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4 Peer Review Scoring Summary Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs ; EE eh jeg G —_— Page I of 4 94, PAGE 1 OF 3 Solicitation Title: NIFFY 14 Investigatr-intited Research: The Comprehensive Schoo! Safety Titative Application Number Applicant Name of | = nuomevay 2014-91343-NY-T 2 {4- 2014-91352.NV-I ainesinraat sof — mnvennonvac lees anausLcM EG = nuaanaws eso musa onesie Sel 1 aneriascrn neste atlesistsase Dives 2014-91346-CA) yt 2014-91476- PAL — 2014-91360-PA-LI 1 [-~ 2014.91376-MA- 2014.91292-1N- fF 2014-91377-NY-T 3 aovssiseevacr 2014-91233-MN-II 2014-91389-08-01 2014-91336-NCT 2014.91255.D0- 2014-91297-8D-15 2014-91296-1L- 2014.91313-0H-0 University of ‘Vera Instituto of Justo, Ine, Fund for the City of New York Rutger, The State Unversity of New Jessy University of Virginia ‘The Rogents of tho University of Colorado RAND Corporation Westat Ine ‘Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey atgors, the Stato University of Now Jersey ‘Texas State University Connecticut Office of Policy and Management ‘Bate VA NY NY NI vA co cA MD NI NI ™ er ‘The Research Foundation for SUNY on behalf of U. at Buffalo NY Brandeis University Board of Regents, Univ of Nebrasks, Univ'of Nebraske- Lincoln University of Southern California (Central Susquehanne Intermediate Unit University of Pennsylvania Westtad Victim Rights Law Center Vanderbilt University Policy Resoarch Associates, Ino, Virginia Commonwealth University Regents of the University of Minnesota Miami University Research Tiangle Institute ‘America Institutes for Research South Dakota State University ‘National Opinion Research Center Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center gs2229 on Nc pe, sb on ‘Average Score (Out of 100) 94.333 a 1 90 90 89.667 88.333, 878 87 4 83.667 cy 8 82.667 82.667 81.667 au 80.667 80.667 79.667 95 79333 78.667 ns 16.5 76.333 76.333 74.667 ic Page 2 of 4 2014-91308-OH-I. Case Western Reserve Univeristy OH 8 2014-91243-CA-1 Empirical Edueation Ine cA B Department of Justice Office of ustice Programs pach 2 oP 3 Peer Review Scoring Summary — Application Number: Applicant Name Sinte Average Score (Out of 100) An14913T0-CAT Wont cA os 201491324-DC Ametican Insite for Research De 2 2014-91356-MD-11 Johns Hopkins University MD n 2014-91254-MO-1 ‘The Curators ofthe University of Mlsour Mo a 2014-91142-VAI —Rappabannock River Associate, LLC VA a 2014-91283-KY15 Wester Kentucky University Research Foundstion,Ine. «KY 70.333 2OV49IZLD Xero Associates ine 169388 201491259-CA-11 The Regents ofthe Univers of California cA _ 201491311-WV.11 West Virginia Univerty Research Corporation Ww 68.667 201491347-DO11 tual Research and Statistics Assocation, ne po 6833 2014-51354NE-T Board of Regents, Univ of Nebraska, Univ ofNebriska- NE” 67.667 Lincola 2O14SI34S-CAU Wed cA ans 201491579-UT-L1 Brigham Young University ur @ . 2014-91268-PA-I] Respective Solutions Group (was CISLH) PA 66.667 : 2014-91322-DC- Police Foundation pe 66067 2O14-91318-AL Radiance Technologies, ne M6669 2014.91273-NY-IT_ The Research Foundation for SUNY on behalf of U. at Buffalo 2014-91280-VA-I_ The CNA Corporation RY 66.667 vA 2014-91253-NY-1I Research Foundation of CUNY ofb/o John Jay College NY 648 pe NY 65 2014-91251-DC-3 ‘The Howard University 63.393 2014-91357-NY-IT - Comell University 63.333 2014-91340-CA-IT, California State University, Stanislaus ca 6 2014-91348-DC- Urban Institute pe 61.333 2014-91317-FL-L University of Florida Board of Trustees FL (61.333 2014-91353-CA-1I ‘The Chicago School of Professional Psychology CA 59.667 2014-91279-AZ-U1 AZ Board of Regents on behalf of Arizona State University AZ gg 5g 2014-91241-CA-LI Santa Barbara Unified School District CA 58,333 2014-91365-VA-UE 2014-91290-AL- 2014-91298-1L- 