while the 'tWO curying the ch~sl were: v,is:ibJy tit,ing. A 8~P opened up ill. the: assembled throng. a. 'p~thway to the foot of Throudin's thrcae appt.uing 'out of the crowd.

He 5.\1 with his urns crossed as he watched the: small deputation mike its 'II"y up the 30 steps 10 the dais on which his thrcee stood. The messeeger bowed. tow. his .Ie(1 h~od extended to the side with I flrHLTisH. and looked ~E the King.

"My Lord. K1ng Throndin of

Zhutbu. I briog !:idi:ngs from BaroD Silas Vessal of A!o'c.1land.- the emjssary He w:at< spoking slowly. for !/,hkh Throndin W3S grateful lor it had been min}' long yCJIr~y-!iim:.e:: he h3d needed 1.0 uDd('rm_D~ the of rhe Empire, The Kin8 said Dl}thing for :L moment. and then noticed the DuoJiDg~S

unease ~1 thc cD5ujag 5i1cn_Ct. He dridged up the: right words from his memory.

"ADd you neT asked Throndio.

"l am Mm~ch:al Hcinlie Kuif cousin and herald 10 Baron Vess.d.n the mit. replied.

"Cousin. ~~T s3id Tb.1'o!:,din with xn approvio8 God. Al' least this mmliog lord had sent one of his OWn fill1\jly to parh:y with fhl: king. In his 300 yCAr~, TIi.fOnd,in had come to think of humans as: rash. flighlY ilbd inconsiderate. Almost <IS bad ss Elves, lie Ihuilglll ,'0 himself.

"Ycs. my Lord' ~plied Kvlh. "On his falher's side," he ~ddc-d.[ccliDg perhsps th~t ihe explanxtioa would (ill the silC:bl:.t thar hid desceeded QIl, the: wide. loog _ chamber, He was acuttly aware: of m~Dy DWJrf eyes bot_in.g iotc his back aed even more Dwael tU8 examining his every word.

"So. you have.! IIIc§sagc?" Solid Thrcndin, tiltins his hnd sJighlly to one side.

'" h:ave two, my lord:' said ,Kulft. ~I bring both gricvolI$ news lnd ~ r-c:qllcst from Balon Vt:s.5'al.~

uYOIi want help, Ihen?" said Throndin.

"Wh~1 do you WolDt?"

The her.lJd WI5 momentarily takco aback by _she kieg's forthright manner but gathered himself quickly.

"Orcs. my lord," said Ku1(t. ~nd at the mention of the: hated gr!.cnsk.ill!> an angl)' bUl7.i_ng filled the chamber. The ecise quietened 3~ Thrcndie w3vcd 11~c court [0 slleeee. He' gc:stulcd fer KulCt to continue,

"From north of the Barcc's Iaads. the:

Qru lave come, ~ be SAid. "Three farms have been destroyed already. and we iellr they are glowing in Dumber. The bnoD's armies are well equipped but small. and he fears thAI sbo:uld ~I:. not ·cqlpol'ld quickly the Orcs win only grQW' more bold."

'Then ask your, C()unt Of your Emperor for mere mee." ·s~id Thrcedin. "Whal ccecere is. it of ,mint?"

"The. Orcs have crossed YOUt hcds l5 well," replied Ku1(t quickly. obviously prepared (or such .1 question. "Not only This YoCiIr. but last yur ilt about the same lime of ye:ar.-

"Have you ~ description of these {fCMIJ.Ic.5?" dencndedvIhf(;lodio_ his eyes n.urow.inS 10· slits.

~T.hcy u~ said to uT-ry

shields cmbluoDi:d with the crude limges 0.[ ~_ hc~ with two to-Dg fangs. rod tbey pajll~ their bodies with Slt.lIDgc: des~KnSl Ott. hJl~k pa'in1: 81id, KulCt, and tillS time 1hl: reaetjon [rom the throng w .. :s: r,Vt'_D louder,

Thrcndin sat 'i. silence 'but the knuckles oJ bIs qC,1l1:11.l::d lists were whj!t;. lnd hi!i beard quivered. KI,I.I£1 gestured np~d]y to ihe NO mea rhat had gurefuHy placed the; (helll' OD the thrcee jier, and t~cy D(lI:III:d

it up. The Ught o] ;l hundJ"r"d hDtr"rll~ gEtfHed of[ the; COJltCll,ts - ... few gems. m~uy. m~lly s~hl:t :co~!Js aed several bars . of gold. The ~PEC1 in Throndic's eyrS. vea u_pidly replaced with m iDqu~;s:mVC: gleam.

"The baron would eot wish YDU ,to c:ndurc: n.r expeese on hi" account," ~;.;; KulE.f. gc.:stlliiD8 to fhc t[c;;.~ur~ chest. "He; would ask tbat you accept this gCSEILti:: oJ his good will ill o{fsCIL11Lg .IDY costs 1h;l,!: Yoll-r expedition migh1 iD\;ur,"

"Hmm. gih?"" said 'lhrccdie. tearing his I:yes aWlY Irom jhe gold 'bus. Th.ey were cf a p,l.'l:ticular lJlhlity, Q'Ji8iuU.y DW,lff~ gold if hi, expericeccd eYG W,l-S Dot mistakeu "'For meT

KtlH~ nodded. The D~arf king looked

b .. ck ilt 'Ihe chest and thc:a glowered at the fcw Dwarfs dlll hid tlkcn hesitsnr sleps up towards -ihe che,st. Kulft gestured for his I;Q.II).paDiQ.Ds tc close the:

Lid before "',IIY trouble mrtcd He had heard of the Dwarf hL£t fer gold, but had mistaken it merely (0]" greed. Thcren:tion hed been somethiog' d5C' eDtirdy~ a desire Icr the precious menl [ha~ bordered en ph,Y!iiul (I1:~d, like 3 mJIl. figdil'lS w~tc.r ill. th~ d~l!(:rt"

~Whil~ J 3ctept' th~s gtneJOU5 Sift. ir 1S !lot for Hold 'Ihat the: KiJlgo{ Zhu(bu l't;tU Jt!-:w"h fm1h," uid Tbmlldjll.. ,;!;tllnding ~p. ~Wc how of Iht-,sc' Orcs: Todc~d. lait 'Yeu they were; met (0 hank with, D:wuis of my' oWn dan> and ~he vile. uea1Utts 'Iook_ Ihe h{e of my .e:jd;,s! .fIpn."

. Th,o.di, p",d forw"d .. bi, b,ll,d fid, by, his sjdf:, .l.IId .!ilood a'l_ the: top o[ the: s*(;ps. Wlu:1l b.; 01;x:'1 spo~k.;, his vo-i(.-:: echoed from, th(: far walls of tlLe cbambu.

He tumed to Kulft.

