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‘Medford City Council The Thirty second Regular Mooting Medford, Massachusetts October 27, 2015 ity Council Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr, President Breanna Lungo-Koehm, Vice President Paul A. Camuso Richard F. Caraviello ‘Adam Knight Michael J. Marks Robert M, Penta President Frederick N. Dello Russo, sr. called the Thitty second Regular Meeting of the Medford City Council fo order at 7:00 P.M. at the Howard F. Alden Memorial Auditorium, Medford City Hall ROLL CALL ‘SALUTE TO THE FLAG ‘The Records of October 20, 2015 were passed to Councillor Marks. MOTIONS, ORDERS AND RESOLUTIONS 16-716-O'fered By Councillor Caraviello Be It Resolved the Medford City Council have Mayor nolify the T and Department of ‘Transportation regarding the problems and recent incidents regarding the gates at the ‘West Medford train station that have been knocked down several times within the 4 weeks. 418-7170ffered by Councillor Penta Be It Resolved that the bus stops in the Main Street Harvard Street locations be discussed, 718-O'fered by Councillor Penta Be It Resolved that the rodent problem re-construction be discussed ting from the Craddock Bridge 15-719-Offered by Councilor Penta Be It Resolved that Theresa Castagnelt a teacher within our Medford Public Schools, be congratulated for being chosen as the Massachusetts Teacher of the year by the Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages. 416-720-O'fered by Presicent Dello Russo Be It Resolved the Council cancel November 3, 2015 meeting due to the Municipal Election hold that day 18-722.0}fered by Councilor Knight Be It Resolved the Medford City Council support HB 3811, an act regulating oxycontin prescriptions to minors. PETITIONS, PRESENTATIONS AND SIMILAR MATTERS 15.721. Poiition by Robert Capucci, Jr, 71 Evans Street, Medford, MA to speak to the council ‘on Community Preservation Act. UNFINISHED BUSINESS 13633 Acceptance of G.L.C. 48 59B, 590, 59D establish Reserve Fire Force INCITYCOUNCIL AUGUST, 2013 TABLED "14-540 Show Cause Hearing CTC Gold Refinery, 6 Salem St INcITY COUNCIL JUNE 17,2014 TABLED INCITY COUNCIL JULY 15,2014 TABLED 114-568 Solicitors information Channel 3 IN CITY COUNCIL JULY 16,2014 TABLED 14.793 Tax Rate & Surplus Funds INCITY CoUNeIL DECEMBER 23,2014 TABLED 148-008 Mary K. Benoit address Council on Medford Senior Center IN ITY COUNCIL JANUARY 6, 2015 TABLED "15.056 364 48-432 45.574 605. ‘Auditor provide updated breakdown of bonds INCITY COUNCIL FEBRUARY 17,2015 TABLED Robert Cappucci, 71 Evans St Medford Jobs & Infrastructure INCITY COUNCIL APRIL 14, 2015 TABLED Mass Dot Appear & explain Craddock Bridge IN CITY COUNCIL MAY 5, 2015 TABLED $75,000 Appropriate for potholes and repairs IN CITY COUNCIL JUNE 23, 2015, SECTION 22 Revised amendment to Fiscal 2016 IN CITY COUNCIL JUNE 23, 2015 TABLED Update on Medford Cable Access INCITY COUNCIL JUNE 30, 2015 SECTION 22 Hearing National Grid & Verizon Canal St INCITYCOUNCIL AUGUST 11, 2015 TABLED Luis Morales, Chevalier Theater INCITY COUNCIL SEPTEMBER 22,2015 TABLED PUBLIC PARTICIPATION COUNCIL PAPERS IN COMMITTEE Reports Duo / Doadilinos Records: “The Recotds of October 20, 2018 were passed to Councillor Marks. Adjournment