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Lesson plan for reciprocal Teaching

Lesson Aims
At the end of this lesson students will develop their understanding of the book Matilda by Road Dahl through
the use of reciprocal teaching.
Learning Outcomes (use appropriate curriculum framework)
VELS Strands
Reading and writing
Speaking and listening




Use comprehension strategies to
analyse information, integrating
and linking ideas from a variety
of print and digital sources
Clarify understanding of content
as it unfolds in formal and
informal situations, connecting
ideas to students own
experiences and present and
justify a point of view
Students experience a variety of
aural, written and visual
communication forms in both
formal and informal settings

Teaching and Learning Preparation

Matilda books for students in the group
Ipads for Group working on Aesops tale
Macs for students working on Audiobooks
Pencil cases
Comprehension skills this lesson will reinforce
Activating prior knowledge
Generating and answering questions

Session Structure
Lesson Phase
Orientation /Introduction


The lesson will start with reading a story with the students.
During which the teacher will think aloud and clearly verbalise their
reading and their thoughts as they.
The teacher is encouraged to stop whilst reading and explain their thinking
as well as asking students if they have any strategies to aid the teacher when
they are unsure the texts meaning.

Teaching strategy/Learning

Lesson Planner

The students will be placed in their reading groups during reading rotations.

The groups will be split into ability groupings with two groups reading
The lower ability group will be working on the iPads on Aesops tale.
The middle ability groups will be listening to the same Audio book on the
The higher ability group will be reading Matilda.
All students will take part in the reciprocal teaching strategy.
Students will read/listen to/complete a chapter of the text.
The teacher will guide the groups discussion at the start of the lesson,
moving away to rotate around the room in order to supervise other students
and scaffold discussion. This will allow the groups the opportunity to guide
themselves and self-monitor their own and their peers understanding of
After this students will take on the roles of either predictor, summarizer,
question generator and clarifier of text.
Within their roles students will write down either what they think will
happen next in the text.
The role of the Summariser will write down what happened in the chapter
they just read.
The question generator will write down questions the group has about the
text so far and in the future.
And finally clarify the students understanding of the text as a whole.
Conclusion /Closure

Once students have completed this part of the lesson they will share their
findings with the rest of the class in order to open up a discussion about the
Students will all be doing the same activity within a separate group and so
can gain different perspectives and understandings from each other groups,
this will either reaffirm or add to their current understanding of the text.

Assessment Strategies

Lesson Planner

Assessment from this lesson will come from students ability to complete
their roles appropriately and effectively as well as the quality of the
presentation given by students at the end of the lesson in terms of their

Lesson Planner