WT1~cilc; O,rl'.S owe us ,jfr:u." s!l.trled the 'King. ';The life, o[ 3,' Zhl.l.1bar prioce stajD~ tb~it . lives ~Jld rheyruve .betIl e:bJ:erc~ into.' Ihl: lisl of wron,gs done. a8~!tI~t my _bo1d ~Ild my people'. ] dp::brc: gmdg;; :.&saiIl:llf these .Orcs! Their liv.e:;s ,w: [or~cjl'. iUlp with :tXC, a~~ hammef we: s~ill ,makc:'1hcq-a Pt;)' {h~ pri(.e d~cy owe! Fhdt, to your lora,_ IdJ him to prepare [or war. ,Ul,rj', ,teU .hio)' that KillS lhrolJifiu Sroo~hl!.ii;Jl of Zh_llfEU will Hghr ~e!ii~c' himf

Thr:: -trlmpiDg of Dw~d, .boots uDg (rom th~ .m.ouDnin5id~s: a5 th"e: g,afol:.5 or ~hu£lh.r w~.~ swlJ:Jlg 0:e~I( IIPd ,the h!:lsi of Ki':l8 Th!ondl!1 nm~'hc:d t;lUt. FUnk .if~~1 nllk {]f bt~ardcd waxriors; ,3c!,,~ncca bf>twe:cll the:. two

8{til.l statues of Grugni and Crir.nDir that [linked, the, 'g.;,tcway. carved from the rock of the mountain. Ab90V.e the DW.iffs sway.ed ... forest of !illpd3rd~ of gold and Bilvcr wrougbt into the, h~('s o( r~v~r~d_ 3[1-C:~-51or:s:. dan runes-and guild symb~1s.

The fn!-!d or boots -wa~ ,otped by the rumbling of wh~.d5 aed the: wb~(:zjIl8 ~.Dd coughing. of l steam e,ngjne. .At the rear of Ibe dw,uf eolumo, 1 fMlimdotef' pkdfcd irttn vkw. j1S -IlPQled, irOD-"rJmmcd w&(';~Js grio4i.D8 ~o.l!8 the cracked .. ud pined tc~dw<ly. Billows of stcy smoke rose tnfo the .a;ir ftorn {ht: fluted fl,lnl'ld a:" the tr.a.~tioD eDgioe 8rov;:J~d !Q[w,J~ds, puUiIl.S behiad it a cbaio .ci Iour 'W~goos laden

ow,illl lngg~gc: covered 'with Lle..VY- wil~rproofed 5i1ckLoB bouDd wjlh i£.ol upk

The-autumn skyabo\'t the: Worlds Edgc MIHLnf:l.ills WIg low and grc'/.. rhftal'ni!lg rain, uld T~wnd~D 'W1~ ,i» high spirit~, He walked ~t the- head of' hts ,a.~m¥. to his 1d~ Barundin carried th~ k~Dg·S D'wn ~1.!"dud and tc his r.igh1~lilrd!ed the Runclord Arb"k.

~Wil w~s DI:Ver .a happy occasion :i.CI YOUt J~t.he.[~S dlY,'" ~~~d Arhrek, Fo't1-cillg thr;: smile OD tbe 'kins's lips. Tbc smile fad~d

es Tbrccdin turned his h'c,ld, to leek aI' the Rueelerd,

~My father ,Ot·vc:r had cause _to ;l,lI!;:pge a falle'CI spa." the 'king said dukly. h,js i:y.c:s brigh1' in the sbadow- of his gold.-,iniaid helmet. "I tha"k MOl and she f"theJJI ,bd~fI: him thst I have, beee ,8UD1rd th'r cp·porlUiuty to righr this wrong,-

"Bcli~deB"il is too long liim::e: you I~:lit took up your oIiolr (lth~f th:!.!1 'I{] pC]li5h hr said :Buundi,n w,jrh ;t, 5hon M you sur.:: Yoll; still n:me:mbe:r whi:lt to doT

"Lislen I{] thr:: hc:ard1illogr' hUl!;lied Throndio. "8 .. <1y 50 y,"" oN \lid .Jr"dy ~" expert 00 'Wu . .Li=,t-CD; lilddi~. ,I was swiucingibis aXe :1.1 0:C5 long_ bdolC, you wl;r.t hOli). l;e:t'!_ illS~ _ se:e wh.ic_h 9£ us ac-<o)Jot, [0(' ,mon, .ch1"

·''ll be Ib.c' fib! t~t rOUt [.I.~b-C:I has ha,~ :;_ ~h~llt~ 10- .s;I:~Q01'- ~meltle." ~dde:d Arbrck- with, a whik. 7Storj~ wn.;:o. the 3h: i~flawing, ire: righi, eDough; but-'d:i(!r~·s nC]thing like: ~edng )1 10' ~ I fa1licrPloud.-

- Aye.- ',1st.e:td "l"ruoodiD, pattins Baru.DrliD on ~bl: .. tffi. "YOd.'t.e fi\y' t?ri1y :f06- noW. 'Iht bonour oilhc daD wilf be: y,.0UJiO' .j_lIl;DI r 80. (0 mcd the' allcestors:' You'1J makt me Atoll.d, J . know y'Oll wil[-

"You·l~ .1I~e: ,thaf Dar!l.D9!n :'[i,hrI,J-Ild:iJlii1'QIL is wo.rthy o.f bn:o_m.iog kiDg.:.' the youth wi,6 a fierc:e 6od'1h:~t 5e1' ELls 'b(.ar w.1ogglin.g. ·You·,11 ~i:' pm_ud. f~8kl ~[lougl:l.-

Thty lP~rdkd wertw:uda :jow.l,dil 1he Einp'ire until nooo. ttie: 'ro.wcring nmpnts ,and blS1iobs of -Zh~fb.i:r djsap,peli.~in:g litbin:d thrm, "Ifie fllOOllt.a.111 p~aJ.:. thd !~I::M the KinS·5 throD~' room Ob5~U~c:d ~. ,low do_ud.

At midd .. y T_litoni:lin c:iltcd ~ h~t lii:lld th~ air 'W.illi filled w;1Il the nO]:i;c d 5,O{lO

usuiElS' JOIl-~ly, .~~ is. Ihe.~rwoll_t \Vb~D 1)[1 nmpaigll-. After the eatjDg was done: tbo:: ur was Thick 'with pipe smoke. which huns

1ikc 3. cloud Dvef ~1hc host.

As Throl:ldin~;1t ~p' i ro\:k~ legs .splr.ycd in Ircnt of him. be ldmifed Inc seencry. High "'p 0,1'1. ~he mountains, he: could S:Ce for RUDY (I"I~l~s, Jr~811r: .3.[1rr 1~3gu~ o{ h.:u.c;l cock and spioJSI: TfI:e:S' .;,od bushes. B~yond. he: could just ahuut iII ... ke: out the Btccnt:r l.!.Qds ofthr.. E!1*irr:. :t puff 01] ,b.i" pipe . e hp on bis sbeulder cau,5~,d him 10 turn. iI was Hc-nSfid .• ad wilh him was ~.E1 cld-lccking DWilrf with ~ J011& white beard tucked ilio ~ simple rop!;:, bc:lt. The

stranger wore a heeded dcak of roughspu,n wool, died blue end he hdd a whl;f{ltQ,nl; LD his enckled, gnarled h.~nd!i.

