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Running Record

Time Sample

11:30 am

12:00 pm

Focus child:
Context: Indoors in childs
Purpose for documenting:
Creative arts: Art
Documented by: Myself
The child was playing with

Date: 19/9/12
Age: 3

play dough; they grabbed a

non locomotors skills

large piece and was using their

(Greenman, Stonehouse,

upper body and arms to knead

Schweikert 2008).

the play dough. The child was

The child demonstrated a

looking forward while

sense of belonging with their

kneading and putting all their

environment because they

weight on the play dough and

were engaged while playing

flattening it. They then

with the play dough (Outcome

grabbed another piece and put

2 Eylf).

Gross motor, fine motor and

it on top of the flat piece and

continued to knead through it

Children take increasing

using upper body strength.

responsibility for their own

The child then stopped

health and physical wellbeing

kneading the play dough and

(Outcome 3 Eylf). Use their

started to try and roll it with

sensory capabilities and

the palms of both hands and

dispositions with increasing

continued to do this for about

integration, skill and purpose

five minutes and then started

to explore and respond to their

to poke holes into the long


piece. After that the child

The child demonstrated early

squished it all up together and

signs of sensorimotor play as

started to flatten the play

they used most of their senses

dough again until pack up

such as seeing and touching


including squishing, poking

and pulling (Brock, Dodds,
Jarvis & Olusoga, 2009).
Children develop a sense of
belonging to groups and
communities (Outcome 2
Eylf). Demonstrate a sense of
belonging and
comfort in their environments

Implications: I asked my supervisor what experience can be used based on this observation and
she told me that the child loves hands on experiences so she said anything that they can use their
hands to explore and discover with. I then suggested hand puppets where theyll have to use fine
motor skills in order to pick up the tiny stick on eyes and would have to stick both on the sock
and then could fit their hand inside and open it to be a shape of a mouth and start playing with it.
The supervisor told me that was a good idea and the children would really enjoy making their
own hand puppet. According to Wright (2012) it is believed when engaging in the arts we make
objects of our own thoughts, bodies and senses and we bring ideas and feelings into existence.
That is the intention for this child as they will choose a colour sock based on what they like and
will bring out their thoughts, ideas and feelings into existence through their body by what
character they feel like acting out. Outcome 1 Children have a strong sense of identity my
focus child and the children will explore different identities and points of view in dramatic play
when they pretend to be a character using their puppets (EYLF 2009). Outcome children are
confident and involved learners the children will explore ideas and theories for their puppets
using their imagination (EYLF 2009). Outcome 5 Children are effective communicators The
children will use language and engage in play to imagine and create roles, scripts and ideas
(EYLF 2009).