2014-91378-1L-1 2014-91320-NC-IE 2014-91285-NY-I ‘Old Domitiion University Resoarch Foundation "The University of Albama at Birminghem ‘The Board of Trustees of Souther lhinois University ‘Board of Trustes ofthe University of Tinois ‘3-€ Institute for Social Development NC ‘The Resen‘ch Foundation for tho State University of New York NY Departinent of Justice Office of Justice Programs Peer Review Scoring Summary Application Number Applicant Name 2014-91306-GA-II 2014.91294-MS-5 2014-91261-CA-LE 2014-91321-MI-I 2014-91315-TX- 2014-91368-LA- 2014-91316-OK-1 2014-91226-8C- 2014.91342-CAA 2014-91303 2014.91289-F1-11 2014-91257-ALD 2014.91358.5C3 2014-91373-TX- 2014-91369-NY-UE 2014-91375-NC-U 2014-91374-CAA 2014-91333-MT- 2014-91351-WV-IE 2014-91395-IN-LE 2014-91236-TN- 2014-91388-DOU) 2014-91334-IN-IF Georgie Stato University Research Foundation, Ino, ‘WILLIAM CAREY UNIVERSITY Resource Development Associates ‘Wayne State Univesity Sam Houston Sia University Loyola University Now Orleans (GWACS DEFENCE INC. University of South Carolina ‘The Chicago Schoo! of Professional Psychology Uni Barry University, Ine, Alnbama State Law Enforoement Agency ‘Marion County Schoo! District sty of Hawaii "The University of Texas at San Antonio Brookhaven Comsewogue Union Free Schoo! District Campbell University, Inc. ‘Haystax Technology, Inc Missoula County Public Schools WVHTC Foundation Southwestern Consolidatod School District University of Tennessee, ‘The George Washington University Purdue University State sc cA HI rL sc ™ NY NC cA Mr Page 3 of 4 58 S75 55.333 35333 55 34.667 PAGE 3. OF 3 Average Score (Out of 100) 54 53.667 538 53333, 2 si 30333, 50.333 49.667 49 48.5 : 46.667 46 455 43.333 2014-91344-FLI) 2014-91359-0R-D 2014-91364-PA-1 2014-913381A-1 2014-91277-NY- 2014-91337-NHT 2014-91335-TX University of Florida Board of Trustees Concordia University ‘The Pennsylvania State University ‘Dralcs University Research Foundation of CUNY ofb/o John Jay College ‘Thomas F. Burke Jessica deValentino oR PA iA NY Re 32.333 31 28 25.333, 205 19 16.667 Page 4 of 4 ISG 9] faicaite Department of Justice Dili of Justice Programs PAGE 1 OF 3 Peer Review Scoring Summary — 2014-91806-WA-GX Puget Sound Educational Service District WA 90.667 <—2I4I18I8-FL-GX —_Scioo! Board of Brevard County HL 90 _——2014-91843-FL-CX The School Board of Miami-Dade County FL 885 —2014-91834-RECX Central Falls School District RI 882, _--2014-91874-AZ-CX Arizona Department of Education AZ 85.75 (~ sack Pub Seboo Disc Ms 85.33 2014-91870-MD-CX Baltimore County Publie Schools MD 84.667 + 2014-91804-SC-GX Chesterfield County School Distt sc 84.333 2014-91830-FL-GX School Board of Palm Beach County FL 84.33, 2014-91876-08-CX Cincinnati City School-District on u [o __2014-91762-NC-I) Columbus County Schools NC 834 {{~ Ruesissiaw-ax Camden Cy Sooo Dist NI 83.333 2014-91808-I1-GX School District U-46 1 80.4667 | Z_ —2o1do1842-1%-cx Pharr Son Junn Alam Independent School Distict TX 80.667 204-91858-FL-CX Hillsborough County Public Schools FL 80.67 [2% —2014-91788-MT-GX Bozeman School Distt 7 Mr 19.667 2014-91796-NV-GX Nevada Department of Education NY p 2014-91841-NY-CX Now York City Depertment of Edueation NY 78333 2014-91867-TX-CX Austin Independent School District ™* 8 2014-91827-NC-GX Public Instruction, North Carolina Department of NC Ei 2014-91875-NM-CX Albuquerque Publie Schools NM 72.667 ) t —2014-91856-IL-CX Board of Education City of Chicago L 1S 2014-91823-WL-GX Racine Unified Schoo! Distriet wi 76.667 (YL 2014-91792-WiGx Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction we 176.667 2014-91833-VA-GX_ ALBEMARLE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS VA 96 2014-91807-NJ-GX Bergen County Technical Schools NI 16 Page 2 of 4 2014-91872-CA-CX San Bemardino City Unified School District cA 