""GrugDi"s honour bc with 'You. Kiog lhfOll.d.~ti"· said 'l'Oe: Dwuf with :1 shari bow. "l ... 01 b-ut .3. simple trJ,vdler. who earns :k coin _ or f1;Po with my whetstone ... nd my wits.. Allow me the: hQD~U[ of sh~i:peniI1E your axe ~Il:d ptr.haps ,pAssin£!; all jI. wise word OJ two,"

"My' axe is rune-sharp. ~ said Thrcadin. m{nitlg aw~y.

"Hold now, Kiag." said tho old D",,(, "There -was a lime: whe!! ~Il-y .ow-~rf'. be he lowly or killgly, wo~ld _ 5p~rl: ~n ear for one o( ilge aed [earning,"

"Ler him .spall" Thrcadin," call .... d Ar.bre:k [rem across the: other side of the ro:o.dw3Y. "He's old, In eyeD be my Isther, s'how ,1.- little respeetl"

Thrcadin turned baek to tbe ,s'lra.DBI:[ and g ... vc 3. grudging nod. Th-t- peddler nodded thnkfll.JJy :o.nd 'plJI1e:d off J~i.!l pack and ~ct 'it do'w'D ,by rb~ ,roadside.. ]1' looked vcry henry md TbrODdin noticed ·.iJ axc-sbAped hlLndle' sWllhed in 1ilgS stuffed b.c:lwc.Ch the foJds o( '1hl; Dw~rfl5l l:.J6:1k With .10_ hil(f of spdled btc;~th. the Dw~r( !l~t do'll'~ 00 Ihe p"k

_ -OJc.!l', i6i :lt7- 'the: p.:;ddIe:r said, puUiIl.H

a;1l Qr.oatc p;ipt; from die folds Qt his !{]b~

~"c:s,·· S;l!a Thro.odiq. 1;~keo a.b4Ck_ yo!}. sl:cjllbi:m?,'·

rti~ Dwuf did pot a05'Wcr immediatdy.

I~EeAd he: took ,~ pouch from hi,s belt ';lod 1'i1:8~1] :filliflE hffi p.ipc wifh weed. if.kifi8 ~ long millt;:l~ Qui, h~~ s;ru,t:k ~~ (]1I di.e ~rd s'u-!f~{;e or thc~'[o~dw;l,y. "l!ld lit th~ J~:ip~. p~ffiqt cc.orforc:d1y ~5evc:nl itme,5 'befoIe !litMug l1is ;t~'I~fitmn b~"k to the: ,king.

~A:tc. 1 ~CD them." nid the Dw~d" -~C!'~ for 'awhile oow_ but [·see.Ci, them. A I1Dc:h ;and no ~

'n br: jl d~.a.d Jjuuc.h w~LI::m I c;o.,t[b nc:d ThroDdin. "'WhCiO did yi:lu .!Ic.e: ibtlli?-

"QE., :30. whilc b:ltk. a year m ihc.J'u.boufs.~ S; 1h.1: s1nils-.;:r. ye~t?"" ,BaclJ.bdip., wa!k.i,Il.B ,j)vcr.

,nd !i1a~dinG; beside: h~s f:the:r. ~T~'lt, 'Wa,~,,". ::r:

wb~n thty ~tW Dorlb1nr ~d~ ~ " .

Th, ki.g")lwkd ., hiS roo. Wh~f'uv"

.sjll:nl, p ~

'"'-Ay;;, that .is riSIiI/' .s~ld ~'h ' d' e:".""11

_ ,.of:


'='1.5 DO mere 1han 3 diy's march Irorn her; where Prince ~orthin . felL"

"You ~W till: budeT asked Thrcndin .. , '?i,h tb..Jt I hsd," s3~d the slf11lnger.

"My axe would have tasted 01(. (Iesh thilt d3Y" But ;It..S, J carne IIp.o9 the field o[ battle too late and 1h~ QtU were 8001:.:-

~WdJI this time the warriors oj ZhuIb.u ~[I)U seule [he: matter," ssid Barundin putting his 10 the aXC: .III his belt. -Not only th~t, bu.i ~ 83mn of 'tne: Empire: ,fights with us."

"Peb, iI spal the pcd.dItr. :Wb.J1 worth h,u .. rnmlj_ns i.n b.ull!:? Not sjnce yOllDS Sismu has their race bred II w.lI1rior wonhy o[ the title,"

..>;t "Bamn V~:S&3L ~s :I persoll of meacs. aDd

,.. 1h~t is no mean feat for a rlnnling.- Slid Hengrid. "He has Dwu! gold. even"

"Ccld is bU1 cue way to fudge the worth of a person," said the stranger. -WhtD axes are ralsr:d and blood Ilows, if is nor wealth but temper thAt is most valued."

"What would, you knCJwT' said Thrcadib with iI dismissive 'W~ve.. "I'd w~gcr you hil.VI: bud)' two coins to rub together. I'll. net have a nameless. pmnilcss wattock show disrespect for my ally! Thank you fer your eomp~ny. but I L.Y<: ,,*ycd it enough! Hengridr

The, burly Own( veteran stc:ppcd lorw.l.rd and with .. n apologetic leek gestured for the old peddler fa stand. WiTh ~ fin<llpu.£f OD hill pipe, tbe Wl.l'lderct' pushed himself

to his Ieet sed hmJed on his p~c.:k.

"It is t day to be rued w~t.n the: words Q( the old fall on deaf ears," said the stranger as he turncd aws.y.

M( am DO bu.rdJi[lg!" Throndin oiled ailer him.

Tbey watched t111:: Dw~,[ walk slowly dov,1J, the road, until he di~;app.C:lit.c:d from view between TWO tall reeks. 'fhrODr.UD noticed Arbfek w~t(!h.iug the pith intently. as j[ he, could still see the srrmger.

~Empty wa.rnings to go with his cmpty purse," mid Th(ondin Wl.yjog ~ dismissive haud iu the peddler's direction. Arbn:k turDed with a [roWD on his face.

MSioc.e when did the kings o[ Zbu[bu c.ount wi~dC}m jtl eoi.n~T s~id Rundord Thwllodin mad~ toO 3fl5w.i:r bUI' Arhtck hild Ellfned ;;,way ~nd ''Was stomping 0[£ thrQ\.lgh the uinY.

The. solemn bCiting of drums could b~ beard echoiDg 2>lQI!g Ihc: hills :l.nd corrido~ of Kmz-a-Kank. The ~mall dmnber w.a.s cmpty t,xcepr fn,' tw-o £isures. His face all pale. n b,s bcud. KinG Shord hy all. the low. wide bed; his. cy~i;. dos-cd. On OIlC: knee: next' to the btd' . .a lund OD the DWlr("s dll:SI. was Princ.e M.lekilh o[ Ulthuao. QOcr geDcrJJ ,,{the Phoenix King's umie.s aDd now a.mbusador 10 the:. Dwu( empil'c.


The rest of the r90m was hung ~ith hovy l~peslric:s de:pitting the bilttles. the two had {ougb1 tl?setbcrrsuicably. asgtandisiag Saorri's.m:ok M~Ic:.~ith did not begrudge: the King hiS glories. for was Dot his own name wng -lOUdly ir. Ulthuan w;hi1c the Damc,,-of Sll.orrJ WbjtcbcMd Bacdy it w.bisp_,r. E'ilt~ pecple 'to tt..cir own kind, tile Elf pdtlc.~ [hought.

