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Your name: Hunter Campbell

Genre: Pop

Title of the text: Photograph- Ed Sheeran

1.NOTICINGS What do you notice about the text?

2.ANALYSIS QUESTIONS List the elements that


Describe it in as much detail as possible; use objective,

nonjudgmental descriptors: When I first heard this song it was in
the car and I thought it was a great song that meant that long
relationships would work out just have faith. Also heard it had a
great music video that was actually real footage from Ed
Sheerans life.

make up the work, and then raise questions about the choices
the artist / author / creator made while developing the text.

created the text? Did one person produce it? a team? an

organization or corporation? What medium is used to
communicate the texts message?

The artist had to of went through something similar, and it had to

of effected many people in his life.
Do people know that it is a true story of your life?
Have people seen the video?
Can they tell the difference between the video and the song?

Ed Sheeran co wrote the song with Johnny Mcdaid

Music, Music video.

Brainstorm a list of the texts connections to social, cultural,

and/or historical contexts.
Hard times, Tour, Being away

4.TOUCHSTONES Describe the texts audience, and



then list the rhetorical devices (logical, emotional, and/ or ethical

appeals) the creator of the text employs to enhance the
plausibility of his/her message.

Review the notes in boxes one through four. Circle the ideas or
questions that you find especially compelling. Use this space to
generate more questions or to explore the thoughts in more

drafting an inquiry question, a generative, open-ended question

that will guide the analysis. Usually, such questions begin with
how or what.

The song has the power of emotion behind it and people can
perceive it very differently

How do people perceive the song after they see the video?

The song is focused on anyone who has felt lost when someone
is away for a long time.
It appeals to the emotional aspects of things strongly.

Questions to ask to help you interpret the meaning of the text:

What ideas might the artist have been trying to convey? To whom? Why? (Touchstones)
What in your own life are you reminded of as you observe this text? (Touchstones)
What does the text mean to you personally? How did the creator of the text reach you with its message? (Touchstones)
What are some of the issues with which the artist was concerned? (Context)
What might the text mean to society as a whole? (Context)