75333 2014-91826-CA-GX Alvord Unified Seiol District cA 73.667 2014-91837-FL-CX Leon County Schoo] Board HL. 73.667 ‘Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs PAGE 2 OF 3 Peer Review Scoring Summary ana: Application Number Applicant Name State Average Score (Out of 100) 2014-91828-CA-GX ABC Unified Schoo! District CA 73.333 2014-91812-CO-GX Schoo! District No. inthe City and County of Denver CO B 2014-91795-CA-GX Santa Ana Unified School District CA nas 2014-91814-NC-GX — Charlotte-Meoklenburg Schools NC nm 2014-91773-UT-ZA Granite School District ur n 2014-91861-WV-CX West Virginia Department of Baucation w 70.15 2014-91822-MD-GX Montgomery County Publie Schools MD 0 2014-91849-CA-CX » ‘Tustin Unified School District cA a 2014-91884-NILCK Keene School District NH o 2014-91820-CA-GX San Marcos Unified School District CA 68,667 2014-91846-WA-CX Jennifer Kubiste WA 68.667 2014-91879-OR-CX Central Point Schoo! District #6 OR 68.333, 2014-91860-SC-CX ~ Dorchester District Two 8 gg aa5 2014-91851-PA-CX North Allegheny School District PA 68 2014-91853-AZ-CX Sunnyside Unified School District AZ” 66.667 2014-91800-MD-GX Board of Education Queen Anne's County MD 66.333 2014-91866-PR-CK Puerto Rico Department of Education PR 66,333, 2014-91813-SC-GX School District of Greenville County sc as ‘2014-91839-PA-CX ‘The Schoo! District of Philadelphia PA 65.667 2014-91838-MN-CX Special School District No. 1 MN 65333 2014-91883-MO-CX School Disiriet of Kansas City, Missouri mo 65 ; 2014-91793-MA-GX Plymouth Public Schools MA 64.667 2014-91859-ND-CX’ West Fargo Public School District #6 ND ga a5q 2014-91790-OR-GX Springfield School District #19 OR 63,667 2014-91877-IL-CX Waukegan Community Unit School District 60 L 63.571 Page 3 of 4 20\4-91756-TN-IE Warren County Sehool District 63 2014-91845-IL-CX Aurora Public School Rast Side District 131 1 2.667 2014-91852-TX-CX __Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District T% gs eg7 2014-91761-MO-S Southwest R-5 School District Mo a 2014-91829-TX-GX Brownsville Independent School District 1 61333 2014-91799-KY-GX Floyd County Schools, KY 61333 2014-91855-CA-CX Fresno County Office of Education ca 6 2014-91871-NY-CX _Nowark Central School Dis NY 6 2014-91832-MD-GX . Washington County Public Schools Boeré of Education MD 61 Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs PAGE 3 OF 3 Peer Review Scoring Summary ae Application Number Applicant Name State Average Score (Out of 100) 2014-91791-FL-GX.__ Seminole County Publie Schools 9 2014-91862-MA-CX * Methuen School System MA 58.333 2014-91885-MS-CX West Point School District Ms 8 2014-91848-CA-CX Los Aiigeles Unified School Distict- ISIC Unit, WISH Prog CA $7333 201491878-PA-CX Erie City School Distiet PA $5333, 2014-91882-CA-CX Oak Grove School District CA 54.667 2014-91764-NC-II Gaston County Schools NC 3 2014.91831-WA-GX Cheney Public Schools wa 3 2014-91802-PA-GX Laurel Schoo! District PA 52333 2014-91850-LA-CX Livingston Parish Public Schools LA 2 2014-91869-UT-CX Iron County School District ur 32 2014-91774-TX-ZA Windham School District 1X 51.338 2014-91825-HI-GX Hawaii Deperiment of Education AL so.567 2014-91789-TX-GX Laredo Independent Schoo! District TX 48333 2014-918S7-DC-CX Center City Public Charter School De 47.667 2014-91784-IA-GX Central Lyou Community School District TA 46333 2014-91847-NY-CX _ Webster Central School District NY 45.667 2014-91801-MI-GX Bloomfield Hills Schools Mase 2014-91880-TX-CX Spring Independent School District 1 "43.4667 2014-91 854-LA-CK 2014-91797-NM-GX 2014-91881-GA-CX, 2014-91809-MS-Gx 2014-91864-CA-CK ‘Tangipahoa Parish School Board Ruidoso Municipal Schools Cayton County Public Schools Mississippi Department of Education Central Unified School District LA NM GA Ms cA 41 39.67 39.667 35.333 20.333 Page 4 of 4