Snorri's eyelids Iluttered open acd his pale blues ,yes were dQudy. His lips twisted into a smile and il fumbling hand fOUDd M~lek_ith'1i arm.

MWould that Dwu( lives were measured 25 those of the ElvC:5. - sud Soord. 'Thee m.y reign wOkLid h!Ot mother 1,000 yeers,"

"Bet -C:VI:O 50. 'W-~ 8tiU die," s ... ~d

Maleklth "Our measure is made ~y wh~t we do when we: UVi: aad the lega~y thai' we leave to our kin, as with .loy other, A lifetime ol mil1cnDj~ is- worthless if its works come to nought .after it has ended"

"True, true," s • .iei Snotri with a cod. his smile fading. WWhlt wc have buih is

'WOtthy oi legead. is it not? Our ~wo great realms lnve drivcn hack the beasts .ul.d the daemons and the hnds ;lIC safe for our people, Tnde has never bCCD better. and thl; Holds grow wilh every yei.c.M

'·Your reign blls indeed beee glorious.

Snorri,"::;aid Malckilh, "YQUf is strong, your SOb will uphold the g,,~t thing» tflJlt you 111'1'(: done,"

.. ADd perhaps 'CV.c:11 build on them. M said SIl'Cllri.

"Perhaps. if the: gods will it." s,ajd Malekilh.

"And why should they notT asked Secrri. He: coughed as: 111": pushed himself 10 II silting pcsirice. his shoulders siakia8 into thick, while pillows. _.rhougb my breeth comes short and my body is infirm .. my will .is as hard as the ,:1101\1:: thl.l these 'w'~IIG are carved from. 1

am .a Dw'an . .:.nd likc all my people, I J~3ve within me the: strength of the: mouateins, Though Ihis bud)' is nOW' weak. myspirir shall go to th, HJlJs of .the AnceltDr~ M

"lt will be welcomed there. ~y Crugoi and Valay" and Ceimnir." Slid Ma.lekith. 'You .,h3U hk.c: ymlr pl~c.e with plide::

"I'm IlQt dOflt:." 5~jcl Snorri with "

[rcwn. Hjs express.ion grim. tb;: kiDg LQntinucd. "Hen thi!l 6~th. Maltlci'th of the Elve.s. comrade on tbe b.1ttldield. friend al rhe hcurh. I. Snorr; Whi1Cbtard. Higb King of ihe Dwarfs, beq~tilth my tide and rights to my soil. Though I pass through the galt>w~y to Ihe Halls of Ihe:

AncC$tors. my eyes- sbaH remair. upon my Empire. LeE it be known to OUf alE~,s and uur e[lcmieff. [hat Ihe dc~th ill nol' the ebd o[ my guard.iusbip."

The Ownf broke ioto .l. \Vrukiog cough. bl(1nd fjec.kil)8 hi.s lips. Hi!i lined f.aced

was 5tUD as he looked :at M:afc::kith. Tlu::

Elf teturoed his gue: with a passive look.

"Vcngc:.1nc.e shall be mjne.M swore Snorci.

"When our fr;JC!i arc greal. [ shan return to

m~ people.. When the foul (futures of this world bay ~t the dOQrS 10 Kafaz-a-!<:auk.

J shall take up my axe once more: ~od my ir~ sinn rock Ibl: mountains. Heed my words. M11ekitb of U1thru.n. lind heed

them well. G.rcat bcce ou.: deeds. JII~ Slul: L!i' 111c lcsaey that I Icav~ to you. my ~I05~SI confidant, ;ny fineSt comrade ill arms. Swear to me DO\V, a.s: _(flY dying breaths fill my lungs. th~1 my oath h1S been hard. SWt,U to it on my own guvc. OD my spirit. that YO\l shaH remain true to the ideals we hive both striven (or these. many yeats. And know this. that there is DQthiog so foul is an oarh :brqkc!.~

M'akkjth took. tht Kjng's hand from hili Irm and squeeaed it fight

";T swear jt,R the Eif priece said, "Upoa the gr"vc: ol Higll KillS Snorrt WhiEebcatd. leader of the: Dwarfs and trieed of the Elves, I Hive my oath, M

SnQrri's eyes were glazed and his chest DO lODgCI rose a,od fell, The 'He:cn huring 01 the .EJ£ could d,m,c.t no sign of LHe . .aDd be did act know whether his wards had bC~L1 hurd. Releasing Snor'r.~',' h~[ld. he folded the kiog's arms across his: chest 3Dd with :L delicate touch (rom his ]008 fiD8(:fS. Malckith dosl;d SDnrri'~ r:ycJt_

Standing. Malc.kith spared O:De Ia,l gIJDc.: at the: dead king and thee walked (rom the: clmnbu_ Outside, SnOtf"s SOil Thrcedik stood along w:~1h scvm~ doaee ether Dw~rfs.

"The. Histl King hilS pissed ce," Malekith said. fits gAze pllSSillg over the heads of the assembled Dwarfs. acmss tile throne loom. He looked down at l'hTo(ldil "You are now High King.M

Without further word, the F.lf prince walked gu.cdully throush the crowd and aUI across the nearly empry thrcee chamber. Word WlS fUSljed by some secer means th.rougho\J"t the Hold and soon Ib'C: drums sropped. Wjth Throadik at .their ~cad, the d-W.l1(lJ entered the: chamber .. tad [ifted the King !rom his deathbed. Wi,h the body of SDOUi'S borne aloft 00 their broad shoulders. the Dwarfs marched slowly ~c.rQSS thc throne ctJ:l,mheT 10 .iI. stone bier fhn had bcell. set bdorc the thtone iudi. Here they lily the kiDg upon the _ slon.e. and ,ttl.rn~d .iWly.

The d0015 to th~ thronc room were b~rrtd for thre:e days while the rcmaiDiDg prepantions for the funefill were made. Throndik W,1,S still prinCJ: and would not be.come King until hi5 father had been burie:d, :lDd so busied himself with sending mcss-engt:TS Iu Ibc other HoLds '10 beu the o[ th;: King's dea!h.

At the ~ppciotc.d hour. tne thron.e: room w~s optlled otlce mOle by lUI hODOU.r gu ... rd led by Tbrolldik Snorrlsson .'Ind Codd Stonehewer. As once more, tnc 50Jcmn dfllffiS echoed thr-ough the hold. the: funual procession bore the High King to his fin£! phGe decp wj1hi'n K~_rl7,.-.'I:'Kn~k. Tht:tc weJe: no tulogi~_ thue: WlS DO

WtN",pjllg. :ior Snorri's ~;.;pJoi's wer .... .iQ~ :tU to set it! 'the carvings upon thor: stone esker wilhju his tomb. And his lj[, had bl:cll welJ SPl:uL an.d 1h~tc WJ's oo CaUIII: t9 (J1,OIJT:O his p.1~iDg,

.oD Scceri's instructions, the: casket had bet:.e carved with d1t'e runes of veDgc.~IlCt sad gry,dgc-"J;I.c;"riDg by the (J'10~ PQ,wc:rfuJ Huaclcrds ill. the held. Inlaid ~jtb gold. th.e ~ymhols glowed with ffiJlgk3,t 1ie1-.; as S-,mrr:i 'WAS [cwered Into the: sarccphsgus, The ljd W1l5 thcn phte:d ceto tho: 5-tOD~ ,offill and bound with goIdt::!1 bands, The:

Rueelctds. di.mtll\8 iII uuiscn, .srurck thdr firu1 :s:igth onto the beads. wudll'l8 llW.1Y foul and tODsiB,IIiDg~ Seoni's spirit 10 the: Hills o[ Ih! AnceStors., There was -a fiIl.;.1 crcscc·l'ldo of. dnens, . rolling in long echoes llo.!l81be halls aad corridors. ovir the heads. of th~ silent Dwarfs rh ... f hsd Hned Jr.,e procession JOule.

Thrcadik pr:rfoofIm:d the hl~! rite, laking IUp ~ s.mall keg el beer. He, poured a tankard-full of the foaming ale lind took ~ sip- With ~, nod of ~ppro",iiI, he; revcrently pla;:cd the rsakard OD top of the carved stone c ... sket.

"Drink deep in the Halls of the Aceestcre." ill.tO!lcd, Thrcndik, "Haise Ibis tankard Lu those who h ... ve pissed htfotc you, solb.l.f 11ley might I"eme~.ber those ·Ih~~ still w~lk upon the w-orld."

rose: as a cloud Juc tne air marked the p1101·S la(Jdjtt~.

A.iil !hi:y n.C:,ilfi:d, ·J;br\Li"1difl ,"oLild .S~~ Ihe; pilot mote dearly. His beard and face: 'were; scct-stajned, teo pale: l'iugs around ~l:9: from where hili Eogg]~:!'i had been. Thmc goSg!~ ww:. now hUrLS fmtn. ii .~~9·p attached to the side of the Dwarfs winged helms. h~b8i.Qg dt;Jwb eves his :shoulder. Ovct a .lOllS cB~infl\il.i1 shirt, the ?i]otW'o:t:c: 2 5;:1- of hl;3VY h:an1~! overalls, D1tu:.b darned aud patched. ·fhe: ~il6t c:.g~td<cd the killS md his' re!;lTllle }Yidt l F!t:~no\inccd ;:Il.'Stl"~T1t ~!l

hI; watched -fhcm ,appro,ldj. ~

~ls: thu, you. ~imb~l W~fi~l~,kir' S,l!d ~:i.rund;ll;. T~.e. ·p~lo1 gil"!: a, (lOa lind ~. ;.srrn,

d;~f.I~y:jllg broho• .dl.?::~~ W::::~~~lb:

ce de .. dl" said nnasense with Iml1s,-

.. Ayr:. there's il JD'I oJ J1 ,3,bo1l;r.." RepBcd Wii,o~z~k;i .. "But Im not dc.;iQ .. ~~ you 'UD see fer ,yOlJrsdf.~

"More's Lhc bloody, p,it/' said "Ihrcedin, 'T mC~.Qf' whir 1. 5~ia. You're DC) lO_!Lgcr wdcQm~ ~I:I mr halls.-

··Y"")L·re 'still lIl~d 1hout that Hu~e o:xplos!o,oi'" S3,id"Wa:DaZilki with I i:lis[.onsol,aie sh, o[ the hc:ao;!. -You ·r~ ... hud k:il:l~l' Thm!),d~n, ~. h~fd kjng·

"G!;l gOIJ~." 53it! ThJ9.ndio; thrustill8 IIthumb b""er Hjs shouJdu. -I sHouldD:' ~ve:n

your kiDgship. S9 YOIl. t;ilD listeD lIl.d y,o\l don't have [0 S,1Y .II word;" said Wan .. zaki, "WdJ. what have X'Ok!' got 10 ~;ar [or rouISdf?'~ ,:l,3,id the KiDS. 'J baven'i got the time to waste 'Wlrh yea;"

The: pilot :bdd up one Hind I~ qU,ictco [hc king. a:~'tb.hlg into IUs be~1 he pulled out iI ddicatt..,looklDIl taakatd, no bigsc::r than twice the ,size: of ,1 thimble. -so small tbat otlly- cae finger would fir jnto its uerrow bUldlc. Turning [o.lhl; gyro.r.or.te;r eDgjbe'. which was still m~~io8 the odd c.all[th4s md s~11l.1lc:tinJjo noise. he: rureed • small t2P O.ll I,he Side. (If onl; 1~llk, Cl""4T Hquid ddpp,ed out ~inrc; the: -srnall mug. w"Jiich ~b~ pilot [jUe,d alm.OS"I to tb_c., rim. 'B.a:mndlD.·s< eyc!i. beg~o '10 rn_Ol.stCrL as I~e Ya(l.Qur.;; .from ih~ fud-illc9ho.lrlullog tlscm

Wii~ ~ Wj:bK at the kj,og. ~h~'Cd .engj!lc.eL knocked back the: Uq'LIid. For .. mom-cot he S'I,))(ld'ltll:r.:'. doi[]g no-tiling. W~Di!Z"'k.i th~tJ 8~~~ a :small cough lnd· B~ru[Jd:1n could Sec ~is haiJd:5:mmbliug. Thumpi!lg a l:st :!gain:st His (!h~t., the. pilot a8,3,)0. much lou~cr :l.D"d then snmped his foot. Ey," ,ligh,l.y g!md. he leaned fo·rw~('dli and .'iq'lJ,lnfc:d er Hie kj(lg.

"1t'5 0rti :you'rc ~.r~(:;. Am I rightT .!l:'~id· W~D"liki. The: kiDg did 'Dot, r~ply iinmedi.ilt~~r..' still t~ki:1l ilh .. ck. br the

cQg~Dhr'l:C ,",uriO'IJ.':I: i:lrioklllS hA~;'1. n - .

--.Yc:s." Thrond.illo 5ai~ c::v(DtuilJ.y. . ~~f ..

-I seell thun: s..i~ Wil.[lil:uki.~A~o!Jt~U;

!'my-lie, ,3$ (fIil~'1 Ii.ollth /'Df ,b;~~

By mid-m., the following ~~y. the:

DWllrf IIrmy had left the Worlds Edge Mountains and were jn the Ioethills thu surrounded the Zbuf-dtlrak. ,knO'WD by men as the R~ve.r Aver 'Re:a[.h . .From, the c .. !g()~ loco the thlJddi~g of ~tc~rn pistons echoed ,from the hi.1J:e:idc.!l over the b.a.bbling -cf Ille: river. .wbrle the deep murmuring o[ DWJ.rh .in conversation drceed COIl,S"iiiDfly

At the .he~d of the colume, Thrcndin meched with Baruadin and ·Arbrek Tbc~ kill,g ·WaS .illl II silent mood. eud nad' b,tCD siace the encounter wjl1t Lhcpt;ddlc.r tlte d:ty before. Wll~ther it was 1hought. or whether the king 'Was sulking because cf Ar~rck·S" admeaishment was Ullknow1! ro 'BuJ:lodin, bUI be WiI!! nol 80~ll.g to intrll.dc OJ] his hther's 1ho~ght~ at this 1imr

A djsTilnl huzzing from ~h~ "sky caused the Dw~r~slo lifl [h~jr hC-3.d~ and ~'IZC

in~9 1h~ low cloud. A Bpe& of d3I.Roc~ I~om the wen Stew .dosc.c, bO:bbillS .up and ~owntvC( So sligh.tly in an e:rt3tlc ·caunie:. Tilot pUlIl;;ri:1l8. of lhe. syroC:lj.plcI'S c~gmc grew .lolJdC:J ~5 1h~ ~ut;.u:f1 ,app'~p~c6£d a,na there Welt. pointed [jllgec:SI and a Jcuder cam.nmtian :J.S th~.'piJOl plLshed .hku:Bofl illi:Q l diyr; Jnd swooped over fh~ t;oluIDu. Almost cJ.~vjns l furrow' in .a. hillrop 'Wirh the: 'w.hiding rOlDf~.-of the: .gy'roC9~tcJ"1 II.' h, dLppe~ ·tow~rd tll~ grollPd. th", r.i1ot swIms his ma[b:in~ · .. roued ilnd th ..... 1l pass~,d. ·above lhe: convoy mor~iie:d~lcly. AbDUl ~ juJf ~ m~r: I,lhCld. :t ,grclt ·1n.tJing of d.u!it tth"it


-----~...._.._r m;lF.~b. 0.0 mere . .i( It's I ~CI'.R

.". uWilh~o a d.ay's much?'" c);;c1.imc4

• ..! BiI;IJ..ndln, .. Are you. sure? Wl:iic.~ Wl)' :!oJt. th':/. h"ding?"

Course he's Dot sure," said Thsoedin.

"Ihis g~oK-5wil].er docs!)', ~U()W a milt, 'from I ~c::p,~

~A d.&y's march, rill IcU~[I& you.- insisted -'(ou'd be. there by miMlIy tomorrow if Y,ou tutn south DOW. They were campli::d. all drunk and hl by the , .... r~l(lo,kii DC it. I s'r:,CIl. smoke to the: west,

'reckoD Ifu:y'vc been: hayjng some Iun." • >OJ( we go now, 'We could catch them before: they' -SOD;f up. ~'3kc:: them ja rhdr '3mp.~ !o1ui:l Bsrundin. -1t'.c:J br, rlSy."

.( '''Wt- don't' need some: gaD.gly ma..nlings. .f we can take them." nid Fcrgin.J. cae of

{ Throedic's llild II !'.ol}sin of Harundin 01] bis dead mether's side. The commcilt 'W~s met with geaeral shouts or eecooragemeat from lhc yaunst:r membeI5 of the eatourege.

"Pah]" snorted Atbn:,x. turniDS with ;a scowl at the boisterous Dwarfs, "Listen to the burdlin.g'! All C:~8cr for WU, are you? Rc..a.dy to march ,rot <II d~y and 1 njght and (isht ol OOt1lc.? M:a.d~ of mountain Slone, arc you? Barely a full beard b~w~r:l! roll. and all r~d}' Eo eush elf to battle 381i:o,1' the

8K~ru!_kjns, Foolhllrdy,thu·s what thtid cill you ,j! you ~vcr li-.:ed LOong ~_lI(JUBh to

h.lve sees o[ your o'C!i'n:..v.... _

"'Wc're bl)t searedl" unc ~ shouted reply, The Dw.,( th •• h,d· spck •• up quickly ducked behind his.ecmrades IS Arbrek's wlt~e:ing stare was l;,rou.gbt ~Q 'bqr,

".Fie fo stared. yUd.'U be q,tid!rl sl'Iul!:d ibe Ru.aclord. "ed another 1.000 miles ueder them legs of yours ~nd you might

be 'ri:~'~y to 'ntl.!c.h 'sinight i.D10 b~t1~t. Hew you going to swing Ill. axe or hammer without 00 puff. ch?"

MWlut do you say. Iather?" said Barundia. turning 10 the' kiDg,

"Im as. c~8~r tc 'settle. thi~. 8fll.dse: is allY of you," Thrcndio sud ilud there w~s· I roaring. cheer, It quietened as be raised his hands, "Bur it'd be rash 10 chase off after these Ores 00 the-. words IJ[ ;I. drunk."

W:lllil2~ki gave: a griD aed I thumbs up at .bt:=illg mentioned. Tbrcedis shook his head io disgust.

"Besides, tVCD j( the: old wU'l~k is right, 't!u::re's no guaranree the Orcs would be still around '\Phcn WI: gel there," the king continued There was I loud sigh of dj5Appoil:l1mcnl from {he throng, "Most imponantly," ThroIldio added, u:i,jIlB his voice above the disgruntled smm'blinH' "]


made .I pm mise to BUOD Vc:,~1 to jneet him. :md will} here would bave tliclT killS brc:tk hJs;se?"

As they mnched westwards 10 their rendezvous with [he men of BUOD YusaJ. the Dwarl mny crossed the advance of the:

Ores. The sigo was IHlml5hbble; the ground \lin. trampled and littered with discarded 1j(;, and even the air hsell still held their taint. emanating from il'lds~c..rsmi~m: piles o[ Ore decg, The [0081 veteran Orc-Iigluers inspected the spoor and tucks and estimated there [0 be over a 1.000 8r< ens ki"" Evee with just 80n warriors, all thu duty would :5p.uC' (ram

the: S1.mdill8 of ZkLl.fha1, Throndin felt tOi"l(sdenL Even ~{ 'VCS&.:i! lnd only 3.

h3nd,ful of mea. ihc army would he: more th.J.D a march for the greeeskins.

As the eveoing lwil}ghf beg"a to. sp.ill acco~~ the. hms. seversl nmp£:lre.s 1:.o'01d be seee in the distance along I line of hilJs, About ~ l11ik from the camp. the Iwiing e:lem~Bts of the Dwarf "my encouarered too (I"Iell en the 'trail Two horses 'wcre 1etb.cred to 3. small tree by .a small fire where a pot steamed. 10 one side: of the road. They wcre dressed io long studded COlts olod ~{]rc bulky arquebuses. Throndin cculd smell ~lc, They locked [Jcrvo'llsiy ~I each other until one 5t-c:pped Icrwsrd.

"Water he shouted, MWho would P"'SS into the J:lods of Huon Vessal o( Av<rb.d1"

"I: bloody would," sheeted TbroDdin, stomping forward

.. ADd yQIl :lre?- asked the scntry. his voice waveriog,

'Thi~ is Killg T~r~lldiD, of Zh_lI!b~r, :ln~ to your master," said Bareadin. cmy-IDg his Iather's srandard 10 the kftlS'S side. -Who addresses the kiogT'

~WeU.'" said the ma.1i with .I. glance hc:h.i.od him Ai hill ccmpanica. who was busily studyiag hi, fool,

"Gust:l.V Feldeuhoffea. that'! me, Road warden, wr;.'s load wsrdeus fur 'the: baroc, He: said to challenge :rnyooc's 011- the road,"

"A_ c.fc:dit to your profession," $J.jd Thro[ldi_rI giving the mall a eomfortiDg pet on the arm. "Dedicated 10 your duty. J see. Wher,'s the .buon?"

FddenhoHcD relaxed 'with ~ sigh and walled towards I iatge: tent near om: of the fires.

"The baron's in the centre of th~ [:Imp, your. q', kingrjncss: srid the: load warden "l CaD. take YOII-, if ycu'd Hkt.~

-DolJ't worry. (,U Iiud hlln right enough," S1id Throndin.. MWouJdD', wapi yQU . J~vit!g YOUf POS1;-

~YC5. you'rc:rtght," said Fddeoho[feD, "Well, take c,ut. E'rm. sec you at' the battle,"

Tbe king grunted as the toad w,uden stepped aside. ThtonruD waved Ih'lfIIly rorwuds ;l.g:l1TI and passed the: word 10 hi, Thanes to organise 1hc 'ilmp while he sought out the Beron, "Ibmorrow thc.y

would march to battle. aud hI;. W.1S looking fat ;l good IlJgh"s sleep before .til the CXi:Jtia.n.

The SUD was b.udy over the horizon And Baron Vcssu looked DODe. too pleas .... d about :II visil from his Ow.,f ally. For his put. Tbroodio W1S dressed in llls Iull b3U1c armour, his massive double-bladed axe propped up against his leg as he Sat on the oversized stool. and seemed clgt.r In 81:t going. VCSSill. On the, ether 'h_;;nd, was 5'1~lf

ill his' bed robes. scnrchicg at his stubbkd chin :I.!l III: li!ilcm:d to the DWilrf k~llg.

"So 1 suSgcst you use your tIOTS!:),' men to go ~h~~d and look for the Orcs.' Tlrrondin was sayi.ng_ "Whcu you've Iound them WI: "an gcl af1er them,"

"Cet ... Her them?" said the b.l0D. ,yes "-9idcn.ih8. He smoothed back the straggling black hair ,hat \II~$ hanging down 1roupd his shoulders, rC'o'c.UiD8 ~ thin, almost hagga.d face. "Not to be indelicate. but bow do you propose you'll c.itc.h them? You'" ~rmy is Dot buill for speed, is- it?"

"They're Orcs. they'll come 10 us."

Thrcndin l..S:f;1lred him. MWr:U pick somewhere good, send I bit of bail forward, you (OJ example. and then drew them in ~nd Hnish thern."

"And where d~, you plopo~e you 1l\1ke: this S'taodT' said VCSS;11. with 1 sigh. He: had drunk more wine taan he W~5 used to the []jgh~ hefcre and the '=ilr11 hour was not hcIpIIIg hls hcad~'Ch~

"Wdl, whcrc.have the, Orcs beee latdy?"

Thrclidin asked.

"Up 30d down the Aver Rn~h, heading westwards," replied VC5s~1. "Why?"

'WdJ. we'll SCI up somewhere: west of where. !hey !1st attacked .lnd Wlil for thc:m: wd Throndin. The king scowled as the sound of the first pat1cdng ol raiD.

trembled across the caevas Clf the lent.

"Surely such hardened warriors are nut troubled by marching in ~ little r.1i1l?" said Vc:ssill. t.l.isiIlI3 his eyebrows,

"Don't run much UDder J mountaie,"

said Throndia with a 8'f~m~ct. "Makes you-r heard all wet. and lour pipe weed. R~ill'!i

IlO good for ~ wei crafted cannon, nor the black powder needed 10 Iire itl Some of them en,gin.:ers ,lfl: clever. but I: still h~veolt met the one w.ho'.g invented hlll.c.k powd,t that'll burn when it's wet,"

"50 we suy in .camp today," 5uS8cstt.d Veiisl.l. his erahususrn very evident.

"It's your (o(k 8~11ing ki!le.d and robbed." Throndm pointed out "Wc Cill. kill Orcs whenever we like, we're iD DO hurry:'

··Yes, I suppose you're right," :agreed 1he huon. ~M)' tenants tend to get argumentative ahoUI boxes when there are Of(·S or bandits on Ih~ lcese. The sooner it is settled the quicker things CID return to llorffia.Jily,-

"So, Sl:t Y0U-T um,y rady 10 mlllch md we'11 head west. as soon ~5 you Iikr" ~id Thrcadin, sbppir.g himself on the thighs ,IS

~t: steed up. He grabbed his axe and 5'!""Pg it over his shoulder as he turned, "West.?"' Silid Ve:ssal suddc:oly as the Dwarf king was hCildina for the: flaps of the door. "That'll take us into the Moot." -Wher~?" said Thrcndin, turning around.

"Moorland, the HalOing realm," Vr'5~1 ,nld him.

"Oh, the gromhoJgi ... kl1.3R,- uid Tbrcudie with i grin. "WhJt's the matter with IhalT'

"W,U, they're oaf' my leeds, [or .... start." said V~SS.ll. s1andjns up. "And th~rc'.u be HllfljngS" titete.-

"Sp?"' nke:d Throndle, "t:.i.&leilinG bj~ bc-ard and sh~k.iIlg his hl;'ild,

"WdL"' b,sall. VcssaJ before sh.lki.llS hi, hcad if! well. 'Tin SI1fe it will be Iiee, My meD will ?I: rl;~dy to much i,n III hour:

Throcdin 8,a"e a nod of approval and a 5 be walked OUI of the lent Vessa.J slumped bJ(lk into his f1ddc:~ chair with a hl:.ivy sigh. He gbnecd across the tent to the table where he had becn dining with his" advisers and SlW the piles of lulf-ulen chicken red the almost empty goblets of wine, The thought pC the excess the night Pclorc. made his stonuuh nCilVe and be shouted for his servants to attend him.

By the: time lhe. baron wu rndy, dressed ;n his £uU pl.l1e srmcur, mcaated atop his gr-c:y . st~UiOIl. the DQ'uf51 were 111C"ldy lined up .. 1008 the trail. The rain rattled from

their armour a nd metal standard, like: hundreds of tiny dancers on 6 metal suge. j.lrrjDg every h:..ogover-heightenr::d nerve in VCSSilJ'S body. He gritted his teo:th as Throndin him II cheery wave. from the front of t!Je column. He raised his h~nd in return.

"The 5001ler this is O\'CI w,th, the hener," the baron sud with grined teeth-

"Would you rOlf'heT we did this alonc:T asked C~ptilin Kurgerekb. the bUOD'~ Q1Qsl e:<peril:nced soldier lind head of his pl;n;oD:U 'g~rd,

"Not after seGdins them ,aU of my blq.od,y money," srarled Vess;ll "J: thought !hey'd he only ton 11lppy for some help kiUing t1e Gr(','l 1h~1 slew tL,t: king::; heir. tlier were meant to scud back my sift"

-.Ne,"'ef' shew-a Dwuf geld. my o1d gf.t1ldm.othc:r used to S.1y:' replied Kurgereich,

-~d your grandmother. and sod you." growfcd Vcss.1L "Scnd out the scours .!Illd ih~ leave me in peacc. All this, :and bloody H.lflings as well."

Kurgereich turned his horse away to hide his smirk lad cantered off to find the outtiders. Withio minutes the ligh1 nVJlry bl.d fid~en off and soot! the knights. some 50 Q( them. and the b~ron:s 200 inhnlftz were 'lru~gio8 a.iooB the .03.0. whic.~ b~~!E'(.;o sl..lIn~d ,t.o resemble a shallow S1r~ ... ~~~e

cODIIDmllog downpour, ~~ ~

www.gam.s-wo!~Shop.CO.lIk. 97

,--Ova the tn.mpiDfj IJ( 1,C:1:1, :a bass tOD~

. 'rose, an .vo:lumc lIS Tliroadjn led his host in ;OJ muchins song. Soo)l 800 Dwarfs ,in full voice made tbe ~ or the Avo, banksIr(mbJc as they I1d.V1Dccd to the: rllythr1'l of the: rune. At th'C c;.nd of each coup]oel th.;:

D<;III';l.n5 cnshed their wupnlls CD their !lhidd!ii, the: sound reverberating along she

, liae,> As thcy. fell in behind the baton',

men-the Dwarfs' 'WJof horn joilltd the jo.~""l"lir chQrus, Ihdr 10DS 1:113515 P:lLrltU13tir.g_ t.Vt:.rr

-~<:.. 'VU&,

• It was mjiJ-~ftCJlJ~on when 1hey stghtr:if

tr. smoke on the horizon and within two

~ miles 'Ihey carne across iI haJUi.DS ",WasCo

Across the eQUips hilts Low. 5pn.wJio8 houses spread bereeen dirt tricks next 10 :I. wide lake. As they came. closer, tney. could sec UDC.vC:1l windows and doors tuvcd into the tu~f o{ the hill" themselvcs.· surrounded by hedged giUdcns ever whidi tall ,pbnt5 eeuld be seen waving in the rain-flecked breeze,

B.i10b Vc.snl called :I hall lind dismounted, w'a.jtill.g Ice lhrondio 10 jQJII him, Heinlein K-ulh steed beside him. the sodden Inaner of his lord. in hand. B.:uundill accompanied his, bother, proudly hdting the lih"d:ud cf Zhu.£bar acd e:xcb.a.!Iging a gt1nCC, wirh 'KuHt. A reedy voice drifted out of tbe bushes lfu.t Jibed the read.

"Ow,,( "dl,U folk in Midglord. by my old uncle I wouldn't br::lil:\Je' it hadn't I ~c.eI! :it with me ~WII_ eyes," the vclce said.

Turn,tDg. Barundia saw 1 small figure, shorter tbaa eVeD he was, with ... thick mop of lind side berne that reached illmo!rt Lo his mouth, The H~lfHng was d~r:5scd in ~ ,hid: green shirt that 'W~s dripping "jlh rain, HIS leather breeches wcr~ around his ankles and be ghn<:ed

dOWD ~Dg then 1I1gged them back !1p. 'yiog them a t His :waiSt \V,iltt .Ithio r()E!~ belt • "You CJ.ugbl' me, umwares." the halfHnc wd, i~llftrng out his chiD ilnd puUkg out his chtSt.

"Wbo is .your cldc;~r ·ask.:d' KLiUt. "We must SP.b~ .... ,tj~l. him,"

"He's a 5b~. pot iI he,: s;lid Lh,- H.1J[Jing, ~Mcldecberry Wc.1thrrbloo~, .lives in the burrew. on the other side of the lake. She'U be h~\lil)g tel. bd:us~t now, , eeuld S.1Y,"

"Then we'Il be ~D our ~ily • and lene yOIJ tc your .. '- Kulh's voice trailed off ilt the stare [rom the H;aJflitlg. -Wh,never it ~8 you're: doing,"

~\'OLL after them oe« the H~_I(ljDg asked,

Throndin and VessaJ both jook~d sbtply ~1 the H;t1f1inij bus it WlS lhn.l!!,drn that spokc, lirid

-W~I: do you know, liule one?- the king·s sen asked.

"LittJe~ one?" .!in.ilpped the H~l{(jDB' "I'm quite tall, my whole bmjly is, '' for my third cousin Tcbarias. WhO'5o a little on the short-side. Anyw~ys-, the. Orcs. My uncle Fredebcre. the 00£ 00 my gn.ticlhther's si~e., was au!' iillhiog on the river with rome: Irieads aed 1hry S3,W them, RQw[d hack Shafp1sn the:y did, 'bout Iuarhtimc, Them Orcs is he.ildinK this w~y they reckces.'

V[~:t! absorbed this 1l.~,WS in silence. while Throndia 1UIDed to Arhrl:k, who bad joined them.

"Wbilf de yOIl think?" the kiDg asked his Hundcrd.

-If tbey'te coming here. no p,oinl' rtl marching wheD W~ doo't have 10," Arbrek replied, "Good kills [Of the UDDODS, plcnty o[ food and air. i( the: nics of the grombolgi are true, Could be worse,"

Thrcedin nodded aad tamed t-o the h,lfli.g,

"Is there somewhere we uo <:'Imp, close by 11;1 the lake?" he asked.

-Slitk old farmer

w.,_,.,', ".r.o. H;aIfJi.os told

~eJJl. "He died lui 'Week and M5~ missus ~oo't: be ~p,mp,lainlb8. lL~t wrth her being up ... 1 Iarmcr WU%twither'§ place these dillS' No cue's seen her siace the funeral. four d.a)'s ~go,.,'"

-Right thea," said Thrcedin, TIL HO sec F-li:ler Wl:idhe.rbmok. ev~ryonc else make nmp in the [,D

·"1'11 come: with you," Solid Vess.a.l. -My lands border the Moot, I know these folk :& Ilnle hener than you."

"f'll be gJ,d of Iii" company." said Throadin with a glance to B;arundill. "Help with the camp. lad. 1 doe't think!lg standards around iii goillS ec impress ~flyQn~ around these parts."

Barundie nodded, and started back 10wuM die other Dwarfs. KuJh looked to thr: baron, who waved him JoWly with b.ud.y a glance.

"Sh:lH w~ goT' the kiog 3skc:d and Yc.s,.J nodded, As the.y b~gilD to walk up the read. ThrQndin Slopped and paned his hell. Wilh II frown. be turned back down the read but the H~Hlillg had disapp~ued,

"The: ljltl~ swiac.'.>; 6d it away with my pipe. - the king exclaimed,

"I did try to warn 10u.- said Ves5~1 'With a shake or his head_ "fID sure you'll get it back soon enough. jU51 dO.rI't, :lCC,UIie: nyl:ill.C: of thie v inS' the:y don '1 take to it in the Moot."

"But he stck "'y pipel" growled T~rDlld~tI. "Theft's theft! 'I'm going to he bril'lgin,g this up with the elder wbee we: sec her."

-II won't help," s.jd V~s.&t. motioaieg with 11is bad for them 'to ecetaue up the r03~. "Th>;y T1JlI'" don 't understand You'll sec.

the: white stone of the city's w~1I5 '\VuC" marked 'With 500t as [James and, smoke peered across the: sky Ircm the burning buildings insidt the: Elven senlement o( Tor Alessi. T~U. Spires. _1hcir p(:;aJis glit1eri'1l.8 "With si1ver and gold, disappgeted in the tbick elouds; rowerieg hUbd.r.e:dS or feel into the smoke-choked heavens.

A double. g,mway protected by 1h_r~,: eleader towers was bartered aud SOOJ(htd,